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Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions and Wants

Well there is a nice long wait until Season 7, the second to last season of Game of Thrones. I was just really getting into the series so, of course, it has to come to a close. Besides mourning the fact that this show won't last much longer I've been thinking of what Season 7 holds for us loyal viewers.

I can't talk about every fan theory/prediction out there nor can I cover everything in one post. There is a huge cast of characters so talking about every plot line isn't plausible in a post I don't want to take two years to write. Maybe if I find time there might be a sequel to this post and I'll talk about things not covered here. So if you don't see a certain theory, comment away and tell me.

Finally, some of these 'predictions' are better classified as wants in that I don't think they'll happen but I really want them to.
Who Daenerys Will Marry

In the Season 6 Finale of Game of Thrones, Daenerys mentioned the possibility of marriage being the reason why she broke romantic ties with Daario. Though, long story short, he was really a bit of side action anyways and no real contender for her heart. Daenerys even mentioned not feeling anything during the breakup.

So Daenerys will be using her marriage as a means for political gain. Something not unusual for the queen as she did briefly marry someone in Season 5 to help keep the peace.

While who she will marry is a popular question I don't see a marriage happening until Season 8. I think Season 7 will focus more on Daenerys winning the Iron Throne than any political marriage.
I think that it is safe to assume that Jon Snow and Daenerys will run into each other next season. I don't know how but after winning the Iron Throne I'd assume she would then start looking North. Or maybe there are other ways they could run into each other. As I don't have a clear idea of how that would happen, feel free to leave your own theories about their meeting in the comment section.

Jon Snow has the loyalty of the North and Daenerys may decide that their marriage would help keep the peace. That her marriage to Jon would ensure that the North would be loyal to her. Whether she would feel romantically interested in him or not wouldn't be a factor of her deciding to marry him.
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Now some of you may be saying this couldn't happen due to Jon Snow being Daenerys' nephew. Some of you might be saying this could never happen due to the whole incest thing.

But remember that incest has been done on the show before with Jamie and Cersei Lannister who are twins. Also remember that House Targaryen is infamous for incest. So Daenerys and Jon marrying would be keeping with their Targaryen heritage.
Jon Snow Won't Learn about His Heritage in Season 7

Since it has recently been confirmed that Jon Snow is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen I am eager for Jon to learn the truth. But it doesn't seem all that likely that Jon will learn his true heritage in Season 7 but will be a big reveal for him in Season 8.

So far Bran is the only one that knows the truth about Jon's parents and can get over the wall. It is possible Bran will cross the wall during Season 7 but it's such a great idea for a cliffhanger that I don't see Bran meeting with Jon until Season 8.

Remember that when Bran gets past the wall that the White Walkers will be able to follow. As Season 7 is probably going to focus more on Daenerys taking back the throne it wouldn't be a good move to introduce such a big threat during Season 7.
Just because Jon may have to wait to learn about his heritage doesn't mean we will. I'm sure that the love story between Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen will be explored more in Season 7. There have been bits and pieces of the history of Jon's parents and I don't see that stopping.

In Season 6 we saw a young Lyanna Stark and then saw her death via childbirth. In previous seasons we have heard differing opinions on what had happened between Lyanna and Rhaegar. Even if Jon's parents are only mentioned in passing, I'm sure next season that we will still see their story expanded.
Jorah and his Greyscale

This is the sub-plot that has intrigued me the most. I know it isn't as epic as the Battle of the Bastards, Cersei having to figure out how to win her trial, the whole White Walker thing, and a lot of more powerful storylines.

It might be because I have utterly fallen for the character of Jorah Mormont as both a person in his own right and his connection to Daenerys. In a show like Game of Thrones caring deeply for all the characters just isn't safe as people die. Lots of people die. Everyone dies. So caring for a character deeply isn't safe due to the emotional hazards of the show.

Jorah's storyline with greyscale is simple: he is either going to be cured or he isn't.

There aren't really any other options for him.
Remember in Season 5 when Jorah lied to Tyrion about not being touched by the stone men?

He didn't tell Tyrion so that he could get back to Daenerys, the love of his life, and try to get back in her good graces. For him not being with her is beyond painful and he would do anything to get back to her including bringing her a Lannister and risking his life to save hers.

