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The Eternal Heart: Angelic Savior 5

As I waited for Barnes' angry retort I tried to make out what the mass in the distance was. If the mass could be said to be angry that's the emotion I would use to describe it. But was it some humans that had decided not to take a side in the war or some present from Skynet?

My hands tightened around my gun as I felt excitement course through my veins. I could now prove to Barnes that I was a good fighter. I could prove to Barnes that whatever he felt about metal, I was one of the good ones. That John Connor had a reason to trust me.

"Terminators." Barnes said and I had my answer to two important questions.

One being if what I had said to him had gotten through. Metal was a derogatory term that the Resistance and other humans used to refer to Terminators. So him not using the term implied that he was showing respect to me.

At least for the moment.

The second being what the mass was. Good, I could prove myself to him through fighting.

Why did I want to gain his respect, anyways? That thought bugged me as the Terminators got closer to the base.

But then I had an answer.

Barnes was close to John Connor and if he respected me things could go smoother with John in the future.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked, figuring that acting like I truly respected Barnes would make this small fight easier for the both of us.

"Sound the alarms." Barnes said and I had to control the expression of shock that was begging to come onto my face. "Don't make it too loud, there doesn't seem to be that many Terminators. I should be able to take care of them."

I guess whatever Barnes had taken from our conversation didn't extend to wanting to be at my side during a fight.

"I'm a hybrid." I told him angrily. "If there's someone that could fight Terminators, it's another Terminator."

"And how do I know you won't betray me?" Barnes fired back.

I realized that now wasn't the time to have a full blown argument about where my loyalties lay. If we argued about it for even a second too long the base could take more of a beating than it should.

What if John Connor blamed me and any possible future we had together was lost because I couldn't back down from any kind of fight?

I turned away and started the first part of the alarm system. It was 'silent' as bells and whistles didn't sound loudly across the base. The people most necessary to the base's defense would become aware of what was happening and with a small fight that usually worked out.

And if things got more intense than expected there would be another line of defense.

As quickly as I had sounded the alarm I raced back to Barnes' side.

"I'm not letting a good soldier like you die because of your ego." I said as he spared a simple glance for me.

There was silence as the small group of Terminators got close enough to start firing. They must not have known that John Connor was here at the moment or else there would've been a lot more firepower in this group.

I knew that Barnes wanted to argue about how disregarding his orders was the wrong thing to do. Even though it was, I knew John Connor would be on my side. But first I needed to make sure I'd be worthy of John's praise.

I watched Barnes and was slightly nervous as this would be my first time fighting with him. When fighting as a pair you had to move as one. Even though I was open to feeling like one with him now, I knew it would be hard for him to get into the mindset.

As the first few Terminators came into range and all of us started firing, Barnes and I shot down our targets though we both didn't have a good feel of each other.

But as the fight continued we both grew closer to each other. Battle seems to do that with people. Battle seems to draw people closer together even though when the fighting ends they'll be far apart.

I feigned falling down so that the Terminators firing at me would grow more confident. At least the kind of confidence a Terminator can feel. When they relaxed their guard I fired at one as Barnes took care of the other two.

I laughed as the signals I had given to Barnes had been half-assed, but he had understood what I had meant.

I quickly stopped laughing as we finished up the final two.

As Barnes shot at the last one, the one I had shot down fired a final shot at him. I shot my Terminator a few more times to make sure it was down before checking Barnes who had collapsed.

A bullet had gone through part of Barnes' leg. It would take a little while to heal, but he'd be up and fighting in no time.

"Barnes?" I asked as I saw him look nervously at me.

"Thanks." Barnes said and I knew that was as good of a 'good job, thanks for protecting my sorry human ass' as I was going to get.
 All of The Eternal Heart
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The Eternal Heart on a03

Survival 2014 Comes to an End

Info From HERE
All good things must come to an end. Things that are special sometimes stay special because they don't occur all the time.

With that being said: Survival 2014 on Subeta is coming to an end tomorrow evening (March 1'st).

I love the Survival Event on Subeta because of the celebration of the Undead. This is the time of the year me being a Zombie really gets to shine. I was really glad that new Zombies got to be made, though the new strains are temporary I believe.

The final stage of my Zombie Strain (mind you my original strain didn't get removed) looks like this:
Totally awesome, right? The balloon and cat are items I added myself and aren't part of the strain.

The harvesting time is now being made shorter due to how little time is left for the event.

