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Well Timed Sale on Subeta

Info from HERE
A day or two ago Subeta finally fixed the issues that had been going on for awhile. Not only did us users get the site fixed but we also got a new and cute free gift for all our hard work of waiting and not leaving the site.

Now there is a Cash Shop Sale where things are 30% off. They are doing a mass retirement of Cash Shop items and that's why the sale is there.

For those wondering: Cash Shop items retiring does not always equal a sale like this.

The bobbleheads set that are currently in the shop will be replaced by a loyalty system thing. I am unsure at this time what that is.

This sale seems very well timed since they had to fix things with the webservers and the Free Gift is one part of the appeasement by the staff. So a sale will make even more people feel happy.

And, yes, you do get a random cash shop bonus item when using paypal to pay for your purchase.

The sale ends this Monday.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Subeta Deals with the Problem

Info from HERE
A little bit back I talked about how I had trouble logging into Subeta and it seems now they have gotten to work on this problem.

They did have a problem with a contract that helps them manage their web servers. And, with a website like Subeta, you need to be aware that a lot of people will go on your site.

I am extremely happy about this and hope it makes the logging in problem a distant memory. Also that it helps other problems that may crop up around the site.

The only personal problems I had were having to refresh pages to have them completely load and the site being unavailable for me for a little bit.

UPDATE This new FREE GIFT is now being given out as a thanks for members' patience:

The Following "For Joe" Review
Again I kept dreaming of writing an Animorphs and The Following crossover fic, that if it comes won't be for awhile, when I watched this episode.

As for the episode itself?

At the end of last episode we saw Joe Carrol living out in the middle of nowhere. This week it seems that the mother wants to try and reform him. That seems to have worked out well as things indicate Joe is trying to put his past behind him, though he still does check for messages from his followers.

What gave me a hint of whether or not Joe was going to revert to his past self (besides the necessity of the plot) was the fact that the whore's daughter asked how killing felt. That just gave me a bad feeling that not only would Joe revert but that the daughter would become a new follower of his.

Later in the episode the priest, who had been shown to have had sex with the daughter's mother, found out the truth about Joe who had been going by the name Darryl for a year. This caused both Joe and the daughter to attack him.

So now our good old Joe is back!

Ryan Hardy is going through is his own problems. Like last episode he is wanting to work on his own, but this episode he is brought to work with the FBI again.

He is lead by the twins to try and save Lily Gray who was the survivor of the attack on the train in the Season Premiere.

This shows both that Ryan might have a thing for her and that he is too caught up in himself to not realize that the FBI was protecting her. It never crossed his mind because he had felt like he was important as his constant saying of what amounted to 'they called me so I am important'.

This reminds me of last week's episode of Pretty Little Liars because of how Spencer told Emily she was being manipulated by Allison in around the same way.

And, yes, the twins had a creepy ass scene of killing a family (but not harming the kid of course) and then having a dinner with them. Basically treating the dead family like they were still living like they did with the girl in the previous episode.

The Following: The Complete First Season

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Eternal Heart: Angelic Savior 2

G and R Base, the base that was considered John Connor's home base and the one I'd been at since being saved by John, was dull again. Every day it was dull when I wasn't about to go on a mission or talking to anyone.

I did talk to people, but they weren't really friends. And they weren't talks most of the time, just people judging me. However, humans are social creatures and I took whatever social interactions I could. Even if they weren't what I considered friendly.

I had worked with someone else but now I was fixing the jeep on my own. It was odd for me to repair a machine, even if it wasn't a Terminator. The fact that every motion that I made to it and everywhere I looked on the jeep I imagined what was under my skin.

The fact that coltan was supporting me instead of bones made me wake up in sweats in the middle of the night. I sometimes was eating and had to force myself not to vomit at the thought. The only thought that made me not kill myself was to know that I had been human at one point.

Whatever else Skynet had done to me: Skynet could never change the fact that I was once human.

As I finished with my repair work I heard footsteps. I hadn't gotten to recognizing footsteps, except to tell if they were hurrying on a mission or seeing if someone had survived a mission, and when I stood up no one was there.

Whoever it was had paused for a minute and then continued on his or her way, though. So had that person wanted to talk to me or just look at the Friendly Resistance Terminator?

