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The Terminators (Part 2)

In this part of my The Terminators (2009) review I look at the robots and how this movie ripped off 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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Sushi, Sake, and Tanuki: Enslaved 4

The sunset's lovely colors poured over the forest as I headed back. The afternoon spent with Sajoki had been a lovely one. One with no fear of someone sneaking up on us because I was supposed to be out hunting alone. The dead wolf in my hand was the only proof to show that I had been out hunting.

Walking into camp I was greeted by an unhappy and stinking Tamui. "Rig," He said. "You've been out awhile and you come back with only a wolf. You are usually more cunning and clever than that." Tamui took the wolf from me and threw it down.

"Hunting wasn't good today." I replied. "It happens. I am an obake and am not all powerful."

At this moment Sajoki came in and looked at the scene. "I've been looking for you, Tamui." She said.

"I've been here all along." Tamui said. "Now that I think of it, I haven't seen you at camp all afternoon."

Sajoki looked nervous and I calmed myself down knowing that there was always a way out of this type of situation. Sajoki and I had gotten out of awkward situations similar to this before. Tamui looked at her with an angry look in his eyes that a demon would be afraid of.

"You've been having fun with him, haven't you?" Tamui hissed as he started to circle around Sajoki. This was a new move for him. "He is a newborn of his species and you've been enticing him. You've been ruining my servant!" He slapped her face and she looked at him in shock. "There is an easy way to get rid of this problem. I should've guessed before what you were doing. Should've known that Rig isn't normally as happy as he has been since you've been sleeping with him. I'll just kill you so that I may have my servant back."

I knew a way to solve this: to tell Tamui that I had not fallen for Sajoki's beauty but that I had been happier because it was my duty to look out for her. And that I had been staying away longer so that the temptation of her sweet flesh wouldn't overcome me.

I opened my mouth and she said, "No, Tamui, Rig forced himself on me and I couldn't refuse." She started to cry and fell into his arms. Tamui looked relieved. "I was afraid that Rig would kill me if I didn't continue to serve him."

Suddenly I felt a confused swarm of emotions in me. I felt betrayal at the fact that Sajoki didn't love me when I loved her. I loved her face, her taste, and the sound of her voice but I meant nothing to her. I felt anger and hatred at the fact that Tamui would take her and that she would live a peaceful life.

I turned my gaze to Sajoki and Tamui and made my decision.

Tamui looked at me and asked, "Is this true, Rig? Is it true that you have taken advantage of my future wife?"

Subeta Masquerade 2011 Part 2

The Masquerade continues, an item is released, and not much more than that.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 1 (2010-2011)

I tell people I like this show and those that know me find it strange that I like it. I first found out about it when I went to see a movie and saw a preview for it. One of my friends refers to this show as my soap opera.

Show: Pretty Little Liars

Season: 1

Episodes: 22

Developed By: I. Marlene King

Based on the Book Series by: Sara Shepard

Released: 2010-2011

Rating: 3.5/5

Basic Plot: Allison is murdered and four friends deal with a person, known only as A, harassing them.

Teacher and Student Relations
Before I started watching this show I wasn't that into student and teacher pairings. In fact I didn't like any mention of them. Now I am more lenient towards them and like the Ezra and Aria (Ezria) paring. Maybe it is the fact that Aria's relationship with Ezra is the only stable one in this entire season. Well there is the final episode where some major tension is shown, but they haven't broken up as of the end of Season 1.

The Murder Mystery Aspect
This is the aspect that got me really interested in the show. Yeah, I am a little morbid with saying that. But it's true nonetheless. I wanted to know who A is and so I decided to watch the show to learn. And if any of you say Mona is A I will seriously b**chslap you.

Toby I liked because he had a mysterious element and was an outsider. He came up as a prime suspect for murdering Allison and, as of now, it is shown he didn't murder Allison. After things not working out between him and Emily he eventually started dating Spencer. They have the common thing of both being suspected of murdering Allison (though charges have been lifted from Toby). Oh, did I mention he has some abs that are out of this world? Well, you wouldn't expect to find them on a guy like Toby.

Different Than The Books
Okay, I have never read any of the Pretty Little Liars books. But, from what I've heard, the show's creators have made the A in the show different than A in the books. In fact I've heard that Noel is actually a good guy in the books where in the show he is a bad guy. In fact, he is a prime suspect for being A in the show.

The Jenna Thing
Jenna is a bad person that is so lovely to watch. She's a character that you at once hate and love. A character that you want to see more of. The four Pretty Little Liars (Aria, Hanna, Emily, and Spencer plus Allison) were the cause of Jenna being blind. Throughout most of the season it was made to seem like Jenna wasn't actually blind but, from the later episodes, Jenna is really blind which makes me want to scream bulls**t.

