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Fire Bear (Sub-Species)

Sub-Species: Fire Bear

Name Meaning: In Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen's House's motto is 'fire and blood'. Jorah Mormont's House's symbol is the bear. So I just combined the two as I couldn't find an easy google search of what the shipping name is.

Crossing the Divide 26

"You should've killed her." Arya told me as I sat on the Iron Throne.

My coronation had ended thirty minutes ago but I couldn't seem to make myself leave this seat. I had been able to remain calm even though I couldn't comprehend how this could be reality. I had been able to deal with many strange things but this...this was the pinnacle of insanity. The crown on my head felt wrong and I couldn't wait until Daenerys came to take it off of me.

"I'm a little sister." Arya said. "I could be the one in the prophecy."

"We've gone over this before." I said, recounting two hours worth of the same argument. "It could be that Daenerys will ask you to kill Cersei thereby fulfilling the prophecy. You don't need to do it now if it is you. The gods won't allow another to take her life if it is by your hands she is destined to die."

She stopped and sighed. I could feel the bloodlust coming off of her in waves. It was as though I were viewing myself in my younger years. The years when I lived in Westeros and was known as Scourge to few. But to those few my name made their blood freeze. Khaleesi was my daughter in the Nightmare and part of me wanted to give the same role to Arya here. Like me, the Stark girl could easily go into darkness with no way out. It had only been because I had survived grey scale and then the death of Franc that I had been able to come back into the light. I could make sure that she didn't need that pain in her past. She already had enough.

"If you want to kill her so bad, why are you following my orders?" I asked Arya. "You just met me and yet you held back."

"You saved the city and now you're the queen." Arya said.

"Vengeance does not tend to bow down before sympathy and rulers. Some part of you isn't overcome by blood lust."

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's an Arya Stark Fic

You can read it HERE

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Crossing the Divide 25

"Do you really trust them?" Alex asked as I entered our tent after making camp for the night.

"We have no choice right now." I reminded him. "If they remain friendly to us they could provide a good guard force for the base. They know this area and if we give them reason to protect us, I am sure they will."

I listened to the wind beat against our tent. The islanders had lead us to the top of a very large hill. The odd wildlife was easy to spot and we could see for miles. This was helped by the fact that there were no longer trees or other foliage. Not in great amounts at least. Walking on the island I had seen the odd bush and flower, but nothing substantial. I wondered how these people had survived for so long here.

"You shouldn't have come here." Alex said, putting his hand under my shirt and resting it on my belly. "If they try to hurt you, they could end up killing Eve."

"You weren't just shooting that man because you were afraid for yourself, were you?" I asked him as I lay down. "You were doing it for her."

My husband was silent as he lay beside me while still keeping his hand on my stomach. For a few minutes I didn't think he was going to answer at all. The air was quickly getting cold and so his hand started to feel very warm on me.

"It's still strange for me to think of putting others above myself." Alex finally said. "The moment I first met you I knew you were different, I just didn't know what that meant. I didn't know how not having you by my side would affect me. I'm protecting the other Mormonts because that's the only way I can keep you. Our daughter...I'm not just protecting her to keep you. I'm protecting her because she's as important to me as you."

"Our daughter." I said with a smile on my face. "Eve."

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's a Doctor Isaacs Fic

You can read it HERE

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A Quickie: The Truth about the Maze (Westworld)

The maze in Westworld was one of the central mysteries of Season 1. Throughout the season people were questioning what the maze really was and if it was an actual maze. The maze was the only thing giving William (aka the Man in Black) purpose to his life.

So what is the maze?

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Mini-Review: The Walking Dead "Hearts Still Beating"

I'm hoping to get more reviews out by doing this mini-review format. If I want to go into actual depth on this show I'll do so via multi-vlog reviews or other posts.

In this review of The Walking Dead episode "Hearts Still Beating" there will be spoilers. So if you haven't seen the episode, stop reading now and go see it before continuing.

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Flight Rising Gene Review: Scales

For awhile now I have reviewed the newest breeds of Dragon Cave as they come out. I've been thinking for something similar with Flight Rising but with genes. Today I am following that thought through and taking a look at the Scales gene.

Crossing the Divide 24

"Can you find the answer in time?" I asked him. "We could leave here now and escape but I won't let others suffer because of my cowardice."

"Of course you crazy c**t wouldn't waste a chance to try and die." Bronn said. "I'll find out and then we're leaving this city behind."

A small smile flickered briefly on my face. He would complain and yet he would do what I had asked. I didn't need him to like the task, I merely needed him to complete it. I needed to make sure that innocents wouldn't die. If I changed to my dragon form I could've easily escaped with time to spare. But I wouldn't do such things. I wouldn't abandon those that I felt such a calling to help. I wouldn't abandon people in need.

"Lei, I know you don't believe Cersei to be doing such a great evil but we can't take a risk." I told her once Bronn had left us. "I know you're not a fighter and I won't ask you to harm her. But try to take as many people as you can outside of the city."

