Thursday, June 30, 2011

Iron Man 2 (2010)

Title: Iron Man 2

Series: Iron Man

Based on the Comic Book Series: Iron Man

Director: Jon Favreau

Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Mickey Rourke, and Gwyneth Paltrow

Rated: PG-13

Released: 2010

Rating: 4/5

Oscars: Nominated for One

Basic Plot: Tony Stark/Iron Man is dying and has to deal with a new enemy.

Final Battle Scene
The final battle scene was exciting and quite a sight to see. The tension to get to Ivan Vanko was just building to a good level. But when Iron Man and War Machine get to fight Vanko it is over quickly. True, both of the heroes have to fight a good fight. But it seems to be over quickly. That is the only part of the Final Battle Scene that I didn’t like. That being said, it is really the most important thing to me in that scene.

Ivan Vanko/Whiplash as the Villain
That man was a great villain. He came complete with a history connecting himself to Iron Man, an interesting way of looking at things, and willing to do anything to get to Iron Man. This was a villain I could really get to telling that he meant business. The weapons he has (a pair of electric whips) are very fitting to his character.

Iron Man Dying
I knew that Iron Man wouldn’t die but it was interesting seeing how he reacted to it. The way he was defenseless to it made the storyline intriguing. Some things he did wrong but they were realistic. The only thing that made me want to scream during this point was that he should tell a friend. But, of course, that would take away from the tension of the situation.

Final Thoughts
This is a very fun movie to watch and it is done well. The characters are very interesting to follow through. There wasn’t one character that I felt was getting on my nerves too much. I haven’t seen the first movie so I don’t have to worry about comparing the two.

Hot and Humid Outside (jashycam 22)

I recount how I rode the bus system and had to walk in hot and humid weather.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Terminator (Part 2)

The Terminator is an iconic character and with good reason.

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Summer in Centropolis Contest 2011 Part 1

A brand new contest on Subeta has started!

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Pushing Religion on Me (jashycam 21)

Talking about your religion to me is fine. Pushing your religion on me is a totally different matter.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What TV show character do you relate to the most?

Derek Reese from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles because he is really given a lot of crap and goes through hardships. Also Peter Bishop from Fringe because I feel like I'm from somewhere else and have issues with my Dad.

Ask me anything

2013 is the End (jashycam 20)

The Host (by Stephenie Meyer) is being made into a movie. Here is my reaction to the news.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Green Lantern (2011)

I am not too familiar with the Green Lantern series. I do know a little, but not a lot.

Title: Green Lantern

Partly Based on the Comic Book: Green Lantern: Secret Origin

Writer of Comic Book: Geoff Johns

Artist of the Comic Book: Ivan Reis

Director: Martin Campbell

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, and Peter Sarsgaard

Rated: PG-13

Released: 2011

Rating: 3/5

Oscars: N/A

Basic Plot: Hal Jordan is chosen to be a Green Lantern as Parallax is released from his prison.

Costume and Fight Scenes
In the trailer the movie was made to be very action filled. And while there are some good fight scenes they are very few and far between. I didn't mind this as I was caught up with the characters (and the fact is that I can stand slow movies as long as what I'm seeing is interesting). As for the suit: I didn't mind it. I actually liked the look of it. The only problem I had with it was the mask. I don't know why, but that mask was annoying.

Overall Look of the Movie
I didn't mind the look of the movie. It had a very comic book feel to it and that fit. The Green Lantern planet seemed alien as it should be. The aliens shown were very interesting to look at. The effects when the Green Lanterns used their powers was interesting to look at.

I liked him as a villain. Fear, his weapon, is a very powerful force indeed. I liked that when Sinestro's team attacked Parallax they were destroyed and Sinestro realized that everyone (no matter how brave they appear) has fear. The end battle with Parallax I felt wasn't very good. It was somewhat exciting but it just wasn't a good end battle scene.

Final Thoughts
This is a decent movie. It is not a great movie but it is enjoyable. The movie doesn't look as big of a budget as it should. But I didn't mind that aspect. There were some plot holes that bugged me (and a few times I had to be calmed down). Overall, though, I enjoyed it.

