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Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Title: The Dark World

Series: Thor

Directors: Alan Taylor and James Gunn

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, and Tom Hiddleston

Rated: PG-13

Released: 2013

Personal Rating: 5/6

Oscars: N/A

Plot: Faced with an enemy that even Odin and Asgard cannot withstand, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet, one that will reunite him with Jane Foster and force him to sacrifice everything to save us all.

Jane Foster
Jane is a very strong willed woman. While she doesn't posses the ability to fight (not to the degree of other characters in the movie), she is very smart and willing to risk her life for those she loves. During the end battle scene she tries to block Thor from an attack even though if she doesn't succeed she will die. And it is very likely that she will fail. I like Jane being in this movie since she helps to diversify the women cast (aka having them not all be fighters).

Jane, Sif, and Thor
There was a sort of love triangle in the movie. I say sort of because it wasn't pushed heavily as Jane doesn't seem to hate Sif and Thor getting with Sif is shown more as what is best for a future king of Asgard (even though Sif seems to have feelings for Thor). That being said, I can still take a look at who I prefer Thor with. While I like Jane, Sif seems to be a better fit for Thor. In Sif and Thor's brief moments on screen I felt more chemistry between those two than with Thor and Jane.

Erik Selvig
During The Avengers Erik was mind controlled by Loki. In this movie we get to find out what the long term effects of that form of mind control are, at least to one person. Erik's evolution reminds me of Walter Bishop from the show Fringe. Like Walter, Erik is extremely brilliant and sometimes doesn't wear enough clothing in front of people. I can see that Erik's mind getting invaded could cause this reaction and don't mind how it was shown that much. Though the film didn't delve too much into the darker aspects of Erik's current condition.

Final Thoughts
This was a fun ride of a movie. I went to a theater that actually serves beer and when I finished I wanted to shout out, "ANOTHER!" while throwing my plastic cup down. As I don't give major spoilers in my written reviews (not so in my vlogs), I can't say what happens at the end. Just let it be known I wanted to see Thor 3 right then and there. I liked the connection shown between Loki and Frigga (his mother) as it helped humanize him. It showed that whatever else he may feel and will do, that he has some humanity in him. That doesn't stop him, of course, from being his evil self. But it does add another layer to him. I am a Doctor Who fan so seeing 9 as the villain made me feel very happy.

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Animorphs Re-Read: #3 The Encounter (Chapters 21-24)

Chapter 21

Cassie wonders why Visser Three is there and Marco points out that the Visser is there to kick sense into his men. Tobias points out it doesn't matter why the Visser is there, only that he is there. Bird-boy says that one of the Hork-Bajir killed a deer for no reason.

Cassie calls the Yeerks jerks for doing that. I adore Cassie and don't think she deserves as much hate as she gets, but she should realize why the Controllers have been instructed to do so. The Yeerks have the right idea that the Animorphs can turn into any animal, though the Yeerks think them Andalite bandits, and so killing any animal makes sense. Though killing every animal in sight is extreme.

Tobias points out that the plan is impossible now. Marco agrees. Rachel, showing her daring side, says that they should continue the mission because it is worth it. If the mission succeeds they won't be fighting alone anymore. Jake agrees with his cousin.

Tobias thinks Jake is being stupid as the fearless leader doesn't seem to be comprehending what bird-boy is telling them. Cassie suggests a way to modify the plan so that it can be successful. She suggests they morph into trouts in the cave and then Tobias will drop them off in the lake.

I think if Tobias could take a shot of alcohol he would be taking a couple right now.

Marco is sane and repeats Cassie's idea out loud to show how insane it sounds. Cassie seems to be ashamed and just says that it could work. Jake agrees to Cassie's plan. Tobias points out he thinks Jake, Cassie, and Rachel are crazy for thinking of following this idea. Jake replies that this might be the best chance they'll get.

Tobias and Marco try to argue against the revised plan. In the end, Cassie's plan is a go. It's sort of funny that Tobias finds it a little odd that they're morphing something that lives underwater. Later in the series Tobias remarks that he can deal with being high up in the sky but finds being underwater disturbing.

Cassie says that she'll go first since it was her idea, Tobias thinks it's because she's the best morpher of the group. Jake tells her that if she starts encountering problems to demorph. I think this little moment is sweet as Jake takes her hand and Cassie knows he loves her.

Cassie tells him not to worry. Aw!

Cassie starts to morph into the trout and Tobias remarks that this is an odd morph for her as she can't make it look good.

Cassie reassures the others that she's fine and still breathing with lungs. It's at that moment the fish gills choose to appear. She starts to gasp for air and Jake tells her to pull out of it. Cassie, who is brave, says that she's nearly completed the morph. When Cassie is finished, Jake tells Tobias to take her to the lake. Tobias does so quickly.

As Tobias flies her to the lake he tries to check up on her. She is all panicked because she is suffocating. Tobias notices a Hork-Bajir and hopes the Controller won't notice that red-tails don't hunt fish. He then drops her into the lake and then asks how she is.

Cassie takes a little bit to reply which worries Tobias. When she replies she seems to be overtaken by the fact that she's now underwater. Tobias seems to be highly amused by this. Cassie then admits she's imagining being served as dinner. I like how that even though Cassie was the one with the idea and appeared brave, she's still fearful.

Chapter 22

Tobias gets Jake and Marco out of the cave in trout morph with no problems. Except that Tobias nearly runs into a Hork-Bajir while carrying Marco.

