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Pretty Little Liars "Scream for Me" Review

I review the Pretty Little Liars episode "Scream for Me" and scream about some of the scenes this episode.

New Beginnings and Second Chances 12

Fic Or Original: Fic

Fandom(s): Animorphs

Rating: T (as according to ffnet)

Characters In Chapter: Tobias, Rachel Berenson, Marco

Relationship(s):Tobias/Rachel/Marco, Tobias/Rachel, Tobias/Marco

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Strain "Gone Smooth" Review

I review The Strain episode "Gone Smooth" and am very happy that I'm not a guy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Love For Oatmeal

More Fangirling HERE
The Wishing Shrub wasn't as good as I was hoping, but Oatmeal is just adorable. During Peka-Boo you are able to write your worries to Oatmeal and then he eats them. This symbolically gets rid of them and helps many people feel better. Plus he just looks so adorable!

The Leftovers "Gladys" Review

I go over The Leftovers episode "Gladys" and wonder about what is up with the Guilty Remnants.

Falling Skies "Door Number Three" Review

I talk about the Falling Skies episode "Door Number Three" and hope for an evil Lexi.

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Inbetween: The Works of Crayak 9

Fic Or Original: Fic

Fandom(s): Animorphs and The Following

Rating: T (as according to ffnet)

Characters In Chapter: Jake Berenson, Ryan Hardy, Esplin 9466, and Joe Carroll (as Esplin's host)

Relationships: None

Animorphs Re-Read: #6 The Capture (Chapters 21-22)

 Chapter 21
As Temrash goes through his Fugue, the final hour of a Yeerk's life, Jake appears to be sad for the creature. This sort of makes me feel good as it's not only me who is feeling pity for this horrible Yeerk's death.

Now You See Me, Now I’m In You 8

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's an Animorphs/Now You See Me fanfic
-It's a Dylan Rhodes fanfic

You can read it HERE

Lucy (2014)

Title: Lucy

Director: Luc Besson

Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, and Min-sik Choi

Rated: R

Released: 2014

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Two Great Animorphs Covers

The Animorphs series is known by people as the books with the funny covers. Well...the people who haven't read the series and so don't know the utter heartbreak that is found within the many pages of the books. From Tobias nearly killing himself because he had let the hawk mind fully take over to finding out the truth about the genocidal killing Howlers, this is one dark series.

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Jash Talks: Fifty Shades and Fanfiction

Omar, myself, and our guest Neko talk about Fifty Shades of Grey, OCs in fanfiction, and characters in roleplaying among other things.

Pretty Little Liars "The Silence of E. Lamb" Review

Here is my much delayed vlog on the Pretty Little Liars episode "The Silence of E. Lamb".

New Beginnings and Second Chances 11

Fic Or Original: Fic

Fandom(s): Animorphs

Rating: T (as according to ffnet)

Characters In Chapter: Tobias, Rachel Berenson, Marco


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The Dresden Files: Skin Game (Jim Butcher)

Title: Skin Game

Series: The Dresden Files

Author: Jim Butcher

Released: 2014

Mysterious "Nightmare" Bioware Teaser Trailer Review

I will admit that I don't play a lot of video games. That's really because I don't have good control over both my hands. However, I do like to keep up with a good majority of video games news. Even if I can't play the games being talked about.

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Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) Trailer Review

The day has come that I was dreading: actual proof that this movie is going to come into existence by way of a trailer. Now I have nothing against fanfiction or erotica (I write both myself), but the fact is that Fifty Shades of Grey is poorly written fanfiction and yet is getting so much attention.

I checked it out since I wanted to see how really sex heavy it would be and was disappointed on that front. It was just...too plain in that department for all the outrage it was getting. Seriously, I can write more intense sex scenes without even trying.

And the fact is that every bit of tension is quickly resolved so you're never wondering what will happen. You're never worried because all problems are quickly resolved.

I've read the first two books of the trilogy and will, one day, read the third and final part of it.