I headed over to what was commonly refereed to as 'the showers' but the showers didn't usually run. For the most part there were containers of some overused water that people used to keep moderately clean.

When I opened the door I turned and saw John Connor taking off his clothes. My gaze lingered longer than it should and I watched every movement. I put these memories into a safe place in my head to think back on.

John noticed me and I said, "Sorry, I'll leave if you want me to."

"Why? You're just as important to the Resistance as me." John said and gave me a smile.

"Yeah, no. Don't think I could lead men like you could." I said and had to stop myself from saying the reason I wanted to leave was because of my thoughts of him.

How much I wanted to feel his touch and breath on me was overwhelming.

"Don't doubt yourself." He replied.

"It's not that, I don't think I could lead." I told him and started taking off my own clothing since the likelihood of John allowing me to leave without him having hurt feelings seemed unlikely. "I can fight, I don't doubt that. I know I can fight just as good as any other Resistance fighter."

"Even better." He said as he looked at me a little too intently but restrained himself. "You have benefits the others don't have."

"You mean being programmed by Skynet?" I said a little less harshly since I was speaking to John.

"Partly." John conceded and we walked over to a stall once we were both undressed.

I saw no water buckets and smiled.

"Yes," He said looking at my face. "Running water today."

"So that's why you're down here." I said and laughed as his smile didn't hide anything.

I started to walk to another stall when John shook his head.

He wanted me!

I quickly went into the stall he was in and then he turned on the water.

Before I knew what was happening his lips were on mine. Our lips greeted each other like lovers that had been parted for a very long time. His hands went down my back and it felt like it was enjoying every inch of me like a fine meal. My hands went into his hair and I tried to hold myself steady.

In what could've been an instant or hours I fell against the wall and he steadied me. And then steadied himself as he en-

"-it's just not true." John said as he showered and I woke up from my daydream.

I couldn't tell what he had been talking about and realized I was cleaning myself up slowly while cold water ran out of the shower. Lingering on certain place.

I was still in his stall but he had been talking about something I hadn't really been listening to.

However, I was determined to not let that show, "Everyone believes the wrong thing from time to time."

"But I'm their leader." John pleaded. "They think I know what I'm doing and don't usually question me. Hell, Kate sometimes thinks I'm more sure of myself than I am."

"And do you lie to her about your confidence?"

"She's my wife and second in command. She has enough to worry about."

"Maybe you should tell her. That's the point of a wife, right? To be a shoulder to cry on?"

John laughed sadly and replied. " her, but loving someone means not stressing them out without reason. Besides, at least the Resistance fighters still think I know more than I do."

"Some of them, yeah." I said and pointed to myself while shaking my head to indicate I wasn't one of them.

As John smiled a real smile I thought about the positives of my situation. While John and I weren't lovers, at least we could still be very close friends. And, at the end of the day, wasn't seeing John happy all I needed?
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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (The Salvation)

Well, yep, played some more of the game and it was good. Among other things I had an encounter with Boba Fett and had the honor of having my ass kicked by him.

So let's get started!
First I'll start off with a glitch. When I used the Force Ability Mind Trick (which causes enemy troops to attack each other) too often my controllers would stop working and I'd have to reset them. Luckily this game's saving feature actually works so I never had to restart the entire level. Or it might be that if you try to use Mind Trick on the little Spider Droids that's what messes the controllers up.

Whichever one it is, I has found the glitch. Really annoying the first time since I thought it was just the one controller. Luckily I didn't destroy it.

A cool new enemy has come into play now!
From IGN
Terror Troopers are lovely to fight. They can become invisible which is a problem for others, but not for Starkiller. Simply use Force Sight and you'll see them even if they're invisible. The only problem is that you can get thrown out of Force Sight either by them attacking you or your Force Meter going empty.

It refills rather quickly and my method was to swing around wildly in hopes of hitting something or, at least, to take as little damage as possible while it was refilling.

There is a point or two where both Walkers and Terror Troopers attack you. I just focused on the Walkers and was able to take out the Terror Troopers in good time. I might've gotten knocked down a shit load of times, but I ended up passing the part of the level and that's all that matters.

There were some quick time events that I didn't mind as much as before. I think it was because they were tied into the game better and I was distracted with the plot so I didn't mind so much.