If Jorah isn't cured it stands to reason that he will still try and rejoin her. If in Season 7 he just appears and says his grey scale is cured don't expect it to be. Only trust that he is cured if they show it as his words won't mean shit on the matter. He'll probably reason that the last days of his life should be in the service of the woman he loves.
If this whole 'Jorah lies about being cured of grey scale' continues long enough then he might fall prey to the madness that the disease brings. Even though he said he would kill himself if it progressed too far, how easily can he fall into madness without realizing it?

If Daenerys doesn't go 'hey, let's do the do' there's not going to be a quick way for her to find out upon meeting him. And if he continues to lie to her about being cured so that he can still serve her, she may have to make the dreaded decision about killing him.

As a non-book reader I've heard differing theories about Azor Ahai (sometimes said to be the same prophecy as The One Who Was Promised/The Prince Who Was Promised) and in the show's lore Azor Ahai killed his wife, Nissa Nissa, to make Lightbringer.

If Daenerys is the one who was promised, killing Jorah would bring about Lightbringer. She loves him and it would make some demented sense for that to happen.
Let's have a little happy bit of predicting after all that down stuff. How about talking about what happens if Jorah is cured?

If Jorah is cured I see him finally getting with Daenerys after all this time. There are about a million friendzone jokes concerning his side of the relationship, but I do think it could finally happen. Let's compare how Daenerys left Jorah and Daario in Season 6.

With Jorah she was tearing up and having to control herself. When he started to go she acted outraged that he would dare leave without her dismissal of him. She commanded him to find a cure though she didn't seem to believe it. She also admitted she couldn't think of sitting on the Iron Throne without him by her side.

With Daario she admitted to Tyrion that she was bored of the process of getting rid of him and wanted the whole thing to be over quickly. She did leave him in charge of Meereen, but she didn't exactly remark that she felt regret leaving the man.

So if Jorah is cured he will be Daenerys' king. There may be suitors better suited for a political marriage, but I don't think she'll be able to ignore her heart on this matter.

Bran Will Destroy the Wall

It is a sort of joke of how often, and badly, Bran messes things up. I don't hate the character but I have to admit about how badly he does the wrong thing. Now he has become more powerful and so he can mess up things even worse. A popular fan theory is that he made the Mad King insane.

I am more than eager to have that theory canonically confirmed or denied.

In Season 6 he was touched by the Night's King, leader of the White Walkers basically, which led to the events surroundings Hodor's, his Direwolf's, the Three-Eyed Raven's, and the Children of the Forest's deaths. As I said, when he messes up he does so really horribly.

With the mark of the Night's King on him, going back over the wall will allow the White Walkers to follow. This is because Bran's crossing will get rid of the wards denying the White Walkers access to Westeros and the rest of the known world.

Why would Bran cross?

Well...he probably wants to get back home and he's been away for awhile now.

So when Bran crosses expect some or all of the wall to come crashing down.
When the wall comes down it probably won't be the entire thing. I believe I heard someone say that where the Wall is filmed, the place uses it to advertise. So that's the reason I don't think the whole Wall will come crashing down.
If Bran does cross and lets the White Walkers through, I see that happening as an epic Season 7 Finale. I believe Season 6 of Game of Thrones will focus on Daenerys taking the Iron Throne. With a shortened Season, even if the episodes will be longer, I don't see two huge plots being dealt with. I couldn't see the show dealing with both the War for the Dawn and Daenerys seeking to reclaim the Iron Throne even with the usual amounts of episodes.

They're just such big plots that they need time to be shown and dealt with. Each with their own sets of obstacles for the heroes to overcome.

As a Season 7 Finale, the wall coming down would lead perfectly into Season 8 and the War for the Dawn.
Cersei Will Die

There is a prophecy that Cersei was told as a child. She was told that her children would die and that her younger brother would kill her. Her final child died in the Season 7 Finale so now all that is left is for her to die.

While with Daenerys we could discuss the happiness of who she'd marry, with Cersei we get to discuss who will kill her.

Now with the words "younger brother" you might think that it is obviously Tyrion. However, the language that was used to tell it makes "younger brother" more ambiguous than you would think. I will talk about my top three picks.
Let's cover the obvious person to murder Cersei first: Tyrion Lannister.