When Tobias goes into the cave for Rachel he mutters the infamous 'so far, so good' which always means bad stuff is about to happen. It's like the line in a movie where a character says that it can't get any worse and then it does. This is a line I'm still afraid of to this day.

Tobias asks Rachel if she's nervous and she says yes. She then starts to morph trout. Tobias has to look away because, even though he's seen three of his friends morph trout already, it's still creepy. He muses on whether Andalites find the morphing technology creepy.

When Rachel has nearly completed her morph something happens. You shouldn't have said 'so far, so good'!

A pair of Controllers (one human and the other a Hork-Bajir) start to go into the cave. Rachel asks what's going on and Tobias informs her. Tobias then informs her that they're going to have to make a break for it now.

I'll take this moment to talk about something in this chapter: there is shown to be preferences for certain host bodies among the Yeerks. The ones in Hork-Bajir hosts, if we are to assume from the actions of this Hork-Bajir Controller, are shown to have a sort of attitude that those hosts are in greater demand. In fact you could take the conversation between the two Controllers and make your own opinions about the value of human and Hork-Bajir hosts.

Tobias decides to repeat his move with the helicopter, but this time uses it on the human controller.It works and he drops Rachel into the lake. While he dropped Rachel into the lake the Controllers attempted to shoot him and hit the ship instead.

Tobias wishes the others good luck and flies away as it'd look suspicious if he stayed where he was.

Tobias mentions the limits of thought-speak and decides to go into a risky position so he'll be able to keep in contact with the rest of the Animorphs. Tobias then thought-speaks to the group and Rachel remarks that it's amazing he can thought-speak to them with an entire ship between bird-boy and the rest.

It seems like Tobias would be shuffling his feet right now if he could. He decides not to tell the rest the truth since he knows Jake would not approve. Then again, Jake is now a trout and can't do much about it.

Jake goes up the tube first and remarks how there should be a water slide like it at The Gardens. I like how, in this scene, the Animorphs act like real kids. Yes, they're on a dangerous mission, but they're having fun. Once Jake goes up Rachel wants to go.

Jake tells her to stay while he looks around. He reports that there seems to be an opening at the top but he can't really tell with the fish eyes. Marco asks how they're going to get up there and Jake replies that they'll wait for the ship to fill up.

Marco, the voice of reason now, says how insane the mission is. Rachel repeats the mission and asks if that's what he means. She then agrees with him. Marco then replies that as long as everyone know what they're doing he'll go ahead.

Marco and Rachel do seem to have a little thing. Not romantic, but a friendly rivalry nonetheless.

Chapter 23

Tobias remains in his position as long as he can. When he can't anymore, he says good-bye to the other Animorphs and flies above the ship. And, yes, the word 'thermal' is used again!

The Hork-Bajir that had fired carelessly earlier is about to be punished. Tobias says that they've always thought of that species as invincible. And the Hork-Bajir do look fearsome as though nothing can take them down.

Tobias then goes on to say that one of the horrible things about fighting the Yeerks was that they had to take out innocents too. Not every host is a voluntary one and some hosts don't want Yeerks in their heads. But the Animorphs can't tell the difference and it wouldn't make a difference anyways. Once someone attacks you, you fight back.

This situation reminds me of the demons on the show Supernatural. In order to kill a demon you have to kill its 'meat suit'. It's the same kind of morality fighting demons on that show and fighting the Yeerks.

Tobias doesn't describe what's happening to the Hork-Bajir as it's too horrific and he'll have it be his own nightmare to remember. I like this as it leaves it to your imagination to what happened and that can provide a much better image. And by better I mean horrifying.

When Tobias looks at where the Hork-Bajir he sees the Visser pointing at the sky. Then there is motion as some of the vehicles start to move. Tobias figures out that between some Controllers and the Visser, the truth about Tobias had been figured out. Not that he was human, but that he wasn't really a hawk.

Tobias thinks he should be flattered that the Visser thought he was a real Andalite warrior, but it didn't make any difference at the end of the day. Tobias was no more likely to live of the Visser thought he was an Andalite.

The Yeerks start to search the sky for the 'Andalite bandit'.

The Yeerks start shooting at every bird and Tobias grows concerned for the female hawk. Remember in the beginning of the book that Tobias rescued her. I think it's partially responsibility and partially attraction to her that is making him worried.

Tobias decides that the safest place for him to be at the moment was on top of the Yeerk supply ship. He lands on there and he's safe from anyone firing at him. He thinks of how the Controllers are looking at him like prey.

Chapter 24

Tobias remarks on how eerie his current situation is. Then things got worse when the Blade ship starts coming towards him. Of all the Animorphs ships, the Blade ship is one of my favorites. It has a beauty to it, but it's not one I'd want after me.

Bird-boy prepares himself for death. This is in contrast to how he was attempting suicide earlier in the book. Showing that he has truly found a reason to fight and, therefore live, so he can fear death now.

The ships don't attack and, instead, just hover. Visser Three then talks to Tobias directly which scares the carp out of him. Tobias repeats how scary it is when the Visser speaks directly to you. How there is something evil in his 'voice'.

As Visser Three continues to speak to Tobias, he keeps reminding himself to stay silent. He is afraid that if he speaks the Visser will realize that he isn't an Andalite.