Paige and Emily
Emily is revealed to be a lesbian that was in love with Allison but Allison didn't love her back. Paige was first introduced as Emily's rival and now is turning out to be a possible girlfriend to Emily. I never liked Paige and her sudden change to lesbian is just so jarring I'm still feeling aftershocks. To me Paige's relationship with Emily seems more as a ploy than a real caring relationship. Hopefully Maya will return or else Emily will start a relationship with Samara.

Allison is a character that you are made to feel sad for because she was murdered and the four main characters of the show are her friends. However, throughout the season it's shown that Allison wasn't just a nice little girl but also had a darker side. It is this complexity that makes me like the character and understand why some characters would want to see her dead.

Final Thoughts
If you have any bit of testosterone in your body, you probably won't enjoy this show. The show, while having an air of mystery, is more about the relationships between the characters. The girls always have makeup on and never look beaten up in the good majority of the scenes. It is a series that you can get involved in without getting too invested. This is a great start to a hopefully pleasing series. If you want a season to have fun with, check out this one.

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If you could live in any house you wanted to, what would it look like?

It'd be light blue but closer to white. The inside would have rooms filled with movie posters and other things showing my obsession with the Terminator series as well as other things science fiction and fantasy related. Oh, yeah, there'd be a jacuzzi. Dang, now I want to play the Sims.

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Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?

Yes. I believe in the supernatural and have encountered at least one ghost before.

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The Green: First Attack 2

The bus trip was long and boring. What made it especially hard to bear was the fact that nothing interesting was happening. For the first hour or two I listened in on conversations, but that only held my interest for so long. Mostly they talked about television shows that I had never heard about. Finally we arrived in a town called Nuscon.

Stepping off the bus, I started to walk around to find a place to stay. There were many small little shops selling items that advertised the place. These must be for what the scientists had called tourists. While looking at a t-shirt through the window, I heard some footsteps. I didn't pay them any mind because there were a lot of people walking by me.

"You new here?" A voice said and I turned around. The man was taller than any of the scientists and looked like a 'tough guy'. He was wearing clothing that called attention to his muscles. If he decided to attack me I might be in trouble.

"Yes," I replied. "I am Matthias, I just arrived here."

"Poor you." The man replied. "My name is Thomas Savan. I've lived here forever. Well, I only moved here when I left my parents." Parents. I didn't remember my parents. I did, a little, but when I thought of my father I always saw someone that looked remarkably like Makija.

My stomach growled and Thomas looked at me. "Want to go for a beer?" He asked me. I had never had alcohol before because the scientists didn't want anything to distract me.

"Sure." I replied and Thomas started walking me to what I assumed would be a bar.

We drank, talked, and ate at the bar. Thomas seemed to be unstable but grew on me the more I drank.

"So, do you have a place to stay?" Thomas asked.

"No." I said and smiled wildly. "I'm on the road with no home."

"Why don't you stay with me? You can stay in my garage."

"You just met me." I said and laughed.

"You're amusing and you have good stories. Though they all have to do with scientists. You like scientists?"

"I'm familiar with them." I replied. I couldn't say more since something kept me from saying the names of the scientists and anything specific about the lab.

"Let's go. I think I spent enough already." Thomas said, seeming to ignore my disdain for the scientists.

* * *

"Another pancake?" Thomas asked.

"Yes." I said and Thomas gave me another pancake. I liked the pancakes, though it was weird seeing Thomas do any form of cooking. But, then again, he did live by himself.

"How do you like this place after two weeks of living here?" He asked me and sat down.

"Nuscon is a good place to be."

Thomas shook his head. "You must not have been many places then."

"No, I haven't." I replied truthfully. "So when do you want me to leave?"

"I think I can support you living here a couple of months if you can't find another place." Thomas said.

After I finished my final pancake, I went to the garage and took out the Gralg ad. It appeared to be a fake drug. So why did it interest me?

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The Host Rant (Part 10)

In this part of my The Host Rant I talk about why Wanderer isn't the most noble or pure creature.

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Writing Sex Scenes

As you can see with Sushi, Sake, and Tanuki: Enslaved 3, I don't really do sex scenes. In fact, when I wrote that chapter it was only when writing that I realized my mistake in putting that in the chapter. You might be thinking that I don't like sex scenes at all, but you'd be wrong.

In my opinion, two things can save a crummy movie: sex or explosions. If your movie is crummy and has either of the two, it might be bearable. I will also roleplay sex scenes in detail. Will I sacrifice plot for sex in those instances? Well, roleplaying is when I have fun and don't focus too much on the details.

