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Dead Space: Martyr (B.K. Evenson)

Title: Martyr

Series: Dead Space

Author: B.K. Evenson

Released: 2010

Rating: 4.5/5

Basic Plot: This novel focuses on Michael Altman and the founding of the Church of Unitology.

As An Adaptation
This isn't a novelization of any of the games, per se, but an expansion of the Dead Space Universe. This novel stays true to the feel of the Dead Space games. Like the games, the universe is complicated and it gets extremely creepy at points. While the beginning of the novel is slow, there are gory scenes spread out throughout the novel.

Same Last Names
One slight problem with the novel is the callbacks to the rest of the series. I am talking about some characters having the same surnames as characters in the first two games. I consider this a slight problem because any of the characters (the ones with the same surnames) being related to other characters is a stretch. This is mainly due to the problem of characters in the games being direct descendents of them.

Michael Altman
Throughout the games I had come to think of Altman as sort of a jerk. This is because of him being the founder of Scientology in the Dead Space Universe. This book has totally changed my views of him. Through the course of the book I came to admire him and was sad at what happens to him at the end.

Final Thoughts
I had been meaning to read this book for a little bit. I haven't played any of the games (the first two games because I don't have good enough hand controls and Extraction because I haven't gotten to it yet) but have watched Let's Plays of all the games. So when I saw a prequel novel about Michael Altman I had to get it. I am glad to say it didn't disappoint and I hope the third game in the series brings me as much joy.

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S&N: The Rule of Logic 4

Rebecca was very quick to draw her own gun and aim. I pointed my own gun at the nearest Machine. Luckily the first line of guards weren't anything to worry about due to Stewart and Martha creating such a good distraction.

The two M-3s and one M-2 turned to look where the distraction was. My sensors picked up a signal and I motioned to Rebecca to step to the side of the door. As soon as she got into position, a blur of motion came out. I recognized the M-3s that were exiting but the other model I didn't.

My sensors told me that they were M-4s. But something seemed off about them. Something was missing. I couldn't tell what and I didn't have the time now to run a full analysis. Doing the only thing I could to solve the mystery at the moment, I ran a program to look into the problem. I then ran that program in the background.

Getting back into the moment, I waited until the Machines were out before entering the building. Rebecca followed behind me. I scanned the area and pulled up a map of the building. I signaled to her and we raced down a hallway.

After a few minutes of running we got to the large jail part of the building. I scanned each and every person to find Kered. Some of the prisoners made sense.

There were a lot of M-4s chained up. The chains were made up of harder material than would be used to imprison a human. They were probably chained up due to M-4s being harder to control than normal Machines. I had to turn my head away from looking them in the eyes. The human emotion of guilt was coming back to me. It was illogical and I managed to stop thinking about it.

Some of the prisoners did not make sense.

I scanned them and confirmed that they were human. That wasn't the odd part. The odd part was that they were members of The Net. According to my files on them, they were all extremely loyal to Netty.

I had to force myself to continue to look for Kered. Questions of why The Net was imprisoning their own wasn't important now. Getting the Elemental out of here was.

After a few more seconds I was able to find where Kered was being held. There was an old fashioned lock on his cell door that was easy for me to break. He wasn't a Machine so why would he be held like one?

Rebecca had my back as I rushed into Kered's cell. I scanned the area, decided it was safe, and picked up the damaged Elemental.

"Logic...The Net...logic..." Kered kept on muttering as I took him out of his cell.
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Revolution "Ties That Bind" Review


S&N: The Rule of Logic 3

While my main focus was on the mission, there was still a little that focused on Samara. I ran a few processes to push her further back and then looked out the window. In the car with me were Stewart, Rebecca, and Martha. Stewart, taking the position of team leader for the moment, was driving.

I turned my head so I could focus on Rebecca more. I could tell that she didn't like her part in the plan to rescue Kered. Though she didn't like me, she couldn't deny rescuing Elemental Earth was much more important.

I looked at the two other members of the mission and knew they could do their job. Stewart appeared to be someone who could take control of any given situation. Martha would follow his orders. That was the same obedience that Rebecca would show.

After a few minutes, the hour long journey to where Kered was being held ended. In the distance was a building with subtle markings to show it was owned by Netty. Stewart stopped the car and both Rebecca and myself exited.

Stewart quickly put distance between us and him. Rebecca turned to me and let out a long sigh. She knew what was going to happen as well as I. Not only were we going to rescue Kered, we were going to be working together. Not with a group, but with each other.

