Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sherlock Season 4 Teaser Trailer Review

Guess what show is finally getting another season?

Yep, Sherlock will be coming out with a new season in 2017. The long wait to see what happens next will finally be over. On my Facebook page (found HERE) I asked which comic-con trailers my fans wanted me to review. There were so many I wanted to focus on the ones that people were most interested in hearing my opinions on.

The only request I got was for Sherlock Season 4, but if you have another one please comment down below.
The Sherlock Special, aka "The Abominable Bride", was a unique episode in the BBC series. It seemed to be an alternate telling of the show with it becoming a period piece. Then it was revealed to be Sherlock Holmes trying to figure out what was going on with Moriarty at the end of Season 3.

Sherlock seemed to decide that Moriarty wasn't back but that others had taken his face for their own purposes. It was a good standalone episode that added a plot point to the main series.

The whole trailer for Sherlock Season 4 seems to be dosed in this creepy atmosphere starting with Moriarty going 'did you miss me'. The music, lighting, and lines all seem to add to this overall uneasy atmosphere. Though near the end of the trailer there is a joke that didn't really make me laugh as it was a huge turn from the rest of the trailer.

If you have seen "The Abominable Bride" the fact that Moriarty is dead and others are taking his place isn't surprising. Colverton Smith (played by Toby Jones) is probably going to be Sherlock's archnemesis this season. Colverton might even be the one replacing Moriarty and now pulls the strings.

A theme of this trailer seems to be that Sherlock Holmes greatly underestimates the threat of this season. People remind him that this 'isn't a game' and that his demons are finally catching up to him. So Season 4 will probably see Sherlock tested to the brink of insanity most.

As this is just a teaser trailer there isn't much else I can say at the moment except that I am excited!

What do you see happening in Season 4?

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