The interactions you have with Boba Fett are all quick time events. Except the running around parts. First encounter I got my ass handed to me but it didn't affect my level progression.

One puzzle that I encountered I thought it was going to be a simple 'drag all these things to the very top', but that wasn't the case. I was confused and then I turned on Force Sight. Luckily enough there weren't any lasers and so I could easily pull each thing down to where it was supposed to be (which is indicated).
From IGN
On the final part of the level you fight a Terror Walker. At your final little encounter with this bastard is a little puzzle of how to disable its shields and you just wail away at it when you can. I use Force Lightning, of course.

In this level you get Force Rage where you fill up your meter by attacking enemies and then pick some enemies to use Force Rage on. The animation for this power is one I enjoy but probably won't use this power that often.

The Salvation is a spaceship so you can glance out of the ship and look at space. There was a moment or two where I nearly stopped playing the game just so I could look out at space. I really want to travel through space even though it frightens me. Maybe it's the fact that it frightens me that I want to explore it. I probably will never know since space travel doesn't have a strong likelihood of becoming common in my lifetime.

So what happens in the plot?
The Salvation is under attack and you spend most of the level trying to get Juno. Since, you know, that's why you came to The Salvation in the first part. Unfortunately your efforts to get Juno and stop Boba Fett go nowhere.

After that fruitless quest you have to stop the Terror Walker. Which feels just like 'do someone else's job' thing. Of course you have at least one of those 'do someone else's job' things a few times throughout the level (that I didn't realize were that until after I finished playing today).

After you stop the Terror Walker it seems the fleet has arrived at Kamino.

Hopefully Juno is safe and I don't have to encounter anymore of those Spider Droids. They aren't bad enemies, they just really gang up on you a lot.
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Melman Quests Retired

Yesterday it was announced that Melman will no longer be giving out quests. His quests were known as Computer Geek Quests and could be found on Atebus (Ziara City to be exact).

Now I mainly only stick to Wizard Quests and wherever Shinwa sends me for her quests (now I'm actually doing at least one Cursed Quest a day for the most part), so I wasn't familiar with Melman that much. But having a quests called "Computer Geek Quests" shut down is a little saddening for the title alone.

In tribute to Melman, other quests givers will be giving out special themed items until February 7th.
Below is an example of one such item:
I would've had this out sooner but I was busy last night with other blog work.

Manic Expression: My New Duties

Around a week ago I was asked to help manage Manic Expression's Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook by both the owner (James) and an admin (fusionator who was the one that recommended me, I believe).

So this is really cool for me since I've been on the site since around the beginning (long story short: after another site closed James started a new site and invited me over). I'm really surprised people trust me enough to manage these things, but also really glad I'm trusted enough.

So if you want to check Manic Expression out go HERE and be prepared for a very friendly community!

Finally: watch Creative Chaos which is a documentary about the site. It stars a bunch of Manic Expression contributors including yours truly!

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Animorphs Re-Read: #4 The Message (Chapters 13-16)

Chapter 13
Cassie decides to visit Marco the next day. It's brought up yet again how much has changed for Marco since his mother died.

When Marco tells his Dad to put on his bathrobe I'm reminded of the Fringe character Walter Bishop. John Noble (the guy who played Walter) was the only one in the cast that didn't sign a nudity clause. Suffice it to say those in charge seemed to take advantage of that.
Cassie tells Marco that she's here to talk to him about the other day. The other day when he nearly drowned like his mother did.

Cassie apologizes to Marco about nearly getting him killed. Marco deduces that Cassie is only ashamed because this time it was her call and she can't handle the responsibility.

I think someone on tumblr had a post about how all the Animorphs have their roles and when they act outside of them there is chaos. I really wish I saved the link and could put it into this post.

Cassie thinks about it and realizes she doesn't want the responsibility of someone's death. Marco being both a joker and a serious minded person, aka a well rounded character, tells her that bad things happen. He wants all sunshine and daisies, but that's not realistic.

I notice myself liking Marco more as the series goes on. Even though he's reluctant at this point, he still cares for the group.
Cassie talks about how she sees animals put down, but that's always been her Dad's decision to make. Marco must be getting exhausted as he tells her, yet again, that he's still alive and not to worry about it.