The Visser promises to give Tobias a painless death and what happened to the Hork-Bajir is still fresh in Tobias' mind. I like that we get to imagine what happened to the poor creature, but that makes the death so much worse at the same time. And now Tobias is imagining dying that way.

After the Visser continues to taunt Bird-boy, Rachel asks if he can hear her. Tobias replies that he can. I can imagine that he finds hope in hearing her as he imagines that the others will make it out alive.

And then Rachel basically tells him to find a way to destroy the ship so that the others won't be captured. Rachel talks about all of them not wanting to be taken alive. And...and...Rachel is the one giving Tobias this. Rachel is basically Tobias' closet link to humanity and she's telling him to kill her and the others.


Rachel then says that she's about to demorph and then Tobias is about to say he loves her and then Rachel says that she already knows. Then she says good-bye and I'm going to need a couple pounds of chocolate now!

Tobias imagines Rachel demorphing and hoping that he is able to make their ends swift. Tobias then thinks that the Yeerks had won and that the rest of the human race would shortly fall.

Tobias then looked at the Blade ship and knew Visser Three was a predator and Bird-boy had nothing left to lose. If the others died then Tobias would be left in a world he didn't belong in.

Tobias then sees Taxxons crawling across the ship to get at him. Visser Three jests that Tobias has run out of time. Tobias respects the Visser's move but knows he still has a chance at enacting whatever plan he is intending to enact.

A Taxxon aims a Dracon beam at him and he ends up with the Taxxon's Dracon beam. The Visser yells at the Controllers to get him and Tobias goes on with his plan.

His plan includes killing his friends so he can honor Rachel's last wish.

So many tears in this chapter!
 Animorphs Re-Read Table of Contents

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Elementary "On the Line" Review

I look over the episode where Holmes tries to bring a serial killer to justice.

Carrie (Stephen King)

Title: Carrie

Author: Stephen King

Released: 1974

Rating: 5/5

Basic Plot: Carrie White may have been unfashionable and unpopular, but she had a gift. Carrie could make things move by concentrating on them. A candle would fall. A door would lock. This was her power and her sin. Then, an act of kindness, as spontaneous as the vicious taunts of her classmates, offered Carrie a chance to be normal and go to her senior prom. But another act--of ferocious cruelty--turned her gift into a weapon of horror and destruction that her classmates would never forget.

Destruction of an Entire Town
I would like to say that the recent remake did the Prom Night Sequence justice but...the book was at a different level entirely. Book Carrie destroys an entire town. She shows no mercy for the most part and when she spares Sue, Carrie wonders why they all bullied her. It would be great to see a big movie version that showed just how destructive Carrie was. Because Book Carrie wasn't just getting back at bullies, she was trying to be a sword for God.

The Layout
I like the style of writing where you're made to think the events of the book are real. Throughout the book are various clips from books and newspaper articles that are supposed to show that the events in Carrie are real. There are a few points where transcriptions are shown. These are used to show that people still don't want to believe that a person like Carrie can exist. That the White Committee is all about covering up and not actually finding out the facts.

Behind the Words
Stephen King originally meant to have Carrie be a short story and then threw the story away. So we would have never been graced with this story if it hadn't been for King's wife Tabitha (who is also a writer) fishing the manuscript out of the trash and convincing him to complete it. This story was originally told to me by a long-time friend and I've told it myself numerous times. It's just amazing what a little push can do for someone's career.

Final Thoughts
This story is a classic for a reason. The anti-bullying message is needed today just as it was when it was first published. In this novel you are taken into Carrie's mind to see how she tries to fit in but never does. And when she realizes she can never fit in she snaps. She dies not having found a place in the world and that is heart breaking beyond words. I would recommend it for those looking for a good tragedy. How did I feel when Carrie got back at the bullies? Relief for her but the book was better at making me feel horror at her actions.

Inbetween: The Incredible Burp 6

I was back up at my apartment after I demorphed from my cockroach morph. I looked in the mirror to remind myself that I had been able to demorph and was human again. That no one had seen me morph and that everyone thought I was just another girl working in a coffee shop.

I started to change out of my work clothes into ones better suited for morphing. I didn't know if I'd lose control again so I liked to stick with tight clothes. I wasn't a great morpher, but had figured out how to morph tight clothes that weren't leotards. Of course I didn't have a high success rate, but it was the best option at this point. Unless I wanted to lose lots of clothes until this was over or hope that I kept morphing small animals.

After changing I sat on my bed that creaked. It would creak upon the slightest touch. I was in hiding and couldn't afford the best place. Of course, even if I could, I'd still stay in living quarters that wouldn't be looked at in great detail. Poor places tended to be overlooked.

I spread myself out on my small bed and tried to fall asleep. This was hard to do as I kept imagining the Yeerks finding me or the original Animorphs coming to give me a fate worse than the one given to David.

Finally I started to doze off with images of Ax running to me while we were both in a field with the sun shining down. Before I could completely fall asleep and finish the dream I was woken up by a knock on the door.

I sat straight up and all thoughts of sleeping went away from my mind. I looked around quickly for things I could use as a weapon since morphing was out of the question. Maybe it was just Ax. But if that were so why wouldn't he come in a bird morph?

I walked slowly to the door and looked through the peep hole. Through it I saw the girl from the cafe with the long brown hair. I knew I should've been suspicious since she had no reason to visit me. But maybe she didn't mean me any harm and I could waste a few hours with her.

