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Vesnali 2014 Ending Tonight

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I hope everyone has enjoyed this year's celebration of Vesnali. Myself, I couldn't do the plot due to Subeta acting up. I sent in a ticket and checked the boards but I haven't been able to continue so oh well.

I have, however, been having a great time collecting flowers and coins. So I'll be having a big spending spree later.

While Esther's shop will be staying up all year, the Vesnali items from 2009 to 2011 will be retiring tonight. Which is the same time that Vesnali will end for this year.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Title: The Winter Soldier

Series: Captain America

Directors: Anthony Russo and Joe Russo

Starring: Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, and Scarlett Johansson

Rated: PG-13

Released: 2014

Personal Rating: 5/6

Oscars: N/A

Plot: Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and battles a new threat from old history: the Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier.

The Winter Soldier
Everyone probably knows who the Winter Soldier is so this really isn't a spoiler. was supposed to be but now it isn't so it's in the grey area of Spoilerville. What I find really heartbreaking about Bucky (aka the Winter Soldier) is that he is fighting for a side just because he's brainwashed. I really hope that Steve is able to help him soon after the end of this movie so that Bucky doesn't need to take the journey to his memory alone. I know that in the comics, at least I've heard, that Bucky takes over as Captain America for a little bit. So I know that Bucky will fight for the right side in the end. To say that I adore all the cute headcanons that people make up about Steve and Bucky is an understatement.

Black Widow
It was great seeing Black Widow (aka Natasha) kicking ass again. Besides her kicking ass, her character was developed even further. She was calm when Steve was highly nervous about being on the run. It was Black Widow who had to make the call between keeping her secrets safe and striking against Hydra. And she made the right call. She was a strong character in this movie and I can't wait to see more of her.

Hydra Not to spoil what happens, but Hydra is sneaky as Hell. It's a beautiful and scary thing to behold. One of the big info dumps happens when Steve and Natasha uncover a character who we thought was dead. That whole scene is creepy as Hell as you find out exactly what Hydra has been up to since the first Captain America movie. Those who watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will already know how far Hydra has gone, but this scene still serves as filling in a few gaps.

Final Thoughts
This was an awesome movie. There are mid and post credit scenes. So remember to stay until the very end. The ending of this film really makes me wonder in what direction the MCU will now go. I know they'll do what they intend to do well, but I don't know what exactly will happen. And before I go: On your left!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tobias and Me 6

A few minutes after I gave Cat the ability to morph, I demorphed. If something were going to happen I needed to be in my hawk body. I could morph something else or fly away. But, of course, I couldn’t fly away at once since Cat was with me. I had given her the ability to morph so that I could better protect her. Leaving her alone would be counterproductive.

But what to have her morph? I didn’t want to have her acquire a Vetor for a few reasons. The reasons being that Vetors were sentient and I didn’t know their instincts. Last thing I needed was for Cat to become out of control her first time around. However, having her morph a Vetor could help her fit in better if need be.

I didn’t want to be rude, so I decided asking was out of the question.

“Am I going to morph one of them?” Cat asked and looked at a Vetor.

No, I replied. I don’t know their instincts and I don’t want your first morph to be something I can’t understand. Plus us Animorphs have a rule about morphing sentient beings.


The majority of the group isn’t sure of how much of the animal you get when you acquire it. As a nothlit I’ve noticed the animal mind can change you but it doesn’t grow. It’s instincts and not an actual animal. I’ve tried to explain that to the rest of the group, but they won’t listen.

“And because of that you won’t let me acquire one? Because of a reason you don’t believe?”

I’m representing the group. I’m doing it for their sakes, not mine. Morphing a Vetor could help you fit in, but I’m not going to ask unless I have to.

For a minute we were both silent. I tried to figure out what she could morph. I’d ask a Vetor about the animal life on this planet.

“What about morphing you?” Cat asked and I just looked at her.

You can’t acquire a person who is morphed. I replied.

“But technically you’re a red-tailed hawk since you morph to other creatures.”

Okay, if this doesn’t work I guess you can acquire a Vetor. You just touch me and concentrate on what I mean to you.

Cat put a hand on me and I shivered. The concept that Cat would become me was so odd and foreign that it was just plain creepy.

A calm sensation went through my body and I became very relaxed. It was like the war with the Yeerks didn’t matter and that being far from Earth was funny. There was something so great about this feeling that I didn’t want it to end. I wanted to fight with this calmness because I wouldn’t experience pain ever again.