So if I don't mind sex scenes: why don't I write them in my literature? When I write I do things at the bare minimum. That is to say that if it doesn't add to the plot in some way, shape, or form I don't write it. Sex scenes are usually never a reason to stop your story because they don't add to the plot.

The 'sex scene' in SST: Enslaved 3 gets the bare essentials done while not taking up too much space. Of course the scene is awkward, but I had to balance my policy of no sex scenes (which has been in place ever since I started writing) with getting this scene done.

The Terminators (Part 1)

In this part of my The Terminators (2009) review I look at the Aslyum, the plot of the movie, and how the action made the movie bearable.

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Sushi, Sake, and Tanuki: Enslaved 3

It was raining as I walked to Sajoki's tent. Tamui was sleeping and so it was a good time for me to visit her. The thought of her form had been on my mind a great deal these past few days. Keeping true to my orders, I kept close to Sajoki and she had kept close to me.

I went over to her tent, though she did share it with other people at times, and opened the flap slowly. "Sajoki?" I asked and could only see one form in the tent.

It moved towards me and said, "Yes, Rig."

"Sajoki," I said. "Do you love Tamui?"

"He's not my type of man, but he can support me. It all evens out in the end."

Now my courting of Sajoki would be getting harder, but I had to try even if the end result would be me hiding my tears in the rain. "I've been thinking, would you want to try and mate with me? I'm under Tamui's orders so our love would have to be secret or else I could die."

Sajoki smiled. It seemed sweet and full. I loved her face and could tell she was deciding. At the moment I didn't care if she accepted for personal reasons or that she really wanted me. I waited for her answer and hoped that it would be the one I wanted.

"Yes." Sajoki replied and I felt a great joy over take me. We rushed at each other and started kissing. Within a few minutes we were mating. It was a wonderful feeling and would've lasted longer if not for my excellent hearing.

"Someone's coming." I told her and we quickly got dressed. This was easy due to the fact that humans kept clothing to a minimum.

I stood up in the center of the tent and Sajoki pretended to be sleeping. Tamui opened the flap and looked at me. "What are you doing in here?" He asked me.

"I was checking on Sajoki. It's raining and I wanted to make sure she was sleeping well." I replied. "She's a woman and so she's a fragile creature."

Tamui just stared hard at me and then sighed. "Well, at least you're taking your duty with her seriously. At least more seriously than any other duty before this one."

I went out of the tent and left Sajoki to deal with Tamui. We hadn't been going at it long so she should still be able to perform to his standards.

Walking around for hours got to me so I went to the tent that Tamui usually went to and waited. Finally it was dinner time and Tamui made me get something to eat. He allowed me to hunt so I caught some rabbits.

* * *

I watched them eat the cooked rabbits. Tamui and Sajoki stayed close together. I was sure she would keep my secret because I was something more than human. Hopefully Tamui would be dead before he figured it all out.

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Zombieland (2009)

I am not a zombie fan. I do not have a whole book dedicated to what I will do after the zombie apocalypse. However, I do enjoy comedy from time to time.

Title: Zombieland

Director: Ruben Fleischer

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Woody Harrelson

Rated: R

Released: 2009

Rating: 4.5/5

Basic Plot: A group of zombie survivors...well, try to survive even longer after the zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Kill of the Week
Now these parts seem totally out of place in the movie. They are funny but, really, I had to wonder how they fit in. Then I read that Zombieland was originally supposed to be a pilot episode to a tv series. So each week they would have a Zombie Kill of the Week. This makes a lot of sense in a tv series but I think it should've been removed for the movie version.

Fear of Clowns
Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) is afraid of clowns. Now the character is very OCD and it is actually funny that that type actually managed to survive the zombie apocalypse. However, I fully relate to him about fearing clowns. I am afraid of makeup so clowns scare me and gross me out all at once. I felt like cheering him on when he finally overcame his fears.

This was a funny and out of place part at once because Tallahase is the one to want twinkies when he is the big, tough guy in the movie. It's nice that, at the end, he is finally able to have a Twinkie.

The Rules
Columbus's rules are funny and work all at the same time. Well, the 'Don't Be a Hero' changes at the end. The way they are introduced are creative. And they aren't just displayed only the first time they are followed, but every time.

Bill Murry
His cameo is funny. If you didn't know he cameoed in this, it's been two years. I thought his cameo was funny but was slightly annoyed how the characters were ass kissing him. Not saying Murry is a bad actor, just I think the ass kissing was the whole point of the scene.