Cassie doesn't let it go and asks if he was scared the other day. Marco replies that he's scared all the time about a lot of things. I think he'd only tell this stuff to either Cassie or Jake. Jake because he's his best friend and Cassie because she's the moral center of the group.

Marco ends his little speech by pointing how ludicrous it is that they don't only have to worry about the Yeerks, but by ordinary Earth animals too. Like ants. I mean...sharks!
After they stop laughing a laughter born out of relief and not joy, Marco says that there's a problem. Yeerks are pretending to be treasure hunters and marine biologists.

Cassie says she can't ask for anyone to go this time. I can tell it physically hurts Marco to say this next part as it's the opposite of what he likes to say most of the time. He says that he will go since the Andalite did sacrifice himself for the group.

Cassie repeats that she won't force a decision on the group and Marco points out that not making a decision is a decision in itself. She points out that he's smarter than he admits. Marco jokes to not tell the others or his image would be destroyed. Aw!
And if Marco did get an Animorphs movie out I know one of the parts that would be changed would be this one.

Marco points out that it'd be ironic if it was an Earth animal, like a shark, that killed them and not the Yeerks. And I'd like you to remember that as the series goes on and they have encounters with other Earth animals.

Chapter 14
A few hours after Cassie leaves Marco's, there is a meeting at Rachel's house. Tobias, being more hawk than boy, stays perched on the windowsill.

Jake starts to say what they already know. They get to Cassie getting information from a whale and they start cracking up. It's almost like Applegate is admitting how stupid that idea sounds. Maybe the Animorphs laughing at that fact is her going 'yeah, my bad'. Or it could just be the Animorphs having more relief laughter.

When Tobias points out that getting information from a whale is weird and Marco starts to joke around with that. Like always, he finds a joking way of saying yes. I like you, Marco!
Jake says that the Andalite is so far out at sea that it will take them more than two hours to reach them. Marco, of course, tries to say that now they can't do the mission.

Rachel says that they will first morph seagulls (cue a sarcastic remark from Marco) and Cassie continues saying that then they will demorph on a ship that is going the right way, wait until the ship brings them close to their destination, jump off the side, morph into dolphins, and swim the rest of the way to the Andalite ship.

I'm sort of confused as it seems Marco (and possibly Tobias) don't know of the plan. So why do three of the five know? Why didn't they all meet up to form the plan and then not have to have this meeting?

Marco says that the plan will fail and they should just turn themselves in to Visser Three already.

Jake agrees it's risky and that doing the mission will be something that's voted on.

Marco says "I'm in" first and confuses the whole group. From the previous chapter we can assume that he really believes in this mission. But he uses the excuse that he wanted to beat Rachel to the punch one time.
After some coaxing Tobias votes that they should go on the mission. He had to be coaxed since he felt guilty since he couldn't actually go on this mission.

Jake then says that the mission will start first thing the next morning. Then everyone leaves their own separate ways.

Cassie realizes Tobias might be feeling left out and tells Jake to talk to him later. The leader agrees.

There is then a cute Jake/Cassie moment where she tells him not to get hurt and he says he's indestructible. But when she looks up to the sky and sees Tobias she knows that's a lie.

Oh, come on, it's not like any of the main cast can die!

Chapter 15
I will start this by saying I was born and raised in Florida so I know about seagulls. In fact, I may have some very strong opinions about seagulls. I think only Tobias has stronger opinions about those birds than I do.

The chapter starts off with three Animorphs (their names aren't mentioned so I don't know which ones) being consumed by the seagull mind.

Cassie says that seagulls are scavengers so they notice different things than, say, an Osprey. The group didn't waste a lot of time starting on the mission, but once they started they did a constant commentary on the food. And not food like we would eat, but trash. Basically anything that was edible is what the seagull mind was interested in.
Cassie sees the beach and thinks that once they're over water that they can stop looking for food so much.

That doesn't turn out to be the case as there is still litter in the ocean.

Cassie remarks that seagulls can't ride the thermals like a hawk, but that Tobias isn't doing too great himself either.

Rachel points out the dolphins and how it's amazing they'll be dolphins in a little bit. I admit becoming the prey of one of your morphs is terrifying, but Rachel has a good note to the confusion. The good note is that sometimes how your different morphs interconnect can be an amazing thing.
Jake notices the ship and Tobias takes this time to show-off his awesome hawk eyesight. While Tobias is one of the more reserved members of the group, the fact is that he likes to show off from time to time. Plus his whole thing about red-tailed hawks being the best makes him a little more open in certain conversations.