Unpopular Opinions (jashycam 19)

I do not claim to go for the popular opinions. Should I be looked down because of that?

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly Update: 6/26/2011

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Top 5 Posts This Week:

5: Falling Skies: Alien Invasion and More (jashycam 15)
One of my daily vlogs gets into the top 5 spot? I guess it's because of the new TV show. I suggest you check out.
Views: 8

4: Team Fortress 2: Now Free to Play
Another blog post about a subject that I'm not too familiar about.
Views: 11

3: Reading Drive 2011 Part 2
Its second week at number 3 in a row.
Views: 11

2: Amber Portwood: Teen Mom Tries to Commit Suicide
This week this blog post moves down a spot.
Views: 24

1: Q&A: S&N 1
Yes, this is another Q&A. I suggest you check it out.
Views: 31

Friday, June 24, 2011

Public Enemies (2009)

I don't really care about historical films (usually). But a film with Christian Bale and Johnny Depp I just had to check out.

Title: Public Enemies

Adaptation of the Book: Public Enemies: America's Greatest Crime Wave and the Birth of the FBI, 1933-34

Book By: Bryan Burrough

Director: Michael Mann

Starring: Christian Bale, Johnny Depp, and James Russo

Rated: R

Released: 2009

Rating: 4/5

Oscars: 0

Basic Plot: John Dillinger robs banks and attempts to evade the police.

Historical Accuracy
I am not big into bank robbers and hadn't heard about John Dillinger until this film came out. Whether or not this film is historically accurate, it is a very entertaining film. While it is good for a historical film to be correct I have since given up faith for them to be historically accurate. Indeed I found some inaccuracies (on imdb) that made the film flow better.

That Woman From Inception
Marion Cotillard is in this movie as Dillinger's love interest. I first remember seeing her in Inception (2010). In this movie her looks are similar to those she had in Inception. How do I feel about her being the love interest? She plays it very well and I enjoyed her in this film.

John Dillinger's Death
I love this scene. This scene really starts when he's in the movie theater and you see Dillinger's reaction to the film he is watching. To me he seemed to draw connections between the film within a film to what his life is like. The slow-mo during his actual death adds to the dark feel of the film. A very good death scene and mostly true to life.

Final Thoughts
If you are looking for a good movie this is the one. It has action, car chases, romance, and has some historical merits to it. I like Christian Bale and Johnny Depp (though I never found the sexual appeal of Depp) so I enjoyed them in the film.

Extras 11

Some footage from unused clips, bloopers, and behind the scenes stuff.

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Unwrapping the Bunny (jashycam 18)

A chocolate bunny has been in my fridge since Easter 2011. Now I will unwrap it!

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Team Fortress 2: Now Free to Play

I have never played Team Fortress 2 (or the first one in the series) and so haven't really kept up with the news about it. Well, until today.

It has just been announced that Valve has made Team Fortress 2 free to play. How is Valve going to make money from the game if you don't have to pay to play? The in-game store is going to be the one source of Valve being paid for the game.

On one hand this is a good thing (as it's always nice for a game to be free). But, on the other hand, how will this hold up through time? Will the items released in the shop be the only way to play the game well?

Only time will tell and I hope, for all those that play Team Fortress 2, that things work out for them.

The Terminator (Part 1)

I begin my review of The Terminator (1984) remembering about my first time watching the movie and then I talk about the plot of the film.

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Ezria and Jackie (jashycam 17)

I talk about Ezra and Aria's relationship in the Pretty Little Liar episode "The Goodbye Look".

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Footloose Remake

Yes, Footloose is going to be remade. How far along are they in this process? How can I put this...they have a trailer out.

aka the remake of Footloose is going to be done.

I haven't seen the original but heard it's supposed to be cheesey. Why did they remake it? I am assuming that since the original one is remembered fondly, by some, that they decided to make money by remaking it.

Movie making is a business so this makes sense. I'm not in love with the original (having never seen it), so I'm not too close to the situation.

Q&A: S&N 1

I discuss why I named my series S&N, explain about The Net, and other things related to S&N: The Change.

