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The Dark Tower: Coming Soon

Now, I am one to be excitable. A hot actor (Brian Austin Green), going to Starbucks, or even finding a Stephen King book will get me jumping. On the topic of Stephen King: I found an article talking about how The Dark Tower series (by King) will be getting some much needed treatment.

For those unfamiliar with the series: It's about the gunslinger Roland trying to get to the Dark Tower. Along the way he meets people and has adventures.

It's a great series (seven books in all) and I would highly suggest you check it out. Must warn you that some of King's other books are tie-ins. Such as 'Salems Lot, IT, and Black House (by King and Peter Straub, it being a sequel to The Talisman).

Back to me finding out about its big screen (and little screen) debute: I was excited. I love Stephen King and wanted to see The Dark Tower brought to life again. I looked at different articles that talked about the plans for the series, who was playing who, and other things (mainly from the same site).

I remember running into a fanmade trailer for the series and how the video maker said it was never going to be. Guess what? It is going to happen! True, Clint Eastwood won't be Roland, but it's still going to happen!

I will be following the evolution of this series and hoping for the best.

Who would you want to see playing each of the characters? Do you think this will work (having movies as well in a tie-in miniseries)? What do you think about Ron Howard, Akiva Goldsman, and Brian Grazer being in the forefront of this project?

Wii Fit Plus Review (Introduction)

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What makes you smile?

A lot of things make me smile. A good joke, going out for sushi, making another person smile, and a few other things. There is not one thing that I can pinpoint that makes me smile the most.

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Objectifying People

Women. For a long time women have been the innocent creatures that need to be protected. Even in this modern day and age women are still looked at somewhat innocently. If they do anything bad it's because they are coerced to by men who control society.

I do think that women are sometimes looked at as nothing more than objects to be played with and discarded. I know some men that look down on women as weak and should be forced around as cattle. But, at the same time, some women will look down on men as some men look down on women. Is this because they want to be the same as men? No. They don't care about men.

The truth is that some people will always objectify others. Recently a boy made a list ranking girls on a certain criteria. The list contained crude things and was posted on Facebook. As you are getting worked up about that remember that earlier a woman made a list talking about how good certain men were at effing her. Which one do you think is worse?

Personally, I don't mind either. The thing that I find a problem with is that the first one was posted on Facebook and the second one was sent in an e-mail (which was meant to be private, but you know how that goes).

Why don't I find a problem with it? Am I just a horrible person? No, I'm not getting my panties in a bunch for nothing. Those two people were objectifying people like everyone does at least once (if you haven't looked at a hot person, maybe an actor, like you wanted them you are a saint).

But, I guess, the bigger problem is that people don't look at what's underneath. I believe that you have to look underneath to truly love a person but what is outside really hits home quicker. It's a horrible part of our world but something we all have to live with.

Before you start eying women/men be aware of this one fact: Just because people objectify others doesn't mean you should be a jerk about it.

Camera Problems January 2011

I figured it out! It's just it involved me pressing random stuff and so that takes awhile (because I like to be logical at first).

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Make a Story about My HA Contest (Subeta)

This was a contest I had on Subeta. Why on Subeta? Because I can actually give prizes there. This contest was to make a story for my HA (Human Avatar). Below is my HA as well as the contest winner's entry.

It wasn't supposed to happen.

There was a flaw in their design. Don't ask me how. Hell, don't even ask me who They are. If I knew- things might be different.

Or they might be just as they were now.

The last I remembered of life was the screech of metal tearing apart. Twisting and scraping in a horrendous mess. Most of all I remember the burning flesh. The smell would forever mar my senses. Even now I could sense it was still there, in the back of my mind. I could see the skin burning, layers flaying away in molten masses to show the glean of impossible white. Bone.

Who knew it could be so white?

At the most, it was unfair. Cruel even, that my last (and only for that matter) memory of real life was so horrendous that I pretended It wasn't mine to begin with. In reality however, I knew that it had been my flesh melting away. My bone. The metal around me had trapped me inside, burned me alive. Even now I couldn't tell you what the metal was.

It didn't matter. It wouldn't change anything.

I awoke to a room far to child like for my own comfort. Pastel yellows and pinks blended around me. There was no furniture however, no fluffy bunnies or happy ponies. Only pastel yellow walls, trimmed with pink lining. No bed. No door. No window.

Only walls surrounded me. Had I been claustrophobic I may have died. It's only now that I can laugh at that expression. The moment I woke up, my mind hadn't exactly wrapped around the fact that I wasn't breathing. If I had put my hand to my chest, there would have been no hammering where my heart should be.

It wasn't until the robed figure marched through the wall that I began to panic. Upon entering my room, the figure stood in front of me even as the walls began to evaporate. Around me now, was nothingness.