"'t believe I'm a Lannister." Lei said embarrassed. "I can't command people like Jaime, Cersei, or even Tyrion could. No one will believe who I am."

"Then tell them it is an order from Rin Kaari. The people here seem to believe me to be some kind of goddess or at least someone fit for the Iron Throne, so let's test that."

The woman grinned weakly and then was off. I didn't know why I had panicked and yet there was a part of my mind that thought this was the logical thing to do. It was the part of my mind that had lead me to greatness and depravity in the past. The part of myself that had kept me alive when I didn't even know what I was.

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's a Cersei Lannister Fic

You can read it HERE

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November 2016 Releases (Jash's Dragon Army)

Dragon Cave recently released new dragon breeds. I was able to get a male and female of each of them.

A Quickie: From William to the Man in Black (Westworld)

One of the things that people have been saying after the Season 1 Finale of Westworld is that William being the Man in Black makes no sense. William was such a good man that someone as cruel as the Man in Black could never possibly be the man he becomes. That the change was too swift and sudden.

I'm here to tell you that William was never as good as he seemed to be.

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Crossing the Divide 23

"Claire won't kill me." Chris argued. "She won't kill just anyone for Alice."

"For now you are protected since you have deniability. You can claim that you were spying on us or that you were coerced. For now you are just a part of the Mormonts, you hold no special rank to indicate your real allegiance. The moment you are a Rasiki, the moment you take on that title, is the moment you remove all deniability. You will show your allegiance and Alice won't care. Even if Claire is loyal enough to you not to kill you, the same won't be true of Alice. She'll see you as being part of Rin. You'll be one of the men Rin will turn to when only the most loyal will do. If you don't become a Rasiki then you will be able to more easily keep the peace with your sister. But, if you decide to continue this pursuit, you might come to a point where you'll need to kill her. There will be no choice for either of you."

For Alex that was caring. Almost the way a mother would talk to her child. He seemed to be as cruel as a winter storm but could have the heart of a den mother. It was a strange combination to see him being both self-serving and selfless. The former nearly overshadowing the latter. I knew Alex could easily go back to how he had been and that it was my job to keep him on the right path. To help him become a better man. Maybe all my love and confidence would be for naught, but I still had to try. I had no other choice.

"Could you kill your sister?" Khaleesi asked. "If it was either her or the Mormonts which one would you choose?"

There was a long moment of silence. Looking at the other Kaari I knew that the answer would have to be the correct one. Chris had one last time to make the right choice. For myself I didn't know what that answer would be and knew it differed among my closet companions. Alex, I knew, would want Chris to say he would kill Claire. My husband cared about few things and would want my special forces to only be loyal to me. Be loyal to me above all others since that was how he felt.

"I don't know." Chris finally replied. "I don't know if I could kill a family member. She's the only one I have left."

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's a Doctor Isaacs Fic

You can read it HERE

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December 1 Hour 2016 Exclusive Vlog (Patreon Exclusive)

Every month people who donate at least $5 a month to my Patreon get an exclusive hour long vlog.

A Quickie: Ford's Sacrifice (Westworld)

It seems as though a lot of you are interested in what I have to say about Westworld. Sadly I can't make long posts (like THIS one) about the show all the time. I say sadly because there is so much to discuss from characters to themes. However, I'm going to aim to make shorter posts to help cover some of the topics about the show that interest me.

I'll also be using this shortened format for other shows/movies/ect. that I am interested in.

Today I'll be discussing a very odd move by Ford in the Westworld Season 1 Finale.

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Into the Darkness 5

I don't know how long I had been in this place, a place no legends spoke of. Only darkness consumed it and there was no hope for light. It wasn't complete dark, but the places that weren't pitch black were shadow. This place of demons had creatures that I didn't know how to tell any dragon about. That is if I managed to get back.

Crossing the Divide 22

If this would be the last day in my home reality, at least the weather was pleasant. There was a faint chill in the air that I could sense more than actually feel. Maybe the ice and fire in my veins made me more sensitive to the changing of the seasons. Or at least the ice in my veins yelled out when winter would be arriving. But winter coming wasn't my main concern. My main concern was the undead abomination that was moving towards me. I raised Alexander in a defensive position as, at least to me, the undead Mountain lumbered slowly towards me.

Instead of meeting his first blow, I turned away quickly and only left my blade up enough in case I couldn't avoid him completely. The wind caused by the Mountain's blow blew past me with the force of a miniature storm. Quickly I turned away from him again as I judged how he was moving. It wasn't just the force of his blows, it was countering the move that came after the first one was thrown. I could imagine some in the crowd thinking my strategy was cowardice. Maybe to those humans it was, but for me I was thinking of my survival. If I survived I could feel shame, but not with death so near. With death looking on I felt nothing. Only one move to the next.