The Survival Forums, though, will stay up until March 7, 2014.

Mean Green Shagging Machine 1

Picture From HERE
-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a The Avengers/Aliens fanfic
-It's a Bruce Banner/The Hulk fanfic

You can read it HERE

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New Sweetheart Ghostly and Hipottu

As February winds down there are two new Sweetheart pets!

I love the pose of the Ghostly on the left. Its fingers forming the shape of a heart is just so adorable. It's like it is telling me it loves and cares about me. Just so adorable! And the big blue heart on its head is a little odd because of the color, but that's only because I have a thing about how colors should match.

The Hipottu looks like it's about to pounce on me because it loves me. We'll then play fight and end up watching a movie together. Eating either popcorn and chocolate or both. The wings forming the shape of a heart is just icing on the cake.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cash Shop Clearing

Info Found HERE
Every now and again the Cash Shop has to be cleared of some items so that new items can come into being. If that wasn't the case it would become extremely cluttered.

From the Boutique section: Delish (Nostalgic, Naive, Summer, and Warmth), Viv Muggy, and Viv Blustery will be retired.

From the Trunks section: Fisher Hat, White Peacock Trunk, Gold Ankh Oval Trunk, Deep Sea Bathysphere Shaped Trunk, Centaur Chest, Jade Jaguar, and Shimmering Coin will be retired.

These items will be retiring March 7, 2014.

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Timothy Olyphant as Harry Dresden

I don't usually do fancasting. For those wondering what that is: it's when you say you want this actor/actress to play a character in a movie or a tv show.

I don't fancast because I don't really have a good enough grasp on actors and I don't really care who plays who. Besides, sometimes someone you don't think will make a good Joker becomes one of the best incarnations of the character you have ever seen.

However, I have fancasted one actor for one role. This is one I will never budge on.
It is Timothy Olyphant as Harry Dresden from The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

Olyphant has the body and facial expressions I see Harry having. Plus he is able to be both sarcastic and a badass which is a must for the role.

I am really hoping The Dresden Files will get another chance at the screen (whether big or small) and Olyphant will play the lead role.

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Sayings Sundays (February 23, 2014)

The NBC show Hannibal is my favorite thing that's airing at the moment. I love everything about the show.

The main character is Will Graham who has the ability to empathize with anyone and uses that ability to help the police catch killers. Will is haunted by this ability since he can truly feel like a killer. The scenes where you see how Will gets into the mind of the killer you see him imagining himself as the killer.

Every murder he investigates, he can see himself doing it since he can empathize with others so much. That makes those scenes even more creepy.

I chose this quote to showcase Will Graham's gift and curse.

One of the songs that I'm liking recently is Human by Christina Perri. I'm not a big music person and that's why I don't review songs.

I mean if I started to review music everything would add up to: It's got a good beat. I could dance to it.

When I heard this song, well after the third or fourth time while I was marathoning it, I thought it fit my ship of John Kennex and Dorian from Almost Human (yes, I am planning to discuss it in Shipping Confessions).

I am even imaging of doing a music video of this pairing and with this song.

Besides my ship: it's just a lovely song.

The way I did the quote for the picture was as a sort of storyboard for the video I may do in the future. The quote by John Kennex (guy on the left) is identifying John as a human while Dorian's quote identifies him as a robot.

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Tobias and Me 1

Author's Note: This fic is a present for a friend of mine.
My name is Tobias and it had been a very stressful day. Extremely stressful.

I dodged a Dracon Beam and managed to slice the Hork-Bajir Controller's face with my own wrist blades. I had been a human boy and then had been trapped in a Red-Tailed Hawk body. With the help of a being called the Ellimist I had regained my morphing ability. One of the morphs I had acquired had been a Hork-Bajir.

I continued to battle through the group of Hork-Bajir Controllers and worried that I couldn't hold up. Even if I wasn't trying to hide the fact that I wasn't an Andalite I still couldn't demorph during battle. Not unless I was an extremely talented Estreen.

I pushed a Hork-Bajir into others of his kind and raced down another hallway. I didn't know where I was going and none of the others were with me. Having Ax now would be helpful as he would be the one most likely to know both where to go and what to do when I got there.

Looking out one of the windows on the Pool ship I saw space with no Earth in sight. I had been running around for a little bit and had seen no sign of anything but asteroids outside of the ship.

Dammit! Hopefully what I was seeing was the Asteroid Belt and getting back to Earth would be relatively easy.