Final Thoughts
This is a delightful zombie romp with some great comedy thrown in. I found this to be very fun. However, it is a bloody film so if you don't like gore: why are you wanting to watch a zombie film? The quote that Eisenberg makes about Facebook is very funny due to the fact he played the main role in The Social Network (2010) which is about the creation of Facebook. So if you like zombies and comedy, there is a good chance that you will like this film.

Subeta Masquerade 2011 Part 1

The Masquerade on Subeta has started and a new pet has been released!

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The Sorority: Eve (Tamara Thorne)

I want to get this out of the way: I like b-movies.

Series: The Sorority

Title: Eve

Author: Tamara Thorne

Released: 2003

Rating: 3/5

Basic Plot: Eve joins a Sorority that is evil.

An Evil Sorority
While I might not have been in a sorority or had that much interest in one, I highly doubt that they were evil. But that was the whole reason I picked up the book. I saw that it involved a sorority with a Satanic cult and thought that sounded so stupid that I had to read the book. Did the evil sorority work in the universe of the book? Nope, it was still stupid.

The main character, Eve, is a cheerleader, wants to join a sorority to continue her cheer leading career, and is a virgin. It is also obvious that she is very simple minded and naive. That's really all there is to the character. Is she a good character? She doesn't have much of a personality and her whole point in the book is to die (which she does).

There is a ton of sexuality in this book. From a Professor that uses his tongue for sex to a guy who got a gigantic dick and ended up effing his wife to death. The sex in this book was more humorous to me than actually erotic.

Horror Elements
There are horror elements here which makes the book a little fun in that area. The sorority house is haunted by a ghost of a girl that was a sorority sister and there is a spirit called the Green Knight. While it isn't really all that scary, it is still enjoyable for some of the horror elements.

Final Thoughts
This book is the first in a trilogy and I am actually interested to see how it all will end. It was not a good book, but it was enjoyable. I knew what I was getting into when I picked up the book and I wasn't disappointed in that regard. However, if you are looking for a well written book, or don't like reading crappy books, then you should stay away from this book. But, if you want a fun book, I'd suggest getting this book from your library and reading it.

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Sherlock Holmes is a detective (no duh! ) and I'm not good at mysteries. I usually always fail at solving them. In fact, if I solve your mystery story you should think about rewriting it.

Title: Sherlock Holmes

Director: Guy Ritchie

Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, and Rachel McAdams

Rated: PG-13

Released: 2009

Rating: 3.5/5

Basic Plot: Sherlock Holmes has to solve the mystery of how a dead man can come back to life and cause chaos.

Similarities to the Original Sherlock Holmes
Checking on imdb, I saw that there are many callbacks to the Sherlock Holmes stories. Some are even specific lines. I didn't really notice these callbacks due to the fact that I haven't read a lot of Sherlock Holmes. While I will admit the Sherlock Holmes series is good, mysteries (if they don't involve some fantasy elements) don't really interest me that much because I'm not good at solving them.

No Fantasy
To me, Sherlock Holmes and fantasy don't go together. This is because Sherlock Holmes is all about logic and the supernatural is anything but. While it would be nice to see Holmes out of his element, it just wouldn't fit the universe of the series. It's the reason I don't think aliens and Indiana Jones go together. I love aliens and I like Indiana Jones, but those two don't work together. Luckily enough, this movie doesn't have any fantasy to it. By the end, all is explained in logic. But, when you first watch it, it seems fantasy is a possibility.

The chemistry between Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock Holmes) and Jude Law (Watson) is wonderful to watch. They really do play off each other and make the characters seem like long time friends. This was one of my favorite things about this movie, in fact. There is action, and a little romance, but the main thing for me is the chemistry.

Final Thoughts
This movie is a good movie with a decent premise. True, the main plot is Blackwood taking over England (reminds me of taking over the world), but it is all handle very well. The main villain is shown to be a real threat and his influence is vast. The ending hints at a sequel (that is going to actual happen) and you truly want to see what will happen. Not just because you want to see what will happen about Professor Moriarty but because you want to see what will happen with Sherlock Holmes. While this movie might get slow at places, it is well worth it. I would highly recommend it for you mystery fans out there.

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What country's cuisine is your favorite?

This is very hard to say. I like Sushi from Japan but I don't really eat a lot of Japanese food. I'd have to say Italian.

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If you could own any kind of pet, what would it be?'d be a parrot and I'd teach it some...words. I am not picky about what type of parrot it was.

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The Host Rant (Part 9)

In this part of my The Host by Stephenie Meyer Rant I look at how uninspired Meyer was when naming a few things in The Host.