The group then looks for somewhere to land, but it's hard as the ship is moving so fast that seagulls can't keep up that well.

When the gang is finally able to land Jake asks for the time. From what Tobias says, Jake decides it'd be best if the group demorphs now.

Marco points out that a horrible thing about morphing is that you can't morph much clothing (except later in the series when they sometimes can and can't, I don't remember the later books as clearly as the early ones and am basing this off what others have said). With that statement by Marco I'm left wondering, again, why Applegate didn't allow them to morph some type of footwear.
Rachel jokes with him that she likes him in spandex.

Marco then continues, again, about how he wants uniforms for the group and that they need to be warm. Since when Winter comes it gets cold.
Jake takes a guess how fast they're going and Tobias shows off again when he's able to determine how fast they're going. With the new information the group has a better idea of how the plan will proceed.

It's shown, again, that Cassie isn't good with the responsibility of keeping her friends alive since she gets nervous when Marco refers to their destination as 'where Cassie thinks we should go'.

Tobias heads off since he has to fly back to shore and he doesn't want to increase how long he has to fly over the ocean, since it's not easy for a hawk to do.

Cassie and gang then huddle together as they're glad to be bored before the shit hits the fan.

Chapter 16
After a little time has passed Jake asks Cassie what they should do. Cassie admits that the information the whale gave her were things that dolphins could understand a lot easier than humans. I like how the whale speaks is hard to describe as it adds to the mysticism.

Jake decides to just morph dolphins now because I think he's bored with waiting.

They look at some place where they can jump over and decide that they need to morph after they're in the water. All except Marco who will morph dolphin and they'll push him over the side. Yeah, Marco can't swim.

Rachel points out the obvious flaw in that plan: when Marco morphs dolphin he'll become too heavy for them to do that.

Jake probably thoug-Nope. He didn't realize dolphins weigh a lot. Hey, fearless leader, you okay?
When Cassie realizes how hopeless their situation is she just to forget it and uses the word 'insane'. Marco acts like he owns the copyright on that. Of course he's just trying to use jokes to calm Cassie down.

Cassie breaks down and says she doesn't know what to do and Marco has a sarcastic remark for that. When she reprimands him he sadly can't reply because of what stage he is in his morph. But his remark seemed to be serious so there's no big loss there.

Rachel is the first to jump over after they push Marco overboard. Ah, yes, the Warrior Princess!

Jake and Cassie look at each other and Cassie basically blames Jake for Rachel's actions since she is HIS cousin. After that exchange they jump off the ship.

Cassie fears being in the open ocean and concentrates on the morph. She, again, stays above water as long as she can. When completing the morph she feels at home in her current environment.

After everyone says they're okay they look to Cassie for directions. The only complaint I have is that she doesn't have a word for a measurement of distance. Since she's living in the US shouldn't she use miles or something?
The group decides to follow her after she assures them she knows where she's going.

Cassie figures that the information gave her is from his point of view and dolphins don't dive as deep as whales. However, she still manages to find where she's supposed to go.

As they get a big breath of air for a long dive, they spot the Controllers arriving.
Animorphs Re-Read Table of Contents

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Among Friends: Was She Right?

Warning: Spoilers Below
Among Friends is a movie where some friends are gathered together and it's revealed that they're really a group of unlikable people. Well...they do have their good points but they engage in some vices and their fellow friends excuse those vices at various points throughout the movie.

For a bit I thought it was them protecting each other and that they'd be harsh to each other when they escaped.

Then the rape topic came up and it was revealed that Adam raped Lily and that Jules could've stopped it but didn't.

This is where it becomes apparent WHY these friends were chosen (minus the person that got dragged into this torture session just becomes she introduced Bernadette to them). This wasn't random and was to not only make them look at what horrible people they are, but to pay the ultimate price for a rape.

Lily was hidden throughout the majority of the movie and only came out near the end.

Before the reveal, a punishment for Adam is suggested. That punishment is for his balls to be cut off. Jules is the one to scream 'Yes!' and by the rules (the rule in this case is that it only takes one vote for something to be agreed upon) that means the punishment is allowed.