"We better hurry." I said and Rebecca nodded. We only had a small window of time to rescue him.

With hardly another moment passing, we started to walk quickly. I wasn't worried that Rebecca's fear would be a hindrance, in the first part of the plan it would be necessary.

I kept all my scanners on full alert and when we got close, at least by Machine standards, I grabbed Rebecca and held a gun to her head. To a Machine this would be seen as useless until human emotions were taken into account. Doing this also increased what Machines read as fear so that I could more easily pass her off as my prisoner.

A little bit of walking later and I came to the entrance of the building. At the entrance were two M-3s and one M-2. Even though the M-2 had skin on it, one could tell that it was clumsily put on.

"She is part of Karma." I said.

"You're an M-4. Unreliable." The M-2 said. "And how did you get her?"

My old self started to rise and I pushed it back. A witty comment wouldn't help the current situation.

"She's human." I replied and, before the M-2 could reply, a small explosion went off. Stewart and Martha were doing their part. Letting go of Rebecca, I got ready to do mine.
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S&N: The Rule of Logic 2

I could tell something was going to happen by Mark's odd heart rate. It seemed like his heart rate was about to go up. The mindless conversation was about to have something added that I wouldn't like.

If I were human, I'd be flexing my muscles at this point. As it was, I stayed still as the conversation continued. I heard the car pull up and the others getting out. Stewart, Rebecca, and Martha were about to come in and hopefully get Samara away from Mark.

While human hearing wasn't as good as mine, Mark also knew that time was running out.

"Samara," Mark said and I could tell he would've used her nickname if I wasn't present. "I'm wondering if you'll do a mission with me."

"What mission?" Samara asked, cutting me off from saying anything.

"Just to check out a Playful Ballet convention."

"If Samara goes, I go." I said since I could guess what breakfast was really about. "It'll be a big area and my abilities will help you out."

"I was just thinking of Samara and myself." Mark said.

"Marky, you aren't taking my girlfriend on a date." I replied to him. I stared at him and saw his heart rate increase even more.

"What Mark probably means is that you'll be too much of a giveaway." Samara said, trying to justify Mark's request. "The Net will notice a rogue M-4 more than two humans."

I nodded only to show a human response for Sam. Looking at her I could see a little fear when looking back at me.

"Are you sure he's not taking you on a date?" I asked and by Sam's response I could tell the idea didn't do anything for her. My inner human smiled.

"Just be calm, Naz, I'm not going to leave you." She told me and I thought about my previous thoughts. Being with her was safety and the other reasons were starting to leave me.

I was going to reply, but at that moment the others came in. I got up quickly and faced Stewart. At the moment our eyes met I could tell something was wrong.

"What is wrong?" I asked in an effort to distract myself from what Samara was planning to do.

"It's about Kered." Stewart replied and looked to Mark. Mark's only response was to wave us off. Stewart nodded and we went into another room.

"You're worried about losing her?" Stewart asked me and the two sisters gathered around us.

"Yes." I said. He didn't need to know my true feelings. "What is it about Kered?"

"He's been captured." He replied and I could sense the things that would be classified as human fear. An Elemental being captured wasn't an every day thing.

"Do you know where?"

"Yes." Rebecca said. "He's not far away."

"You were going to ask Mark what to do?" I asked them.

"Yes." Martha replied.

I turned quickly and burst into the kitchen.

"Mark, stop flirting with Samara and do your job." I said and Mark reached for his gun. He would've took it out and fired it, if not for Sam. "Kered is captured. Permission to rescue him."

Mark let out a sigh of relief of work not affecting his ability to be with Sam.

"Stewart," He said and Stewart came to stand by me. "You're in charge of rescuing Kered."

With a second wave from Mark, we went to another room to start planning. I hoped that Samara would remain true to me on the 'mission'. I would've fought more but the stability of Karma was much more important than lingering feelings of jealousy.
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Elementary "Flight Risk" Review

A plane crashes.

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Revolution "The Children's Crusade" Review

Chewie is tough!

S&N: The Rule of Logic 1

My sensors started to pick something up. I thought about it for a few minutes and then it dawned on my M-4 processors. It was Samara's favorite breakfast. It was a jalapenos omelet. She liked clearing out her sinuses in the morning. Not always, but from time to time.

It was strange that I wasn't making it for her, since it was usually my duty to make it. Samara didn't like making it because she preferred my cooking skills. But a lot had happened in three years to have changed that.