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Not Donating to Japan

Japan has suffered a devastating catastrophe. A lot of people have died and there are probably more that are going to because of the problem at the nuclear power plant. I admire Japan for their food, art, and mythology. But I'm not going to donate because of this disaster.

Now I can see some of you starting to yell hypocrite at me. If I cared so much about Japan why don't I donate? You think that I'm just giving lip service and nothing else. You think I don't care about Japan now. But did you think to ask why I won't be donating.

I'll tell you why: I don't have a job or income. If I could donate I would. I have about $100 to my name. I will be applying for SSI a little later.

I am making this blog post in response to some blogs I've seen where people are angry that people who admire Japan aren't donating. Maybe some are like me and just can't at the moment. The economy in the USA right now is hard. Some people have it pretty good while others have to save money.

I hope Japan recovers, but sadly I can't help in its recovery.

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Have you cried during a movie?

Yes. Latest one I cried at (well, would've if I wasn't in public) was Terminator Salvation. Marcus Wright. Noooooo!

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The Dresden Files: Fool Moon (Part 4, Finale)

I close up my The Dresden Files: Fool Moon by Jim Butcher review talking about a small scene with Tera West and finally rate the book!

If that version does not work, try this version:

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The Green: First Attack 1

I walked in the desert for hours worrying that my death would be out here. The noonday, at least that was my assumption, sun attacked my back as I trudged along. Makija had left me with no water or food to nourish myself with. There was nothing for me to do but go along the road and hope that there would be a way for me to refresh myself.

Finally, when I thought I should just give up and lie on the side of the road for the vultures to get me, a car stopped by me. As the window on the passenger side went down, I saw that it was a lady.

"You need a ride?" She asked.

While getting a ride somewhere would help, it could probably get me killed. But, really, I was already dead. "Yes." I replied and got in.

"I can take you to the nearest motel," She replied. "But you'll have to go from there."

I nodded and fell asleep until the car stopped. As I got out I told the woman, "Thanks for the ride."

"Thanks for not being a rapist." She told me and drove off.

Looking at the motel I could tell that it hadn't seen that good of business as of late. It wasn't falling down, but it was getting there. Since I didn't have a room, or money for one, I started knocking on people's doors. I got mostly bad reactions but putting up with that was a must since I didn't have any money.

After knocking on a door, a boyish looking man opened it. One could tell the man was in his thirties but there was still something innocent looking about him. He leaned against the door and asked, "What do you want?"

"I'm Matthias and I'm looking for a room." I said.

"Go to the front desk, they'll help you with that."

"I would but I'm out of money. My parents kicked me out and I have nothing." The man looked at me suspiciously and let me in. He must have decided that I didn't look dangerous.

"I'm letting you in now," He told me. "But I expect something back later."

I got a cup and then went to get some water out of the sink. Drinking the water felt wonderful. After drinking a few glasses, I turned to the man and asked, "What's your name?"

"Philips Noir." Philips said.

We spent a few hours talking together and we ate sandwiches for lunch. It was very peaceful and I liked the change of food. Real food tasted much better than laboratory food.

At sunset Philips looked at me. "Tomorrow there'll be a bus. You're welcome to stay the night." He said. "But you'll have to sleep on the floor." He looked a tad bit saddened at the prospect. I think, if I would have lived with him longer, he would have become a dear friend of mine.

"Thank you." I said and slept soundly on the floor. Philips was kind enough to get a pillow and some sheets for me to use. It was my first night out and it felt a little odd. The room was darker than I was used to. But I did manage to get to sleep.

When I woke up, Philips looked hurried and was packing up. "I'll give you some money for the bus." He said. After he finished packing he handed me some money. It was enough for the bus.

I went out of the room and decided to walk around to explore the area. After ten minutes of exploring, I saw a little bit of paper. Picking it up I saw that it was advertising a drug called Gralg. It was a wonder drug for people with mental disabilities.

"Hey, give me that!" An angry man said from behind me.

Quickly hiding the ad I asked, "Give you what?"

"The bottle." He said and started patting me down, trying to find his bottle. After not finding it he shoved me away. I went to the bus stop.

After waiting a little bit the bus came. After paying the price, I sat down in my seat thinking about Gralg.
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Subeta Zombie Event 2011 Part 4 (Finale)

This event looked so promising. What happened?

If that version does not work, try this version:

Predators (2010)

My favorite line that my Dad kept saying over and over again: Why did [the Predators] send a doctor?

Title: Predators

Director: Nimrod Antal

Starring: Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne, and Topher Grace

Rated: R

Released: 2010

Rating: 4.5/5

Basic Plot: A group of people are dropped off on an alien planet and hunted by the species referred to as Predators.