“Tobias?” Cat asked and I came out of the trance. “You okay? You seemed to go distant there.”

I’m okay.  When you acquire something the animal tends to go into a trance. I explained and didn’t let her know that I didn’t like being removed from the trance. And remember to concentrate on the red-tailed hawk so you’ll morph. Just be prepared for the hawk mind to be there when you finish morphing.

“Can I keep my clothes?”

No. Once we get back to Earth I’ll get you a morphing suit, though. Those we can morph. I paused and turned around. Just tell me when you’re finished morphing. And none of you Vetors look unless you are certain that she’s about to attack you.

The Vetors said something and I just glared at them. When I was human, looking at people didn’t stop them from beating me up. Hawk eyes were something completely different. They looked threatening constantly. Even when I was happy it looked like I was about to murder someone.

The Vetors turned around and didn’t look at either me or Cat.

I worried since I couldn’t guide Cat through the whole morphing process. I couldn’t look and see where she was in the process and so I couldn’t reassure her. Just reassuring her constantly through the whole morphing process wasn’t me. I couldn’t do that and feel honest.

Suddenly I heard a flap of wings and saw Cat flying around. I could imagine the fear in her as her hawk mind felt trapped. I felt like I was trapped, but I had pushed that feeling so far back that I had forgotten about it. Good one, Tobias.

I then remembered that Cat was hearing impaired and so wore a hearing aid. I looked around and didn’t see it. Good, it must have acted like my morphing suit in that it stayed with her. Hopefully the same thing would happen next time she morphed.

Cat! Cat! I shouted and then started to fly after her.

I thought that if I could grab on to her and push her to the ground I could wake up the human side of her. I could remind her of what she was.

Cat! I shouted and then she wobbled slightly in the air before regaining balance.

Tobias? She asked as she landed on the log that I had been on. I’m sorry I just felt tr-

Trapped. I said as I landed next to her. That’s the hawk mind talking. It’s afraid and doesn’t like being below ground. Our…its place is in the trees and in the air. Not underground.

How do you deal with it?

I don’t know. I just focus on myself and what I have to do. The hawk’s mind can guide you, but don’t let it control you.

I won’t. She said and shivered.

I looked at one of the Vetors and said, Vetor, is there a way off of the planet that we can reach?

Over the next hour, by which time Cat had demorphed, the Vetors explained to us how to get to a small Yeerk base on the planet. I was impressed that Cat seemed to pick up the Vetor language better than me. She didn’t have experience with aliens, minus the Skrit Na, and I did.

When we were sure of where to go, Cat morphed back into a hawk and we left the Vetor village.

Wow! Cat shouted when we were finally able to go into the sky. Wow!

I laughed as I could only barley grasp at what she was experiencing. Flying was the best feeling in the world and her first experience, real experience, was flying on an alien planet.

You’re doing great. I said a few times and she laughed back at me.

If I had been human at the moment, I would’ve smiled.

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Sayings Sundays (April 27, 2014)

Captain America (aka Steve Rogers) is a good character which makes it easy for people to misread him. People think that he's weak and/or that there is not much to him. Even a slight glance at the character shows that he can make jokes and that he's anything but weak.

Steve just makes calls that others can't or won't and so is sometimes at odds at what you, the audience, are used to seeing in a character.

In the first Captain America movie Steve starts out as a normal person. He's a guy that wants to do good even though he's physically weak. Before he is given the serum to be turned into Captain America he is told the above quote.

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier I think this quote is important to remember since Steve is trying to adapt to his new life.

I was listening to some random songs when I came across one by Lindsey Stirling with vocals by Lzzy Hale called Shatter Me. This song has a very catchy beat to it and Lzzy Hale does an awesome job with the vocals. Lindsey Stirling has done some other great work before and I suggest you look her up.

I chose a picture of Derek Reese from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to go along with these lyrics. Derek is a tortured soul who is trying to find purpose in a life that now includes no Kyle Reese and him having to live in a different time.

Derek's new life also includes the sub-plot where his girlfriend time travels and he has to deal with working alongside a Terminator (aka Cameron).

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Shipping Confessions: Bruce Banner/Betty Ross (The Incredible Hulk, 2008)

This is a special edition of Shipping Confessions since this deals with a canon relationship. So why am I talking about it if it's canon? The fact is that I ship it and I don't feel that Betty is given enough credit in The Avengers fandom. Plus people tend to forget that Tony Stark isn't the first or only person to treat Bruce like a human being (though he's in second place after Betty).

