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The Future of the Jedi

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi made people both very angry and very happy. Today I'm not going to focus on the reasons for the outrage but on the future of the Jedi. Rey came to Luke Skywalker in the hopes of strengthening her Force powers. However, it turned out that the Jedi Master of legends had become a recluse that had shut himself out of the Force.

By the end of the movie all the ancient Jedi texts and Luke are gone. To say the future of the Jedi is uncertain would be an underestimate. I've decided to give my own opinions on where things will go for the Jedi.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Twilight (Part 1)

I read and give commentary on Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Marriage of Convenience Chapter 3: The Strength of Silence

This is a Game of Thrones fic. All rights belong to the copyright holders.

This chapter has been edited due to content. There were no big scenes cut or edited down this time. I did make minor edits throughout the chapter. If you want to see the unedited version GO HERE.

The Thief and the Ghost Chapter 1: A Gift of Blood

After too much time I found Mont. He was, as always, with the lowest of the humans. As a Ghost he was lower than any human on the continent. Yet his demeanor did not show that he was someone who was not to be communicated with by polite society. Yes, I could talk with him but I was not encouraged to do so. As he held onto his staff, his eyes seemed to look right at me and then his face grew angrier than normal. Mont was not always angry, but his face did a good job at making him seem so. I guessed he knew from the sound my body and clothing made that I was carrying no weapons. It was amazing how enhanced the senses of a rider were.

Though riders did not age except extremely slowly when Ghosts, Mont appeared to be a man in his mid-fifties. His hairline had receded a little and he wore the wrinkles of an old man. As always his facial hair was trimmed to a very appealing degree. His cheekbones seemed to be much sharper than the blade he carried. I thought if I ran my hands lightly against his cheeks that they would be cut off.

I wondered what color his eyes were before he had become a rider. In the present they were whitish as all their color had been drained. Did they used to be blue like the sky? Had they been green like the vast jungles of Horngul? When Mont was born did he have eyes that were as brown as the dirt or golden like the sun?

-This is a Mature Story
-It's an Original Fantasy Series

You can read it HERE

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Game of Thrones Season 7 Review Part 3: Minor Mentions

The latest season of Game of Thrones happened. There were some really good moments and some moments that made me rage. I watch the show late at night so I can't properly yell out in case I wake up anyone. Because there is a lot to talk about I'll be changing my usual reviewing form to break this up into three parts.

The third and final part of this review will go over things that don't need their own post. This isn't because they're unimportant but because of the low word count. In other words I don't have that much to say about them.

In this post I also go over some predictions for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones. The show started out strong and in the seventh season it became extremely weak. Viewers deserve to see a good ending for the series that they've spent so long on. I am hoping that the writers learn from the failure of the seventh season so that a much stronger eighth season can be written.