Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pokemon Go Adventures Day 3

I, like the majority of people out there, have fallen in love with Pokemon Go. It has gotten me out of the house and I'm a little more active because of it. As longer projects take longer and the deluge of my Game of Thrones/Resident Evil fanfic may be getting to some people, I'll be recording my Pokemon Go Adventures to spice up this blog a little bit.

These 'adventures' are when I go out for a long walk to Pokestops and other random places. 'Adventures' are not me opening Pokemon Go now and again to see if I can catch Pokemon in my house.

I'm unsure of how long I'll be doing this so if you are interested in more Pokemon Go Journal entries please tell me.
Today I wasn't as intense with my pre-Adventure routine. Not because I felt one hundred percent but because Dad was home when I was about to go. For those of my blog readers that do not yet know the epic tales told about him, he could've delayed me for a little bit if I allowed him to speak.

We did have a shortened conversation that we later continued when I returned home. So my plan was half-way effective.

As I started my adventure for today I stopped to talk to a neighbor. He asked if I played chess and we talked about Pokemon Go. I explained the basics to him and he seemed somewhat interested. Doubt he'll start playing but glad at least he didn't act like I was insane.

He also invited me over if I ever wanted to visit.
Good news was that it didn't rain on my adventure. Good news was that I was able to get to the gym. Bad news was that it was extremely hot. I probably could've cooked some eggs on the sidewalk kind of hot. I got to encounter the full force of the demon sun today! first stop was a PokeStop. I got some goodies to help better prepare myself for today's adventure. A few extra PokeBalls have never hurt anyone.

The trek to the gym and second PokeStop wasn't too long but it was still a little workout made harder by the fact that it was hot outside. Did I mention it was really hot outside yet? Because it was.

There weren't many Pokemon on my small little trek. However, I still managed to make some headway in hatching the two eggs I have in incubators.

When I finally made my way to the gym the lag was horrible. It took about ten to fifty times of hitting the button to start the fight before anything happened. Then when the next screen came up neither Pokemon appeared and the gym didn't fully load.

So my reason for making that journey was made moot. Though going to a second PokeStop didn't hurt.
After the failed try at the gym I went back to the first PokeStop. I went both to get some items and to rest. The first PokeStop has AC and has a sign posted outside that Pokemon Go players are more than welcome. So I went in.

Walking back to the first PokeStop I was nearly falling asleep I was so exhausted. The heat really tired me out and I needed a break before making the short walk home. The place sells snacks and so I had a nice ice cream sandwich to help me cool down.

Since I had time to go over what I had gotten so far I decided to power up Rin (a Pidgeot) as I had gotten to Level 7. The higher level you are as a trainer the more you can level your Pokemon up. If you're wondering: yes, Rin is named after my OC from Between Two Worlds.

I also decided to name my Spearow Khaleesi (Game of Thrones reference as well as another OC from Between Two Worlds) so I would remember that I was making her one of my battle Pokemon. I only name Pokemon that I am going to work on making powerful.

When I finally got home I was utterly exhausted. Today was a good day and I don't know if I'll wait one or two more days until my next Pokemon Go Adventure.

Feel free to comment below with any questions or suggestions for me.




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