Sunday, July 3, 2016

Between Two Worlds 19

"Is there any plans to free them before the battle or do we want to fight them?" I asked.

"I would prefer my dragons aren't harmed." Daenerys replied. "I will not injure my children because of Daario. I will not have them killed because they were taken by my usurper."

I nodded and was glad of that answer. I wasn't too keen on injuring any dragons no matter what side they were on. They had just started to come back into the world and killing them might be destroying the last vestiges of their magic from the world. Their fire and determination shouldn't ever be silenced again.

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's a Jorah Mormont Fic

You can read it HERE

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