As a Dracon Beam grazed my tail I started blaming this all on Rachel. If she hadn't reacted so badly I wouldn't need to impress her. And if I didn't need to impress her I'd be in a much different situation. A situation where I'd be doing normal hawk stuff like hunting rabbits.

I sliced a Hork-Bajir open and felt sightly guilty as I recalled what the Free Hork-Bajir had told me. That they were a peaceful race and all of the fighting they now did was because of the Yeerks.

Running into a room I found a bunch of Bug fighters. I would get out of here soon and the Escafil device would be safe on Earth again. It was hidden in one of my morphs. I had been meditating with it, something I was doing recently due to Rachel's fight with me, and had gotten involved with some Controllers.

Maybe it was because of my anger and need to impress Rachel that I did something so senseless.

Whatever the case was, I rushed into the nearest Bug fighter.

After a few painful seconds I managed to close the door to the Bug fighter and heard Controllers gathering around outside the fighter. The pressure of figuring out the controls of the ship made me want to give up. But if I gave up they'd get both the Escafil Device and knowledge about the Animorphs back on Earth.

I looked around and wished that I had asked Ax about Yeerk technology. If I had maybe this task wouldn't seem so impossible.

The first Dracon Beam hit the side of the fighter and I hissed out of the Hork-Bajir mouth. I needed to focus on what I was doing.

Guessing on what to do I was able to clumsily get the fighter out of the Pool ship and fly out.

"Yes!" I shouted out in excitement right before Bug fighters came out of the fighter bay.

"Shit." I hissed and tried to dodge the blasts as I figured out the Z-space controls.

I hit a few buttons and then the scenery changed.

Now I was in Z-space and didn't know if the co-ordinates I had entered would take me back to Earth or to somewhere many light years away.
All of Tobias and Me

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Jash Talks: revrezner Edition

revrezner (my fiance) joins me in talking about Terminator Genesis, my most page turning books I have read, and his own medical experiences among other things.

If you would like to send questions/topics for the next live show just comment below and they will be answered!

Also go to my twitter (@jashykins) to look for updates about the next live show!

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The Following "Reflection" Review

It seems Ryan Hardy might be working with the FBI again next week. Will there be more Ryan/Mike then? We can only hope!

This week we saw Lily try to lure Joe into her own cult. I don't know why Lily would want Joe but it isn't good. Maybe it's to have his child? That's the only thing I can think of, but I'm not good with mysteries so I'll probably be very surprised at the reason.

I was glad to see what happened to Max after the end of last episode. I loathed last week's cliffhanger because I was so worried.

Emma calls Lily's Cult crazy and that makes sense to me. What makes crazy is all about comparison. Usually you judge everyone else by yourself. Since you are normal it is easy to realize why Emma would call the new cult crazy. Lily's Cult is different from what she is used to.

How Joe is eventually drawn into Lily's arm was creepy. You get to see a professor's warmth doing a killer's work. Plus the whole time I was hoping Joe would resist. Maybe Joe is doing all of this to draw Lily into a false sense of security. Though his reaction before sleeping with Lily makes that theory seem very wrong.

Ryan Hardy realizes how obsessed he is and I think that's why he'll finally agree to work with the FBI next week.

Infected Vials and a New Quest

HERE AND HERE(only works if you got a random event)

Remember how I was getting nervous that no zombies would appear in this event? This is the Valentine's Day event that NEEDS zombies. As a zombie myself (on the site) I want new undead to join our numbers.

The good news is that you now can become a zombie! You can feel how glorious it is to be counted as an undead. You can run around laughing at how good it feels! And, yes, Steven Yeun is right about what we feel most of the time.

The thing is your glimpse into the Undead Mind is just a glimpse. It will only last a short amount of time. This is great if you're already infected (aka a zombie) since you get to experience another form of the zombie 'virus'.

You can be part of this by completing a Lost Skeleton Quest which you can get to by receiving a random event (oh, and those harvested organs you have now have a use). I've read on one of the forums that you can only get to these quests if you receive a random event and not merely by having the link.

However, don't use the first vial you get (the prize of the quest) as I have read that you only get ONE CHOICE. So keep an eyes on the forums if you don't want to take a risk as others will probably post results.

Almost Human "Disrupt" Review

This is one of the few times I was able to watch the new episode LIVE. Still haven't seen the latest episode of Helix, though. But will catch up soon so don't worry about that!