As I calmed my libido down I opened the door slowly.

"Hi," I said softly and was intrigued by the girl's look.

However, any thought that I would be having a good afternoon was dashed with how the girl looked at me and then the room. I know every person is different, but I also know what Controllers act like. Their movements are slightly off and you wouldn't notice unless you were looking for them. It helped if you were formerly a Controller yourself.

I thought about fighting this Controller for a second but then knew I'd have to get her in the room or else others might notice. And what could I tell others that might notice? I had to kill her because a slug from another world is in her head?

Yeah, that would make me look very sane.

I didn't tell her to come in, I just stood out of her way as she walked in. The Yeerks hate the Andalites because of their arrogance, but the Yeerks have a fair share of their own. The way the Controller walked around the room just stunk of pure arrogance. More than I had ever encountered with Ax.

"Do I know you?" I asked and shut the door.

"You don't know this host or you'd have run." The Yeerk said. "I remember that you liked to run away, that's how we got you the first time."

I remember how I went to a meeting of The Sharing and was so excited to be accepted. I had then learned the horrible truth: aliens were real and one species was hell bent on using their power to invade Earth.

"Things have changed." I said and knew if I were to be captured now that I would kill myself. I wouldn't let myself be taken.

"The Andalite bandits abandoned you and you didn't even attempt to fight us." The Controller put a hand on the bed. "Like the rest of your species, you'd rather live in dirt than stand up."

I struggled to keep from saying that the Animorphs weren't all Andalites and that they had accepted me. I was living where I was now just so thing wouldn't go bad for them since I had Hereth illint at the moment.

"I don't need the Andalite bandits to help me kill you." I told her and she laughed.

"Ah, yes, you'd be able to stand up against me." The Controller took a Dracon beam out of her purse. "I read your files and know you're not any kind of fighter. Just the regular trash The Sharing brings in."

I was angered by what the Controller was saying. Of course I had changed through my experience of being infested and fighting alongside the Animorphs. I had changed thanks to them.

"I'm not the regular trash now." I told her and ran at her.

Some of my hair was burned as I dodged when she shot at me. I tried to keep myself emotionless as I attempted to ram her side.

Soon I was holding her wrists as she continued to try and shoot me. One shot nearly hit me before I managed to have her lose grip of the Dracon beam. Then I pushed her against the wall as a smile formed on my face.

"You're a friend of the Andalites now?" The Controller asked with fear on her face.

For a moment I didn't realize what she meant and then I felt it being harder to stand. My legs were changing! I was morphing!

I knew I should be afraid, but I was happy. Now I could have an excuse to tell the others if I killed her. I couldn't help myself I'd tell them.

For most of the morph I didn't know what I was changing into. But then I realized what I was morphing into. It was a hyena.

The Controller pushed me away but I managed to knock her down. We wrestled with each other as I continued to morph. It was difficult to keep her in place as my bone structure changed.

 Once I was completely in hyena morph the animal mind wanted to battle this enemy.

I let the hyena take control and we went for the throat. As the blood came out the Controller screamed. After a minute or two the Controller didn't make a sound. I knew I should feel sorry for the host, but I didn't. I knew that death was a much better option than life as a host.

When the Controller was dead the hyena part of myself wanted to eat her. I allowed it to. I needed to make sure the other Yeerks didn't find this one. And it felt good to consume her.
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Animorphs Re-Read: #3 The Encounter (Chapters 17-20)

Chapter 17

Tobias lands on the perch outside of Rachel's window. It's night but she isn't asleep and is instead reading. I like to think that she's up because she's worried about him and has been doing this since the day at the mall.

When he gets her attention she throws the book and quickly opens the window to let him in. Rachel asks if it's him and he says 'more or less'. It's like he can't admit to her what happened or at least doesn't want to start the conversation out on a bad note.

Rachel mentions that the rest of the Animorphs have been worried about him since they thought he was killed. Tobias says he's okay and then Rachel allows herself to get angry at him. Tobias says that makes him smile since it's so Rachel. I admit that I am worried if someone I love is in pain but once I know they're okay I'll let emotions like anger out.

Rachel asks, angrily, what Tobias thought he was doing going away like that. Her anger shows that she cares for him as she probably hates him for making her feel pain. Tobias explains that it's hard to talk about what happened. I admit that the previous chapter was a little odd and it would be hard to tell someone about that experience. However, I think his pride has been hurt and he thinks he's weak for doing what he did and so that's why he said it's hard to explain.

Tobias goes on to explain about his first kill and how it made him feel. Tobias says that he had lost control of himself and had started living his life like a hawk with no room for his human mind. He had started to lose his sense of identity. His sense of self. Tobias then says something happened.

If I didn't know what happened I'd wish that he'd say it was his love of Rachel that brought him back. I'm a big romantic, though I tried to hide it in my early years. But what really happened is much better.

We finally find out what happened to the random guy! Tobias thought-spoke to him and lead him to safety.

I like how Rachel reprimands Tobias since now the random guy knows about him and the Hork-Bajir and Tobias' reply is how stupid the guy's story would sound to other people. Rachel laughs and agrees with him, adding that if the guy does talk about what happened he'd be silenced. Tobias replies to that by saying he warned the guy what the consequences of speaking out would. Rachel says that Tobias saved the man and his reply is very showing of his character.