Sadly Betty, in the MCU, has only appeared in The Incredible Hulk and was not brought up in either The Avengers or Iron Man 3. So I only have one movie to work off of here.

The canon ship I will  be talking about this time is Bruce Banner and Betty Ross. A couple that really seems to be forgotten by the majority of the MCU fandom.

The Incredible Hulk follows Bruce Banner running from General Ross and having to deal with another Hulk-like creature. During the movie Bruce runs into Betty Ross, a girlfriend of his before the gamma ray experiment accident, and ends up having to part from her at the end of the movie.
I've talked about Bruce before so this part will be short.

Bruce Banner trusted that his experiment would work so well that he did it on himself. When the experiment goes wrong he transforms into a big, green, unstoppable creature. In the movie it seems to take a little bit for him to accept the fact that when he changes he's still there and able to control the Hulk.

General Ross feels that now Bruce is his property and so goes after the tortured man. That's why Bruce is in hiding in both this movie and The Avengers. All the man wants is to live in peace, but General Ross won't let that happen.

During the movie, Bruce tries to figure out how he can reverse the experiment and that's one of the reasons he ends up running into Betty Ross.
Betty Ross is General Ross' daughter and Bruce's girlfriend before the shit hit the fan.

Betty isn't just a love interest, but can stand solidly on her own. In the smarts department she is a cellular biologist and she is damn brave on top of that. In numerous instances in the movie she trusts Bruce so much, even as the Hulk, that she doesn't flee or run in terror.

The moment that I will always recall as one of her bravest feats in the movie is when Bruce and her have found a man that says he has a cure. Betty goes on top of Bruce as he starts to transform and is calm enough to tell the man when Bruce has fully transformed. During this time she doesn't even flinch.

Betty and Bruce work very well together. Not only are they on the same basic knowledge level, but they care very deeply for each other. This makes whenever they are apart extremely painful and makes me wants to beg to know what is up with Betty. I highly doubt that Bruce wouldn't try to contact her after the credits end, but all of that is left to headcanons and fanfics.

Bruce never stops caring for Betty and his decision to leave is to keep her safe. He wants to be with her so much but knows that it will be better for her if they don't meet again. Before they meet up in the film he just sees her and watches without revealing himself because he cares for her.

The Hulk, Bruce's alter ego, doesn't seem able to hurt Betty. This happens even when Bruce is not in control. It's almost like Betty speaks to a deep part of Bruce and that's beyond beautiful to me. The Hulk is just anger personified and the fact that someone can talk to that creature
I really hope that we get informed of how Bruce and Betty stand in the MCU soon. Betty is a character I would love to see more of.

What will I talk about in the next Shipping Confessions? Two FBI agents from the show The Following. One whose obsession with the killer is like a drug and the other one is falling out of grace.
Shipping Confessions Table of Contents

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Luminous from Gwenyth Verdi

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I hope everyone is having a great Vesnali. Gwenyth Verdi has a new line in the Subeautique called Luminous.

This line is nice and happy. It's perfect for you to celebrate Vesnali with!

Remember: you have to have an invite to buy an item from the Subeautique.

Jash Talks: Omar's Entrance

I introduce Omar and we talk about Game of Thrones, Spider-Man, and other random topics that works their way into the episode.

If you would like to send questions/topics for the next live show just comment below and they will be answered!

Also go to my twitter (@jashykins) to look for updates about the next live show!

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Pointlessness of Death in Elementary

Elementary is one of those shows I love but there's usually not a lot to talk about. At least from episode to episode. I find reviewing episodes of this show very hard because I feel I don't make my reviews of Elementary sound that interesting, but I truly love the show.

However, as of the last two episodes, I find a topic emerging that is very interesting indeed. It is the fact that both Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes have to deal with death and guilt. They have to deal with death and guilt while still working cases and helping people.

Joan Watson has to deal with the death of Andrew Colville. Colville was a patient that was brought in while he was dying and was also a killer. So Joan feels guilty because she thought of just killing the man and is also suspicious of the guy that was in charge. She feels that the guy in charge knew Colville and let him die. So, in that way, she also feels guilty that she partially agrees with the decision.
Part of the episode "The Many Mouths of Andrew Colville" is dedicated to Watson thinking her superior, at the time of Andrew's death, was the true criminal of the case. However, she has to deal with the fact that the man isn't a villain and move on with her life.