Now onto the trailer itself...

And the trailer starts off with announcing it's a Global Trailer. It's telling you that you and the whole world are going to suffer.

Dakota Johnson seems a good fit for the part of Anastasia Steele, at least from what I see in the trailer, as she's supposed to be a very plain character. So plain that it's like she doesn't have a real character. Of course that's probably so the reader/viewer will have an easier time getting into her shoes.

The one good thing about Christian Grey in the trailer is the slow reveal that gives some suspense. But Jamie Dornan just...isn't sexy enough for the role. Grey is supposed to be this sex god and Dornan just doesn't do it for me.

Of course the creepy controlling/stalker part of Christian Grey is shown in the trailer. Why the hell is that supposed to be sexy?

Near the end of the trailer they go into the Red Room of Pain. The trailer ends on Anastasia having an orgasm.

I will end on a positive: loved the music for this trailer. Good job, Beyonce!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Difference Between Violence and Nudity in Censorship

I am against censorship and am well aware that lets in the bad as well as the good. However, I'm used to tv/movies having to follow guidelines to get a specific rating. With tv shows, the content needs to be a certain way or else the show won't be allowed to air at all. What really is really odd about the censorship over here in the USA, though, is what isn't allowed and what gets censored harder.

Gore/violence is easy to get by the censors but sex/nudity isn't. This is sort of disturbing as nudity is natural and we shouldn't be able to look at a human head being chopped off easier than a naked body. And consensual sex is a loving act and yet we are able to view violence easier than that.

What the hell is up with censors?

While I was on imdb prepping myself up for my vlog review of The Strain episode "The Box", I came across this debate. What baffled me was that people that are fine with the US' stanch on censorship were calling the other side perverted and that the other side had to be males.

It's just...I'm not asking for more nudity and sex on tv because I'm a pervert, but because being more okay with violence than something peaceful/natural is beyond disturbing. Hopefully, one day, the US can break away from this train of thought.

And as for me being a male: Nope, I'm not a male. I'm a female.

The Strain "The Box" Review

I look over the second episode of the show The Strain.

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Suck My Norples

-This is a Mature Story (if in content if not plot)
-It's an Animorphs fanfic
-It's a Tobias fanfic

You can read it HERE

Falling Skies "Mind Wars" Review

I review the Falling Skies episode "Mind Wars" and hope this is the rise of a new villain.

The Leftovers "B.J. and the A.C." Review

I go over The Leftovers episode "B.J. and the A.C.".

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A Brief Glance at the Cast of Terminator: Genesis

I admit I'm not looking forward to this movie. Rebooting the Terminator franchise is not what is needed to help the franchise out. A T5 that followed Terminator Salvation could have worked out the kinks in that movie.

However, I write for a Terminator fansite and so I haven't been able to push this as far from my mind until it comes to theaters as I wished.

Today I will talk about a few of the cast members that I'm familiar with. I hope all of those mentioned in this post do good performances even if they don't have that good of material to work with.
Matt Smith, most notable for playing the 11th Doctor on the BBC show Doctor Who, will be in Terminator: Genesis in a yet unnamed role. The 11th Doctor is my second favorite Doctor on Doctor Who, first being Christopher Eccleston's 9th Doctor, and I am excited to see him in a role that doesn't have anything to do with his former show. Well...except for the sci-fi and time travel parts that make up the Terminator Universe.
Emilia Clarke, whom I first saw as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, will be the new Sarah Connor. This is probably the casting choice I'm most pleased with. In Game of Thrones Clarke is able to evolve from an innocent woman into a deadly queen. That's the kind of character development Sarah Connor needs. In T1 Sarah is thrown into a whole new world and in T2 she becomes very much a part of something that used to be strange to her.
Jai Courtney, who was recently in A Good Day to Die Hard and Divergent, will be the new Kyle Reese. Does he look like Michael Biehn? It doesn't matter as Terminator: Genesis is a reboot of the franchise. In A Good Day to Die Hard his mission was to protect a man and he was a good guy. This screams Kyle Reese protecting Sarah Connor. Though the outcomes of both situations are very different. In Divergent he was a bad guy so I was unsure of what to think of him being the new Kyle Reese until I saw the latest Die Hard movie.
And the final cast member I will talk about needs no introduction as his name, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is enough. I have to say him being in the movie is the casting choice I like the least. It just feels too much of a fanservice push than anything else. It's like people think if there's no Arnold in a Terminator movie then no one will go see it. Hell, in Terminator Salvation the Arnold CGI crap was made so there would technically be Arnold in it.