Finally we connected our blades and I felt every inch of me vibrate. I felt as if I would explode from that one hit alone and yet I survived. Not moving fully away from the abomination, I watched as the Mountain attempted to use his sword on me yet again. The reason I had stayed so close was there would be a better moment to move away. The seconds went slowly for me giving me more than enough time to make my move. The way the beast moved allowed me to jump off of its arm and propel myself away. Once I quickly regained my footing I saw that I hadn't slowed the creature down. Focusing on his arm, I saw it moving slower than before yet the undead Mountain was moving quickly towards me as if he didn't notice. If he didn't feel pain I could injure him without him comprehending what was really happening. Humans misunderstood pain and failed to realize it helped warn us when something was wrong. It wasn't something to be feared but to be listened to.

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's a Cersei Lannister Fic

You can read it HERE

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December 30 Minute 2016 Exclusive Vlog (Patreon Exclusive)

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Which Eeveelution are You? (Quiz)

Eevee is the most diverse Pokemon in terms of how many evolutions it has. What makes it hard to get them all is that not every evolution (also called Eeveelution) is earned the same way. Umbreon you need to have its happiness be at a certain level and it needs to evolve at night. Espeon is the same thing but has to evolve during the day time. So which Eeveelution are you? Are you a fiery Flareon or an icy Glaceon? Or could you even just be Eevee?

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Mini-Review: Westworld "The Bicameral Mind"

I'm hoping to get more reviews out by doing this mini-review format. If I want to go into actual depth on this show I'll do so via multi-vlog reviews or other posts.

In this review of the Westworld episode "The Bicameral Mind" there will be spoilers. So if you haven't seen the episode, stop reading now and go see it before continuing.

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Crossing the Divide 21

"You aren't a real person, you're just an experiment." The man hissed, his need to talk being more important to him than any form of logic. "That's the reason. I am not going to serve something that was poked and prodded. The only reason you had any rank in the Umbrella Corporation was because you fooled Doctor Isaacs into marrying you. If I was in charge of you I wouldn't have let that happen. I would have killed you once I had gotten everything from you that I needed."

"So you betrayed me because you don't think I'm human?" I asked and started to pace around him, hoping to unnerve him enough so that he would give up more information. "On a genetic level I'm not. What I am there are no words for and I don't care for there to be any. On a philosophical level I consider myself human even if my DNA says otherwise."

"Just because you think you're human doesn't mean you are. You're some sick f***ing twisted experiment. If I had been in charge of you, you'd be dead by now. Maybe I'd f**k you but that would be it."

"There were many people in Umbrella that got the chance to experiment on me but you were never one of them. You keep saying what you'd do if you had been in charge of me as if you betrayed me for a mere promotion. I can see why Wesker never put you anywhere of worth as you were a mediocre Mormonts at best. Even though you were never loyal to me to begin with, I'm sure how you acted was a good reflection on how you usually work."

When I passed by his face I saw it reflect his deep anger. He wanted me to feel put down and think that I stood no chance to win this fight. That I wasn't worthy of fighting for humanity. Cersei had tried to break me and had done much worse than mere words. She had done much worse than looks. And still she hadn't broken me. This human wouldn't make me quiver as I had seen worse. I had done worse. He was a man who was trying to feel important while knowing he wasn't valuable.

"Did you really think that if you had succeeded Wesker would have promoted you?" I asked him. "Does he appear like a man that wouldn't double cross you on such matters?"

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's a Doctor Isaacs Fic

You can read it HERE

Peaceful Ninja (Jash's Dragon Army)

Adopt one today!
Name: Peaceful Ninja

Breed: White Dragon

Clan: Hounds of the Wastelands

Position: Healer Hound

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A Quick Westworld Theory: Charlotte Hale is Actually Maeve

I am attempting to get this out before the Season 1 Finale of Westworld so I'm having to make this much shorter than I'd want to. I really want to delve into this theory and yet can't fully do that here because then this won't be released until after the finale. And after that it might be proven wrong so what would be the point of talking about it?

So if it's proven right in the finale, or not entirely dismissed, I'll make a longer post about it. If it's shown to be false I won't bother.

Crossing the Divide 20

"A team lead by Lady Hisara Kaari, ruler of our House, eventually found its way to a place of eternal winter." Alexander said, taking me out of that brief memory. "It was cold and unlike anything that had been seen before. What made them stay there as long as they did was the sight of a different kind of dragon. These creatures were white as snow and had a shine like they were made of ice. They were also much larger than any dragon known in Valyria. The smallest of them easily dwarfed the most renowned of any of the dragonlord families. It was at this point they felt as if the gods had answered their prayers of how they were to proceed next."

With all this talk of the Kaari wanting to evolve themselves it made me think that they would like what had happened to me. Maybe if my House had still been alive now they would consider me some kind of chosen one. That I would be ruler of my House merely because of the wicked fate placed upon me. But all I wanted was to be was human and thinking of myself as such was becoming harder every day. Did it really matter what I was, though?

"After many months of effort, they managed to bring back some ice dragon eggs." It continued.