I screamed.

To my credit, most people would have done more. Most people wouldn't stand and listen as a faceless robe explained to them that they were dead, and that now they had a job to do. I did, however. Once the warm greetings were out of the way (Not that there were any), I was sent back to Earth. Not to live, but to start my duty. Before me was a list of names, people that had to be taken care of.

I was given only this list, a spotted feline like creature, and the task of collecting these 99 souls. I would take them to where I had awoken. I would not harm them, not spiritually at least. It took me years, yet I found them all.

To my credit, the 99 souls were collected far faster than the robes expected. One by one they were captured in my private hell of nothing, and even though not one of them looked familiar to me, I knew that they had played some part in what had happened. I believed that.

It was the feline that brought in number 99. He was the evasive one. He seemed to always know when we were upon him, and when we would strike. Earth children called him magical, their adults called him crazy. I didn't care much for calling him anything.

I only wanted him.

Once inside the vast nothing I had been 'born' into, he stumbled. Clearly shaking, and understanding well of what was to become of him, he demanded I let him go. He threatened he would harm me.

Then he fell to his knees and begged me not to harm him.

“Where am I?” he stammered. It was a question I had never allowed the others an answer to. Now, with them all here however, I granted him the pleasure of knowledge. If only this once.

“Your in the in between” I announced, my voice cold and raspy from years of non use. I had already forgotten what I had sounded like in life. “Now it's time you moved forward”

They all became alert. As they should have. Yet nothing they did could have deemed any difference to the robes. The appeared from nowhere, encompassing the room within seconds. Once they were gone, so were my souls.

All 99 of them.

In there place now where lanterns. They floated in exact locations where there had once been a person. Or at least the remembrance of a person. I stared on at this site, suddenly feeling robbed. It was only then, that the feline who had accompanied me in my many conquest, finally spoke:

“It wasn't supposed to happen. You dying. There was a flaw in there design. In ancient China, the symbol of a lantern burning bright through the darkness was meant to welcome lost souls. You've captured all ninety nine.

All those that participated in breaking the original plan of life, thus causing your death."

I smiled. Yes. This was what I had wanted. Revenge.

The triumph however, was short lived. Pain shot through me, causing me to double over in an effort to stay on my feet. Falling in the in between- was much different than standing after all. Acid burned through my veins, causing me to dig my nails into flesh. I shouldn't have felt pain. Pain meant I was alive.

Was I?

It didn't matter. The pain continued, getting worse. The tearing of flesh filled the air. It was then I decided that burning wasn't the worst memory I had.

Once it all subsided, and I stood- I knew all to well what had happened. Without a mirror, I knew without a doubt about the wings that had grown outwards. The feathers were still bloody, streaking down my back and onto the floor.

"We aren't offering you a new life. We're simply giving you the right to consume it”

- To be continued??? -
(Not really)
Also look at her BLOG!

The Host Rant (Part 6) Blooper

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Coffee vs. Tea

I fight a losing battle, it seems. It is an ancient struggle that takes no prisoners and everyone fights it. It is the Coffee vs. Tea War. Today I have found an opponent on the Tea side. He is my old friend and I call him Retsam.

Me: Where are you from and why do you like tea?

Retsam: I'm from London, England. I prefer tea because of the delicious taste, the fact that coffee makes me ill, and tea is healthy for you!

Me: Don’t you feel that you are biased because you are from ‘Tea Country’?

Retsam: Not at all! We're a very multi-drink society! We have coffee outlets such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee here, amongst other brands.

Me: But are they as successful as tea places?

Retsam: They're very, very successful. But people still buy tea from places like ASDA (the British version of Wal-Mart)

Me: Walmart, so good the British had to have a version of their own

Retsam: Yes. Well, Wal-Mart owns ASDA, you see.

Me: If, say, Sarah Palin were to promote coffee, would you switch your position?

Retsam: That depends. If she were to promote frappachinos from Starbucks, I'd be there like a shot!

Me: Let me write that down in my battle planbook.

Retsam: Very well.

Me: So what makes frappachinos different from regular coffee for you?

Retsam: They're iced and tasty. And they don't make me feel ill in the way that regular coffee does.

Me: So you are a staunch Tea Supporter, besides going to the Coffee Side for Frappachinos?

Retsam: Yes. I am very definitely a Tea Supporter!

Me: What made you become a Tea Supporter? Was it the scones?

Retsam: Yes! I was brought up on Tea from a very early age.

Me: So you admit to being brain washed.

Retsam: Yes.

Me: Did Kreia or Palin brainwash you?

Retsam: Both did.

Me: What did they bribe you with?

Retsam: Cookies, chocolate, and powah!