Introduction of Characters/Title
This movie had one of the best character introductions I have seen in a good while. It starts with Adrien Brody falling out of the sky, landing, and then BOOM title. I am so sick and tired of seeing titles at the end of movies. Really, what's the point in that? When the characters are introduced the movie manages to show each one while not breaking the tension of the movie. Each character is introduced in his or her own way.

Good Jumping Off Point
Predators sort of played it safe. Like the first movie, Predator (which I have only seen the second half of), there is a jungle setting. You might think that since I said it's on an alien planet it would be really different, right? Nope. There are a few odd things in the jungle but not too much. So it's the same basic setting plus being chased by multiple Predators. So same setting and an increase in enemies. Hopefully this is a good jumping off point to continue the series. Because I am all on board for that.

Sword Fight With a Predator
This actually sounds fun and stupid at the same time. Come on, Mr. Predator, you have some big guns, I don't think you need to sword fight. But, also, the Predators are a warrior culture and so it might've decided taking on a weak human would be easy. Boy, was that Predator wrong. Both Predator and human showed their skill and it was very entertaining, and satisfying, to watch.

Why A Doctor?
Let me tell you something: 1 + 3 does not equal 2. You can't fit a square piece inside a circular hole. If you're sending killers to a planet the guy saying he's just a doctor is lying. I did hear this particular spoiler before I saw the movie so it helped some. But the fact of the matter is that it's still pretty damn obvious. Predators aren't stupid so when you know the reason the people are in the hunting preserve, you know they're not innocent at all. Some characters might be likable, but they're not good. The guy claiming he is a doctor is really a murderer. That being said, I still really enjoyed that character.

Two Types of Predators
What I will say next will prove I am a nerd. I knew, before this movie, that there was more than one type of Predator. So when it's mentioned in the movie I was like: I know that. Good reference.

Final Thoughts
This movie is great if you want a movie where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the gore/excitement. If you're looking for the next Citizen Kane, this isn't it. But, come on, anyone expecting Citizen Kane from this movie is expecting too much. All it is is a bunch of confused people having to deal with staying alive. And, looking at the movie like that, it is very enjoyable. The ending made me want to see what happens next. The only problem at the end is the shot of Adrian Brody speaking to the camera and turning around when he's done. If you are a fan of science fiction and like action, this is a movie you should check out.

Gran Torino (2008)

When I go into a movie I look for quality and to stay focused. If a movie doesn't have interesting characters, action, or setting I won't like it. This movie ranks very high in interesting characters and has a little bit of action.

Title: Gran Torino

Director: Clint Eastwood

Starring: Clint Eastwood, Bee Vang, and Christopher Carley

Rated: R

Released: 2008

Rating: 5/5

Basic Plot: Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood) becomes friends with his neighbors after their son (Bee Vang) attempts to steal Walt's Gran Torino.

Good Slow, Bad Slow
I was taken away with 2001: A Space Odyssey and had my eyes glued to the screen the entire time. But, as you well know, that movie is the very definition of slow. I still consider it very entertaining, though. The Roommate (2011) was slow but I hated it. You see, there are two types of slow. One type that makes the movie enjoyable and the other that makes the movie a bore to sit through. Gran Torino is the good type of slow. What I mean by that is that it takes it time on the character development. If you're expecting a shoot 'em up type of movie, this isn't the film for you. Though there are some graphic scenes thrown in.

The Ending
At the end I was expecting Clint Eastwood to shoot the gang up. Instead he sacrifices himself so that Thao's family can live in peace without fear of the gang. However, there seems to be a more selfish motive for the action. Clint's character, Wilt, is dying of lung cancer and would look forward to a long life of pain if he had decided to live. That is why I think Wilt didn't have the purest of intentions.

Playing Off Of Each Other
I saw this film as a redemption of Wilt (Clint Eastwood) and the growth of Thao (Bee Vang). This was helped very much by the fact that the characters played off of each other and had good chemistry. If they didn't have good chemistry this movie would be less fun to watch.

Final Thoughts
This movie is a wonderful film. It's dirty and some parts will make you cringe (especially when Sue, played by Ahney Her, comes back after being raped). It isn't a film to show to your whole family but, if you like films, this is a must see. You get to learn about another culture and an insight into how war veterans look at things. There is also a little Christianity thrown in but it doesn't get really preachy, which is a good thing.

If you could erase anything from existence, what would it be?

The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Of course, if that were erased I wouldn't be an internet critic. But I still hate that book.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Dresden Files: Fool Moon (Part 3)

In this part of my The Dresden Files: Fool Moon by Jim Butcher review I look at the Alphas, a deal John Marcone tried to make with Harry Dresden, and the Streetwolves gang.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oscars 2011

My long awaited video talking about the Oscars of 2011 is finally here!