While Tobias likes to help and was the strongest supporter of fighting the Yeerks in the beginning, he's reacting to Rachel telling him he saved the guy like a Hork-Bajir realizing it can use its blades for killing.

Tobias says that he never thought of it that way since the Hork-Bajir was the predator and the human was the prey. He points out it's the same thing that's going on with him hunting rats. Rachel points out that it's different since he's hunting out of the need to live and they're hunting because of power. Tobias' reasons for hunting are good, the Yeerks' reason for hunting isn't.

Tobias said he never thought of it that way. Rachel continues to say that what Tobias does is natural for a hawk, what the Hork-Bajir do isn't natural for them since they are controlled by Yeerks. And Yeerks only want control and domination.

Tobias says that he knows, however that's not true. It appears that Tobias is agreeing since he likes talking to Rachel. Rachel comforts him and holds him steady. This is sort of like some friends I have: we don't always see eye to eye, but I still love them and know when to not push certain subjects.

Rachel says that he's human but Tobias disagrees. He doesn't have the body of a human and so it's hard to convince himself that he is a human. Tobias is surprised when he sees Rachel about to cry as she's not someone who usually does.

Tobias then goes to saying he's sorry about ruining her exhibition the other day. Rachel replies that it's okay since she doesn't like doing exhibitions anyways. Tobias then asks if anyone was hurt by the falling glass and Rachel says no.

Rachel then asks Tobias what he would have done if Marco hadn't been there since Tobias would've hit the glass and most likely killed himself. Tobias doesn't know what to say and I can understand. I self-harm and I can't really explain the reasons to others for doing so nor can I explain why I pick my cuts. This is because there's not a good enough reason to explain why and also the fact that I am ashamed.

I feel very connected to Tobias in this scene.

Rachel pets Tobias and tells him that as long as he has the rest of the Animorphs he isn't lost. Even Marco. Rachel says that someday the Andalites will come and that reminds me of the ending of one of the books.

Tobias agrees and says that he has to go to Jake as the mission is supposed to happen tomorrow. Rachel says he doesn't have to and Tobias' reply is important.

The first five books are each of the Animorphs finding a reason to fight. Not just because the Yeerks are trying to invade Earth, but because they each have a personal stake in the war. Except I can't really remember Cassie's reason.

Tobias' reply is his reason for continuing to fight against the Yeerks and not retreating into the hawk part of his mind: he knows what it's like to feel trapped. He knows what it's like not to be in control of yourself. Freeing humans from the enslavement of the Yeerks is what he needs to do to stay human.

Chapter 18

The next day the Animorphs go on the mission. Tobias flies overhead while the others go as wolves. Marco is the first to speak and complains about going into a bear cave. He mentions grizzlies. A lot of the time it seems Marco complains just to complain, but I can understand his worry. Bears aren't Controllers, but they can be deadly.

Cassie reassures him by saying that there would most likely be black bears which are much smaller. Marco, being a normal human being, basically says that doesn't reassure him.

Tobias tells Marco that he's seen animals, like skunks, in the cave. Marco doesn't like the sound of skunks. Goddammit, Marco, at least skunks aren't bears!

Jake tells Marco that they won't be hanging out with skunks and Tobias says that the skunks only go in there to run away from predators. When no one asks for Tobias to explain how he knows that, it seems the reasoning is that the others are nervous about triggering him. Nervous that Tobias will lose himself again. A sort of pity towards the nothlit.

Tobias explains his reasoning for choosing the cave. He says that it is is close to the lake and sarcastically replies that there wasn't a convenient hotel close by. I feel like Tobias' reply is him saying, "Goddammit, Marco!" in a polite way.

Marco, of course, replies in a sarcastic manner. Saying that the cave has to have cable as there's a game on that night.

Tobias is carrying a small pouch of luggage. It's light enough for him to carry and not noticeable to any possible Controllers. However, it does slow him down some.

They arrive at the cave entrance and Marco makes a comment. Three guesses if it's a sarcastic remark or not. First two guesses don't count.

Tobias replies that he hasn't been inside before. Makes sense since a hawk can't exactly enter through foliage. I admit it's a point that should've been looked at, however it's a little unimportant in the long run.

Tobias remarks how easy it is for the others to go into the cave in their wolf morphs and remarks that he hopes there isn't a bear in there. What? Tobias, you said there weren't any bears!

Rachel says that there is only a spider and a scared mouse in the cave. Tobias decides to tell a joke, at his own expense, and asks Rachel to chase it out since he's hungry. Only Marco laughs and bird-boy thinks he said something bad.

This is sort of how I feel about Politically Correct language (which I separate from 'the words you shouldn't use so you aren't an asshole') being about censoring things because they MIGHT offend people.

So Tobias makes a joke which shows he's trying to come to grips with his new life and the rest laughing would show support. It would give him confidence in himself. Instead only Marco shows support because the rest are too frightened about possibly hurting Tobias' feelings. This, in turn, makes Tobias get ashamed of how he's choosing to deal with his own situation.

Add this to the moments that I will use once I really start shipping Tobias and Marco.

Marco then suggests they demorph and Tobias flies away. He uses the excuse that he's going to look around since he doesn't like watching the others demorph.

When the others exit the cave, Marco complains about the shoe situation. I wish Applegate had used aqua shoes at one point as some fans pointed those out to her.

Jake says, with hands on his hips, that they should gather firewood. If it wasn't for his stance I would question Rachel's remark. However, I agree with it and love how Jake gets defensive. Aw!