The next episode, "No Lack of Void", has Sherlock Holmes dealing with the loss of his friend Alistair. Alistair once abused drugs and had been off of them for a very long time. Holmes doesn't believe he died because of a relapse since Alistair appeared so much stronger than that to him.

Since Holmes deals with murders for a living, he tries to think of a way that someone would kill Alistair. Part of that episode is dedicated to Holmes realizing that sometimes the strongest people cave. That sometimes death is death and there is no mystery to solve. That's heartbreaking, but a fact of life.

The saddest parts of that episode were when Holmes hallucinated Alistair and then the ending graveyard scene.

So far in the series, this has been my favorite subplot: that sometimes death is senseless and there is nothing you can do but move on.

Five People, One Interview

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a Hannibal fic
-It involves Will Graham among others

You can read it HERE

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Animorphs Re-Read: #5 The Predator (Chapters 17-19)

 Chapter 17
Marco wants to yell at his mother, host of Visser One, to show that he's there. He has gone years thinking his mother is dead and this scene is just heartbreaking.

Jake privately thought-speaks to Marco to remind him not to do something stupid. Jake has to remind Marco, multiple times, to keep control and not make the other Controllers suspicious. Marco is so lost in the moment that he can't fully recognize the dangers of calling out to his mother.

Visser Three notices that Marco seems frightened. That starts a short bitching contest between Visser One and Visser Three. Visser One defends her choice for a human body as her learning about the planet and that Visser Three has jeopardized the invasion. I wish I was there and had a bowl of popcorn to watch this.

Marco realizes that only Jake and himself know who the host of Visser One is.

Visser Three says he's better than Visser One because he destroyed the Andalite fleet and killed Prince Elfangor personally. Visser One counters by saying that he has still made mistakes and the Council of Thirteen doesn't like Vissers that make mistakes.

It fully hits Marco that his mother is a Controller and he feels weak. As Visser One leaves the room, Jake tells Marco that he can't do anything for his mother now. Marco wishes he was in another morph so he could get lost in an animal's instincts. But the gorilla's instincts are too similar to a human's.
Marco tells Jake not to tell anyone else about the identity of Visser One's human hosts. I like that Marco singles out Cassie as everyone knows who Jake is crushing on. I am so glad the pair end up together at the end with Rachel as the maid of honor.

Jake agrees with Marco's demand.

Visser Three comes in and taunts the Animorphs. Ax responds and Visser Three comments that Ax is right in that he doesn't want any other Yeerk to get the morphing power. Does this mean that the Visser plans to kill them all? Or will he fear that will get him into too much trouble?
Visser Three also seems to consider the fact that the Animorphs might be humans, at least some of them, but he brushes that assumption off. I'm assuming the idea doesn't make sense to him so he decides to brush it off. In his mind humans are worthless, not as good as Andalites, so why bother?

Visser Three then commands the Controllers to take the Animorphs to a holding cell and if they cause any trouble, to kill them.

Chapter 18
Marco and the others are lead to their holding cell. It's creepy that he uses some imagery from the dreadful ant morph to describe the cramped conditions. And Tobias is on his shoulder cause he can't fly. Aw!

This time when they're caged up no window appears.

The majority of the Animorphs have thirty-six minutes until they're trapped in morph. I would not want to be Tobias right now. He's probably looking at the group imagining how horrid their lives will be if they manage to escape while becoming nothlits. Hell, he's probably hoping that they'll die instead of becoming nothlits like him.

As Marco waits for his own death he wonders when his mother was taken. How much of his memories of his mother had been Visser One controlling his mother's body. All the moments he describes are so sweet but when he basically says 'what if it was a Yeerk during those moments' it becomes very creepy.
Marco ends his thinking on the fact that his mother never really died and that Visser One left the invasion of Earth in Visser Three's hands.

Ax basically says that they should give up while Marco says no. This is a huge transformation as he's always been the reluctant Animorph. He has always been the one saying that they shouldn't fight. And instead of harassing his friends that he was right, he is the one saying that they should still fight. That's some great character development there!

All the other Animorphs stare at Marco, of course.

Marco even suggests morphing ants to hopefully make one final strike against the Yeerks. Cassie is shocked but the rest of the group agrees. However, Tobias can't morph so they know they'll have to leave him on his own. Tobias says it's okay since he would feel better knowing that the others are out there causing the Yeerks problems.