The episode title seems to be in reference to a hacker group. Yep, this week we got to see a little of the hacking world in the Almost Human Universe. And with such a futuristic setting there would have to be hackers because they exist in this day and age. Plus, with great power comes smart people that will fuck shit up.

I have read a few people bringing up theories of how John Kennex is actually a robot. I must say I like them. Not only would it be great for these thinkers to be proven right, but I would love to see Kennex's reaction when he finds out he's one of the things he hates.

Besides Kennex's humanity being questioned, Dorian's history is being questioned. A human memory (one of a child) has been found. It all ends with the usual "We have to tell him!" (said this time by Kennex) and "It is too dangerous to tell him right now!" (said this time by Rudy Lom).

I know we have to keep up the mystery of Dorian for now, but can't people find better ways of hiding things? I saw this in the recent Season of Supernatural (angel possessing Sam's body plot) and am annoyed at seeing it here.

I'd like for some reason that would make more sense for hiding things from people. Like when Donna's memory was erased in Doctor Who and the reason no one could tell her was because she would die or something.

For Dorian...something bad MIGHT happen. Of course Rudy may be hiding something from Kennex. I really hope that will be the case so this cliche would make sense.

The answer for this week's episode was heartwarming. It showed what the pain of loss can do to a person. That sometimes you get driven into a corner and think that murder is the only way out.

All in all: a very good episode and I can't wait to find out more about both Kennex and Dorian!
This Part Was The Best Thing EVER!

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Harvesting Time Change

Info Found HERE
Harvesting has been a lot of fun. It's interesting to see what random item you'll get. You can even get snot! I mean...snot is awesome but why the hell would that count as an organ?

Like in real life: you only have a limited number of organs that you can give to people.

Unlike real life, however, you can regenerate your organs so you can continue to be harvested.

Until 9PM Eastern Standard Time (which is the same as Subeta time) organs will be regenerated after the brain is removed. After that time you'll have to wait three hours for your organs to be regenerated after all of them have been removed.

Have fun getting all those yummy organs!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Shipping Confessions: Tobias/Marco (Animorphs)

Animorphs was the first thing I really read. I was obsessed with it to the point where my parents had to take the books away from me so that I'd read other things (of course Mom had this idea of making me read shit I didn't want to so I could 'expand my horizons', but that's not a rant for Shipping Confessions).

When I first read the series I wasn't even close to being the shipper I am today. I only went for canon ships (in the main series it's Cassie/Jake and Tobias/Rachel) and didn't explore non-canon ships like I do today. I also didn't really cuss when I read them which should also surprise a lot of people that know me.

But upon my Re-Read (now up to Book #5 The Predator) I noticed a ship that escaped me from my previous readings of the series. It was one that connects to the previous Shipping Confessions (aka Science Husbands) in the way the ship connects.

It is: Tobias/Marco!
Before the Animorphs became the Animorphs and got their morphing abilities from the Andalite Prince Elfangor, Tobias knew none of the other group members. Well...he did know Jake who saved him from bullies, but they weren't close friends at all.

Before Tobias became an Animorph, he was someone who was pushed between two uncaring relatives and beat up at every opportunity. If Tobias' story had been different, he would make a great start for a genderbent Carrie.

When the group met Elfangor, Tobias finally found a cause worth fighting for. He was the strongest supporter in the beginning.

By the end of the first book (#1 The Invasion) he trapped himself in morph and throughout the series he tries to deal with being stuck in the body of a red-tailed hawk. This is also a problem for Rachel (his canon girlfriend) whose relationship with him is strained at points.

Out of all the Animorphs, Tobias is the one that is ACTUALLY TORTURED!
Marco starts off seeming like a person whose sole purpose in life is to joke. He is also the only Animorph to be extremely resistant to fighting the Yeerks until #5 The Predator.

However, Marco's character is much more than the joker he first appears as. He basically believes you can be drowned by the sorrows of life or laugh at the insanity that is life.

Also, while he is reluctant to fight, he is the one to remind the other Animorphs when they would be making a mistake. In #3 The Encounter he tells the group that they should wait since them leaving when they had wanted to would be suspicious.

There is so much I could say about Marco's character but I'll save that for another day.
Tobias and Marco, like Bruce and Tony, seem to be the opposites of each other in many respects. A combination that shouldn't work but does.