Within a nanosecond something hit me. The breathing was different from Samara's. I went into the kitchen and saw Mark. How he would've known about the omelet was easy to guess: Samara had told him.

I watched him make it and grew a little jealous. Though that wasn't really the correct term. I didn't know how to describe it. All I knew was that I didn't like Mark doing something I would normally do.

After a few minutes he turned to me and I met his eyes. My eyes didn't have to blink and so he became uncomfortable very quickly. He turned back to making breakfast. After my outburst he knew I could do damage out of anger.

And having a Machine after you isn't something any human wants. Truth be told, not something a Machine wants either.

My thoughts were diverted when I heard Sam's footsteps and turned to look at her. She had just come back from a morning jog. They had been getting longer as of late. Like she was trying to escape something.

A small smile formed on her face when she saw the omelet.

"You made this for me, Mark?" She asked him.

"Yes he did." I said tonelessly. I was not to be left out of this conversation.

A small blush appeared on Mark's face and then quickly disappeared. I was the only one with the sight to see the remaining blush on his face.

"Thank you." Samara said and then turned to me. "Are you growing tired of cooking too?"

"I didn't know." I paused. "And you didn't ask."

After a few minutes Sam's omelet was ready and Mark brought it to the table. I sat down beside Samara and joined in on the mindless conversation Mark had begun. But while I joined in on the conversation another part of my mind thought something different.

Looking at Samara I noticed her beauty, as always, but something seemed to be missing. Something was lacking in her features now. I would always stand with her but there was only confusion when I tried to figure out what was gone.

I loved her but also cared more for my safety and jealousy was also something that was starting to enter the relationship.

I tried pushing that to the back of my mind and focus on the conversation. But I was too advanced to be content with one topic at a time.
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Daily Question (November 2, 2012)

A person asks about my blog.

Trouble at Sea

Read Before Continuing
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He was much smaller than me, but was giving me attitude. How dare he give me anything but pure respect. Rev Rezner was part of the royal family and I was merely part of the Jingo Clan, but I didn't deserve this. Never this much disrespect.

"It isn't true!" I yelled at him. What was I arguing about? I couldn't remember. All that mattered was that I was right.

"Lillith, you are far from correct." Rev replied and I refused to listen to anything else that came out of the male Hellfire Wyvern's mouth.

"If you didn't realize, I'm the female of your breed." I growled. "Therefore you should just bow before me and quit the argument."

"And if you don't remember, I am of the Royal Family." He replied but couldn't force himself to growl. I took comfort in a small victory.

We both turned as one as we heard a Frozen Hatchling dragon fly in. Shortly after the sound, Baron Sirrush appeared. To all appearances he was just a normal Black hatchling dragon. In truth, though, he had been made to be a hatchling for his remaining lifespan. Hence the term Frozen Hatchling.

Baron landed on a ledge that was eye level for me and slightly above eye level for Rev.

"I have orders from Jash Connor for the two of you." Baron looked at me and then Rev Rezner, almost like he knew that we were arguing. This wouldn't surprise me as both Rev and I were arguing loudly a few short seconds ago.

"What are they?" Rev asked.

"Jash's orders are for both you and Lillith Jingo to follow a shipment of coltan." He said. "And after you find it you are to destroy it."

"Sounds easy enough." I replied.

"It doesn't matter if it's easy enough." Rev replied. He was obviously looking to start another argument with me.

"Enough." Baron said and we stopped the budding argument. "Report to Jash when you are done."
And with that he flew off to leave us alone to complete the mission.

"Baron Sirrush is right." Rev said.

"You are right for once." I replied. "We'll continue our argument after the mission."

Rev Rezner nodded in agreement.
*                 *                 *
 My wings flapped without stop, except to glide every now and again, in the direction of Pru Jingo. Pru would help with getting the shipment of coltan. The social creature had a habit of getting good information.

While I was meeting with Pru, Rev Rezner would be checking a loading dock. We had good information that said the coltan was coming by the Pacific Ocean.

I looked down to the ground and I was reminded again of what I was. Not just a dragon. Not just a creature who was based off of myth and legend. I was one of the newest weapons against Skynet. It was a duty and honor.

As always, I was focusing on my surroundings while I was going over the plan. My head tilted slightly to where a sound was coming from. It was only slightly so I wouldn't get too turned around.

After a few seconds of thinking about the sound, I knew what it was. I decided to take it head on. What could an HK really do against me? I was a dragon. It was merely a machine. As those thoughts flew through my head, the HK came into my sight.