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Gods Themselves (Isaac Asimov)

Isaac Asimov is one of my favorite authors of all time. There has not been a book, yet, that I have read by him that I have been left disappointed. I expected a great story and was I blown away!

Title: The Gods Themselves

Author: Isaac Asimov

Released: 1972

Rating: 5/5

Basic Plot: The Electron Pump has been discovered and gives energy with no cost. But does this grand invention have an awful price to be paid for it and, if so, why?

Divided Into Three Sections
This book is divided into three parts that only have the Electron Pump to link themselves together. Why is that? The stories were originally published in a magazine and not a book. The first part (Against Stupidity...) is about Lamont discovering that the Electron Pump has a price to be paid. The egotistical Hallam refuses to listen and so Lamont isn't able to get the word out. The second part (...The Gods Themselves...) is about the para-universe (what the parallel universe is called) and how the para-men (inhabitants of the parallel universe) don't care that they'll kill off the humans and that exploding part of the Milky Way Galaxy is why they started the Electron Pump in the first place. Finally, the third part (...Contend in Vain?) is about Dension discovering a solution for the Electron Pump.

Alien Sex
Part two is really weird. And that's putting it lightly. If you don't like anything odd then you won't like part two of this book. In it, among other things, is alien sex. If you're one perverted SOB, settle down, it's not erotic at all. The aliens are beings of pure energy titties is what I'm saying. I liked the alien sex scenes because they were weird. But if you're looking for something erotic then The Gods Themselves isn't for you.

The Part That Nearly Made Me Cry
I hardly get teary eyed or cry. I read and see a lot and there is hardly anything that makes me cry. At the end of part two, Dua fights so hard to stop the Electron pump so that the Earth will be saved (Dua doesn't think killing off billions is a really moral idea) and she fails. You see the aliens are put into two groups: Soft Ones and Hard Ones. Soft Ones are babies and it is in this stage they are able to reproduce by having three (of different types) form together. Each type of Soft One plays a part and eventually they all form together to make a single Hard One until they die. No Soft One knows about this until it is time to 'pass on'. Dua is nearly dying and decides to 'pass on' because the leader of their Triad says that they'll form a very important Hard One that can help them deal with Eswald (creator of the Electron Pump). When the process is nearly done Dua realizes that Eswald is the Hard One they'll be forming. This made me feel very sad for Dua because she seemed to be the most reasonable Soft One. RIP Dua.

This is a question that is asked a lot throughout the book. When Lamont or Dension brings up the fact that the Electron Pump has a high possibility of causing major shit to go down, the opponents ask why. The problem is that the humans (some of them) don't realize that the aliens might have different plans than them. Of course I'm not sure them not being open minded is the real problem. A lot of the humans that are in support of the Electron Pump are because of personal reason and that the human population has become too dependent on it.

Scientific Lingo
Being a Hard Science Fiction book (meaning staying as true to life as possible instead of something like Star Wars) it uses a lot of scientific language. However, Asimov usually explains those parts really well but they can still be taxing on one not used to reading this genre.

Final Thoughts
This book was deeply moving and a little thought provoking. This book isn't action packed but that's really not the way Asimov usually writes, so I was expecting that. The only real problem was that some big event happens on Earth and it is never explained what it was. I would highly suggest this book to someone who is a science fiction fanatic. Because, let's face it, if you haven't even heard of Isaac Asimov you can't call yourself a science fiction fanatic.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

jashycam 11

Here I talk about what I think makes a good internet/video reviewer, a minor update of the Subeta Zombie Event 2011, and more!

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Monday, March 7, 2011

What's one thing that most people don't know about you?

Isn't it obvious? I'm a psycho killer! (Phatasmagoria 2 reference)

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Q&A: The Green 1

In this Q&A I look at how to pronounce Makija, what inspired me to write The Green, and other questions!

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

What are you most looking forward to right now?

Nothing much, really. I guess if I had to pick out something I'd say the final part of the Zombie Event on Subeta. Or at least it finally continue after days and days of nothing happening.

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Friday, March 4, 2011

What quality do you value most in your friends?

Humor. My best friends can be serious and caring but if they don't have humor I can't really connect.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Dresden Files: Fool Moon (Part 2)

In this part of my The Dresden Files: Fool Moon by Jim Butcher review I look at the romance between Harry Dresden and Karrin Murphy. I am so for that pairing it isn't even funny.

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What fear would you most like to conquer?