Tobias is the outcast who doesn't have a good handle of interactions with other people. When he finally does get his ability to morph back he has a hard time readjusting to his human body (which is now a morph he can only stay in for two hours at a time or he becomes a nothlit again).

Marco is the one ends up with the fame by the end and is the one that created the name Animorphs. I really wish he had been able to get suits for everyone because that would've been awesome!

Since I'm not that far along in my Re-Read, I don't have a ton of examples of shipping moments for this pair. However, the fact is that Marco gives Tobias the ability to cope with being stuck in hawk morph that he needs. Instead of being worried that he'll hurt Tobias' feelings, like the others, he takes a chance with treating Tobias just like everyone else.

Marco tells Tobias, in this manner, that he's not a freak and is just like everyone else in the group.

Oh, and did I mention it was Marco's action in #3 The Encounter that made it so that Tobias' suicide attempt wasn't successful?!
While I'll ship Rachel/Tobias until I die, I have brought in this ship for a Tobias rp tumblr I have.

What will I talk about in the next Shipping Confessions? There is a ship I was shipping before I was a shipper. A ship I didn't realize was not canon but felt so real to me. So I was disappointed, and confused, when it didn't work out. It is from the Jedi Apprentice series and is between a human and a Mon Calamari.

Shipping Confessions Table of Contents

Organ Harvesting Has Started

Info From HERE and HERE
Hey, something great has happened! This event seems to have finally gotten underway!

I's horrible, just HORRIBLE, that party go-ers are having their organs harvested. This is totally not the time to scream THE ZOMBIES WILL HAVE THEIR DAY AND WILL RULE FOR ALL ETERNITY STARTING NOW! because we don't know why the organs are being harvested.

For those concerned: All of the injured seem to be in recovery now so don't worry!

The rumor is that this is for the black market. As a zombie I will say: hahahaha!

For the Subeta User that doesn't want their organs harvested you go to Personal then to User Dashboard  and then to Options and you can choose to opt out of this.

For everyone who decides to offer themselves up:

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Achievement Retired and More Tiers Added

Info From HERE
Because of how things are working this year the Heart Collector Achievement has been retired.

But the good news is that more tiers have been added to Kiss a User and Someone likes you!

What are tiers, people who don't play Subeta but are reading this post?

On Subeta you can get an Achievement for doing something five times and you get the same Achievement again once you do the something five more times. The first time would be the first tier and the second time would be the second tier.

So let's all get super kissy because more tiers might be added if we do!

United Zombie Alliance and L'amour Parlor

Info From HERE and HERE
United Zombie Alliance...while my living friends on Subeta are good, I like when Zombies and the living fight each other. Plus, new Zombies can be created when biting occurs so I really hope this year some new members can join the ranks. I also hope that there will be an organization I can join (besides the Forum Group I'm in) that has a 'Zombies should rule everything' motto.

REALLY hoping for that. And living friends on Subeta: Watch out if that happens because I will show no mercy!

Ecks, the peace loving Zombie Chancellor, says that non-Zombies can visit Zombie only areas if they aren't wearing masks. If you wear masks you are being insensitive to zombies. Also, us un-living assholes can't wear masks to enter our area either.

Please say something happens! Please!

For those wondering about what do do with all the candy hearts you're geting: go to L'amour Parlor and use them to get items!

Valentine's Event with no Zombies?

Info From HERE
I wasn't active on Subeta last year so I'm not sure what happened. All I know is that this post said that the Zombie Virus has been cured once and for all. I mean...what is the Valentine's Day Event on Subeta without any zombies? Hell, I've kept my second strain of Zombie Virus for years! I love being a zombie!

As for the rest of the article...You can go on a special forum and kiss users and have them kiss you back. There is are achievements for kissing. I'm going on my cult's board on that special forum.

You can also go to the Survival Memorial in Centropolis. I've been going there recently since I've started doing Major Drills' quests. And he's seeming to like that place.

Oh, I've been doing the majority of this event on my kindle and when I finally got on a computer I saw a flower so look out for those as you can use those on the Survival Memorial!

In the comments section Keith (aka the owner of Subeta) has said that new things would happen this year for this event.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sarah Quests Get a Revamp

Info Found HERE
Because Sarah Quests require you have a certain amount of sP: I sadly can't comment on the number of daily quests change. I'll just assume it's now only ten per day for a non-Gold Account User (and if any of you reading this can tell me the number change please do).

