Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Travels of Artictress: Jash of the Unova Region Entry #4 (White Version 2)

Entry #4: Propelled by Fans

Being a star means you get fans from all over the Unova Region. You get young and old adoring the movies you make. It is really an amazing feeling to feel such an intense emotion of love. It almost makes it insane to think of being in an actual relationship.

Acting and being a Pokemon Trainer are two of the best things in the world for me.

But sometimes the fans I attract are really weird. I mean just...just...Team Plasma. I'm actually afraid of David finding out about that as he wouldn't react well. He would probably talk about how I should be fighting them or at least getting information out of them.

I'm actually wondering why I'm not doing anything about them. They're the enemies and yet I treat them like friends. Some of Team Plasma aren't half bad. Maybe it's because they adore me and I have an ego that I like to have stroked or maybe it's because everyone can connect while watching movies.

The Team Plasma members who are fans of mine might even become actors once I kick their butts. I would love working with them on a movie or two. David wouldn't like it but if they aren't causing trouble I can stand his complaining.

I finally beat another gym. This time I beat the Mistralton City Gym Leader Skyla and what an adventure that was. I'm used to going into a gym to battle a few others before the Gym Leader. I'm also used to a few different kinds of mazes.

But this gym was on a whole different level. Not only did this gym have a maze but Skyla takes the whole bird thing a little too seriously. The propellers from the back of the gym will blow every few seconds.propelling you into the nearest wall or any other object including people.

The only time that caused me a big problem was right before getting to Skyla. That part you had to have exact timing and your motions had to be perfect.  I thought there had to be a trick and I went to the start to try to find it. There was no trick so I had to perfect my timing and movements.

Once I got to fighting Skyla I felt so happy. I had done it and getting to Skyla felt like I could do anything. After I beat her I thought the propellers might move me a little bit forward but they pushed me all the way out. I was more than a little freaked out about that.

I admit to having a small crush on Bianca though I would never think of it going anywhere. I just like being with her and how happy she is. I recently traveled with her through Reversal Mountain. It was interesting exploring and fighting with her by my side.

I'm used to fighting all by myself so it was a little awkward fighting with her. It was awkward but in a good way. Maybe I'll search for other people in the future to travel with me. I guess I had forgotten how lonely being a Pokemon Trainer can get. I guess I had gotten used to the loneliness of this life.

My current team is Glenn (Vaporeon), Zoroark, Jack-A-Poo (Espeon), Mary (Sunflora), Cassie (Volcarona), and Elfangor (Serperior).
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