Inbetween: The Works of Crayak 8

Fic Or Original: Fic

Fandom(s): Animorphs and The Following

Rating: T (as according to ffnet)

Characters In Chapter: Jake Berenson, Ryan Hardy, Esplin 9466, and Joe Carroll (as Esplin's host)

Relationships: None

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Sayings Sundays (July 20, 2014)

I have gotten into a new series that airs on HBO. This series didn't start revving up until the third episode which starred Christopher Eccleston in the main role of the episode. My Whovian readers should recognize him from his role as the 9th Doctor on Doctor Who.

The whole series, to me at least, focuses on how people react to an insane situation and so the characters come first. In the Pilot episode people were randomly taken away because...well, we don't know that right now. And, really, I'd be happy never knowing. I'd love it if it was just a random event and there was no explanation.

Eccleston's character, Matt Jamison, is looking up information about everyone who was taken. He is trying to show others that the people taken weren't all good people. So I chose a quote relating to that today. In it Matt explains why he is doing what he's doing even though people sometimes get physically violent to him because of it.

I've listened to "Taken by the Sea" numerous times and have come to the conclusion that it's my anthem for Marco/Tobias (non-canon ship from the Animorphs series by K.A.Applegate). I don't know if there's any ship I've had that I've come to the conclusion of their theme so easily.

I see this song as Post-War and being sung by Tobias. He's at the point where he's afraid to love again and yet he finds himself growing more in love with Marco with each passing moment. Those who have been following this blog know that I have a headcanon of him and Marco not seeing each other for awhile because of this fear (from both boys).

I would have had both characters in this graphic, but I don't have the ability to take things from two pictures and put them together at the moment.

The Wishing Shrub Fiasco

More Info HERE
When Peka-Boo first started I was excited for the Wishing Shrub. It seemed like a nice and kind idea. I decided to try and at least make my wishes reasonable as I knew other Subeta users would be the ones to grant them. In other words: I knew that it wasn't going to be an automated system that randomly decided to grant or not grant your wish.

True my first item wished might've been 3mil but that's nothing compared to what other people have been wishing for for the most part.

It's past the time of thinking that some users don't realize that actual people are granting wishes and so you can see the vast greed of people. A lot of people seem to think they deserve unbuyables or items costing past 40mil sP.

Why do they think this?

It could possibly be that they think they deserve extremely expensive items because they're special or some bullshit.

To try and combat people being greedy bastards and making it nearly impossible for others to grant wishes: the staff has made an achievement for getting five of your wishes granted as well as being able to revoke your wish if it hasn't been granted in two hours.

Of course the people that are most likely to revoke their wishes after two hours are probably also the same ones that aren't likely to make unreasonable requests.

I have gotten what I really wanted from the shrub (a 250 Credit Gift Card to advertise something on my blog, I'll be putting the billboard out after Peka-Boo) and will ask for cheap wishes to help the other wish granters out. I am also going to be looking for some of the cheaper wishes to grant.

I want to help people out, but I also don't want to go broke in doing so.

Let's Play Dead Space: Extraction (Part 38)

I finish up for the day after defeating a level.

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Let's Play Dead Space: Extraction (Parts 35-37)

I start a very long battle.

Let's Play Dead Space: Extraction (Parts 32-34)

I now have to figure out where to go while the threat of necromorphs is still there.