Sarah Quests are a great idea since they help out newer users. You can only have a certain amount of sP (aka not be too rich) to do them.

Newer users, through Sarah Quests, will learn about how quests work as well as having some lovely sP to spend.

You know the old PetePoints? Well, they changed those to QuestPoints so people that aren't poor enough to do Sarah Quests can still buy from her shop located HERE.

With your QuestPoints you can buy items like this from Sarah:

Coldheart Canyon (Clive Barker)

Title: Coldheart Canyon

Sub-Title: A Hollywood Ghost Story

Author: Clive Barker

Released: 2001

Rating: 4/6

Basic Plot:
The story begins in Romania during the 1920s, where poverty and disease run rampant. American talent agent Willem Zeffer and the Romanian-born actress he represents, Katya Lupi, have traveled there in order to visit Katya's relatives. Zeffer visits an old medieval castle which has been turned into a monastery and decides to buy a unique work of art, a series of sculpted and painted tiles depicting, in a grotesque and obscene manner, the local legend of a Count who was cursed to haunt the nearby wilderness for all eternity.

The second part of the story begins in the year 2000, when failing movie star Todd Pickett decides to undergo plastic surgery to make himself look younger as prelude to his professional comeback. Something goes wrong during the surgery, and Todd, now disfigured, is forced to go into hiding during his recovery. His agent selects Katya Lupi's former home, an abandoned house in Coldheart Canyon, a secluded area outside Hollywood, where Todd soon discovers that Katya and her "subjects" still hold court.

First Clive Barker Novel
I've been meaning to get into Clive Barker for a long time. I am a big horror fan and he's a very well known horror writer. Because of my friend Tabby, I decided to start off with this novel. This is her favorite Barker book so I thought that that was a good way to decide which of his novels to start off with. I must say publicly that I thank her for bringing this book to my attention.

Most Painful Death
I don't like to give spoilers in my written reviews but this occurs so close to the beginning that it's not a big spoiler. Dempsey, Todd's dog, dies. I can fake cry really well. I can fool people into thinking I'm having a breakdown. I was reading part of this scene to revrezner doing a fake cry and he was fooled. I think he gave me a little fist bump on the shoulder (I can't remember fully). But then as I continued to read it I actually was starting to cry. This was the only time I IMed Tabby saying: Why did you do this to me?!

The Complexity
I loved the twists and turns in the book. You think it's going to be only so big of a story and then it keeps expanding. I think the complexity of the finished novel surprised even Barker himself. Which is hilarious to me as I may have had similar experiences in the past. I did hope that something more would happen with Katya than actually did and I'm sure some people are titling their heads at that statement.

Final Thoughts
I wanted Tammy to end up with Todd's agent. But that didn't happen. When you first meet Tammy you won't see why I love this character so much. There were some really erotic scenes in this book but the horror and violence overpowers them. Nothing against sex scenes, I write smutt myself, but when I read a novel I like there to be a plot and to care about the characters. All in all, I loved this book and will be reading more by him in the future.

Animorphs Re-Read: #4 The Message (Chapters 21-25)

Chapter 21
Jake tells for everyone to pick a target and Cassie has to force herself to fight the Taxxons. Dolphins don't know about Taxxons and so don't have any instincts to fight them. So the need to fight has to be Cassie's alone.

Cassie quickly decides to fight as she knows what will happen if the Taxxons win this fight. They would show no mercy to her.

And when Cassie attacks the Taxxons it basically just pops. So why did Visser Three send the cannibalistic alien worms after the Animorphs again?
Cassie goes over evolution. She talks about how sharks are the perfect predators and have always been; how dolphins were once land animals; and remarks that whatever evolution the Taxxons had taken that they weren't ready for Earth's oceans.

From what was shown in The Andalite Chronicles: why would Taxxons need to swim? There never seemed to be any big body of water where they would have to swim. Maybe a Taxxon's body can be used to swim though it isn't natural for the species? Just like how a Hork-Bajir can be used to fight though they are a pacifistic species?

It is revealed that Ax has a natural sense of time. This makes a morph time limit understandable to Andalites: they wouldn't have to worry about checking clocks all the time when in morph since they would naturally know how much time they had left.
Ax replies with how much time they have left by giving the group a math problem. I connect so much with Cassie now since she states that she's not good in math especially when in a life and death situation. Luckily she is able to figure it out.

Cassie hears something large fall into the water and no one sees the Blade ship. The others remark that the ship could just be clocked and I smell the lovely smell of Visser Three!