Turns out the plan is for the group to catch a fish and have the group acquire it. So when is either Cassie or Marco going to morph an Osprey?

Jake says there shouldn't be a problem catching a fish but Cassie knows better.  Jake admits to only fishing once. For those who haven't fished: it's a long and boring process that I have given up because I can't catch anything. Except for three fish in maybe five years.

Tobias goes to look around again because that's the only help he can offer. He watches as the other Animorphs continually fail to catch a fish. Marco, of course, is the one to break down and ask how a fish can outsmart them. This is the question everyone who fishes asks themselves. That and, "Why am I fishing?"

Cassie tries to calm the group down and Jake points out how little time they have until the Yeerks show up. Rachel and Tobias both say that the group should try again later. Jake points out waiting is a bad idea as the Yeerks can't keep using the same lake forever. They need to do the mission today or risk having to search awhile to find the next lake the invaders are using.

Again, I like the realism in this series.

Tobias continues to argue with Jake until Cassie catches a fish. Marco doesn't like it since he wanted to morph something like Jaws.

The chapter ends with Cassie acquiring the trout and Tobias reflecting on the ability to morph. That it is both a gift and a curse.

Chapter 19

Tobias is suddenly against the plan that Jake had put into play. Jake brings up the point that Tobias was in on the plan since the beginning and Marco asks why bird-boy is getting cold feet now. Tobias explains that he's not worried about himself, he's worried about the others. He'll be safe while the others will be in danger.

This is one thing about being trapped in morph: your morph might be useful in certain situations, but you'll have to sit some things out.

A red-tailed hawk is a good morph, but not in every situation.

Cassie understands Tobias' concern and points out that he isn't useless. Jake says that they don't have time to debate this as the Yeerks will be arriving shortly. Rachel tries to reassure Tobias that they will be alright. That she will be alright.

Tobias can't stand watching as he thinks about them nearly being stuck in mid-morph and then thinks of them being trapped in fish morph. He remarks how the others don't really understand that they could be trapped in morph. His thought process is correct because people think shit won't happen to them until it does. That people think they will get out fine because they are the exception.

Tobias, again, uses the excuse of looking around to escape watching his friends acquire the trout. He would laugh if the situation weren't dire, since worrying if your friends will be trapped as fish is downright funny. Tobias starts to think that maybe the Yeerks had moved on to another lake. I feel that Tobias is being hopeful since he doesn't want his friends to be trapped in trout morph.

Tobias then spots the female hawk. Part of him thinks that she is only watching him because he's in her territory. Another part of him, though, thinks she wants him to fly over. To become her mate. In a recent Supernatural episode Dean gets turned on by a female dog because he is sharing the mind of a dog.

Here's why the premise works in this book and not in that episode: Tobias' situation isn't treated as a throw away joke. The book has it be a sub-plot to explore how Tobias' mind is becoming unhinged. It doesn't treat being attracted to an animal as a simple thing. And getting turned on by an animal isn't a simple thing. Plus, Tobias is in the body of a hawk so I'm not imagining Tobias the human fucking a hawk.

Tobias doesn't know if hawks mate for life or a season. But he's not ready to settle down with anyone at the moment. He looks away from the female hawk and thinks how glad he'll be once the mission is over.

Tobias suddenly sees movement and mentally reprimands himself for not paying attention. He warns the other Animorphs that the Yeerks are coming. The other Animorphs are going into the cave but are going too slow.

Tobias decides on a suicidal idea and flies straight at the helicopter.

I know this is a move meant to save the group, but I think he might also be thinking this is something to help him wake up. I just noticed it isn't just the one chapter, but throughout the book he's been doing a lot of stunts.

Chapter 20

So you've probably guessed that Tobias survives, as it's too early in the series for anyone to die. For some reason the pilot of the helicopter doesn't hit Tobias. This stunt seems very suspicious for a hawk. Or else my two parakeets don't have the same tendencies as a hawk.

Tobias then checks to see if the helicopter could've seen any of the other Animorphs. He sees Rachel going into the cave and he thinks those in the chopper could've seen her. He watches her until she's safely inside the cave.

Once she's safely inside he tells the others that he doesn't think the Controllers saw them. The other Animorphs, being human, can't reply to him. He waits and watches as the Yeerks go through the familiar routine of preparing for the ship's arrival.

The Controllers seem very nervous and Tobias thinks that Visser Three had gotten angry at them. He remarks that that particular Yeerk isn't one you want mad at you. And look what we have seen of him in just the first two books plus The Andalite Chronicles: he will kill people that are on his side when he gets pissed off at the way things are.

Tobias remarks, once the Transport ship arrives, that you can never get used to the sheer size of it. He then tells the others that the ship has arrived.

Tobias keeps remarking on the extra security. There are two Bug fighters on patrol while two land. He is surprised and I know he must realize that whatever is going on isn't good.

Another cloaked ship is arriving's a Blade ship and Tobias knows why the Controllers are nervous. Blade ships are special ships for the Yeerks achieving the rank of Visser.

And who is the only Visser we have met? The one in charge of the invasion of Earth?

A Controller shoots a deer that is in mid-leap. Yep, the cat loving Visser we all know and love is here.

Hork-Bajir and Taxxons exit the Blade ship before Visser Three comes out. Again it's repeated that he is the only Andalite Controller and is very creepy. He looks like an Andalite but he doesn't feel like an Andalite.