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My Response to Suburban Knights Trailers (jashycam 16)

Suburban Knights is coming to TGWTG soon! Here is my reaction to the trailers.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Scientology Music Video

Scientology is a cult that is dangerous (and also referenced in the game series Dead Space). Recently there has been a video brought up on YouTube about it.

Specifically a music video. This is a very cheesey music video and would be funny if not for the fact that Scientology is actually real and not kind. The video below does have annotations so you can find some facts out about what Scientology really is.

Falling Skies: Alien Invasion and More (jashycam 15)

Is Falling Skies a good show? I don't discuss that but the merits of its alien invasion and post apocalyptic world.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Roger Ebert: A Tweet Too Soon

I am not all familiar with the Jackass series, so when I heard that Ryan Dunn died I didn't have much context. However, he is a human being and deserves respect when he hasn't even been dead a full day. It doesn't matter that he died in a car crash after drinking. What matters was that he is a human being that died.

Roger Ebert disagrees with me since he posted (soon after Dunn was dead) that "Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive".

Now I do admit drunk driving is not good and that Ebert does have a point. However, it was too soon after Dunn had died. Let the people who need to grieve, grieve for a little bit then let your distaste out.

I'll Be Back (jashycam 14)

I talk about what I'm going to do this week and a brief talk about the new tv series Falling Skies.

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Extras (Part 10)

An Alternate take, behind the scenes, and bloopers! Also: No banana!

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekly Update: 6/19/2011

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Top 5 Posts This Week:

5: CIA Taken by Lulzsec
I found this story to be interesting. I still think that it is scary that hackers can get into such secure places.
Views: 4

4: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)
Why is it that movies that get Oscars are usually scored low by me?
Views: 5

3: Reading Drive 2011 Part 2
Yes, I did post this on the Subeta Facebook page.
Views: 7

2: Wii Fit Plus: Warrior Pose
This is a video that was done months ago. I really should really get into doing this review series again.
Views: 9

1: Amber Portwood: Teen Mom Tries to Commit Suicide
Now this is a blogpost that I didn't post anywhere but my fanpage and facebook profile. Usually when I get this many views I post it to at least one other place.
Views: 42

Jurassic Park 4: Just Don't

The first time I heard about a fourth Jurassic Park movie was tonight with some friends. One friend said that it couldn't happen because Michael Crichton is dead and so the people in charge (like Steven Spielberg) can't get the rights. It was then pointed out that Jurassic Park III was not based on any of the books by Michael Crichton (of which there are only two in the Jurassic Park series and he doesn't like to do sequels).

What did I think of this sequel happening? I hated the idea and still do.

Jurassic Park was a good movie and Jurassic Park: The Lost World was pretty good too. However, Jurassic Park III just stunk. Sure it had some cool dinosaurs but it just didn't work. Mind you I'm not comparing it to the other two films. It didn't work on its own.

I hope that Jurassic Park 4 (which may be a remake or a reboot depending on what the powers that be say) does not come into existence. Jurassic Park is a good series (except the third installment) and it should just be left to die in peace. However, I doubt this will happen as Jurassic Park is popular.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Reading Drive 2011 Part 2

The Reading Drive is now over and I am lazy.

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Plot Hole: Ezra's Diploma (jashycam 13)

I love Pretty Little Liars, but there was a mistake in It's Alive.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rebecca Black, Friday, and YouTube

You know those songs that you hate but are addicted to? You listen to them, your ears bleed, and then you show them to a friend? That's what Rebecca Black's song "Friday" is like.

Everyone is singing it and every Friday there are some "Friday" jokes. In fact, other days of the week aren't safe as there is a Tuesday version of it too.

Recently YouTube removed it. The company that made Black's song was asking for money (yeah, right, money for that song?) for people to listen to the song.

Fear not, viewers, as the "Friday" rage will still go on strong (as I've found a video of it uploaded by another YouTube user)!

Banning Movies

There are disturbing movies but should they be banned?