Me: What if I offered you cookies, chocolate, and powah to be a Coffee Supporter?

Retsam: Hmm. Interesting.

Me: I will wrap up this interview now and we can discuss my last offer later. Any last words?

Retsam: I love my Tea! You're officially invited to a Tea Party too!

Thank you again, Retsam, for allowing me to interview you! Though I might not take you up your offer...

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Person POV

I am one of the few, the proud, the people who can write in the first person point of view. I don't know what it is with me, but I'm the opposite of most people. You see, most writers (non-professional) seem to not be able to comprehend writing in the first person POV (Point Of View).

One person says it seems like you're roleplaying. That is actually one of the reasons I like writing in the First Person POV. I get to be in the action. Does this mean I always write my main character as this super powered person. Nope. One story I wrote I managed to have a helpless woman (don't worry, I've written other stories with a strong female character) in her nightgown fight off a vampire-like creature.

It also seems like first person is childish to some people. I don't know why a POV, any, would have to be childish. I can understand not liking it, but I don't write to a child audience. And some famous writers (H.P.Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe, to name a few) wrote in the First Person POV.

I think a downside of First Person POV is the fact that if you don't have a good/interesting main character people will want to murder your main character. If you have a bad/uninteresting main character the reader will probably be cursing your name. I've read some books/stories where the main character is bad (Wanderer from The Host by Stephenie Meyer) and others where the main character is good (Harry Dresden from The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher).

I feel like First Person POV doesn't get enough love. It's as though, when I'm writing, that I'm practicing something that has gone out of style a long time ago. If you don't like the First Person POV really look at it. It has its ups and down.

Why don't I write in Third Person POV? It just gives me too many options. First Person POV allows me to focus.

The Host Rant (Part 5)

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Complaining Online

Oh, boy, is this ever a rich ground to talk about. For awhile this didn't really concern me until a friend on Facebook started to really complain. I understand if someone is having a bad day. Heck, I get depressed at random so I understand feeling down.

The difference comes with not doing anything about your depression. This person says she/he suffers from depression and so can't help it. However, I know people with depression who struggle but survive and are able to cope. This person disregarded any help that was given to him/her. I told my story and someone gave her story.

What did we get for helping this person? Being told that we were mean and bad people. Finally I wrote this person off as an attention seeker.

Like people who troll, lots of people like to complain about everything for attention. What is disgusting about this is that people will pity the attention seeker. It's like they expect the person to really be telling the truth when it's obvious that the person is just seeking attention.

True Grit (2010)

I've been wanting to see this movie for a little while now. I then heard a bunch of good reviews and was finally able to go see it.

Title: True Grit

Medium: Movie

Director: Ethan and Joel Coen

Starring: Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, and Hailee Steinfeld

Released: 2010

Rating: 5/5

Basic Plot: Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) gets Rooster Coggburn (Jeff Bridges) to help her track and murder her father's killer.

Mattie Ross
This girl just steals the show. Her character is supposed to be fourteen years old but she acts more mature than I did at that age. Even adult characters are surprised that such a young girl can show such control. Hailee Steinfeld does an excellent job at portraying this character. She is able to be mature without seeming too mature. Mattie is still able to appear like a real teenager at times.

The transitions are done very good in this movie. The montage portion I liked very much and wished it could've gone on a little longer. Though it going on longer would've slowed the pace down too much.

The Tracking
You are never shown where the murderer is so you are put right in the middle of the tracking. Showing where the murderer is would've ruined the excellent tension the movie had. When the murderer is finally shown the scene is dramatic because you don't expect it.

Grandma Turner
This character is a small one that made me laugh a little. Mattie Ross is staying in a room with Grandma Turner who turns over and takes all the covers. I have been in a situation where I had to share a bed with someone who snored loudly.

Final Thoughts

This movie was as good as expected. I loved the tension in this movie. In any work of fiction I like tension. Tension provides a good sense of the conflict. I don't like works where you can't feel any tension (Chronicles of Narnia series for example, but just the book versions). If you're looking for a beautiful movie with a good plot and execution, you should see this movie.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Harassing on the Internet

I have nothing against stating your beliefs on subjects. However, there are appropriate and inappropriate times to bring those beliefs up. Such as I was on this one board and the original poster (OP) was giving thanks to God and was excited that she was able to help raise money for the floods in Australia.

What would you expect an appropriate response to this to be? How about starting an argument about how God doesn't exist, that you shouldn't be so outgoing about your faith, and harassing anyone who says you're wrong for doing the aforementioned?

Yeah, because the right thing wouldn't be to congratulate the person and keep your beliefs to yourself.

The internet seems to bring out the worst in people so I shouldn't have been too surprised with this board. I like to be polite because I would want others to be polite to me. But some on the internet seem to take delight out of harassing others. Guess they are picked on and take out their rage on the internet.