Just as I released what Jash Connor called hellfire, as I was a female Hellfire Wyvern it was a light bluish color, the HK turned to the left. I roared in frustration and tracked the HK to see what small movements I'd have to do so that the HK wouldn't be a problem anymore.

Over a few minutes of the HK dodging and me chasing I realized this was a little more difficult than it seemed. Damn Skynet for learning.

A little while later we were over the ocean. I finally managed to get above the HK and dove down towards it. A crashing sound was heard as I ripped one of its wings off. I roared in joy at finally striking it.

That joy was downgraded as it barely righted itself and started to fire at me. Luckily the bullets barely chipped at my scales. My next roar was in anger. I kept on trying to fire at it but it managed to dodge every time.

Well, not every time. I managed to nick it from time to time. After what seemed like some time, a Two-Finned Bluna jumped out of the water, roared, and spread its wing. The roar distracted the HK and Pru Jingo smiled.

I swear I could see the soulless machine shiver from the sound. I grinned and bit the HK in half.

Both halves of the HK went crashing down into the waters below. I grinned about my most recent kill. Only problem was that there wasn't any blood to enjoy. No flesh to eat along with the victory. Maybe after the War with the Machines I'd be able to enjoy flesh more often. For now that wasn't an option.

I flew down and started to circle around Pru Jingo. She seemed happy about the kill but nothing to show she took pride in the hunt.

"Thank you, Pru Jingo." I said and bowed my head.

"For a fellow clan member and dragon, it is the only thing I could do." Pru replied and smiled. Though I couldn't tell if she was smiling because she was happy or if it was an expression that was stuck on her face for eternity.

"Have you heard anything about the Coltan shipment?" I asked her. For a moment I was afraid she wasn't going to answer. This was due to her long pause.

"I don't think that's what you should worry about at the moment." She replied.

"Why do you say that?"

"I have seen Rev Rezner captured." Pru said and I shook my head.

"Why didn't you go and save him?" I asked.

"Are you kidding? I couldn't rescue him." She said and sighed. "Don't think I didn't want to. I'm an Information Gatherer for a reason. I can hardly fight."

"What if I helped you?"

"That would work, Lillith Jingo." Pru said. "I will follow any and all of your directions if that's the way you want to go."

As Pru agreed with me I realized that there was a problem. I didn't like Rev at all. The only respect I gave him was because he was part of the Royal Family. But should I really allow him to stay captured by Skynet?

No. I wasn't that heartless of a bitch yet. So there were now two options. Either I rescue him with Pru or I go back to Jash Connor for reinforcements. One was the smart thing to do and one was the right one.

 "We'll go rescue Rev Rezner." I finally said and Pru Jingo's smile widened. I decided not to tell her what had finally made up my mind. "We're two dragons and Skynet is Skynet. Nothing much to worry about."

"When do we leave?" She asked.

"You know where Rev is, right?" I asked.


"Then what are you waiting for?" When I said that Pru went below the water and started to swim. I then flew up high where the clouds were just brushing my wings. The clouds were nice and white, no chance of rain at the moment. If it did rain I wouldn't give up. It'd just make things a little harder.

Over the next few hours I saw Pru swimming below the water and then flying short distances above the water. Sometimes she would go out of sight, but would always fly back to me. It was nice to have that amount of reassurance. The reassurance that someone would always come back to me.

Finally Pru flew back to me at such a speed I wondered if she had drank the human drink called coffee. She dove into the water and then flew up to meet me. I couldn't tell if she was doing this because she needed to, or if it was only because she was so happy. It wasn like my expertise was in knowing about all the breeds of dragons Jash Connor had created.

"So you found him?" I asked. I couldn't think of any other reason she'd be so happy.

"Yes, I found him." Pru said and dove down into the water. After a moment she flew back up to meet me again. This was getting slightly annoying. "He is tied up at the moment."

"Probably went all Gung-ho again." I said, shook my head, and looked at Pru. She nodded and flew over me. I followed and, after thirty minutes, saw the Skynet vessel with Rev Rezner as its passenger.

 The vessel was long and Rev Rezner's body was able to fit on it comfortably. Except for a wing tip, he was in no danger of falling off. T-800s were patrolling Rev. I would remark that it was interesting that they had no skin on, they were naked in other words, but this wasn't surprising. Their current function didn't require them to hide.