Shipping Confessions: Joan/Moriarty (Elementary)

Well we're sticking with Elementary as there's one other ship in the series that I'm really into. It makes it sad, then, that one of the characters in the ship only has four appearances in the show in total.

The ship is between Joan Watson and Jamie Moriarty. It took me until the second season to decide that I liked their personalities and not just how the pair of them looked together.

In the last Shipping Confessions I talked about Joan Watson so I'll talk about her first here.
Joan is a very resourceful woman who is able to deal with Sherlock Holmes. In the first season she is a big reason why Moriarty was captured. She is able to think in times of a crisis and help those too close to a situation.

While she might seem to many to be easily overlooked, she shouldn't be underestimated. While Sherlock seems to be the ultimate brains, she can go toe to toe with him. Hell, it wasn't for nothing that Sherlock chose her as his protege.

She is a very empathic person. Hence why she quit her job as a surgeon and ended up becoming a sober companion. She truly cares for people.
Jamie Moriarty is first introduced to us as Irene Adler and is only later revealed to be the master criminal. I will say that the twist of Irene just being an alias left a bad taste in my mouth, but I'm okay with it. However, how quickly Sherlock believed the lie when we met Moriarty in Season 1...still don't like it. Though he was in love and so there's a little bit of leniency there.

Moriarty herself is a very interesting character. It is shown that she is willing to do what is necessary to get something done.

Her decision to string Sherlock Holmes along was done because his mind was interesting to her.

As Moriarty told Sherlock:

"My first instinct was to kill you. Quietly-discreetly. But then, the more I learned about you, the more... curious I became. Here, at last, seemed to be a mind that rivaled my own, something too complicated and too beautiful to destroy. At least, without further analysis."

So, yeah, she can be uncaring when something intrigues her.

This isn't to say that Moriarty is cruel beyond all reason. She has a daughter she left because her job as a criminal mastermind took precedence over any life she could give her child. But when her child is threatened she makes sure her child is safe first hand.
Moriarty and Joan are on opposite sides when they first meet. It was really their conversation at the restaurant in Season 1 that made me start liking the idea of this ship. There was just such a raw energy between those two in that scene that it made me very happy.

In that scene there were two women that were powerful, though in different ways and with different morals, so I wanted to see more of them together.

In Season 2 it was more apparent that the pair could work well together. They still retained that same energy and now they had had much more time to consider each other. Moriarty even admits that she finds Joan more interesting and intelligent than at first. Feelings and emotions have had time to grow.

Both characters are smart and I would so love to see Moriarty return just to see her interact with Joan some more. Because when both characters are on screen together things explode at the awesomeness of it. And that's really why I ship them, there's just this raw energy between them every time they're together.

What will I talk about next Shipping Confessions? I go to Rosewood to look at a ship in the Pretty Little Liars tv series between a smart girl and a girl that has a thing for older men.
 Shipping Confessions Table of Contents

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New Beginnings and Second Chances 10

As I flew over the mountains I felt glad that I had some time alone. I loved Marco and Rachel, but it sometimes felt great to be alone. I had been alone when I had been human and throughout the majority of the war I had been alone. Though during the war it had been because I was living life as a hawk and the majority of my fellow Animorphs were keeping up the appearance of being normal.

I was careful, as always, of predators coming after me. A natural red-tailed hawk’s predators wouldn’t give me a free pass because I wasn’t really a hawk. But I knew these mountains and I kept track of which predators were where. I also made sure to avoid other red-tailed hawk territories.

Looking down I just took in the beauty. A few times Marco, Rachel, and myself had flown over this area. Marco would usually start some contest while Rachel and I would sigh before joining in. It had been wonderful being with them. However, I knew that one day we would have to talk to the others to show that Rachel was back. I didn’t want to talk to Jake, but I would for Rachel’s sake.