My baby!
And then a door just appears. Hork-Bajir wearing gold uniforms have killed Hork-Bajir wearing red uniforms. The lead Hork-Bajir, that is detailed as being extremely deadly even for one of its species, says how to escape. Of course the group expects this to be a trap.

The Animorphs then decide to go for it since, as Marco points out, the Yeerks could've easily killed them but didn't.

Oh, and why are the Hork-Bajir doing this? Politics. While Animorphs is mature for its intended audience...this is just fucking stupid. I mean...really, Visser One, you're risking the invasion of Earth for the sake of one upping Visser Three? Really?
As they go to find the exit, Rachel is really excited. Of course she would be. The fighting here is tense. Ax says BATTLE! like he found the best party ever. I think Ax's excitement comes because he's finally going into a real battle and that, maybe, it's more honorable for an Andalite to die in battle. Plus he won't have to fight Visser Three one on one if he does die.

Marco feels good because he doesn't feel helpless anymore. As Marco continues to fight he starts to form a bond with Ax. I don't believe it's romantic, at least not at this point, I think it's the bond between one fighter to another. A bond that can last during battle, but doesn't always exist outside of it. The Eternal Heart (my Terminator fanfic) talks about this at least once or twice.

After Jake takes down a Hork-Bajir, Marco compares the hallways in the alien ship to the ant tunnels. God, I don't need that memory being brought up every two seconds!
Soon they find the dropshaft which is basically an elevator without a floor. Imagine the leap of faith scene from the third Indiana Jones movie but with an elevator. Ax says that the dropshaft should understand simple thought-speak and spoken words because that's how it works on Andalite ships.

I'm just confused as why Andalites would need something that takes voice commands when they don't have mouths. I'll just shut up now...

They reach the fifteenth level after two minor incidents, including Tobias taking on a Hork-Bajir, and Marco reminds Rachel to demorph. As she stumbles, Marco picks her up in his gorilla arms to save time getting to the pod.

As the pod goes towards Earth, Marco looks at the Yeerk mother ship and thinks it's funny that his mother is on there. Of course it's the sad type of funny. Before Marco finishes demorphing he tells Jake to keep Visser One's human host's identity a secret. Jake agrees.

Marco then thinks that one day the war with the Yeerks will be over and all humans will be free. And there we have Marco's reason for fighting!

Chapter 19
It is Sunday and both Marco and his Dad are at his mother's grave. He remarks that there is no thing as a nice graveyard, but his mother still has a good one. I'll admit I have never lost someone that I have cried over. So Marco getting sad like this is foreign to me. I have lost both grandparents on my father's side, but I never felt sad over their deaths.

Marco comments that it is better to joke and laugh. You especially need to do those things when life gets you down.

Marco's Dad makes an announcement saying that he's finally going to go back to his old line of work. That he hasn't been a good father for his son and Eva, his wife and Marco's mother, wouldn't be happy about that. Marco, of course, has to make a wisecrack about this.

This causes the two to get into a joking fight and decide to have a rematch on the game DOOM.

The book ends with Marco remembering what he knows about his mother now and how he will save her. One day.
This book is the last book that covers the Animorphs' reasons for fighting. You could say Ax never got a book of his own in the first five and so we still need to get to his reason for fighting. Thing is...he's an Andalite and needs to fight the Yeerks.

So you could say this book is also Ax's reason for fighting as it explains why he doesn't fly away to his people.

I can't remember how I felt when I first found out about the identity of Visser One but now...ouch. I am very glad the book ends with Marco's father deciding to move on, though.

The next book in the Animorphs series I will be Re-Reading will be

Animorphs Re-Read

The Eternal Heart: Fragile Package 2

The silence in the chopper was deafening. I didn’t much care for Katherine, but I had no idea beforehand of the hate she harbored for me. I could understand, although very vaguely, of why she wouldn’t like me. I was the person that John was attracted to and had talked of leaving her for.

To distract myself from the silence I looked at the radar and the scenery. Though the scenery really just consisted of decaying buildings and some movements on the ground. But I couldn’t tell if the movements were from Resistance fighters, nomads, or Skynet. It wasn’t my place to determine that and Katherine didn’t speak.

Her silence might be her way of discrediting me later. While that wasn’t comforting on its own, it was comforting to know that it must not be that bad for her to hide it from me. Katherine might loathe me, but she would never put her hatred of me above the protection of the Resistance. In that way John had chosen a good wife.