That's why there are sites like 4Chan and Encyclopedia Dramatica: people get off on being trolls.

"A Good Marriage" (Full Dark, No Stars)

Now I have never been married, so I'm not an expert in that area. However, I dearly hope something like what happened in this story never actually happens to me.

Title: A Good Marriage

Book: Full Dark, No Stars

Author: Stephen King

Released: 2010

Rating: 5/5

Basic Plot: Darcy finds out that her husband is a serial killer.

The Decision
Now, a lot of us are faced with hard choices in our time. But finding out that your husband is a serial killer isn't one of them. Darcy is a kind hearted woman that has to figure out how to deal with her husband being a serial killer. At first she wants to turn him in but then decides the publicity would be too big and hard to deal with. It seems, then, that she won't turn him in. At that part I was angry because I wanted to see justice delivered to her husband. Later, she kills him and makes it look like an accident. This works in that he can't kill anyone else (him being dead) and doesn't give her (or her children) any publicity. That decision works out great for her family and for future victims. The investigator at the end points out that the victims knowing BD was dead wouldn't really help matters. I agree somewhat.

Bob Anderson/BD
For a little bit it appears like Bob has a split personality and names it BD. However, as I read the story, it appeared as though Bob was lying about BD so that he could get away with an insanity plea if captured. The fact is that Bob is very precise and seemed to lie about not remembering when he raped and murdered the women. Bob also lied about one of the waitresses coming onto him and not "giving" him anything, he was the one to come onto her and she didn't like it. The fact that he lies a lot makes me believe that he was lying about BD being another personality of his.


I think it was very interesting what the story did with reflections. Darcy talks about there being two worlds: the "real" world and the world in the mirror. When she finds out that Bob is BD she says she's now the Dark Darcy (aka the Darcy from the other world). And, at the end, she feels normal again.

Final Thoughts

I loved this story and how Darcy acted. Plus, she thought things out. She was planning on killing him for awhile but never had a chance to. Darcy wanted the relationship to work and dealt with less sex, less sexual touches, and the time he spent away. I respect Darcy and what she did. I don't know how I would have reacted in such a situation.

Cancer 3 (Finale)

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"Fair Extension" (Full Dark, No Stars)

Faustian Contracts are always a joy to read about. And, at the end, the person regrets it but it's too late. When I started reading "Fair Extension" I expected the same. But the changes Stephen King made to the story made it more than a little disturbing.

Title: Fair Extension

Book: Full Dark, No Stars

Author: Stephen King

Released: 2010

Rating: 5/5

Basic Plot: Dave Streeter has cancer and makes a deal with Elvid to have him live longer. But everything has a price.

Best Friends. Not!
Dave and Tom have been best friends for years. But Dave is secretly jealous of Tom. Why? Tom took his girl (and is now married to her) and has a much better life than Dave. Dave has cancer and Tom doesn't. There are more things but the basics are that Dave is jealous. To make his life longer, Dave has to have bad things happen to a person that is close to him. I figured that once bad things started happening to Tom (and his family) that Dave would regret and try to stop it. Nope, Dave lets things continue and is happy about it. Even at the end of the story, Dave wishes for more. And these aren't little things that happen to Tom. It's just really eerie how Dave reacts to things.

It took me a few minutes to get that. It's just rearranging the word Devil, therefore implying Elvid is the Devil. Some of the comments that Elvid makes furthers that assumption. Does the story make clear if Elvid is the Devil? No. It's left up to the reader to decide.

25 Years
The deal that Dave makes with Elvid is that his life is 25 years longer. In The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus (by Christopher Marlowe) Faustus is given 24 years of unlimited power. In "Fair Extension" Dave gets one more year than that. It might just be coincidence, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Final Thoughts
I liked this story and the confusion it gave me. I was just shocked that Dave didn't ever waver in his decision. That he didn't care about a fellow human being. However, I didn't give it a 6/5 because it didn't pull major heartstrings. It got a 5/5 because it has a nice twist and the story is engaging.

Jingle Bombs Cover

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The Original Song

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Just Joking

I don't mind some gay jokes while, at the same time, I am for gay rights. I find that I don't mind when people joke about most subject matters as I know they are in jest. Why should I be offended at a simple joke? There is no reason to be.

However, some people do have bad intentions when they "joke". They will say something mean spirited and, when you point out how mean they just sounded, they will use the excuse that they are just joking. And then point out that you're sort of dense for getting offended.

Some "jokes" can be used to further a point. Stephen Colbert (in The Colbert Report) uses this tool of satire to further his point. It's a type of "humor" where you have to delve under the surface to figure out what's really being said.