I dove down and pulled up just before I would’ve crashed into the trees. I reveled in the simple pleasure of flying. It was a gift I would always have no matter what else happened. But it wasn’t like I would have any more battles to fight, so why should I be hanging onto it so deeply now?

When I reached a good height I felt darkness. I looked around to look for any rain clouds and saw nothing. What was I feeling? Was it simply the fact that I couldn’t understand how things could ever be truly peaceful that was getting to me?

It must be, but there was a coldness that was starting to run through my body. It was going from wingtip to wingtip and I felt fear. It was just my mind and it couldn’t make me stop flying. I started flapping harder to prove to myself that my body wasn’t affected. It was just my mind.

You can’t harm me! I yelled to the coldness.

Then the coldness turned to a fire and I screamed. It took a minute to calm myself down enough to look for a good landing area. I spotted a good area in the distance where Marco and myself had once rested before heading back to my cabin.

But before I could get close I felt one of the most terrifying feelings I had ever felt. It felt harder to flap my wings and that wasn’t because I was tired. I hadn’t spent too much energy on this little flight of mine so why weren’t they moving like they should?

As I continued to make more of an effort to flap my wings they quickly lost any ability to move. They were stuck expanded out so that I was gliding. I wasn’t na├»ve enough to think that I could just glide forever or until something, or someone, appeared to save me.

I could glide, but eventually I would crash and die. I had just gotten Rachel back and now I was going to lose the chance of living my life with her and Marco. I wanted to yell at whoever was doing this to me, but I knew that was beyond useless. Whoever, or more accurately whatever, was doing this wanted to kill me and make me feel tortured before doing so.

I imagined Rachel being at my funeral like I had been at hers. Rachel leaning on Marco as they both cried. Rachel shouldn’t have to cry at my funeral. But she would as now I was losing altitude.

Sorry, Rachel. Sorry, Marco. I said sadly as I closed my eyes to prepare for the end.

But then I remembered my first kiss with Rachel after the Ellimist had given me back my morphing ability. I remembered Marco throwing the ball that had saved my life. I remembered all three of us making love and then cuddling together afterwards. I needed more of those memories. I needed to not make either of them cry.

So my plan had to be something other than flying. Could I morph? I would only have one shot at morphing something. As I fell even further down I tried to think of a creature that could survive falling down from a great distance as I thought that morphing another creature would leave me unable to move.

Then it clicked and I started to morph a cockroach. I didn’t much like insect morphs, none of us did, but they had been useful for spying missions during the war. And now I had the cockroach morph as my only means of survival.

I morphed the cockroach and was glad when changes started happening. However, they were going slowly. I tried to keep my imminent death out of my mind as I continued to focus, though that was really hard to do. First thing that happened was I shrunk as my skin turned into exoskeleton. I was making the change to exoskeleton while the hawk features, that I could see, were still clearly visible.

I wanted to puke as an extra set of legs came out of my chest as my wings and talons turned into roach legs. The last thing to go was my hawk eyesight, which left me as I was still a little distance above the trees.

All I had to do now was wait until I crashed on the ground. It seemed longer than an eternity until I felt the ground rammed against me. I instinctively moved as a response and felt glad I was able to do so. As I demorphed I wondered what had just happened.

I decided that when I was back in my hawk body I would make sure that the other two were okay. Then we could talk about what had happened to me.

Pretty Little Liars "Run, Ali, Run" Review

I review the Pretty Little Liars episode "Run, Ali, Run" and complain about Ezria.

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Peka-Boo: Battle of the Bands

More Info HERE
The summer event of Subeta is getting underway. There are multiple parts to it, of course, but I'll only be focusing on the Battle of the Bands. Currently that's the only part of the event (Peka-Boo) that I am participating in right now as I can't make custom wearables.

Battle of the Bands is basically you making/joining a band. You get to make up a name, choose a genre, and interact with others to make your band the best.

I adore messing around with my Human Avatar (HA) so I started looking around for a band to join as I didn't feel like making my own. I ended up joining Event Horizon as I am a big science fiction nerd. The HA at the top of the post is what I look like currently.