If that version does not work, try this version:

jashycam 12

What's something bad that can happen when people read what you write? When someone mistakes your character's gender.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CIA Taken by Lulzsec

I am of the opinion that the USA government isn't as secure as it wants its citizens to think it is. However, I am still disturbed when that is confirmed.

The CIA website has been hacked by the group known as Lulzsec. A group of anonymous people on the internet were able to hack into a government's website. I, I don't want to repeat that. Plus you can just reread it anyways so what's the point?

The CIA isn't just your average Joe, it's an organization with confidential information. Information that affects the security of the USA. If the wrong information is leaked it could make protecting our security hard indeed.

So, CIA, hope things work out and that the USA isn't endangered because of this.

The Host Rant (Part 15)

I talk about the Fireworld Discussion as read in The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Amber Portwood: Teen Mom Tries to Commit Suicide

Yes, the Teen Mom star Amber Portwood star tried to commit suicide. The mother of Gary Shirley made the call. Amber is not injured.

I am confused about this. She tried to commit suicide and wasn't injured? I have read that she was depressed and so Gary Shirley's mother made the call.

I am someone who is clinically depressed so I hope any suicidal feelings are washed away. I have read that she has other troubles and wouldn't be surprised if that part of her life is catching up with her.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

A cool concept is neat, but it needs to last throughout the entire movie.

Title: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Based on the Short Story by: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Director: David Fincher

Starring: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, and Tilda Swinton

Rated: PG-13

Released: 2008

Rating: 3/5

Oscars: 3

Basic Plot: Benjamin Button is born old and grows up into a baby.

The Concept
The concept for this movie is very neat. How would a person grow up old and die young? Besides getting to see this acted out on screen, there is symbolism for those that dig that sort of thing. To me, though, this movie's draw of a person growing up backwards doesn't last long. 30-40 minutes go on and then it loses its charm and this is a 2 hour and 30 minute movie (or a little longer). The slow pace does wear down on one (and this from someone who is mesmerized by 2001: A Space Odyssey all the way through) though there are scenes that make you feel decent for waiting.

When Benjamin has his first interaction with Daisy it's very clear that Daisy is his love interest. It's not very subtle which makes their first time together like a bright light shining in your face shouting that they're meant to be together forever. Benjamin does die in her arms, but they do go through some turmoil. Plus, both Daisy and Benjamin get love interests, besides each other, during the movie. So the movie does get some brownie points for that.

Benjamin's Adopted Mother
This woman is a very amusing part of the movie. She is the one to first accept Benjamin and keep him safe. If I had to pick a favorite person of the movie, it would be her. Her strength and faith are very comforting to watch on screen. Benjamin goes away for awhile and she always accepts him back in.

Final Thoughts
Cinema Snobs will really dig this movie as it's slow, drawn out, and has symbolism. Other people that were attracted by the concept only, don't bother watching it. Myself, I can tell the beauty of the film but it had the failings of not holding my interests for the entire movie and making me wonder if it was worth watching the entire movie.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rep. Michele Bachmann Announcement on CNN

Yes, Michele Bachmann is now running for president. She announced this on CNN earlier. How do I feel about this?

While I am not a Democrat or a Republican, the truth is I lean more to the left than the right. So I should hate a Republican running for President, right? Right?

I don't have any ill feelings about her now, but that's merely because I am not fully aware of her. I am not wanting her to be perfect, mind you, but I don't want a total klutz in the White House either.

I'll have to see how this goes and how much it is hyped up. The Democrats will have had the first black President and the Republicans might have the first woman President.

X2 (2003)

I dive into the X-Men movies after years of staying away from them.

Title: X2

Series: X-Men

Based on the Comic series started by: Stan Lee

Director: Bryan Singer

Starring: Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, and Halle Berry

Rated: PG-13

Released: 2003

Rating: 4/5

Basic Plot: An enemy has come that threatens all mutants. This leads the X-Men and Magneto's mutants to join as one team.

Many people love Nightcrawler in this movie. I must agree with them. While I don't love him in this movie, he is a very good character. The fact that he is religious doesn't take away from his good character (since he isn't one to shove a bible into your face or say you're wrong for not believing in God). He is also very amusing and I like the reason for his tattoos.