"Hisara ordered experimentation on the eggs commence to bring about a fire and ice hybrid. It wasn't certain what such experimentation could yield. Some hoped to merely increase the size of the fire breathing dragons while others wanted something a little more complicated. The size was one fact and another was the ability to breathe both fire and ice. Or just a combination of the two."

"Were the experiments successful?" I asked, though I was already sure of the answer.

"Most weren't and abominations were created. Pitiful creatures that could hardly breathe and died soon after hatching."

I was now seeing through Hisara's eyes and felt her worry. There had been too many needless dragons suffering. Being descended from dragons, she felt as if she were harming parts of herself. The newest hatchlings screamed and yelled as their blood froze leaving them to only know pain before dying. She stood strong and didn't let the other Kaari see her tears. Those were for her and her husbands only.

"So the experiments were stopped but not before there were two eggs ruled to be successes." Alexander continued. "The Kaari most knowledgeable about the countless failures said that the two felt different. There was an energy in them that they hadn't felt in the others. These two were kept safe and guarded by the most skilled swordsmen of the House. But when the Doom of Valyria came to be the eggs were lost amongst all the chaos. Some cried out that House Targaryen, the only House to survive the Doom with dragons, had stolen them. This was later proved to be untrue and when the Targaryens started to enact their genocide upon our House there was no time to look for the eggs. But now the two dragons have been found."
-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's a Jaime Lannister Fic

You can read it HERE

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Crossing the Divide 19

As he walked away happier than before, I heard familiar footsteps coming behind me. I hadn't been avoiding him, but being a leader meant you couldn't spend the time with people you wanted to. I always saw Alex as we shared the same bed, but Chris Redfield was different. We worked in separate areas and I had the farming mission to deal with.

"What did you tell him?" Chris asked.

"That I was sending him to be closer to his wife." I replied.

"And is that the real reason?"

"He seems to be harboring thoughts that would cause problems for the Mormonts. He has hatred in his heart and if that is allowed to fester he will turn on me. I don't hate the woman he hates with as much wrath as he does."

I didn't tell Chris but I knew if one or two men were angry, there would be more. The best I could do was placate them in ways that seemed I was being selfless. In reality, though, I would be keeping them away from causing too much damage before they could see reason again. At Eden that man could cause serious damage while at an outpost the damage would be minimal. He might not notice the manipulation or maybe he wouldn't care once he had arrived.

"I haven't seen you much." Chris said, longing hidden deep in his voice.

"Ruling the Mormonts doesn't give me much time to talk with friends." I admitted. "Anytime I can find rest I use it. I might spar with Khaleesi but we've known each other since my mission started. Plus training with her helps keep me prepared for the real fight."

"Besides the nineteen you brought back from Nymeria Base, are you considering anyone else?"

"You're asking me if I'm considering you."

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's a Doctor Isaacs Fic

You can read it HERE

My Pokemon Journals Results (Survey)

Are you wondering about the results of the survey found HERE? Even if you aren't I will still be making this post to go over the results and what I feel about them. Before I begin I want to thank the forty-five brave souls that took this survey and, in doing so, helped me to understand my fanbase a little bit more.

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I Don't See Anything Giveaway (Jash's Dragon Army)

Update: This giveaway is over. I want to thank everyone who participated here. If you can't wait until next giveaway you can go to the Dragon Cave Forums where people will trade and give away eggs. I am also more than willing to breed upon request.

If you would like to learn more about my dragon army you can go HERE. It is constantly evolving and I would love your input on how it is progressing so far.

While the giveaway is over, feel free to discuss Westworld. Oh, if you want to buy the theme to Westworld and help support this blog, merely buy the music via the ad on the bottom of this post.

Westworld is a sci-fi show about robots, the wild west, and understanding what it means to be human. It is a show full of mystery that is highly addictive. There are little clues spelling out that the show is more complicated than we think. If you're worried about needing to watch the original film, don't be. You don't need to watch it to be able to understand the show.

I am writing this a week or so before the actual giveaway so I'm afraid of saying something that is proven to be wrong. Ford might be revealed as a Host by the time I post this. Or it might be revealed that this show doesn't take place on Earth.

There are so many things that could happen!

Figuring my blog readers should get something that I can actually give away.

If you don't already have a Dragon Cave account, you can sign up for one if raising dragons interests you. If you already have an account, pick an egg at will. If you don't have an account and don't want one, please share this with a friend that does.

Here are the eggs this time around:

Mini-Review: Westworld "The Well-Tempered Clavier"

I'm hoping to get more reviews out by doing this mini-review format. If I want to go into actual depth on this show I'll do so via multi-vlog reviews or other posts.

In this review of the Westworld episode "The Well-Tempered Clavier" there will be spoilers. So if you haven't seen the episode, stop reading now and go see it before continuing.

