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Why Daenerys Shouldn't Marry Yara Greyjoy in the Final Two Seasons of Game of Thrones

Okay, let's get it out of the way that I'm not anti-LGBTQ+ or against non-straight characters being in fiction. I am going to discuss this purely as how this relates to the plot of the show and not the overall need for more LGBTQ+ representation in fiction. Basically any and all representation needs to be good representation and not just done to fulfill a quota.

So onto what this post is about...Daenerys Targaryen and Yara Greyjoy had a more than friendly meeting near the end of Season 6 of Game of Thrones. There seemed to be energy in the air and some people started crying for them to become a canon couple. Those that didn't want this to happen were immediately called out as homophobic.

My point of this post is to show how a pro-LGBTQ+ person can be against this couple being canon.
Daenerys and Yara's Scene in Season 6

While the majority of this article will talk about why they won't work, to say that I didn't start shipping them after this scene is a lie. You can be against a ship being canon while still loving it and writing fanfictions with the ship in it. Fanfiction is so popular because us fans can write our dreams.

I started shipping them during this scene because Daenerys and Yara had great chemistry with each other. You didn't have to probe deep at all before you saw there might be something else going on. Yara even jokes at one point about marrying Daenerys. The looks they give each other seem to signal that both would be okay with that sort of relationship.
One of the things that makes Yara and Daenerys a good match is that they have had a similar past. Both of their fathers have not been the best of rulers, and that's putting it mildly for the guy who wanted to blow up King's Landing with wildfire, and they are both seeking to rule as queens where the position of ruler has been bestowed upon only men.

Yara and Daenerys having a similar past and want of the future means that their goals would remain the same. Similar goals give a good indication that they would remain together for years to come.
So, in short, the scene between Daenerys and Yara was full of sexual tension. It was as intimate as a sex scene without any actual coitus going on.

Now you may be wondering if I loved the thought of them being together so much why don't I think that they should be together canonically...
Daenerys is Now Seeking a Political Marriage

The next marriage Daenerys will get into will be one for political reasons. She is well aware that part of her power comes from the fact that she is single and ready to mingle. She lives in a world where being free romantically opens up more opportunities. Marrying the right Lord could help to solidify her reign on the Iron Throne.

She dumped Daario so that she would be able to use the weapon of political marriage upon getting to Westeros. Though I do believe she never really loved him in the first place and 'political marriage' was just an excuse.
Jon Snow makes the most sense for a political marriage. He was born a bastard and grew up to have the support of people to rise to the position of King of the North. He gives Daenerys the ability to connect North and South as well as getting the support of the people.

The only problem is, of course, he is her nephew. While incest isn't uncommon to House Targaryen, Daenerys seeks to break the wheel so might not want to follow in that particular tradition. However, if there was no one better than Jon she would choose him.
Yara Greyjoy doesn't offer as good of benefits as Jon Snow. I don't know if two queens ruled the Iron Throne how getting an heir would work. In other words, if the father would merely be a sperm donor or if he would also have some power. So I won't comment on that part.

House Greyjoy can't help with the divide between the North and South of Westeros. While Yara is a strong woman, she hasn't won over the hearts of people like Jon has. If they showcase why a political marriage with House Greyjoy would be beneficial in Season 7, I'll have to rethink this part.
Yara and Daenerys Don't Have a Deep History Together

I will repeat again that Yara and Daenerys had some really steamy chemistry in their scene. It wouldn't be more obvious that they were thinking if banging each other if a giant neon sign came down informing the viewers of that fact.

But great chemistry does not equal a deep history. One moment doesn't mean they know each other nor that Daenerys will be willing to forgo a political marriage to be with Yara. It's only one moment and one scene.
With only one scene together, Daenerys and Yara haven't had time to go through the good and bad of a relationship. They haven't had the chance to go through good times, bad times, and ugly times together. The only one on Daenerys' marriage radar that she has a deep history with is Jorah Mormont.

Jorah and Daenerys had good times together with a deepening relationship. They had bad times together with Daenerys learning that Jorah was spying on her when they first met. Jorah did everything for her, even forgiving her for exiling him and therefore damning him to grey scale, and she can't see herself ruling without him by her side.

Yara does not have that deep of a history with Daenerys as they just met.
If Daenerys and Yara had a longer time together I could see a marriage between the two. With a deep bond formed between the two, the Targaryen could forgo a wise political marriage in favor of one born of love. A love that had time to be tested and deepened to the point of being unbreakable.

I'm not against the two getting together, but the show hasn't given them enough time. At this point in the show Daenerys is looking even more at the Iron Throne than before. This means she'll be making more cold and calculated decisions about marriage.
If I did think that it made sense for Yara and Daenerys to be married in canon, I would say there was precedent in this decision. Throughout Daenerys' journey from a simple girl to a powerful ruler, she has sought to break traditions.

In speaking to Yara, Daenerys brings up that it is their duty to leave the world a better place. It is their duty to change traditions that are more harmful than good. She has even said that she wishes to break the wheel.

So marrying Yara would be breaking tradition. It would be breaking the wheel. It would make sense for Daenerys' character.

This is all under the assumption that a same-sex marriage hasn't happened in Westeros before and/or isn't common.
Yara and Daenerys Could Hook Up

Throughout this article I've been acting like marriage is the only option. But it isn't and I'm well aware of that. I'm wondering if some of you have been shouting about the option of them hooking up. A hook up doesn't involve politics or a deep history together, all it involves is great chemistry. And if the hook up becomes something more, it involves a starting point for a deep relationship.

If marriage is off the table, what do I think about Yara and Daenerys hooking up for a short time?
When Daenerys ended things with Daario, she made a statement that indicated she would not take up mistresses. Since she wouldn't be having any action on the side and didn't want to marry Daario for a political marriage, she ended up letting him go.

But what if her statements to him were a lie? What if it isn't that she is against mistresses but just didn't want to sleep with Daario anymore? What if she had grown bored with the man?

So she would still be up for a mistress like, say, Yara.
While Daenerys and Yara hooking up makes sense, I still don't think the pairing should be canon. The Mother of Dragons has come a long way from where she started and a hookup with Yara now would set her character back a few paces.

Next season should only have Daenerys looking for marriages/relationships pertaining to retaking the Iron Throne. She is finally headed to Westeros and she has her eyes set on taking back her birthright. With her mind so focused it would be odd if she decided to take a detour.
Please leave a comment about your feelings on Daenerys Targaryen and Yara Greyjoy getting together on Game of Thrones. Also comment below to suggest future posts for this blog.




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