There are some people that I joke around with because I know what I say, and what they say, is just good fun. But joking around can sometimes be more serious under the surface. This is why I'm weary of who tells gay jokes or makes remarks about women. If you're a friend of mine, most likely I won't get offended at your jokes.

"Big Driver" (Full Dark, No Stars)

After reading the compelling "1922" (also from Full Dark, No Stars) can anything really equal such a great story? I went into the next story expecting the usual goodness but didn't know whether or not I would have another 6/5 on my hands.

Title: Big Driver

Book: Full Dark, No Stars

Author: Stephen King

Released: 2010

Rating: 5/5

Basic Plot: Tess gets raped and then goes after her rapist seeking revenge.

Stephen King Cliche
Tess is an author. Not only that, she is a mystery writer. King seems to use writers as main characters a lot and he does again in this story. Tess being a writer provides the reason for being raped (as you find out at the end of the story).

Revenge Story
This story is very much a look at the viewpoint of a rape victim. The victim is a woman (Tess). What I liked about her going after her rapist (which turned out to include his mother and brother) was that it wasn't a quick decision. When she was raped she just wanted to lie low afterwards and not tell anyone. It took a little bit for her to actually go after her rapist. And when she went after her rapist it was somewhat realistic.

The Rapist's Name
Though the title is "Big Driver", the one who raped her is "Little Driver". Though that, in itself, isn't correct as it's the name Tess assumes the rapist has.

Tess' Voices
Tess has voices that she makes up for things in her life. She has a voice for her Tomtom (Tom) and her cat (Fritzy) among others. This helps lend a creepy tone to the story. We have the main character going insane with the voices. At the beginning of the story it is somewhat normal (what? I talk to my birds all the time) but by the midway point of the story it becomes VERY creepy.

Would It Make a Good Movie?
While "1922" didn't seem to make that good of a movie, "Big Driver" seems more fitting for a movie. The story could be told relatively well with visuals. Since the story is short, it would need to be expanded upon for a movie. Things would probably be ruined in the process.

Final Thoughts
I loved this story. I was sad when I had to stop reading it to go to bed. Tess starts off as just an author making a quick buck and turns into a kickass person searching for revenge. And she doesn't just burst in, she plans ahead. This story is very much a look into rapists, rape victims, and rape. Those who don't want those subjects looked at should stay far away from this story.

What's the best thing that happened to you in 2010?

Getting started in blogging (serious blogging). Thanks to all the people that stood by me (especially in my early days) !

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Stephenie Meyer Hate

I don't hate Stephenie Meyer and I try to focus my rage on her writing. Her writing is slightly below average. She's the type of writer that should have a few fans and then be quickly forgotten by the majority of the world. She doesn't deserve her fanbase. Twilight (books 1-4) and The Host are just a waste of talent.

But I don't hate her. She has said some stupid things but I just laugh them away.

If Stephenie Meyer would write something that was, at least, average I would tell the world and admit that she could write. But, as she stands right now, she isn't good.

What worries me more than Stephenie Meyer? Her fans. aka The people that think that they want a guy like Edward Cullen (a stalker and abuser) and think Bella Swan is a compelling character (who doesn't react like a normal person would). I am glad that it gets some children reading and hopefully they'll branch off onto better books.

I will continue to read her to see if she improves. I'm not holding my breath but would love to be surprised.

The Walking Dead (Season 1)

I wanted to do a video review of the first season of this show. However, things are already taking up space so I decided to do a written review instead. I decided to check out this show when I saw all the positive reviews of the Pilot Episode. I am not a zombie fanatic so that didn't play any part of whether or not I liked this show.

Show: The Walking Dead

Season: 1

Episodes: 6

Developed By: Frank Darabont

Released: 2010

Rating: 5/5

Basic Plot: Rick wakes up from a coma and finds himself in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse. He ends up leading a group of survivors (including his wife and son) through horrors made from both zombies and humans.

The Short Season
Six episodes? Really, six? Pretty Little Liars (another show) I watched had ten episodes and that was only midseason and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles had around ten episodes its first season (and the show wasn't doing that good, though I would suggest checking it out). I felt, personally, that this was too short of a season for a show.

The Zombies
These zombies do not look pretty at all. Kudos to the person that worked on the makeup. That person did a VERY good job. Do these zombies have super speed? No. They move a little slower than a human, smell horrible, and can be attracted by loud noises. Throughout this season using a gun is seen as a last resort because no one wants zombies on their doorsteps.

The Comic
I haven't read the comic so I can't compare the two. I do want to check out the comics but, as of this review, I haven't read any of them yet.