You have until July 20, 2014 to submit to this contest. On July 23, 2014 finalists will be chosen to be judged by fellow Subeta users. The winners from each genre and the grand festival champion will be announced July 27, 2014.

May the best band win!

The Leftovers "Two Boats and a Helicopter" Review

I look at The Leftovers episode "Two Boats and a Helicopter".

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Animorphs Re-Read: #6 The Capture (Chapters 17-20)

 Chapter 17
Jake remarks that Ax was a perfect copy of him. Ax says that he was walking behind Jake to better understand how his Prince moved. So that Ax could make a better double of Jake. But as Ax is explaining himself he runs into the problem of playing with words. Temrash uses that as evidence that Ax won't be able to fool Tom.

Marco and Rachel both tell Temrash that the Yeerk had just proven what it really was and that there was no denying it now. They point out that the real Jake would've had to make it certain that Ax could pull off being his double for three days.

Jake remarks that it feels like Temrash is holding back a trick. Even though this makes Temrash's actions less of a plot hole: why not do the best at fooling the group first? Why risk your life to a Plan B? Plan Bs are there as backups, not as the main plan.
They finally reach the shack and it's a beat up place. But perfect for hiding a person.

When Tobias finds some rope all I can think of is him roleplaying with Rachel. Yeah, been a smutty few days.

As Rachel goes over how things will play out I am just getting something. Does Jake really not know that Temrash will be able to make his body morph? Are you fucking kidding me? Jake, Visser Three is able to morph so why the Hell wouldn't Temrash?

He talks about Rachel running him down while in wolf morph. Jake has a wolf morph! ARG! I'm surprised he was able to last until the end of the war.

If Applegate wanted to use the fear of one or more Animorphs not knowing that Temrash is going to morph why not have Jake worry that the others won't figure it out? That doesn't mean they don't realize, just that Jake is so afraid he isn't thinking logically.
As Jake continues to not get it and Temrash gloats it seems a little odd that the Yeerk doesn't realize that at least one of the other Animorphs will realize he can morph. Of course this could be that Temrash has a big ego and so he thinks he'll be able to escape them even though they have more experience morphing.

When Jake makes fun of Temrash's fantasies the Yeerk is showing him, Temrash decides to show Jake some of the human's own fantasies. The fantasy Temrash decides to show Jake is him being on the basketball team and being awesome. For some reason that fantasy really embarrasses Jake.

Temrash notices how shocked Jake is and tells Jake he is nothing. His brain is just like a primitive human computer. Temrash is in control now and Jake is nothing. And here is the part where I need new pants. Just the thought of being trapped in your own body is bad enough but Temrash taunting Jake...eek.

Jake loses control and verbally lashes out at Temrash. Good boy, Jake!

But Temrash has another card up his sleeve and decides to show Jake a memory of Tom's. Jake says it felt as if another mind had joined them and that it felt so real.

Oh, god, this is beyond painful. Temrash shows what Tom felt earlier in the book when him and Jake were at the table together. Tom is crying and begging Temrash to spare his brother. Tom promises not to do anything else if Jake is safe. Oh my fucking god. I forgot this hurt so much.
After Temrash shows Jake the memory, the leader of the Animorphs realized how much pain Tom was in. Tom would rather die than live with a Yeerk in his head.

Temrash tells Jake that all hosts end up feeling like Tom. That even the most defiant host realizes that there is no escape and finally stops fighting.

Jake knows that Temrash is telling the truth. But Jake, again, tells Temrash he will die in three days. Temrash thinks that the human is wrong and tells him so.

Chapter 18
Tobias and Rachel are standing guard over Jake. He was fed some sandwiches and juice earlier. When he says that, though, it seems like he realizes there is disconnect between him and his body since Temrash has taken over his body.

Temrash pretends to sleep and Jake says he slept in a way. I guess being a host to a Yeerk is confusing in a lot of aspects since there is now a difference between your mind and body.