He is Cersei's younger brother and so fulfills the prophecy rather directly. Him and her never got along so their rivalry would make it fitting that he kills her. Currently Tyrion is Daenerys' Hand and has the possibility of surviving the trip to King's Landing. I say possibly because this show likes to kill characters off and I don't like to say that a certain character has no chance of dying merely to be safe.

I wouldn't want him to kill Cersei because it's much too obvious. It just feels like a prophecy should have twists and turns to solve it. So a person that knows the prophecy would still not be fully aware of how to escape the danger and may even help the prophecy come to be.
Remember what I said about the language that was used made who would kill Cersei ambiguous? Cersei was told that "the valonqar" would kill her. The word is High Valyrian which is infamous for it being gender neutral. Because of that some theorize that Arya Stark will kill Cersei. And if you want to say Arya isn't Cersei's sibling: the prophecy never said it had to be Cersei's sibling.

Arya has become a much more adept and fierce fighter than at the start of the series. With her having gained the abilities of the faceless men, she is a deadly assassin to be feared. By the end of Season 6 she is in Westeros looking to kill off the people on her list. One of them being Cersei.

This would be an extremely clever twist as it seems to come out of nowhere and yet it is logical. Arya killing Cersei is my second choice.
The one I want most to kill Cersei is Jamie Lannister. He is the younger twin of Cersei. So he would fulfill the little brother part of the prophecy.

Throughout the series Jamie has evolved as a character while still retaining his love for his twin sister. With Cersei using wildfire he has more than enough justification to murder his sister and queen. Jamie killed the Mad King because he was going to do what Cersei accomplished: using wildfire as a weapon inside King's Landing.

If Jamie does kill her I don't see him doing so out of anger but out of necessity. I don't think he'll ever be able to fully erase his feelings for Cersei but he will manage to do what is needed. So him killing Cersei will make their romance a tragic love story.
Daenerys Could Turn Evil

Ah, yes, the 'good guy turns evil' rut that I seem to be stuck in. I think it's turning people's expectations on their heads that makes me like this idea in Game of Thrones and other works of fiction. Some article stated that this couldn't happen because she took Tyrion's advice one episode but that was only one episode and there's evidence that points to a more sinister direction.

While Daenerys has a set of morals, she's one of the good guys after all, her need to get the Iron Throne could make her become more vicious and willing to bend rules to get what she wants. The thing with war is that it changes even the best of people. It takes a good person and twists them into something else. Some people can walk out of a war still with their morals, even if they had to bend some rules, but it would be more than easy for a person like Daenerys to fall to the madness of her father.
If Daenerys does turn evil this spells the start of a rivalry between her and Jon Snow. In her deepening madness she could see Jon as an enemy rather than someone that could strengthen her hold on the North. She might not see Jon as an ally but as someone who wishes to rule as she does. It is sometimes hard for people to comprehend that not everyone has their same worldview.

Jon, in turn, would seek to defeat Daenerys so that the people he serves are protected. He is a King of the people and he has been sourly tested so that he can hold his own moral ground.

I'm sorry for the Daenerys/Jon shippers if this comes to pass as I don't see that ship sailing if Daenerys goes mad.
With Daenerys and Jon at war there would be greater tension during the War for the Dawn. It won't merely be a battle between humans and White Walkers. It will be a battle between humans, White Walkers, and two formidable leaders.

Not only will Jon have to focus on taking down the White Walker threat but will also deal with someone who could ruin the land of Westeros even if the White Walkers are defeated. Imagine Jon's fear of saving the world only for it to be destroyed by other means.
Daenerys being evil doesn't mean the Iron Throne is suddenly out of her reach. A running theme on Game of Thrones seems to be that life is a cycle and history repeats itself. As an added stab in the chest if she does become evil, she becomes more like her father than she ever wanted to be.

One of the reasons that Tyrion's speech to her worked was that he reminded her about the Mad King. But if she goes too deep into madness she will not see her actions as unreasonable.
I am well aware that I didn't cover every prediction on this post so if you have a prediction you want me to weigh in on, please comment below. Also comment below to suggest future posts for this blog.




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