I had let the silence go on for so long since I had failed to get a conversation started with her earlier. If she wasn’t going to make the effort to reply, I wasn’t going to make the effort to talk.

“So how do you keep your hair like that?” I heard Barnes ask by way of the headsets.

“I don’t think Kyle would like you asking questions about his girlfriend’s hair.” I joked as I needed to say something. The silence was getting really bad.

“Is that really how you think pick-up lines work?”

“Hey, it’s not my fault if I’m a little uneducated in certain areas.”

“Just certain areas?” Barnes replied and I could see a smile briefly on Katherine’s face.

“What, you acting like you’re better than me?”

“I’m human.”

“Well, you’re not a very good example.” Star said dryly.

I grinned as she had just ended a silence that could’ve gone on a long time.

“Barnes is an excellent example. John trusts him.” Katherine said, defending the man.

“So you’ve decided to talk?” I asked Katherine.

She became silent. Smooth, Jash, very smooth.

“Well, you got one defender.” I said after the silence went on for a few minutes.

“That’s more than you have.” Barnes tried to counter.

“I’ve got the leader of the Resistance on my side. Other people have seemed to act kinder to me as of late.”

“But you’re never going to fu-“

“You keeping track of those movements?” Katherine asked and I could tell that her reason for interrupting wasn’t to check on anything.

Not even Barnes could bring up my obsession with John while she was around.

“My job is to look at the radar and your job is to look at the ground.” I replied dryly. “Tracking movements on the ground isn’t important in this point in time. We’re still a little bit away from the area we’re supposed to scout. But tracking movements on the ground for now could give us some hints for future missions.”

“You like commanding me, don’t you.” Katherine said.

“No, I’m just doing my job. Besides, dealing with you means dealing with John later. It isn’t always the best thing when you have something negative to say about me.”

Katherine formed a small smile on her lips and I sighed. She liked causing me pain and I’d like to cause her some pain at this moment. But she could get away with any jabs at me while I couldn’t. Sort of sucked to be me at the moment.

“What are the movements on the ground like?” Star asked.

“Nothing threatening.” Katherine replied. “No movements that would signal that they’ll be involved with our scouting mission later on.”

“That’s good.” I said and then noticed something strange on the radar.

Skynet wasn’t human and could move ahead of what us humans were capable of. Luckily that had proved not to be such a big advantage in the war so humans could still have victories. One thing Skynet had done was tamper with how radar saw their different Terminators. Depending how important a Terminator was, such as one going to infiltrate a Resistance base would have higher priority over one fighting in the battlefield, they could get it so that radar would pick them up as something else.

Luckily the Resistance had a decent percentage of spotting when this trick was being used. From the radar reading it seemed like Skynet was trying this trick again.

“Katherine, John mention to you any other Resistance choppers being in the area?” I asked.

“No,” Katherine said. “Wouldn’t he have mentioned something to you?”

“We have a friendship, not a relationship. Besides, sometimes a leader has to hide facts to get a victory.” I paused a moment. “Star and Barnes, get prepared for some action. Shit is about to hit the fan.”

I watched where the ‘Resistance’ choppers were and turned just as the first shot was fired.

“Get ready to shoot back!” I shouted and tried to get in a good position for Katherine.

But she was pregnant and getting a good shot was hard. I wasn’t going to be the one to have John lose his children. However, I still had to make sure we all didn’t die.

I spent a few minutes just dodging and cursing the fact that this was just supposed to be a simple mission. Katherine wasn’t supposed to be in danger and if something happened John would kill me.

Thoughts of John killing me were cut short as Katherine was finally able to get a shot out, but that victory was cut short when Skynet’s HKs finally landed some hits on the chopper. Due to me having to dodge, Katherine wasn’t able to land another hit.

Then I dodged some more, Skynet shot the chopper down, and darkness.

I opened my eyes slowly and the sight of burning wreckage greeted me.

“Katherine!” I shouted as I looked at her.

I quickly pulled her away from the wreckage and tried not to look at the metal that was now showing through my burnt skin.

“Star! Barnes!” I yelled, but there was no reply.

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Vesnali in the Cash Shop

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Vesnali is fresh in the air on Subeta and the Cash Shop is celebrating it.

Besides brand new items for this month including these:
There are also some old items that are being sold again. Best part is items like these:
Are 25% off until May 4, 2014 at which time they will be re-retired.