Jake again has the dream with Tom in it. When Jake wakes up Temrash comments that it was a very metaphorical dream.

Jake sees that Rachel is asleep and if that isn't bad enough: Temrash is morphing!

This completely surprises Jake. How could you not know that he would use the morphing ability, Jake? For goodness' sake, the morphing ability is something that is greatly valued throughout the galaxy. It's a reason why Esplin 9466 got to the rank of Visser Three!

Jake begins to panic and thinks the others don't realize that Temrash can use his body to morph now. Jake, I think the others might have thought what you being a Controller means more than you have.
Jake wants to warn Rachel about Temrash morphing and using the morphing ability to escape. Not to complain but...Temrash should've used the wolf morph as wolves can run for longer. I know there's a downside to the wolf morph, but the first morph Temrash chose shouldn't have been the tiger. Unless he's a cat person like Visser Three.

Temrash and Jake smell humans. This makes Temrash's job harder as he needs to know why there are humans and where to go. Temrash reassures himself that he can take all night as he continually changes direction to avoid the human smell. Jake harasses the Yeerk by saying that he only has two hours a time in morph and that Visser Three won't like a non-morph capable body.

After enough time passes, Temrash demorphs and then realizes that he should've morphed a falcon so that he could simply fly away. Well I guess Temrash isn't the smartest Yeerk in existence. As Temrash is half-way into falcon morph something attacks him and pushes him over.

Temrash continues to morph but finds himself continually attacked. The falcon morph is finally injured by whatever is attacking him. When Temrash demorphs he sees what had attacked him.

Jake takes great pleasure in telling the Yeerk what it is even though the Yeerk can read his thoughts. Jake says the creature is a Great Horned Owl and then proceeds to say how awesome they are.
It turns out Cassie is the owl and she apologizes for hurting Jake's body. But she reminds him that she had to or the Yeerk would've run free. It turns out the others weren't as dumb as Jake and had realized Temrash would try to morph. With that in mind, they allowed Temrash to attempt to escape when they were ready for him. Rachel had only pretended to sleep.

Chapter 19
Temrash starts to search through Jake's mind to find out what morph he can use against the owl. Temrash tells Jake that Cassie can't stay in owl morph forever and Jake responds by saying that the Yeerk doesn't know who else is out in the forest.

Temrash suggests morphing a flea and Jake harasses the space brain slug about how short of a distance a flea can travel in two hours. You go Jake!

Jake realizes something important. He doesn't have any control over his body or the fact that Temrash can read every one of his thoughts, but he can annoy the Yeerk. He can be a thorn in Temrash's side until the very end. Besides this he also realizes that Temrash is scared.

Temrash replies that Jake overestimates himself. Jake counters that Temrash's plan has gone nowhere. Temrash then morphs wolf and notices that Cassie is staying away. The Yeerk gloats about that.

Wait...isn't there another wolf pack around the area?
Jake gets worried since the wolf has an internal compass. It knows where it's going so Temrash isn't lost anymore. Plus wolves are long distance runners. This isn't shitty at all!

Temrash talks to himself, or Jake, about it being a quick trip back to civilization and then the other Animorphs won't be safe any longer. Jake responds that Temrash is really arrogant and Temrash doesn't deny that fact. He points out how powerful the Yeerk Empire is and so they have earned that arrogance.

It's sort of funny, in a not funny way, that the Yeerks loathe the Andalites because of the Andalites' pride while they have the same exact problem. At this point in the series, though, Andalites are pure good and Yeerks are pure evil.

Jake points out that the Yeerks still haven't conquered the Andalites or humans. Temrash tells the human boy that they're saving the Andalites for last.

Suddenly they hear other wolves howling. Jake tells Temrash that another wolf pack is close by and his friends are calling to them. Once this happens there will be a fight. Temrash is angry and scared and tells Jake to shut up since he can read the boy's mind.