Jean Grey Foreshadowings
There are many instances of Jean Grey's future turn into the Phoenix in this movie. The fact that she suddenly gets increased abilities (that include her being able to explode bombs) and her eyes turn fiery indicates the coming change. I probably would've missed the foreshadowing if I didn't know that the Dark Phoenix Saga is dealt with in X3: The Last Stand.

Lady Deathstrike
I must admit she is sexy and cool. There are hints throughout the movie that she isn't all she seems to be. The constant knuckle cracking indicates she is a female Wolverine. I would complain it's a cheap trick to take a male character and make him have a female version, but I don't care in Lady Deathstrike's case. I realized early on that the sound she was making was too loud to be normal. She was one of my favorite characters in this movie, nevermind that she hardly (if ever) speaks.

Final Thoughts
This is a highly enjoyable film. It is, in short: Kick ass. Iceman's coming out to his parents draws a clear parallel to a gay coming out (one of the lines being: Have you ever tried not being a mutant?). While there is a connection with mutants being treated like gays (and that is very good and thoughtful) the action also holds up really well. In fact, if the action wasn't done as well as it was, the movie would've suffered.

Extras (Part 9)

Bloopers, behind the scenes, and vlogs!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Weekly Update: 6/11/2011

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Top 5 Posts This Week:

5: S&N: The Change 5
This chapter of S&N ends the section The Change with a bang!
Views: 3

4: Weiner Photo Lie Revealed
Of course I had to write something about Weiner.
Views: 5

3: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010)
It is a very Christian film but the action is sort of worth it. Those looking for a good movie adaptation of the book (which was very allegorical) should look elsewhere.
Views: 6

2: The Mechanic (2011)
Wow, this one wasn't written this week.
Views: 7

1: Q&A: The Green 3
Thanks to you all for showing interest in this Q&A! Hopefully the majority of you who watched it will go ahead and read the series The Green!
Views: 30

What's the most exciting thing that happened to you today?

I had coffee and then a glass of milk.

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Sushi, Sake, and Tanuki: Another Viewpoint 5

I looked over Katashi's body and knew what I had to do. It wouldn't be good for such a strong person to be eaten by the wolves and vultures. No, he should become one with this place. I shifted into a large, bulky form with shovel-like hands.

A few minutes of digging in the dirt and there was a sizable hole. It wasn't a perfect shape, but it would do. I shifted back into a human and dragged Katashi over to the hole. Katashi was thin, but he still felt heavy to me. This was probably due to me not being used to lifting a human in my human form.

As I was about to drop Katashi in the hole, I realized that he deserved a better sending off.

"Katashi, I hope that, if there is an afterlife, you are being rewarded in it." I said and pushed him down. When his body crashed into the bottom of the hole, I wished I was one that could give a big speech. But I wasn't. He deserved something good to send him off. Something better than my words.

"Katashi, out of respect for you, I am adding your name onto my own." I said to his body. "With this I will remember you long after everyone else has forgotten you."

I then shifted back into the form I had used to dig the hole so I could fill it back up. Afterwards, I shifted into an owl and flew away into the night. As I flew I thought about Katashi's most important message. The message about just having sex and not loving so that one could stay safe and not hurt.

I remembered Sajoki and thought about how horrible it would be if I had never loved her. At the same time, if I hadn't loved her I wouldn't hurt now. Did I really want this much hurt to be with me every time I found someone that looked good? No, no I didn't.

With that thought, I decided to follow on in Katashi's legacy.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fahrenheit 451 Is Not About Censorship

Sometimes people have ideas about a book that are just wrong. Usually those ideas are left to a small group of friends and are never used as the correct meaning of a book. However, there are a few that slip through the cracks.

One of the examples of this is Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. It is famously stated to be about the dangers of censorship. There is a truth that censorship does come into play here (with the firemen starting fires to burn books in this book's future).

However, this book is really about the dangers of technology. While the book does mention censorship numerous times, there is a greater fear of technology in the book and the author's life.