Hope everyone is having a great Vesnali so far!

Sayings Sundays (April 20, 2014)

I love the tv series Hannibal. It is my favorite show airing right now and more than deserves to run its intended number of seasons. The main character is Will Graham. I have talked about the series in a previous Sayings Sundays so I won't waste your time now.

I chose this quote from the show because it reminded me of Bruce Banner/The Hulk. Yeah, that's really the sole reason I decided to make this graphic.

Plus I don't like therapists either.

Here is yet another song that I have become obsessed with. I randomly found it and have grown to love it.

The theme of the song is basically renewal. Something bad has happened and the narrator is coming clean.

For this week, I have related it to Will Graham as in the current season of the show he is going through a period of renewal. He is going through a period of finding out who he really is and that's not easy. Especially when you have to watch out for a cannibal and making sure the cannibal is finally put in his place.

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Vesnali 2014 Begins

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Today is Easter. I'm not a Catholic, or any form of Christian, and so I don't celebrate Jesus rising from the dead. Since, you know, I don't believe Jesus was the son of God or that he rose from the dead.

HOWEVER, even if you aren't a Christian there are still delicious chocolate bunnies and other delicious chocolate things to eat. After I'm done writing this blog post I'm going to get some more ham because it's to die for.

On Subeta there is an event called Vensali that happens around Easter time. For it you find flowers that appear randomly when you go around the site, click on the flower, visit someone's profile, give them a flower, you get a coin, and then you spend it in Esther's Shop to buy stuff with the coins.

So have fun this Vensali!

Mean Green Shagging Machine 8

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's a The Avengers/Aliens fanfic
-It's a Bruce Banner/The Hulk fanfic

You can read it HERE

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Derek and Kyle Reese

Terminator: The Sarah Chronicles expanded on Kyle Reese's family tree. Now I admit this is a little strange that Derek (Kyle's older brother) was never mentioned and so comes out of nowhere. It's just like: Hi, I'm here!

But the character more than makes up for that fact. Derek is interesting and seeing him struggle with being in the present and having lost his brother provides interesting sub-plots is good story telling.

The big thing with Derek is that he has a strong connection to his brother. Hell, one of the reasons he decided to go back in time was to make sure his brother didn't die. That takes some strength to leave the world you know behind for something unknown.
I really think I love strong family bonds in fiction because I never felt I had a strong family bond with any of my family, really. So when I see a story where a sibling goes through a lot to rescue another sibling it is really nice to behold.

Kyle is the more pure of the brothers. He's the one that Derek looks after. Sarah Connor even remarks that even when Kyle got angry he still had some brightness to his eyes.

However, Derek is at the opposite end of the spectrum and it's probably one of the big reasons why I prefer him. He can go dark and is the more protective of the pair. He feels like it is his duty to look after Kyle.

I really wish that we got to see more of Kyle and Derek working together at brothers. All we have to go on about the brothers' relationship is flashbacks from Derek and what Derek said about Kyle. What if the reality was different? What if their relationship was strained? What if...

Hell, a Season 3 would've given us answers since John Connor and Catherine Weaver traveled to the future. The cancellation of TSCC robbed me of more Kyle/Derek moments!

Tobias and Me 5

Cat just looked at me for a few minutes and I felt ashamed. I should’ve told her what I was. I didn’t want her to find out what I was this way. But there was no right way to show her what I was.

However, having a Hork-Bajir transform into a red-tailed hawk was probably up there on the worst ways to tell someone.

I’m Tobias. I said, not wanting to say my last name. I didn’t want these aliens to find out.

“Who are you?” Cat asked.

I need a little bit to explain that to you. Maybe over food? I’m starving myself. I said and was wondering why I was suddenly embarrassed about her misinterpreting that as an invitation to a date.

“Yeah,” She replied. “The Skrit Na didn’t give me much in the way of food.”

So...what do we call you? I asked the strange cat creatures.

“Vetors.” One of the creatures said. It seemed to take a lot of time for him, or her, to say the word. Not because it was hard to pronounce but because he seemed afraid of me.

That’s your species? I asked.

The Vetor nodded in reply.

Some of the Vetors then got a piece of a log for me to perch on and brought out food. They brought me uncooked meat of one of the native animals while Cat got cooked meat. Though it was on the rare side. The very rare side. Hopefully it didn’t make her sick, although I was planning to give her the morphing ability so that shouldn’t matter.