You could say that Jules only said yes while she was hallucinating (if you're wondering: that's where the Michael Biehn cameo comes in) and so she didn't really know what she was saying. But I think part of her did know what she was saying. I believe part of her was still feeling guilty over what had happened. Part of her hated Adam but she could never say/do things about it while she was conscious of doing them. Hence she had to be in the middle of a hallucination before she did anything about her guilt/hate.

When it is revealed that Jules knew about the rape and hid it her group of friends defend her. Bernadette makes a very great point when she talks about the fact that some people can stop rape but they don't. And that that makes them equally guilty as the rapist. If people attempted to stop rape while it was happening instead of walking away and not getting personally involved, a lot less rape victims might be walking around right now.

Later on Lily appears and knocks out Bernadette. Then the group acts stupid and reveals that they now know about the rape. Listen, you talk about the rape to the victim when she isn't in a position to have you killed if you want to survive.

After a few tense moments at least one person in the group basically says Adam raping her was to be forgiven because he sometimes felt sorry. Lily points out how stupid that is. Does that help her? No!

Feeling sorry for something does nothing. You have to either avoid doing the act or do things that show you're a changed person. Adam did neither.

Oh, and Lily found out that Jules knew about it and could've stopped it but didn't. Needless to say Lily bought no excuse from anyone.

Lily eventually leaves the group to be murdered by Bernadette because she realizes that her friends are made up of a rapist, someone who allowed the rape to happen, and people defending her rapist.

Now: do I think Bernadette was right in her actions?

I will state that I think rapists are the scum of the Earth. That society paints the rapists as the good guys a lot of the time (with female victims 'they were asking for it' and for male victims 'men can't be victims').

This makes what happens in the movie so fulfilling: the victim finally gets vengeance through the aid of a friend.

However: I am against the death penalty. I would've preferred Lily to seek out justice through the law.

Then again...we can see how helpful the law can be. A lot of the time it has the victim's friends turn againt them and it can be embarrassing for the victim. Add in the media taking the rapists' side and you get an idea why Lily wouldn't think of using the law for justice.

Besides, it took Bernadette's plan to convince Lily that her friends weren't really her friends at all.

So while I'm left in confusion about the morality of it all: it is still one damn fine movie with Bernadette added to the list of ways I wouldn't mind dying.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Among Friends (2012)

Title: Among Friends

Director: Danielle Harris

Starring: Alyssa Lobit, Jennifer Blanc, and AJ Bowen

Rated: R

Released: 2012

Personal Rating: 5/6

Oscars: N/A

Plot: A group of friends get together for a murder mystery party, but things take a dark turn when one hijacks the evening and is out for blood.

Low Budget Movie
Now I don't post many reviews of b-movies to this blog, this because they can be difficult to review is a good manner. Yes, I'm a reviewer with a fondness for b-moives. So it's strange that I'd put a review of Among Friends on here. However, this movie is just so damn good that I don't care. I watched it late one night (or early one morning depending on your point of view) and was scared shitless by the end. That's the kind of scare I want in a horror movie. And this movie gave me that which is part of the reason I love it so much and decided to review it on this blog.

Reason for the Torture
Since I can't get too in depth with this part as I like to keep my written review spoiler free (and/or free of major spoilers) all I can say is that Bernadette has found out some really nasty things about the group. In retaliation of this she is showing everyone everyone else's secrets and making them pay. On one hand I see Bernadette as professing some great viewpoints on how fucked up people can be, but I still feel sorry for most of the pain that the group is put through.

Michael Biehn Cameo
If you haven't guessed by now: I am a Terminator fan. While I think The Terminator is the weakest of the films so far (I'll hold out opinions until Terminator Genesis hits theaters in 2015 for my least favorite Terminator film) I praise it on atmosphere, Arnold Schwarzenegger performance as the Terminator, and I can't think of Biehn without picturing Kyle Reese. So when I saw his cameo in the movie I clapped in glee in between being freaked out.

Final Thoughts
This movie is a ride, but it is not for everyone. The gore and subject matter can get too graphic and disturbing for some viewers (there is a small rape scene and if you're like me, you like to be forewarned about that stuff before viewing). However, if you can handle that you're in for a great time. Yes, it is cheaply made but it uses that to its advantage. Finally: Lobit's performance is to die for.