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Crossing the Divide 18

A Queensguard held a cup of tea, steam coming off of it indicating it was freshly made. I shivered as I recognized it although the knowledge was hidden in the darkness of my time in the direwolf pack. The man was holding moon tea, also known as tansy tea, which was used to either prevent or abort pregnancies. My stomach had already begun to bulge and killing my child Not this. Anything but this.

"As a mother it is beyond painful to lose a child." Cersei said. "You have mocked my losses and so I shall make you have one of your own."

"I didn't choose to have this child." I said, sounding more confident than I felt. "You chose to have your children, I didn't."

I hated my sensitive nose as it picked up tansy, mint, wormwood, honey, and pennyroyal. I was able to pick up how they mixed into each other and how much there was of each ingredient. I wanted to vomit and curse my sense of smell. A sense that, at any other time, would be a huge benefit to myself and those I allied myself with. Now my sense of smell helped better foretell the doom that would soon fall upon me.

"It doesn't matter how you had your child." The Lannister said, a cold grin on her face. "What matters is that mothers like you will have an innate sense to protect it. Weak mothers that seek only to protect the innocent. You'll cry over your dead bastard because you care too much. But you don't have to let your unborn child suffer that fate. I will let you keep the child if you simply answer some questions."

If I wanted to I could easily push away the cup and the plan would have been for naught. Of course that wasn't true as she could always weaken me and then give me the moon tea. She wanted me to commit the deed and so she would wait until I drank. Any torture she did to me that resulted in the death of the bastard would be blamed on me and she knew it. There was no way out for me and yet my mind raced to figure something out. The majority of escape plans weren't possible as I would be trading my bastard for Jeor. One life for another. Alex or Alec. The cycle kept on repeating itself. An endless loop of pain and agony. House Kaari's symbol made more sense than it should have. I managed not to shiver at my revelation.

I could agree to Cersei's demand and not have to give up any child. I could let both of them live. Bronn would never be referred to as the child's father as I wanted to get far away from him when this was over. He had been kind to me but f***ing him to keep safe was already giving me nightmares. I woke up in the middle of the night at times shivering at dreams where Jorah left me because of my disloyalty to him. What did he want me to do?

At those times the only thing I could keep comfort in was Bronn's words about Jorah being a fool to leave me. He worded it to be about f***ing, but at least it was something. At least there was someone comforting me. He wasn't here now and neither was Jorah. The latter I trusted to give me good advice on what to do. I didn't want to give up either and wasn't really about bartering my children. It was about bartering Jorah, Daenerys, and all those I had met in Essos. It was about bartering for who could win the war. The death of my unborn child would devastate me and yet there would be more that would die if he would live. If Daenerys died then Jorah would never be the same. If he found out that she had died because of me...I would never share his bed again. He would try to kill me if love for me had fully left his heart. My husband's life and love being gone from me was something that I could never let happen.

"You're more heartless than I thought." Cersei said. "I didn't think it would take you this long."
-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's a Cersei Lannister Fic

You can read it HERE

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Crossing the Divide 17

"If the clone gets out and causes chaos, kill her." I said. "But as long as she won't harm anyone, let her be. Besides, do you really think that this will have a good outcome for you? You don't fight people like her unless you have to. She is more than dangerous and you will most likely die."

"We fought many of her recently." The man said. "We can take care of one."

"The attack was won because Alice thought she had landed a major victory. If she knew what to attack you would be dead by now."

"So we're to roll over when she's even mentioned?"

"I am going to train the best Mormonts to fight her if need be. I'm not going to be the only one able to defeat her, that would be unfair to you and unwise."

"Let me help."

The anger in his eyes had turned sad and pleading. I wouldn't be moved, though, as he had shown himself as disobedient. My special forces, which the humans would need a name for later, needed to be loyal to me. I couldn't train just anyone in ways to kill me as those wanting me dead would have too much information. Accepting this man now would help keep the peace here but have me lose the greater war in the long run. The room was tense as everyone waited to hear my answer. Only K-Mart could guess my reply with any certainty.

"Why would I accept you?" I asked him and was greeted with a look of shock. "You can't follow a basic command and you want me to accept you? My special forces can't just be able to fight well, they also have to show their loyalty. They have to show that they can obey my commands."

"And you're the only one to decide?" He asked weakly.

"No," K-Mart chimed in. "Isaacs tasked me with looking for the best fighters. I found twenty but now I have to recount. You are a good fighter but our leader is right, you can't just fight well you have to know when to obey. I've heard Khaleesi talk about sparring with Isaacs's more advanced than anything she does with the rest of us. She doesn't just need your abilities, she needs your loyalty."
-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's an Alice Fic

You can read it HERE

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New Batch of Dragons (Jash's Dragon Army)

On Dragon Cave I'm getting a little more serious about breeding more dragons so that there will be more options for future giveaways. So if I'm trying to breed one type of dragon I'll have more chances of actually successfully getting the type I'm aiming for.

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Why Viserion Becoming an Ice Dragon Would Be Cool

I have wanted to write this post for some time but have waited. I don't want to stress myself out too much and pacing becomes everything to keep a blog like this running for years.