Notice how the wife wanting her fake life is of a very great importance. And the fact that the main character only escapes when he goes to a place of not so great technology (the escaped band of people who memorize books).

This fear of technology is very true to today's culture. Notice WoW or Second Life as examples of ways people escape into a fantasy realm.

Whether people being consumed with technology or censorship is the greater danger, the truth is that Fahrenheit 451 is about the dangers of being consumed by technology.

Q&A: The Green 3

Allow me to take you back into my series The Green. In this Q&A I answer why Philips "Plague" Noir was in the police station, talk about the plot of the series, and more!

If that link doesn't work, try this one:

Reading Drive 2011 Part 1

I take my first look at this little event on Subeta.

If that version doesn't work, try this version:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Grave Peril (Part 4)

I get ready to fix the rip in the space time continuum. I also rate the book The Dresden Files: Grave Peril by Jim Butcher.

If that version does not work, try this version:

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DASH Diet Is Not a Quick Fix

Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) has come up as the way to make young girls stay healthy and not gain weight. I have never heard of this diet before as I don't really pay attention to diets.

Reading up about this I found out that the diet was used to STOP HYPERTENSION in older adults. Somehow it's made its way to young girls. It seems that it works. Sort of.

Reading up I also found out that the girls who lost the most weight were also exercising more. I don't think food controls your movements (unlike alcohol) and that working out might make more of an effect than this diet.

That being said, the DASH Diet is ranked as the eighth most effective diet so there is probably some truth to its madness. But it doesn't come quick.

So those looking for a quick fix: Don't do this diet.

S&N: The Change 5

Much time had passed for me and I was changed. It had been three years since I had started to call myself a Machine. Three years of calling The Net my master and following their orders. I walked down the hallway and saw a technician pass by me. She was a human and unimportant. Maybe I'd find her important if The Net found her important.

I didn't think about what I was going to do because The Net would not like the idea. I thought the idea dangerous, but knew it was the only way to find happiness again.

When I went into the room the woman in there looked at me.

"M-4, you've taken your time." The woman said.

"Yes." I said because the situation didn't call for a full conversation.

I lay down on the table and the woman started to do her work. Within a few minutes energy was coursing through my circuits. I had only a few nanoseconds to do what I had found out by accident. The trick was to use those precious few seconds that were usually used to check Machine systems to, instead, reprogram myself.

Doing this quickly, and carefully, I felt something in me change. There was still The Net in me, but now it was in the back of my mind. The people of The Net would check the results and reprogram me back into a normal M-4. This could not happen.

I stood up and grabbed the woman by her neck. She was a mother but she was the enemy. After twisting her neck, I threw her against the wall. I walked out and attacked the next The Net worker to make sure I wasn't restrained. An M-1 set off an alarm and I knew I had little time to make an escape.

M-2s arrived and started firing. Even if they destroyed me, they knew I could be brought back. Maybe not as me, but that didn't matter to them. With my gun I fired and made some solid hits. I still had to dodge, though, since they were Machines and not humans.

I ran and came in contact with another M-4. This one had been a Karma agent and now was forced to fight on The Net's side. It paused and that gave me enough time to damage it.

The next hour was spent running around the base and fighting. M-4s, M-2s, and the occasional humans got in my way. The humans had decided to let their Machines fight while they hid in their corners. Finally I managed to get into the parking lot. Now to find a suitable vehicle.

After looking for a few seconds I found one. I hotwired the car and drove off with gunfire in the background. Now to go find Samara if she was still alive.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010)

Do Christian themes detract from a good story?

Title: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Series: The Chronicles of Narnia

Based on the Book and Series by: C.S. Lewis

Director: Michael Apted

Starring: Ben Barnes, Skandar Keynes, and Georgie Henley

Rated: PG

Released: 2010

Rating: 3.5/5

Basic Plot: Edmund Pevensie, Lucy Pevensie, and Eustace go to Narnia to go on an adventure.