What Caused the Zombie Apocalypse?
This is left as a mystery for the first season. At one point Rick and gang go to see a scientist. While the episode begins hopeful it turns out that the scientist doesn't know what caused it. However, it is shown that (once bitten) a person ends up dying and their brain only turns on the parts that are essential to living (aka no higher processes).

Rick, Shane, and Lori
When the Zombie Apocalypse begins (and Rick is in a coma), Shane takes Lori and her son to safety. Afterwards, Shane and Lori form a relationship that is sexual. When Rick comes back Lori doesn't even have doubts about loving Rick, she is angry that Shane said that Rick was dead. The most disturbing scene that comes out of this (so far) is when Shane tries to rape Lori. I am very interested to seeing how this will continue to season two as Shane did think about killing Rick at one point (even going so far as to aim a gun at his head).

Seeing a Zombie That Was a Loved One
This is an issue that is dealt with multiple times in this season. A husband sees his zombie wife and a sister has to deal with her own sister becoming a zombie. Kudos to this show for dealing with it in a realistic way. While I was screaming at the husband and sister to both kill their respective zombies, I could understand the hardships they were dealing with. And when one of the zombies was killed, the person didn't seem happy but was still sad (even suicidal).

Favorite Character
Merle Dixon was, in my opinion, the best character of the Season. Was he a nice, caring, and compassionate character? No. But he was fun to watch move around. I have heard that he wasn't in the comic, though. His brother, Daryl Dixon, comes in at a close second.

Final Thoughts
I am very excited for a Season 2 of this show. This is one of the few shows I watch and I think it is a good one. I'm not a big zombie fan but, from this show, I can see how someone can like those creatures. However, I feel that there is more focus on the human element in this show.

Wait a sec...I KNOW YOU! This is Deyanira, btw.

And this is Rallok (Subeta) and Erin (Real life)

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

If you could go on a road trip with any person, dead or alive, who would it be and where would you go?

Dante Alighieri and we would visit Florence and Ravenna, Italy. Also, we'd need a translator.

Ask me anything

If you could look like anybody, who would it be?

I like looking like myself.

Ask me anything

How many languages do you speak?

I only speak 1 language while I do know some words and phrases from other languages.

Ask me anything

If you won a $1,000 shopping spree for any store, which store would you pick?

Either FYE, GameStop, or Barnes N Nobles.

Ask me anything

If you were offered the job of U.S. president would you take the job?

It would be impressive on my resume. But, as running the USA...I wouldn't be that good as I only have a bare minimum understanding of politics.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

"1922" (Full Dark, No Stars)

I decided to review each of the stories in Stephen King's most recent story collection (Full Dark, No Stars) individually. Thank you very much to the person who gave me the book as a Christmas present!

Name of Story: 1922

Title of Book: Full Dark, No Stars

Author: Stephen King

Released: 2010

Rating: 6/5

Basic Plot: Wilf decides that in order to keep his farmland, plus his wife's farmland, he'll have to murder her (because she wants to move). After killing her, with the help of his son, chaos and madness ensue.

How It Is Told
The form the story is told in is a confession letter. Wilf is in a hotel room and is writing the letter to finally tell the truth of what happened. He also plans to commit suicide after completing the letter. This gives an excuse to talk directly to the audience. The only problem with that is when he dies it's a little awkward.

Feel of the Story
It is depressing. It is more than depressing, it is just downright cruel with what it does. The murder of the wife is just the beginning. If you get scared sh**less and can't sleep well after reading that part, don't bother to read the rest. I cringe at this story but, at the same time, if it wasn't as engaging I wouldn't feel that way. If a story can affect me deeply, like this one did, it did something right.

Knowing What is Real
By the end of the story Wilf has gone crazy and so imagines things. I would like to say straight up that he is insane and is imagining everything that is happening to him, but I can't. At the end the news article states that he bit himself to death and it makes references to rats (which he had been "imagining" he was seeing). What makes me think that he might not have been totally crazy is the fact that Stephen King writes about the supernatural a lot of the time.

Will This Be a Good Movie?
While this story was very compelling I can't see it being a good movie. True, some of the scenes were very fun to read (the type of fun where "gross" and "creepy" are understatements), but most of what is happening is good because it is in Wilf's head. There are voice overs, but what's really the point of seeing a movie that's read to you?

Final Thoughts
This is a great story to read. The whole story left me with the feeling that the end of Cujo (also by Stephen King) also left me with. It is an enjoyable read but is not good for those that want a happy story. This being Stephen King, there are sexual themes as well as graphic violence. All my younger readers out there: Ask your parents before you read this story.

I haven't yet finished the whole book yet so I don't know if it is worth buying the book (Full Dark, No Stars) just for this story.

Disney's Tangled

I prefer the dark and depressing stories. The more I cringe the better I like them. However, I went in to see Tangled having good feelings about it. I had heard a couple of good reviews and the previews were engaging.