Anyways...part of the leaked plot of Game of Thrones Season 7 is that Viserion becomes an ice dragon and is ridden by the Night's King. Now the fact is that this could merely be rumors and this won't actually end up happening. So I wouldn't count this as a spoiler as it's in a state of being true and not being true.

In this post I'm not going to focus on how he becomes an ice dragon according to the leaks, but the implications of it happening. I find that to be the more interesting part.

Mini-Review: Westworld "Trace Decay"

I'm hoping to get more reviews out by doing this mini-review format. If I want to go into actual depth on this show I'll do so via multi-vlog reviews or other posts.

In this review of the Westworld episode "Trace Decay" there will be spoilers. So if you haven't seen the episode, stop reading now and go see it before continuing.

Travels of Artictress: Tobias of the Johto Region Entry #5 (HeartGold)

Entry #5 An Epic Chase

So...I might have wasted a lot of energy chasing after some legendaries. I can't recall their names, just that I ran into one once and then became obsessed with chasing them down. I would go all across the Johto Region just for a glimpse at one. Figuring I needed to trap them from getting away, I tried to make one fall asleep...that didn't work.

The bad part of that was I didn't train my Pokemon as quickly as I should've. I could have spent endless days and nights finding the best places but I didn't. I spent my time trying to capture Pokemon I have no chance at getting right now. I felt useless each time one of them escaped and not even picking Apricorns could cheer me up.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Crossing the Divide 16

"The Queen is going to feed you." Lei said as she started cleaning my wounds.

"Because she wants me to have just enough fight in me to make the rape interesting for her men." I said, taking a bite out of the bread.

The woman didn't reply and I didn't question how she got her information. If she hadn't told me before I wasn't going to expect an answer. Maybe she had overheard something or maybe she had been sent by Jaime. Of course he wouldn't have alerted me if that was a case. He might still serve his sister, but he wouldn't let certain people die.

"But you'll be able to fight them off." Lei said hopefully. "You've dealt with dragons. People...they must be easier."

"Each opponent always presents a new set of obstacles." I replied with a small smile, her confidence amusing me. "Just because I can tackle dragons doesn't mean I can do the same here. What is being done to me will affect how well I can fight. I might be able to defend myself one or two times but eventually I will be violated. Eventually one of the men will succeed."

There was a few more minutes of silence as she continued to help me. Her touch was gentle and sure as she healed me as much as she could. It wasn't the touch of a warrior but of a more gentler type. I had no thought but to continue to fight but I knew any world needed different kinds of people. There needed to be healers as well as fighters. The healers could heal the fighters and be more useful in times of peace. There also needed to be people obsessed with figuring out the world so knowledge could spread. My fate would never bring me to the life of Father, but I wouldn't think less of those who chose a path different than my own. Right now I needed Lei, even if she would betray me later.

"I am a survivor," I told her. "Even if my spirit and body are crushed, I will continue on. I will fight through my pain and endure as I always have."

"I just...I don't think anyone could." Lei replied sadly. "I know you can't see yourself look like you're a few seconds away from death. I don't see you surviving this."

"Then why help someone doomed to die?"

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's a Jaime Lannister Fic

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Mini-Review: Doctor Strange (2016)

It has been awhile since I've actually posted a review on this blog. I bet some of you here didn't think I did them in the first place as it has been that long. I'm hoping to get more reviews out by doing this mini-review format. If I want to go into actual depth on this movie I'll do so via multi-vlog reviews or other posts.

In this review of Doctor Strange there will be spoilers. So if you haven't seen the movie stop reading now and go see it before continuing.

Arnold Weber (Jash's Dragon Army)

Adopt one today!
This dragon has been named: Arnold Weber by me as no one else suggested a name. I named him Arnold as I am really starting to get into Westworld. For now there is no confirmed picture of the mysterious character.

The bio I have planned for him is:

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Crossing the Divide 15

"You did the best you could." K-Mart told me as she looked out a window. "Alice just isn't ready to listen to reason yet."

"And what if she never does?" I asked her, aware of the others' eyes on me. "We might end this war with her dead. I'll have killed someone whose only wrong was being f****d over."

"Permission to speak freely, Isaacs." One of the men asked.

I had to hide a soft smile as this is why I didn't mind K-Mart speaking so frankly in front of me. Besides needing to be reassured, I wanted my fellow Mormonts to realize that Alice wasn't evil. That no matter the atrocities we committed against each other, I was willing to make peace with her. Umbrella and the zombies were enemies, not Alice. I wanted those under my command to be aware of that and not to demonize her for her actions.

"Permission granted." I replied with a slight nod of my head.

"You can't reason with some people." He said. "She has made her intentions against us very clear and so she is the enemy. You shouldn't debate whether or not she deserves it: it's you or her. And, frankly, I would rather you survive than the one trying to kill us."

"If only things were so clear. Just because you have to kill someone doesn't mean you should be happy or indifferent about it. You should realize the implications of your actions or you might just turn out like Wesker and his ilk."