When Tobias sees that it's safe he goes to the cave. Jake wonders why Tobias is there since it's not part of the plan. Tobias just refers to Visser Three as 'he' and the rest of the Animorphs know who he's talking about. They realize that with Visser Three there shit is going to get real.
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Gravity (2013)

Title: Gravity

Director: Alfonso CuarĂ³n

Starring: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, and Ed Harris

Rated: PG-13

Released: 2013

Personal Rating: 6/6

Oscars: N/A

Plot:  A medical engineer and an astronaut work together to survive after an accident leaves them adrift in space.

The Ride
Normally I am one to say that a movie has to be looked at differently than a ride. But this movie is different. The feeling of being the main character puts you in the movie. You, considering you are an average person, have never been in space and the likelihood is so little as not to be talked about. So Ryan Stone is the perfect character to get into the mind of as she isn't comfortable about being in space and so when the shit hits the fan (in this case debris hit the space shuttle) she gets scared as a normal person would in that situation. Stone's viewpoint makes for a very thrilling and tense ride.

3D is a Must
I normally don't like 3D. Or, if I do, I think there's not much lost if you view the movie in 2D. However, this movie is different. The 3D did make me feel like a part of the movie. I love when things fly at me from the screen and this movie does this too. It does it without being cheesy also! A scene in which space debris is flying at the screen had me pushing into the back of my seat even though I knew it couldn't harm me. Even though I knew there was nothing actually coming at me. I'd sit up in my seat saying I wouldn't flinch and then a second later I'd be pressed against the seat again.

Reality Hits Home
I have always found myself attracted to things involving the supernatural or aliens. However, it's always the horror stories that are supposed to take place in the real world that creep me out the most. I am not phased by Alien, but Psycho creeps me the fuck out. In this movie it takes place in the real world (technically slightly above it) and maybe this is why it really affected me. I have always been attracted to space and my Dad used to work at NASA. So seeing the visuals alone in this movie made me all happy inside, especially the slow first shot of Earth. I know there are things factually wrong in this movie (such as Stone's character being up there in the first place), but I found it easy enough to put things aside and be drawn into the movie. I think this affects me more than a movie such as Alien because it is supposed to be real.

Final Thoughts
This is a very moving movie. It is one where there was never a dull moment. While the movie was the right amount of time, it was so good it feels like I could accept the movie being even longer. Yes there are factual inaccuracies that may bug some of my readers, but the movie is worth putting those aside. In other words suspending your disbelief is easy enough. It's been a long time since a movie has moved me like Gravity has.

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Inbetween: The Incredible Burp 5

Coffee is something that should be simple to order. But it isn't always. There are these fancy terms for different kinds that I never got. I would sometimes have a cup of coffee in the morning, but I was never an addict. So I never got to ordering more than black coffee anywhere outside of home.

The fact that my job, while I was away from Tobias' meadow, Ax's scoop, and Cassie's barn was a barista at a small coffee shop was funny. I knew I should just be hiding out and not getting a job, but sitting around all day would just make me bored. Make me more likely to lose control of myself and then morph when I didn't mean to.

Yes, a Controller could recognize me, but it was a risk I was willing to take. Plus the fact that I was away from where the Animorphs lived would mean it'd be less likely that the Yeerks would figure out I had teamed up with them. They wouldn't think I'd team up with them anyways or that they'd have given me morphing technology as my former captors thought them all Andalites and the species was known to be stuck up.

Ax didn't seem stuck up or pompous, but he could be an exception. A wonderful exception I thought as I took an order from my latest customer.

The cafe always had noise either from customers or the music that was supposed to make people calmer. It wasn't as loud as the animals in Cassie's barn, but somehow it was less peaceful.

It might be that I was imagining everyone in sight as a Controller that knew who I was and then I would be captured. After questioning I would be infested again and this time, oh this time, I would end up giving up the Animorphs. The only hope left for Earth would be lost because the Yeerk would see everything.

It could also be because I was imagining one of the Animorphs walking in, though that was highly unlikely unless Ax had spoken to them about what was supposed to be secret, and their doubts would be proven correct. I had attempted to destroy the group and had also tried to use Ax in that attempt.

That would be the version they would see and it would be impossible to convince them otherwise. I would never earn back their trust. Would I get a fate worse than David's?

Even though I was getting nervous, I had learned to control my emotions well enough. I had a few outbursts before, but now I was getting decent. I didn't want to be tested as I didn't know how well I could hold up against a real challenge.

As I served another customer I noticed someone walking in. The teenager was beautiful, that was the only word I could think of to describe her. I wished I could have thought of a better word at the moment, but I couldn't.

Her hair was brown and long. It rested on her shoulders and back like a queen on a throne. Why was I thinking of such a cheesy phrase to describe her? Couldn't I think of a phrase that was as beautiful as I thought she was? And why was I seeing Ax angry in the back of my mind? Why was I thinking of him now?

Focus on her. Focus on this teenager.

With my mind properly focused I watched her while helping with the customer. As the girl walked her breasts bounced to signal that she wasn't wearing a bra. Was she going to meet someone later?

I wanted her to meet me now.

I had never dated before I became infested and after my infestation there wasn't a chance to. Luckily my Yeerk didn't think it necessary for my cover to date and have sex. I wasn't scared of sex, it was just that it should be my decision.