Christian Themes
If you are a Christian, chances are that you have already seen this film. Probably on the promise that it's full of Christian themes. It's amazing Christians praise a movie with Christian themes while they demonize movies that have Atheist/Non-Christian themes. But are the Christian themes worth it for a Christian viewer? Yes. How about for a Non-Christian viewer? They are bearable and I didn't really mind the Christian themes. However, if you're really anti-Christian, not worth it to test your blood pressure.

The Allegory
I didn't really get the allegory when I read the book (which isn't helped by the fact that I don't really understand symbols). However, the movie differs so much from the book that it isn't really worth it to understand the symbols behind the story.

Eustace Becoming a Dragon
This is a pretty cool part of the movie. I am biased, though, because I love dragons. They are just awesome. Eustace's dragon form is a decent one. The two things that bother me about it is that Eustace seems to be sad about it and how Eustace is changed back into a human by Aslan. Say what you want, but the book version made it dramatic and meaningful. In the movie, however, it's barely touched on.

Final Thoughts
This movie will be good for the Christian crowd while providing some amusement to the non-Christian crowd. If you're expecting to turn someone to Christianity with this movie, don't bother. If the person does convert because of this movie, they're gullible. One final thing: Aslan is Jesus as he states near the end of this movie.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Weiner Photo Lie Revealed

Yes, this story has gotten more steam than I thought it deserved. And now it has reached its, hopefully, stunning conclusion.

Representative Weiner has come out and said that he sent the picture of his penis to six women. He is married and he sent the picture to young women. By Weiner's word he didn't know their ages. This doesn't bother me as much as he is married.

I still don't think this story deserves as much attention as it has gotten. Unfortunately, we might have a few more weeks to endure of this story.

Extras (Part 8)

Bloopers and can you see me now?

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekly Update: 6/4/2011

Sorry about the long wait from last time. Things held me up so I couldn't get this 'series' out more often. I am very sorry for the one or two that care.

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Top 5 Posts This Week:

5: Q&A: The Green
I am glad my Q&A about my series The Green is being shown some interest. I am still shocked that I forgot to mention Philips Noir in the Q&A.
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4: Gettysburg: History for Modern Audiences
I haven't yet watched the tv movie that this article mentions. This being the fact that I hardly watch tv.
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3: The Hangover Part II (2011)
I realize this is more of a defense than an actual review. I will try to be a little more objective next time.
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2: Octomon: Finally Some Sense
I just realized this has a typo in the title and the article itself.
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1: Do you live more in the past or the present?
What is up with formspring questions being in the Top 5?
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If you had your own country, what would you name it?


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Sushi, Sake, and Tanuki: Another Viewpoint 4

"You are a good hunter." Katashi said as he ate one of the rabbits that I had caught.

"It was my old job." I said, not wanting to think about that time. Though Sajoki had been alive back then and I had been happy.

"You want to talk about that time now? I assume that's where you met your woman friend you keep talking about."

"She was lovely and I killed her. She was about to get me killed so I had to do something."

"You were just doing what you had to do. You didn't like it though, did you?"

I shook my head and heard a sound. The sound wasn't even close to what was normally heard in the forest.

"I was wondering when he'd be sending the real killers to get me." Katashi said and stood up. I shifted from my human form into a dragon. This dragon form was white with four legs and no wings. I could still fly because I didn't need wings to do so.

I let a roar out as Hijunaki's soldiers came towards us. Some were flying creatures and some could only run on the ground. The running creatures were as big as deer and the flying creatures were as small as eagles. Katashi and I nodded at each other knowing this could be our last time together. He had been a good companion and I'd try and make sure there would be more time we could spend together.

I attacked one of the running creatures and found myself evenly matched with it. I tried to bite its neck but it was too well defended. In a few quick motions it had tossed me and had me hit into another running creature.

Without even a second to think, I attacked the second running creature. This one I managed to cut its stomach open and it fell down in pain. I took this time to try and find Katashi. Dodging another running creature I found Katashi being overtaken by the flying creatures. Deciding to help him and not save myself, I ran towards him.

Before I got too close, a few flying creatures came towards me. I swam-flew up into the sky and the flying creatures followed me. Their small but tough bodies were a sight to see. For a little while we fought each other and our blood mixed with each other's. There was a soft sound and the creatures all went away. Worried, I went down to try and find Katashi. After a few minutes I found him.