I looked at Pru Jingo, gave her a signal, and went above the clouds. I knew that Skynet would still be able to see us, but that didn't matter. What did matter was the amount of speed I could gain by diving down.

The signal I had given Pru would make sure she knew that she was the distraction. She didn't think she could fight, so that would all be up to me. Was Rev really worth it? For more than one reason he was. I wouldn't admit that to him of course.

As I roared and dove down, Pru jumped out of the water and gave her own roar. The Terminators on the vessel were confused which mythic form to go for. Pru made their decision easier for them.

She found an important looking part of the ship, tore it off, and started flying around with it. Most of their attention was on Pru. Well, at least for a few extra minutes. In those few minutes I landed on the vessel and knocked most of Rev Rezner's guards off.

He turned his head towards me and wore a shocked expression on his face.

"Don't worry, I'm real." I told him, not sure if he had been tortured or not. His body was torn but that could've been the fight he had shown before being captured.

Rev hissed but remained still as I started to free him and the sound of Pru's distraction could be heard. Just as the sound stopped, Rev jumped up and took to the air. I followed him just as Skynet started firing at us.

When we were high enough, we roared, and used our Hellfire breath to burn the vessel. Then, up through the warming waters, rose Pru and she broke the vessel in half. The last things the Terminators heard and saw were us roaring as all three of us flew away.

I was feeling good. The wind felt great against my face and I had successfully rescued Rev Rezner. Well, I had done it with the help from Pru who was now swimming under the waves. After a short flight the shore was in sight.

Both Rev and I dove down so Pru could fly up to meet us. All three of us flew in complicated patterns as a way to say goodbye. Our wings brushed against each other's as did our whole bodies. It was a wonderful dance to do.

Finally our dance had to end and Pru dove down to swim to her natural habitat. With dragons like Pru Jingo I wondered about Jash Connor's true reason for creating us. But I didn't have time to think as now all concentration had to be on deciding on what to tell my master.

The landscape passed under us. The dragon cave came into sight and we dove down to enter it. We both came to a landing at the same time and walked to Raven Connor's chamber. As always, Jash was leaning on the flawless form of Raven.

Raven Connor was a Silver Dragon and, as such, didn't have wings. She could still fly though. None of us could figure out how that was possible.

Raven looked at us and Jash Connor walked towards us.

"How did the mission go?" She asked.

"It did not go well." Rev replied. I did not envy what he was doing at the moment. "I was captured and both Pru and Lillith Jingo had to rescue me. The vessel that carried me was destroyed."

Jash frowned and nodded. "Then the mission was a failure."

Her face suddenly gained an expression we had come to recognize as her contacting Jash Y Kins. Kins, as we called the dragon, was psychically connected to Jash. She was an extension of Jash so that she didn't have to be somewhere in order to know what was going on.

Finally Jash came back to herself. "I have sent Jash Y Kins to get Ezra and Kendra Jingo to search the wreckage for anything valuable. Like you should've, Rev Rezner."

"I ask for your forgiveness, Connor." Rev said and bowed to the tiny humanoid.

"I will probably give it to you later tomorrow." Jash said and waved us away.

 "Thank you." Rev said once we were in the main common room chamber.

"For what?" I asked, pretending not to know what he was talking about.

"For rescuing me." He replied. "I know it must've been hard for you to decide to rescue me."

I bowed my head in shame. I had hoped he would've thought better of me. Even though he was more correct than he should've been.

"It was hard." I said. "But there was one reason I decided to rescue you. One reason above all others that I decided to go through with it."

I lifted my head and our eyes met. I was going to mention something that I didn't like to think about. It was the real reason why I was in such a huge argument with Rev Rezner. I didn't know if he knew it was the reason, but he must've guessed. Besides, he was someone that should be very important to me.

"You're my father." I told him. "You're the one I should trust above all others. Even above Connor. We might disagree from time to time, but I owe you my life. I hoped I showed you that today."

Rev's face turned to a frown. My tail went from side to side. I worried about his reaction. He should be happy that I had shown some daughterly love. I hardly did show that side. But, with my father's life on the line, I had shown it.

"There should've been more than that." Rev finally said. "There should've been more than simple loyalty. Doing something for me because I'm your father should be a feeling that you can't explain. You just explained it."

With that Rev climbed the walls and found a mini-cave to rest in. I looked up at him and shook my head. He had too much of an idealized version of a daughter. That's something we would always have to disagree on. As would be me not being part of the Royal Family.

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