Though me and the other Animorphs had found some morphing problems and now would not be the time to find another one. Back on Earth there was Ax to explain things, here I would be helpless to help Cat.

“So, who are you?” Cat asked as she took a bite into the strange meat.

I am…was a human called Tobias. I stayed over the two hour morphing limit. Morphing is how I became a Hork-Bajir. It allows me to turn into anything I touch. I said as I swallowed a piece of the meat.

“How can you get your morphing ability back if you stay over the…time limit?”

The Ellimist. I said simply and the Vetors that were around us bowed their heads in respect. Though I wouldn’t recommend making deals with that guy. My friends and I use the morphing ability to fight off the Yeerk invasion of Earth. It’s our only weapon.

“How old are you and your friends?”

We’re teenagers.


Yeah. And since a quick ride home on the Bug fighter isn’t an option and now you might be far away from home for awhile…I’m thinking of giving you the same ability as me.

Cat just stared at me. It took her a moment to swallow the meat. I could understand how afraid she was. Hell, when I met my Dad and was granted the ability to morph I was scared. Finding out something life changing like the fact that we aren’t alone and only you can stop the Yeerks is shocking even for an adult.

I don’t want you to think you need to join the fight. I finally said. But to survive out here you might need to be something more than human.

“More than human?” Cat asked. “Just like that you’re asking me-“

To have a better chance of making it back to Earth alive. I’ve seen a lot of shit, Cat. I’ve seen omnipotent beings and I’ve seen such horrors that…I can’t allow you to die with no way to fight back. I can’t do that. I’m not that kind of person.

“But when I’m back on Earth-“

You can go your own way and not tell the Yeerks about me and my friends. Also, not getting captured would help.

Cat then focused on eating. She focused on eating and I allowed her to. I had told her about what I was, at least some of the story, and the fact that if she went back to Earth she would know about Controllers. Even living life as a hawk, Controllers freaked me out. The fact that anyone could be infested by a Yeerk scared the crap out of me.

“But I don’t have to fight?” She finally asked.

No, I replied. You’re under no obligation to join the fight.

“But what if I want to?”

I’m sure Jake, my leader, would let you in. I said. If I say you’re trustworthy I think he’ll believe me.

“I’ll do it.” Cat said after pausing a moment.

Let’s finish eating first. I said and we did so.

As I ate I became more afraid. It wasn’t that I thought she was going to be another David, but I was still going to be giving her both a blessing and a curse. What if she ended up like me. A nothlit. I highly doubted that the Ellimist would grant Cat her ability to morph back if she stayed over the morphing limit. If he did that for every nothlit, the term most likely wouldn’t mean what it does now.

After we finished eating the Vetors left us in peace, though I could tell they were still watching us. I didn’t blame them, we were an alien species that were friends at the moment. But that could change and they had to be prepared for that.

I focused on my human morph. The morph that had been who I was before I became trapped. Now I was a combination of a bird plus a boy and I didn’t know which one I was more of at times. As I demorphed I became taller and my human skin and morphing suit took precedence over actual human features.

As my wings disappeared I became nearly as nervous as when my talons changed into toes. My eyesight weakened and the last thing to come into being was my mouth.

“Hi.” I said to Cat.

Her face was a mixture of scared and interested. I didn’t blame her as I wasn’t an estreen and couldn’t make morphing look good if I wanted too. That was Cassie’s thing, really.

“Oh, the cube.” I said after a few minutes of us looking at each other.

I took the cube from beneath my morphing outfit and held it out on my palm, inviting her to touch it.

“So do you always travel with that around?” Cat asked.

“No. I was mediating with it before…I had a confrontation with some Yeerks. I managed to hide it before the attack with the Yeerks really began. When I was following the Skrit Na I put it in a better position.” I explained.

“What positing was it in before?”

“Er…one that was uncomfortable.”

“So what do I have to do?”

“Just touch the cube and concentrate.”

As she reached to touch the blue box she looked up at me. I wished her eyes weren’t so trusting. It was like she expected me to know what to do when really I was just guessing. When Cat touched the box a smile formed on her face and then she backed away. I put it back where it had been before.

“I’m sorry about lying what I was.” I said, a blush forming on my cheeks now that I was human.

“Well at least you were bad at it.” She replied and I was silent. “Oh, come on, it was like you weren’t even trying. Of course I guessed that you were human."