Title: Tangled

Directors: Nathan Greno and Byron Howard

Starring: Mandy Moore (Rapunzel) and Zachary Levi (Flynn Rider)

Released: 2010

Rating: 4.5/5

Basic Plot: Rapunzel, tired of being locked up in her tower, convinces Flynn Rider to take her to see the annual floating lanterns.

Some Differences from the "Original" Rapunzel Tale
Rapunzel's hair is magical and can heal people as well as make them younger. This is because her mother was fed a magical flower while she was pregnant. If anyone cuts off Rapunzel's hair it loses its magical powers.

Rapunzel is a princess and the annual floating lanterns is celebrated on her birthday.

As is usual for a Disney movie, Rapunzel gets an animal companion. In this movie it's a chameleon.

As is usual for a Disney movie, Rapunzel dreams of escaping her home and exploring. This is justified, however, by the fact that she has lived the majority of her life in a small tower. Mother Gothel keeps her trapped there because Mother wants Rapunzel's powers all for herself. The relationship between the two is creepy as the audience realizes what's really going on while Rapunzel doesn't. It is a great joy to see Rapunzel finally with her real parents at the end as you really get to feel for this character.

Flynn Rider
He is a thief that came from an orphanage. In the orphanage he dreamed of someday having everything he wanted. While he is running away from guards he ends up going into Rapunzel's tower. At first he doesn't like Rapunzel (though he does think she's smokin' hot) and eventually falls in love with her. Near the end of the movie he shows he'd rather die than allow Mother to be able to use Rapunzel's powers.

Death of Mother Gothel
Saying Mother Gothel dies isn't really a spoiler as it's stated within the first ten minutes of the movie at most. I was glad when she died since she's a really mean character (though enjoyable to watch). I would've preferred to see Mother splatter on the ground but, since this movie IS rated PG she evaporates into dust before her cloak hits the ground. This does make sense because Mother has been using Rapunzel's/the Flower's power for hundreds of year. I just like really gruesome deaths but the death they showed still works.

This is a movie where people break into song at random. The songs, I felt, were pretty nice and upbeat. The "Mother Knows Best" songs were really creepy and eerie. All in all, I prefer movies where people don't randomly break into song.

Final Thoughts
This is a very fun family film. While there are really dark aspects (Rapunzel and Mother Gothel's Relationship being one of them) it's a light hearted film. This film does use a bunch of cliche's but they never hamper down the story very much.

Cancer 2

If that version does not work try this version:

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (novelization)

Having played Star Wars: The Force Unleashed I was excited that there was a second one coming. The first game's storyline had a very subtle romance and lots of action. Especially the action! You had to go against machines, rancors, and some pretty decent bosses. I knew there was a novelization but, long story short, I had to return it to the library before I was finished. I knew there would be a novelization of the second game and eagerly picked it up at a library.

Title: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Based On a Story by Haden Blackman

Author: Sean Williams

Released: 2010

Rating: 3.5/5

Basic Plot: Starkiller (a clone?) escapes from the cloning facility at Kamino and goes on a search for Juno Eclipse.

Genre: Romance
This book is a complete romance. I don't mind a little romance in my books/movies/ect. but the romance in this book becomes out of control. I think what made this romance so unbearable is that I wasn't playing a game so I didn't have the joy of actually fighting the enemies in this book. Don't like romance? Don't get this book. Oh, so you're a Star Wars fan? You're sort of doomed to read this book and play the game.


Throughout the book it is not made clear if this Starkiller is a clone or not. My personal opinion? I think he is. But, by the end, it doesn't really matter one way or the other if he is or is not the "real" Starkiller. His main drive in this book is to find Juno Eclipse (romantic interest in the first game) and is really the only reason for he does anything. Romantic junkies will love that part. Not saying I couldn't see this coming when I heard about a second The Force Unleashed game.

Juno Eclipse
The love interest of Starkiller and is now a member of the Rebel Alliance. Luckily she doesn't know that Starkiller is alive so we don't have her main drive being to search for Starkiller. Unfortunately she is still not over his death a year later so she still thinks about him.

Useless Subplots

PROXY Messing Up
PROXY (Starkiller's robot from the first game) has his holoprojectors keep messing up. What does this mean? Basically he takes on the forms of different people. There is a small subplot where the reader/player is made to wonder why this is happening. At the end of the book it's revealed that he is "becoming" people that stand for something greater than themselves. Really? The book wasted all of my time for that?

Love Triangle
What would a good romance be without someone getting in the way? Let's just call him Pointless Distraction (PD). Anyways, PD is only there for a few scenes before going away. They didn't even use PD to his full potential in a romance. Which is probably a good thing.