Ax says that what the something is is a Mardrut from one of the Andalite moons. He seems to be more concerned with his Yeerk hatred than the actual danger. Ax says that he heard about Mardruts once but wasn't paying attention in class that day.

Ax has become so relatable to the majority of the intended audience with that acknowledgement.

I want to hit Ax, though, since he has to point out to the group that it's not a real Mardrut because NO FUCKING SHIT, SHERLOCK!
When Ax finds out the others have survived Visser Three in the past he is very impressed. But Marco is smart and says he'd trade any good thoughts Ax had of them for something that could outrun the Visser's morph.

Chapter 22

Visser Three's Mardrut doesn't seem to tire which makes me wonder about the Andalite home world. If it needs to have that much endurance and speed the oceans may be huge and the creatures in them might be more dangerous than things found on Earth.

Cassie finally sees the Mardrut has tails all over it? That is really weird but it does help explain the speed of the creature.

When Visser Three speaks to the group Cassie feels hatred. As she's a pacifist she doesn't like feeling hate. It's almost like Cassie is scared of hate.

Ax hasn't heard Visser Three's thought-speak before and is afraid of it. He held his brother in such high regard that he doesn't think he can survive something that Elfangor died from. This shows both brotherly love and how inexperienced Ax is in terms of fighting abilities.

Cassie reassures Ax and tells him to keep swimming but even she is beginning to have doubts.

Cassie prepares herself for death and those aren't tears in my eyes!

She decides not to die with hatred in her heart. Not even hatred for Visser Three. That is just...just...HOLY GOD CASSIE IS AWESOME! FUCK YOU IF YOU THINK OTHERWISE! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH STRENGTH WHAT SHE HAS DECIDED TAKES?!
Cassie lets the good memories, like flying, go through her mind and she remembers the whale's song. No, she hears the whale's song now which means he's close by! She then cries out to the whale for help.

Rachel knows that they can't escape in time and be able to prevent themselves from becoming nothlits, so she say it's time to turn around and fight. A very Rachel thing to say.

Jake agrees that their next move is to fight. Ax remarks that they won't win but Jake explains he'd rather go down all at once than be picked off one by one. Ax says that's a very Andalite thing to say and that he wishes they had more time together and IT'S JUST DUST IN MY EYES!
  Cassie cries out one last time for the whale but knows she will die.

Chapter 23

Visser Three says that the chase has made him hungry and that he'll eat the Animorphs. What the hell is up with Visser Three and eating people? It makes sense that his twin brother, which we'll met in a later book, is a cannibal. It's like a common gene the pair share: the need to eat sentient creatures!

The Visser rushes at the group and the group rushes toward him. Suddenly things start attacking the Visser!

The whales are attacking the Visser!
Visser Three flees and the whales chase him for a little bit. I like that Cassie feels a connection to one of the whales and thinks of him as hers.

The group is happy and Marco makes a joke about Visser Three not liking whales. No he doesn't, Marco, but he sure loves cats!

Cassie tries to say thanks to her whale in a way he'd understand. She comments on how you don't need to be smart to be great. She does mean this in terms of whales but that's true of people to. It doesn't matter what degree you have or how much knowledge you have on a subject, you are great no matter what. You can be socially awkward and never know the right thing to say in the moment, but you are still great.

Big group hug for everyone!
Cassie wants to thank him for coming to answer her call, but has a feeling that the sea called him to her. This is something that she would never tell anyone else because they would have laughed at her.

The Animorphs demorph and the whales carry them back towards shore. Cassie says the reader finds it surprising to see her sleep but I don't. She has just gone through a lot of shit. I would probably pass out first thing too.

There is a cute Cassie/Jake moment!

Jake compliments Cassie saying that she was right and that they all survived in the end. They then discuss the morality of morphing dolphins. Cassie says she's still not sure and that the dolphins would think of saving the world as one big game.

This shows how different species view the world. Like with whales, dolphins won't be on level with humans in terms of brains but they are still great.

Jake tells Cassie that they had used the dolphins and other animals to save them. So that made it okay. The part about him saying he'll do anything to win is creepy foreshadowing. Because Jake ends up crossing some lines.

Chapter 24

The Animorphs morph again and beach themselves on the shore of the river, where they had originally morphed dolphins.

Marco makes a joke about Jake not being human in the first place but everyone is too tired to laugh. Aw! No one gives the laughter Marco's joke deserves.