I flew down to Katashi and saw his mangled corpse. I shifted back into my human form and touched his body. It was missing pieces, but its hand was still grasping his weapon. This body didn't affect me like the ones I had killed had. However, it was still disappointing to have my companion dead.

When I finally turned away from Katashi's body, I saw an image of Hijunaki.

"You shouldn't be sad about Katashi's passing, Rig." He said angrily and hissed.

"Why not?" I asked. "He was a strong spirit."

"Yes, but he slept with the woman Yamaka who I had marked as my own." Hijunaki said and disappeared. I was left alone again with Katashi's body.


Diversity is something important to today's society. There are so many different types of people and ways of life that it is hard for me to pick out what's good and bad. I know people that are gay, bisexual, transgender, and have other orientations.

I would like to say that I am a defender, but I find myself backing away from some of these kinds of fights. Part of the problem is that I live with someone who thinks me being anything other than straight is something not to joke about.

I cannot wait until the day that people will be more accepting of each other. If that day doesn't come, at least have everyone have equal rights.

Friday, June 3, 2011


I talk about three types of sequels: Horrible, Average, and Exceptional. Note: After recording video and sound for this video I realize there should've been four types. This is because some may be above average sequels but not exceptional. May need to make a follow up making a fourth category.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Mechanic (2011)

I have not seen the original.

Title: The Mechanic

Director: Simon West

Starring: Jason Statham, Ben Foster, and Donald Sutherland

Rated: R

Released: 2011

Rating: 3/5

Basic Plot: Arthur Bishop (a mechanic/assassin) is set up and hunted. On this journey he takes the son of a man he killed as his apprentice.

The Real Plot
There was hardly a plot to it. What I listed as the Basic Plot is shifting through the movie. However, I wasn't watching the movie for its plot. I was aware, before I watched it, that its plot wasn't the main thing. If you're looking for a plot filled story, this movie is not for you.

The Death Scenes
Now here is the real reason for seeing this movie. Since Jason Statham plays an assassin, you know there are going to have to be some killings in this movie. And the deaths scenes were fun to watch. They are gory, cruel, and are what I wanted.

The only part that really disturbed me was when Steve McKenna (played by Ben Foster) had to kill his first guy. It ends up involving Steve seducing his victim. The fact his victim is a guy has nothing to do with me thinking the scene is disturbing. It's the fact that the guy is older and preys on younger men/boys. Luckily they don't end up having sex.

The Ending
The ending was one of the highlights of the movie. A shining moment that I didn't really like. However, the fact that it is surprising is a good thing. The fact that it seemed to come out of nowhere and ruined a deep ending makes me not really like it.

Final Thoughts
You having a party and need an action movie to get drunk to? Then this is the movie for you. It doesn't have a real plot and is full of action. That would make a horrible movie, but The Mechanic makes it work. I must remind you again that I was prepared for the movie turning out like this and so wasn't disappointed.

Leslie Nielsen Has an Awesome Tombstone

Now that is how you do a tombstone. None of this sadness, but actually celebrating a life. That is how you should go out. Or at least your tombstone. I am going to have to start deciding a more clever saying to go on my tombstone.

It also fits in with the fact that Leslie Nielsen is a comedian. So it's perfect for him.

On one hand it could be a fart joke or referring to Rest in Peace (though who really thinks it's referring to the latter).

This lovely tombstone can be found at Evergreen Cemetery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Grave Peril (Part 3)

I try and figure out how to use the necklace and I talk about the Nightmare/Kratos.

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Octomon: Finally Some Sense

Octomon's (whose real name is Nadya Suleman, which isn't nearly as catchy a name) doctor (Dr. Michael Kamrava) who impregnated her is getting his license revoked. Mind you he didn't just impregnate her with one kid but with eight.

Another option would've been to just to put him on probation, but the Medical Board found that wouldn't do much good.

Finally there is some sense in this! Finally a group of people are punishing those that brought this insanity on us. Maybe this means Octomon's time in the limelight is really coming to a close now.