Final Thoughts
This is a great book if you're looking for a romance. However, it does not measure up to the plot given by the first game. The romance in the first game was cliche but it was not all in your face. This plot just wails away at you with romance. Does it make me want to buy the game? Some of the action sequences seem fun to actually play. I can only rate this as a book, though, so the fun of playing it does not go into account.

Spoilers in Reviews

When I do reviews I do tend to put spoilers in them. Why? Don't I want to allow my readers/viewers to experience what I'm reviewing on their own? Don't I want to not spoil the good stuff?

Personally, when I want to be surprised by a movie/book/comic/ect. I'll tend to stay away from all reviews. Why? Because I don't want the thing I'm reading/watching to be spoiled for me. Some people are good enough to state that there will be spoilers and some places warn you if the review has a spoiler.

Another reason I put spoilers in my reviews is the fact that I want the ability to speak about everything in what I'm reviewing. I remember one of the few semi-reviews I have warned about spoilers is Sam Worthington 3 (COD: Black Ops) and I only did that because the twist was the whole reason to play the game (though I watched a Let's Play and didn't actually play the game).

I believe there should be spoilers that shouldn't be considered spoilers because they've been around so long. Such as the ending to Psycho. The twist is really good but people shouldn't be afraid to state such a well known spoiler. Though I was mad when someone spoiled the ending to War of the Worlds by H.G.Wells (check the book out).

Spoiler to Psycho:
Norman Bates has a split personality, believes he is his mother, and he is the killer.

Spoiler to War of the Worlds by H.G.Wells:
Bacteria kills the aliens. What the heck?

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Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series

Now I felt that this was a movie/series that needed to be looked at but I don't have time, as of now, to do a video review of it (already lined up is Dreamcatcher review (three parts), two parts of The Host rant, a video of me singing, AND a Top 5 Things I Dislike About College video). At the same time the brief reviews I usually have on my fanpage don't provide enough space.

Title: Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series

Released: 2009

My Rating: 4/5

Basic Premise:
Blair Williams is sent to find and destroy a "ghost" (a machine that causes disruption in communication). When she finds out the "ghost" is a human, things start to get a little more complicated.

As can be told by the title, this direct to DVD Terminator movie (though IMDB says it was a tv series) uses computer graphics. I didn't mind that at all. For those of you who don't like computer graphics, you probably won't like this movie. My only real complaint is that the lip-syncing (aka how the lips/mouth looks when a character speaks) was just downright annoying. I had to look away from their mouths it got so bad. Everything else, though, was pretty enjoyable.


John Connor
Pros: He's shown to be a person that others trust and very knowledgeable.
Cons: He doesn't appear (not even his voice). So for those of you that were disappointed about how little he was in Terminator Salvation, you probably won't like this movie. Myself? I didn't mind how little he appeared in Terminator Salvation and I don't mind how little he appeared in this movie.

Blair Williams
Pros: Moon Bloodgood again reprises her role (though it is only her voice). Her character is expanded upon and goes through some changes because of her encounter with Laz Howard. You get to see some cleavage.
Cons: They're only computer graphics (though that probably doesn't matter to most of the men out there). If you didn't like Blair Williams in Terminator Salvation you probably don't want to watch a movie where she's the main character.

Laz Howard
Pros: He's a complex character. On one hand he doesn't like Skynet because they are waging a war on humanity and yet he doesn't like the Resistance because he feels they are too much like the machines. With his encounter with Blair Williams he changes.
Cons: This is a new character and if you want a Terminator movie with the classic Terminator characters, this is not the movie for you.

Character Note:
Blair Williams and Laz Howard do not become a couple. Just good friends. The encounter is not sexual.

In Closing:
This is a good movie if you like the Terminator series and adore action flicks. This is not a movie that will make you become a Terminator fan. If you don't like the premise of the Terminator series you will hate this movie. However, if you like action flicks then you will probably enjoy this movie. There is hardly a dull moment and the majority of the movie is made up of cliches and action sequences. Yes, there is character development but only the bare minimum. Plus the plot is very paper thin. Another good thing about this movie is it again expands on the different viewpoints that humans living during the war with Skynet have.

This movie does not even have Arnold in it. Arnold is not the be all and end all of the Terminator franchise. His character is kickass but just because a Terminator movie does not have him in it does not mean the movie sucks.

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Moved Over

Welcome everyone from my LiveJournal (LJ) account (acrazyraven). Just to be alerting you that I will now post new blog posts/videos here. Older blog posts will not be moved over here due to the fact that there is a ton. Besides, some of the older blog posts are here (I just didn't post here regularly).

If you're a friend from my LJ account I will continue to check in with that account every now and again.

Happy New Year everyone!