Friday, July 1, 2016

Into the Darkness 2

Flying always calmed me down. Something about being in the air was both thrilling and calming at the same time. With such a long flight there was much time for me to calm down. I was starting to feel confident again. I was starting to feel like Vergere actually had a reason to trust me.

When I had flown over the Plaguebringer's territory I was worried that I would be attacked. The dragons that served that deity were tougher than most. They had to be to survive. The deity was all about survival of the fittest which meant some very demented dragons were created.

Starwood Strand, which I was currently flying over, was much different. The Arcanist was all about knowledge and the landscape was refreshing after the long flight across the Scarred Wasteland. The larger than normal trees had flowers that looked like stars under the night sky.

I tried myself not to get lost in the beauty as I looked for a place to sleep for the night.

The Starwood Strand was a place you needed to be constantly on your guard. Not just because there might be enemies but because the location itself seemed to be able to make you lose yourself. Sometimes you forgot who you were or what time it was.

So I was doing my best to keep on my guard but then I heard singing. Or maybe it was my mind interpreting the sounds as singing. Whatever the case, it was some of the most beautiful voices I had ever heard.

My flying became a little erratic as I felt myself get lost in the voices. They were so wonderful that I couldn't help but start to sing along.

While I was lost in the music I dived as some dragons attacked me. A moment later and I would've been dead. I started to focus more on getting away than my attackers or the music. I assumed these dragons were loyal to the Arcanist. The deity that, some claimed, had doomed Sornieth to the Shade.

"I know him!" I heard a dragon yelling behind me. "TobiasFangor! He is loyal to the Shadowbinder and has probably been sent by his clan leader to spy on us!"

After that voice spoke the others joined in on yelling for my downfall. I felt for the powers that Vergere had taught me to use as I continued to flee.
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