Monday, July 18, 2016

Between Two Worlds 28

"I know I shouldn't love Alex but I do. Chris was there to escape in." I told her. "It is wrong and twisted but I still worry about Alex. When I sleep I worry that he's died and I did nothing to stop him."

"I thought he was...well...a dick."

"He is the worst person I have met and yet...I don't know. There's something about him that's endearing. I won't go back to him but the part of me that cares for him isn't ever going away."

"Of all the things you've said that is the craziest."
-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's an Alexander Isaacs Fic

You can read it HERE

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