Ax, being an Andalite, doesn't understand clothing. Marco's sarcastic reply of other humans being upset seeing each other naked is telling. It seems a lot of people will judge others on the amount of clothing on their body. Which isn't a good way to give any indication of a person's character.

Tobias arrives and notices that the group has found the Andalite.

Tobias jokes about being trapped in morph to Ax and here is bonding between the two the very first time they meet. I believe Tobias wasn't joking when he said he meant to get trapped in morph, but now is not the time to get into that subject.

I think Ax respects Tobias' resolve to continue to fight even when his original body is lost to him. In Andalite society nothlits (aka, people trapped in morph) aren't looked upon highly and so he most likely sees Tobias being deeply ashamed but keeping up the fight.

Tobias admits to being with Elfangor until the end and that most likely deepens the bond between the two.
Jake interrupts the two and says that they need to find somewhere to hide Ax. Cassie suggests the area around her barn since it is somewhat similar to the ship they found Ax in.

Marco, being the voice of reason again, points out that people will notice an Andalite walking around. Ax then asks for Cassie's permission and starts to acquire her before she answered. Yep, Ax, that's not how that stuff works. To get permission you need the person to reply. Or should I just mark this off on my 'Andalite Arrogance' checklist?

When Marco asks if Ax can acquire Cassie I don't think he means if he can acquire her like any other animal. Marco would know the rules at this point. However, I think he's asking if it's morally right for the Andalite Aristh to do so.

Ax then goes to acquire all the Animorphs except Tobias.

Cassie is a little freaked out as Ax is morphing a human and not another creature (from Earth or elsewhere). Plus Ax's human morph seems to be a combination of all the Animorphs except Ax and Tobias.
Cassie realizes that Ax will be naked and tells the group to look away. Marco's speculation over the gender of the morph isn't considered important since Ax will still require privacy.

Jake must've intended for Ax to acquire a human morph as there is spare clothing. Jake asks Ax if his morph is male or female and I am glad I didn't write this book since I would've had Ax reply: I don't know, Prince Jake, but there seems to be a large member coming from between my legs.
Ax does reply that he's a male but I wonder how he knew. Elfangor didn't seem able to tell the difference at first, but maybe some conversation that wasn't shown informed Ax of which was which.

Ax, of course, is wearing the clothing wrong. Ax also spends a little time getting used to his human morph. He comments on the addition of a mouth, the lack of his two stalk eyes, and having only two legs. The last one Jake has to remind him of as Ax nearly loses balance.

As the gang sets of, Cassie tells Ax not to speak to anyone on the way to her barn.

Chapter 25
A few days after they rescued Ax, Cassie decides to go to The Gardens. She sneaks in as a seagull since who would stop a seagull from entering a park? The seagull police?

Cassie is going to visit the dolphins. They are saddened when Cassie hasn't brought them any food but are very interested when she starts to morph.

Cassie had wanted to tell the dolphins why she and her friends had used their bodies. Even though the Animorphs use copies and not something with a mind of its own, just instincts which can be considered basic programming. And this confusion of hers made her think when she morphed dolphin that there would be a copy of the actual dolphin there and it wouldn't be like previous morphs. Because, dear lord, nothing but things like pretty dolphins have a mind of their own.

But once Cassie has morphed dolphin she forgets why she came and just plays with the dolphins. One of which must be very confused seeing that Cassie is a copy of herself.
I have been looking forward to finally meeting Ax in the Re-Read. He has a great character arc throughout the series and he goes through such a transformation from when we first meet him to when we last see him.

So far I am not liking the 'is it right to morph' thing because, in the books, it's started because of dolphins. I'm one of those people that hate when you say you care about animals but only when they're cute. This whole debate starts off reeking with the stuff.

Though I loathe the tv show it manages to downplay this debate, like it does everything that is slightly complex, Cassie brings it up due to how many animals she's been acquiring and morphing. So it makes the debate focus on the morphing part and not the "AW! THIS ANIMAL IS SO CUTE! THAT MUST MEAN IT IS WRONG TO MORPH IT AND I MUST MAKE A DEBATE WITH MYSELF TO FIND A REASON WHY IT'S OKAY!" thing of the books.

I like the chapter where you really get to see the fact that Marco is a complex character. And, with a kid series, it's great to see that.

The next book in the Animorphs series I will be Re-Reading will be