As she looked at me I felt myself getting wet and butterflies flew around in my stomach. I was scared and oh so horny. When she walked to the counter I noticed another change, a change that was other worldly.

I felt myself beginning to morph. Damn Hereth illint!

When I had first joined the group I had acquired a cockroach and morphed it to show I was brave. I had heard talks that everyone was afraid of morphing insects, though Jake said being a flea wasn't half bad.

The girl didn't talk but just looked at me strangely. I admit I was a sight to see. I was walking oddly as I tried to get out of sight as quickly as possible. I looked at my hand and saw it becoming a cockroach 'hand'. I was afraid that other stages of morphing were visible to everyone watching.

The back of my neck? My face?

"I need to pee." I whispered weakly and ran to the bathroom.

As I closed the door to the only stall, I started to shrink. My eyesight got weird and exoskeleton took the place of my skin.

I tried to say gross but my vocal chords were gone by that point.

When my morph was complete I was inside my clothes and shivering. Well, as much as a cockroach could shiver.
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Inbetween: The Incredible Burp 4

I made sure I had packed all that I would need for the coming week. I wouldn't be able to morph so even if I wanted to try out the Frolis Maneuver I couldn't. Plus I was afraid of acquiring anything else until the Hereth illint was over.

I looked around Cassie's barn and I reveled in the noise. No one was here to pity me or show their distrust in me. All that the animals in the barn could do was to cause a racket, which they had been doing non-stop since I started packing.

I'd like to think that they cared that I was troubled. That they didn't want me to leave even though staying at the barn was dangerous. But that was only my imagination as they were animals and didn't think that way. I had morphed some of them in the past and so knew that it was only my imagination that was making me think that they cared.

I finished checking and thought of where to go to next. Where did I think would get me far enough from the group not to harm them and where would it be safe for me to go?

As plans started to form in my mind I thought of Ax. I needed someone to know exactly where I was going and I needed someone that could help if I ran into any trouble. Ax could do both of those things.

I wrote down a list of different destinations to give to Ax. I could have just written down the one location I wanted to go to, but I knew there was a chance that something might go wrong and then I'd have to move.

Besides Cassie, Ax was the only one of the group I actually trusted. Liked? Maybe I'd think so later, but not now.

I started to walk towards Ax's scoop as I couldn't morph to get there. Walking of my own accord was a feeling I couldn't describe to the others, Jake and Cassie being the exceptions, since they had never been infested. But I preferred flying since it opened up a lot more options. Plus the experience was beyond words.

It took a little bit and I let the scenery of the forest sink in. It might be the last time I would be seeing a forest for a week, depending on where I decided to hide out. The sounds were much different here than in the barn. There was a lot more space for the sound to reach out and it didn't have to bounce off walls.

I looked up to see if Tobias was close by and there was not a red-tailed hawk in sight. Good, I wanted to talk to Ax alone.

I walked up to his scoop and looked in. He didn't seem to be home and so I decided to wait. After what seemed like a long time, I saw Ax returning.

I didn't wave this time as I was feeling scared and was about to ask Ax to lie for me. I knew, from what Cassie had told me, that Ax had problems with telling the group the truth in the past. Now I was asking him to do what he might consider a bad thing for the new person in the group.

Ax slowed down as if he could tell something was wrong or else that he was angry that I was in his scoop.

"Ax, I'm going to be leaving." I said and neither of us spoke for a moment.

You didn't tell the others. He finally replied.

I chuckled and confirmed his answer by saying, "It's not like the group trusts me. Even you weren't giving me support during the meeting."

I don't think you'll betray us. Ax said.

"No, I won't." I replied and shook my head. "But I do think I might be a danger to the group. If I make a little mistake the group might suffer."

I didn't add that I was also leaving because I couldn't stand being sick and the only people around were ones that didn't trust me. That would question my every move. Worse, they might pity me.

I tru- Ax began, but I stopped him with a raised hand.

"No, you don't. Part of you may trust me but the side that doesn't trust me seems to have a much bigger grip on you." I said and Ax looked ashamed. "Listen, I just wanted to say good-bye and give you a list of where I'll be staying. Well, locations of where I'm thinking of going."

You didn't tell the others. Ax replied as he took the note I handed him. You don't want to protect them, you want to protect me.

"Yeah," I said. "Right on the first, half-right on the second. I don't want the others to come and try to get me back to what they consider safety. I want to protect you and Cassie as you've been the kindest to me."

Then why didn't you tell her? Ax asked.

"Because, knowing Cassie, she'd try to find me because that is what's morally right."

And you don't think I'll tell the others? Ax questioned me. If you're captured by the Yeerks again you'll be infested.

"I'll morph something and stay over the two hour limit." I answered and was greeted by a strange expression from Ax that seemed to combine surprise with admiration. "I've been infested by the Yeerks once, I'd rather die than have that happen again."

I'll check up on you later this week. Ax said after a few minutes. It seemed to be a hard decision for him to make. I won't tell the others.

I shouldn't trust him as he had more loyalty to the group than to me. But, for some reason, I did believe him. I trusted him to keep the secret.

For a second I wanted to hug the Andalite Aristh as it'd be the last touch I'd be getting for awhile. I decided against it as I didn't want to break his resolve and if I even shook his hand I might not go.

"Good-bye." I said and walked away. Before I did, though, I saw some type of sadness in his eyes.
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