Temrash starts hauling wolf butt.
Temrash doesn't run fast enough and the real wolves appear. Jake taunts Temrash by saying how great at fighting the alpha is and to try and impress him with how great the Yeerk Empire is. I want to high paw Jake right now!

Temrash complains about how complicated Earth's ecosystem is and says the Yeerks will make it much simpler once they take it over. I find this reminding me of #4 The Message and the upcoming #7 The Stranger.

Marco walks up behind Jake/Temrash. Marco tells the Yeerk that it's time to go back to the shack since being out at this hour sucks for both of them. Before Temrash can attack the human, Rachel comes up behind Marco in elephant morph.

Jake realizes a key difference between humans and Yeerks: humans will fight even when things are hopeless but Yeerks will give up when things appear hopeless.

Of course Jake is seeing how one Yeerk acts as other Yeerks might be different.

Temrash calls Jake crazy for being one of a species that won't stop fighting no matter the odds. Jake's reply is to tell him that it's crazy, but it's the reason humanity will beat the Yeerks.
Temrash demorphs and one of the other Animorphs morphs into an owl to lead the way back to the shack.

Chapter 20
So Temrash begins the day by attempting to escape using the ant morph. Can't Temrash see Jake's memories in full? So shouldn't Temrash understand that morphing an ant is beyond idiotic. Especially in the middle of the woods where there are probably going to be other ants?

But I guess that nonsensical action could be attributed to the fact he's dying and so isn't thinking clearly.

Now Temrash isn't so arrogant. He is starting to despair and not thinking he'll be able to escape. I sort of pity him at this moment and want him to live, though I know that would be far from a good thing for the group.

Temrash again attempts the falcon morph but Tobias is there to stop them this time. He grabs Jake's head and tells the Yeerk that he will kill him if he continues morphing. Damn! Tobias is awesome here!

Temrash finally admits what he is by telling Tobias that if the Animorphs kills him he will also be killing his friend. Tobias tells the Yeerk that it's better to be dead than a Controller. Also, Tobias won't have to kill Temrash as he can merely claw Temrash's eyes out making it impossible to fly for any great length of time.

Wow. Just wow. This is being said by a kid who had been bullied, both at school and home, and yet has the courage to fight. Kudos to you, Tobias!
Temrash decides that it'd be best to demorph.

Temrash's hunger continues to get worse. Temrash still shows the same arrogance as Jake continues to harass him. After the Yeerk complains, Jake asks if the brain slug expected pity. Temrash's reply is to say how great the Yeerk empire is.

Jake allows Temrash to just talk. The Yeerk wonders about why Earth has such diverse life forms. I think that's one of the reasons the Yeerks destroy all life they can't use as hosts: it imitates the Yeerk home world in that regard. They are used to that simplicity and so when they conquer planets they make it like the Yeerk home world.

Jake interrupts Temrash when the Yeerk talks about how his species evolved. How that once the other species on the Yeerk home world evolved, they followed suit. Jake asks about the Yeerks and Andalites. This causes Temrash to gloat about how it's an embarrassing story for the Andalites.

I actually really wish we got to hear Temrash's take on the reason behind Seerow's Kindness. That would've been awesome. But now it's something we'll just have to wait to learn about.
Temrash yells out in pain and says something about the fugue. Jake is confused. The Yeerk says the fugue is the final hours of a Yeerk's life. He also tells the human that he may learn more than he wants to.

Ax had told the others about what would be happening to Jake and Cassie comforts him. She puts her hand in his and Temrash accepts this help. It's sort of sad since the help wasn't meant for him.

Jake sees Temrash's memory of taking his first host. He sees the world through a Gedd's eyes and feels the mind of the creature being overpowered by the ruthless Yeerk. Damn.

When Jake 'wakes up' from the memory he finds his body shaking. Cassie tells him that he has one more hour to go before the Yeerk dies. That is sad and happy at the same time!
Animorphs Re-Read