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's an Alice Fic

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Queen Without a Kingdom (Daenerys' Journal)

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The chill in the air made me wrap my body around Jorah more. It was a slightly odd arrangement as he was a Wildclaw and I was an Imperial, one of the largest breeds on Sornieth. But we made it work and I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather be with than him. He cared for me and I for him. We seemed to be two dragons in one body at times.

Crossing the Divide 14

"This is where I stood as my enemies fell." Cersei said before I could reply. "The High Sparrow thought he could control me like he could control my son. It wouldn't surprise me if in his arrogance he stopped everyone from escaping. I should probably go to the Sept and thank him for that. He thought I would bow to him like a filthy commoner, he never imagined that I could beat him. Besides him I killed House Tyrell in one fell swoop. All my enemies thinking they could defeat me and yet here I am as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms."

"Yes, it's very lucky that your children died so you could sit on the throne." I said stoically, making my voice as steady as it could be right now. "Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen. I thought you brought me here so I could think on how you killed your last child. You were here gloating and abandoned Tommen at his time of need. How did it feel seeing his corpse? Did it make your victory all the more sweeter?"

Her response was how I imagined it. Her lips curled and she seemed about to lose control. For a moment I thought she would put her queenly duties behind her and lash out like the monster she was. But then she grew calmer and went to pick up her glass of wine. Slowly she picked it up and started to drink. I thought she did so to calm herself. My words had hurt her and I wondered what emotions were bubbling behind those eyes. Was it anger that I was stronger than she had imagined? Was it sadness of losing her child?

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's a Cersei Lannister Fic

You can read it HERE

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Ultimate Animorphs Quiz (Part 1) (Quiz)

Animorphs is a series about a group of teenagers fighting off an alien menace. The series is near and dear to my heart so I decided to make a long quiz all about it. Each part will focus on different things relating to the series to help test your knowledge. I do not know how many parts I will make so keep on the lookout for future parts just in case. This part will be a sort of overview of the series. If you don't do good may want to think about re-reading the series before continuing. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Weekly Update 11/14/2016

For those of you who are stopping by my blog for the first time and/or don't have a lot of time to keep up with my blog, this is for you.

I will be posting on some of what I consider important stuff I have blogged about this week and updates on upcoming chapters of fics/projects.

I will be attempting to post these posts once a week every Sunday, but don't be surprised if I miss a week or two (hey, I sometimes have an actual life).

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Crossing the Divide 13

"I'm feeling stuck here." Khaleesi said, sitting down on the couch. "I know I do an important job but I need to do something. I need to fight something. I don't know if I care at this point if I fight Umbrella or zombies. Maybe both."

"Alex will be going with me once the farming mission is underway." I told her, taking the seat beside her. "You could join that. It will be a long mission most likely."

"What about guarding the new base? I have her DNA and some of her memories. I know how she thinks and might be able to avoid a fight with her altogether."

My daughter did bring up a very good point. She was a clone of Alice, the only one that was loyal to me, and I should use that to my advantage. Alice, the real Alice, wasn't yet aware of her and wouldn't be expecting one of her own to betray her. But, at the same time, if two of the highest ranking Mormonts left Eden it wasn't good. We were the center of the organization and we shouldn't travel together. As long as Eden Base remained a secret we were all safe here. As safe as we could be, at least.

"K-Mart will be joining me." I told her. "I'm hoping that an agreement can be made and we won't have to fight each other. The girl was close to Alice and can use that to garner peace with her."

"I know you don't want to fight her." Khaleesi told me. "Trust me, I don't want to either. It's hard to think of her as someone else at times and if I had to make the choice to actually kill her...I don't know what I'd do. I think I would let her kill me because killing someone with my face...I couldn't do that. But you can't make peace with a woman who is feeling such rage. I feel that rage and it's only because I trust you that I haven't tried to kill you. Alex is proving himself and I trust that he will continue to because I believe in you. Alice doesn't know you like I do. She won't waste a moment to try and think about you two being allies."

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's a Doctor Isaacs Fic

You can read it HERE

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Crossing the Divide 12

"If you answer questions now I will make sure the torture is much less intense." Cersei told me. "If you tell me her allies and her forces I can make your execution swift."

The darkness I saw in the woman before me made me doubt her. It all depended on how she wanted to let her rage out. I could tell her everything and yet the bloodlust in her could still need to be sated. I was aligned with House Targaryen, a member of the House myself by Daenerys' decree, and the Lannister queen might see me as representing Daenerys herself.

"I thought I would be meeting with King Tommen." I told her, hoping that the loss of her final child was a weak point for her. "I was surprised to see you on the throne and not him. It is a pity he isn't here as from what I heard he had been a good king. A kind one. What happened?"