Spiders or heights.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sushi, Sake, and Tanuki: Enslaved 2

Humans, I had found out, were smelly creatures that actually minded their scent. Bathing was done, for my kind, to be clean. Such as when my feathers in my raven form didn't allow me to fly as well or when my scent would alert predators where I was. But humans, such as my master Tamui, wanted to look good.

I had been washing Tamui for an hour and I was growing annoyed. If only I could have evaded my capture, my days would have been more interesting.

"Rig," Tamui finally said. "Dry me off."

Tamui got out of the pool and stood up. I dreaded this part because going close to Tamui's body wasn't something that I liked to do. He was fit, everyone had to be to survive, but he was my master. He was the one who controlled what my motions were. The special human that helped enslave me had made sure of it.

I shifted my arms into fur and started to dry him off. "You're doing it too fast." He reprimanded.

"Sorry, master." I said and tried to keep my voice as level as I could. Because my motion was now slower, Tamui relaxed more.

"How do you feel about women?" He asked.

"Human women? They are just creatures and hold no importance to me." Was my response. This seemed to make Tamui happy.

"There is a woman I am interested in. She treats me very well and I demand you keep an eye on her. Her name is Sajoki."

This was one of the worst things that had happened to me today. A creature, such as myself, shouldn't be bothered with petty things such as keeping track of another's future mate. But, of course, I had no choice in the matter. The shackles of my enslavement pulled me down.

The next few hours I listened to Tamui talk about how wonderful Sajoki was. Although most of what he talked about her had very little to do with her character. Luckily, things were cut short when hunting took place and I was happy because it was one of the few times that Tamui let me shift.

Turning into a large wolf I started to prowl for prey. Taking cues from the human hunters, I managed to get a decent amount of food for the camp. I enjoyed running and feeling free. It was only a fleeting, momentary thing as I knew that it wouldn't last. As long as Tamui was alive I would always be a slave to the humans.

I nearly drooled with the thought of his hand in my mouth. Of a painful death for him that could only be performed by me. But those were mere wishes, the strength to go against my enslavement seemed impossible to me right now.

Upon arrival back to the camp, Tamui forced me back into my human form and walked me over to a woman. "This is Sajoki, stay with her." And with that he went off.

I spent a few moments looking at her. She seemed, to me, to be attractive by human standards and I felt a flash of something in me. Was this what humans meant by the word love? This rush of blood slowly starting to leave my head?

"So, you're my protector." Sajoki said in a silky voice. That voice. That lovely voice made the feeling of love stronger. "Tamui should trust me more."

"I can make no statement against him." I replied.

"I'm sorry to hear that. Why can't you?"

"One special human put a spell over me and handed ownership over to Tamui. I can't help what I am now."

"I'm feeling tired, maybe you could protect me in the tent." Sajoki said and I had a feeling that she was talking about something other than my duties. Part of me wanted to explore my new urges but another part, small as it might be, didn't want to make Tamui angry. I followed her.

Pseudo-Silent Hill

Silent Hill is a great horror series (so far I've watched Let's Play of SH1, SH2, SH3, SH: The Room, and SH: Shattered Memories). For those that don't know, Silent Hill is a town where your fears come alive (or at least the fears of the people that you're playing as). It seems like a simple enough concept to do.

You need a character with a jaded past and then you place him in Silent Hill where the monsters reflect his/her inner demons and he learns from his/her experiences. But the comics in the Silent Hill Omnibus (no, Sinner's Reward isn't included and I still need to hunt that comic out) seem to not grasp what Silent Hill is.

What about the artwork? Some of it is a little odd but I'm not too picky about artwork in a comic. As long as it fits with the story and I can tell what's happening, I am fine. The artwork varied a lot. I know others might disagree with this: but it didn't bother me. With everything that was happening the artwork was the least of my concerns.

There were monsters in the Omnibus but none of the situations felt like Silent Hill. One big part of the Omnibus was the fact that Silent Hill was drawing people into the town so it could take over. Through the Omnibus the town called people to make videos of it, an artist to draw its monsters, and tried to make a killer of a man all to bring Silent Hill's terror to the world.

Before I end, I will say my favorite part of the Omnibus is when Cheryl (a Cheerleader Captain) says to Ike (the artist) that leaders have to make hard choices and then leaves him to die. That part made me laugh out loud. The story is "Paint It Black". That was probably the best story in the Omnibus. And by best, I mean so bad it's funny.

So, if you're a fan of Silent Hill, stay away from the Omnibus. Stay far FAR away!

The Host Rant (Part 8)

In this part of my rant about The Host by Stephenie Meyer I look at Wanderer contradict herself, discuss my dismay at the fact that Jamie is the first person that she would die for, and a melodrama laced scene.

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