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Wormgood (Jash's Dragon Army)

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Name: Wormgood

Breed: Magi Dragon

Clan: Hounds of the Wastelands

Position: Healer Hound

Sex: Male

Gender: Man

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Romantic Orientation:Biromantic

Mate(s): N/A

Fics: N/A

Forms: N/A

Theme Song: Red Red Wine by UB40


The summer days were hot as Jashypoo helped a clan of Magi dragons. The strange human had originally wanted to travel all summer while making brief stops at different clans. She had hoped to make allies for a war she wouldn't explain. Her plans were changed once a Magi talked about visions he had. The visions intrigued Jashpoo so much that she decided to stay with the clan for some time.

This Magi clan's territory was where wormwood grew extremely thick. Most nests were made out of wormwood to help keep the growth of the herb down. The nests were guarded by the mothers who were more then fierce with protecting their eggs. Jashypoo helped with guarding the eggs and her help was appreciated when rival clans attacked. The Magi thought that the human wasn't human with how well she wielded magic.

To show their thanks, the clan promised Jashypoo the first egg that hatched. All of them waited eagerly to see which egg was chosen. There was cheering as an egg deep in wormwood hatched. The hatchling came out in a daze and Jashypoo was there to help it. It let out a cry and then tried to jump at the human. Those gathered around laughed.

Before leaving the clan, Jashypoo was ordered to give the hatchling a name. She decided on Wormgood after the wormwood nest it had hatched from. She and the hatchling went to a cave that took them far away from the summer heat. Inside the cave there was a pool that Wormgood grew to love swimming in. It learned to manipulate water with its magic before it and Jashypoo moved.

For many months they traversed the land. The strange human with her long white hair went slowly for the sake of the hatchling. They grew extremely close over the years. When it matured and its sex was revealed, he still stood loyally by her side. Wormgood soon became interested in any healing arts.

Jashypoo smiled one evening as he, now an adult, went over scrolls and books. She pointed out to him that there was only a certain amount she and the written word could teach him. To truly learn how to heal he would have to travel on his own. Wormgood was sad at the thought of leaving his companion, but he knew she was right.

Two weeks later he set out on his own for the first time. He was more lonely than scared the first few nights. For so many of his years there had always been someone with him. Someone that knew him and cared. As time went on he became comfortable being alone and only rarely traveled with a companion. Wormgood grew to love Cassare Dragons even though the breed negated his magic. He found the breed amusing for that reason.
After years of traveling he finally found an area that was useful to learning the healing arts. Depending on the time of year he would go to different parts of the area. Sometimes this was because he wanted to meet a dragon or merely because of the weather.

One night Wormgood was deep in his studies. He was experimenting with wormwood as he was trying to cure a human's digestion problems. He would have had a better diagnosis if the creature had been a dragon. As was, he was still lost on the art of healing a human. At least for the most part. Just as he was finishing up his latest concoction, he realized he had messed up.

The liquid he had made smelled strange and it didn't taste as it was supposed to. He didn't find it too unpleasant and so, after making sure it wouldn't kill him, he slowly drank it. Wormgood found that the greenish liquid allowed his eyes to be opened. No longer did the universe hold mysteries he couldn't solve. The answers were all there in front of him if only he looked.

The next morning he was sick and the universe seemed to be crashing down on him. After a few more nights of drinking the mistake, he was able to figure out how much he could drink without feeling sick afterwards. Wormgood helped the human he had originally been trying to cure and then started sharing his liquid with others.

He didn't share his liquid with everyone and only gave it during certain festivals. If he deemed a dragon too young he wouldn't share the liquid. That was really his only restraint with sharing it. Many dragons soon grew to be excited when Wormgood was to appear at a festival. Sometimes he was given gifts for his great work. Especially by those who practiced writing, painting, and any of the liberal arts.

Wormgood had become comfortable with living on his own. While he missed Jashypoo, he never sought her out again. He sometimes sent her gifts from time to time, but never traveled to meet her. If he was meant to see her again he was certain they would meet. If they were never to meet again, he was willing to accept that fate.

During one of the festivals he attended, Jashypoo came to see Wormgood. He was more than excited and quickly served her some of the drink he had created. Over the course of a few hours, during which their minds seemed to be opened, she asked him to join the Hounds of the Wastelands. She explained that the clan was to help protect her dragons. To this he quickly agreed because he wanted to make her happy.

After going through Manifest Moira, Rachel Crayak readied him with work. She did not care if he was tired and he admired her for that. She was the clan leader and leaders can't always waste time with pleasantries.

Nowadays Wormgood uses all the knowledge has has learned over the years to help. He is more than ready to heal dragons that are part of Jash's Dragon Army and give advice to those who aren't. During festivals he is able to gain allies for his clan by the drink he created by accident.

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