As her grip on the throne tightened I worried I had crossed a line with Jaime. I wanted to exchange words with her, not him. I didn't mind torturing the queen by mocking her dead son, but Jaime was different. So far he had protected both my sword and my son. I had no reason yet to cause him harm. While I was guilty about involving him, I trusted him to know why he was being involved. We weren't allies or friends, any goodwill from earlier wasn't expected to last, and we both had to realize that.

"If he perished in the wildfire, you shouldn't feel guilty." I continued, my voice soft and comforting. "It isn't as through you caused the explosion yourself. Sometimes things happen and we must move on. I am sure you will be a strong queen with the short time that you are given."

"King Tommen saw the explosion and knew Queen Margaery had perished." Cersei replied and her voice struggled to remain calm. "In his sorrow he jumped out the window to join her in death. We still do not know who caused the explosion and that pains me as a mother should never have to lose one of her children."

Tommen had died because of events his mother had caused. It would not surprise me if she had felt her odds of winning her trial weren't good and so had made sure the problem was erased. Saving her own skin had cost her her final child's life. She did care for her children and now the guilt would eat at her. Or else it wouldn't as she would lose herself in her rage. It didn't matter to me which way she chose as my fate would remain unchanged.

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's a Jaime Lannister Fic

You can read it HERE

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Crossing the Divide 11

"I've told you, figuring out exactly what happened to those men is grunt work. It's just clearing up a few things and changing how to work with the material."

"I nearly died in there. I could've easily gotten away but I saved those people. I need to understand what happened."

I put a hand on his shoulder and squeezed, waiting until he calmed down. My husband was not a fighter and didn't fully understand the fear that must still be pumping through his veins. A fear he would have to continue to endure until everything was put right again. And then...then I would leave him alone with only our child to keep him company. Or maybe children.

"Once everything is done, you can go over the findings." I told him.

"How do you do it?" He asked. "The fear can you even think of others when you're put into positions like that?"

"I grew up having to accept that death could happen at any moment. That any peaceful moment could turn into a bloodbath. For me it's a part of the way life has always been, what it seems like it will always be."

"But I'm not like you. Not like any of the rest of the Mormonts."

I took one of his hands and placed it on my belly. It was far too early for even a hint of the bump that would form, but my husband took my meaning. I couldn't tell him that it would be easy or that one day he would walk into danger without a second thought. I couldn't tell him that one day he would become the most noble of men and would risk his life for the noblest of causes. All I could tell him was that there were some things worth fighting for and that he had two of his own: me and the child.

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's a Doctor Isaacs Fic

You can read it HERE

October 2016 Release (Jash's Dragon Army)

Dragon Cave recently released a new dragon breed. I was able to get a male and female of it.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Which Flight Rising Deity Should You Serve? (Quiz)

Flight Rising is a dragon adoptable site where you have to choose from eleven deities to serve. You can serve the noble Lightweaver or the mysterious Shadowbinder. You can bow to the harsh Plaguebringer or the knowledge seeking Arcanist. But which one SHOULD you serve? Which one fits your ideals best?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

New Batch of Dragons (Jash's Dragon Army)

On Dragon Cave I'm getting a little more serious about breeding more dragons so that there will be more options for future giveaways. So if I'm trying to breed one type of dragon I'll have more chances of actually successfully getting the type I'm aiming for.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Crossing the Divide 10

"What is this King Tommen like?" I asked and wondered if I could speak reason to him.

I did not expect him to easily let me go, not with his position and not with the benefits of keeping me imprisoned. I was the dragon trainer of Daenerys Targaryen and the wife of one of her most trusted advisors, not that Jaime knew that. Not yet and hopefully not until it was too late. The reason Jorah had left Westeros was because he had dishonored his House and had been fleeing execution. People wouldn't think highly of him. While they may think my queen trusted him, they probably wouldn't think he was her right hand.

"That little c***?" Bronn said with a laugh. "I don't think you can make a deal with him."

"Why?" I asked, hiding my nervousness.

"There's not much of him to bargain with. He's not really a king, more of a puppet. I'm out here with Jaime fu****g Lannister because Tommen Baratheon wanted him sent away. Right now he's the pawn of Faith of the Seven, right in the pocket of the High Sparrow."

"So I would have to convince the High Sparrow to let me go."

I had heard of the Faith of the Seven and didn't like what I had found out. They were a group of religious fanatics that imposed their will on others instead of allowing free will to reign. Throughout both Westeros and Essos I had learned about fanatics and that they were all the same in the end. They believed in something so fully and would discard any evidence to the contrary. They would scream and yell but in the end it was all done out of fear. It was through the group that they were able to hold themselves up. It didn't mean one was weak if one became a fanatic, but that they needed something to believe in. Tommen was young and susceptible to influences adults wouldn't be, but whether or not he was a fool wouldn't change my situation. He could change in a few years and by that time Daenerys would be seated on the Iron Throne.

"Which isn't something I could do." I said after a moment's pause. "Not to some fanatic."

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Game of Thrones/Resident Evil Fic
-It's a Jaime Lannister Fic

You can read it HERE