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Animorphs Re-Read: Megamorphs #1 The Andalite's Gift (Chapters 37-40)

Chapter 37
This chapter is narrated by Marco.

This chapter begins peacefully in the air with Marco and Ax falling to their deaths. In the grand scheme of the Animorphs series this is actually peaceful as there's no mental torture, genocide, ect. going on. Really sad that I can say that.

Marco is taking this state of events with panic as he keeps looking down and imagining dying. I am extremely afraid of heights so this would scare me too as I hate the feeling of falling. The boy yells loud enough that Ax asks why he's yelling as it's hurting his head. This lead Marco to using the phrase 'Andalite lunatic'.

Ax then points out what Marco should have known to begin with: just morph a bird, you moron!
Marco is ashamed as morphing was a pretty obvious thing to do. The problem with morphing a bird is that you can't go directly from one morph to another. So this leads to both of them being in their regular forms (Marco a human and Ax an Andalite) while falling down which isn't pleasant I'd assume. This time Ax is screaming which makes Marco happy.

The boy notices how fast they're falling and starts screaming while morphing.

Since I've gotten older there are things I know very clearly now. So it was a little off putting to be reminded that an Osprey is a kind of hawk because my response is, "No shit, Sherlock!"

Marco remarks how cool an Osprey is but also adds that right at the moment he doesn't care what kind of bird he is. The only thing that matters to him is that he has wings.

"Grow, wings, GROW!" I yelled, and the wind screaming past my face blew the words right out of my mouth.
The young Animorph loathes the rate he is morphing as he believes he is morphing too slowly. The process works by concentration so the fact that he is panicking is most likely affecting the time it is taking him to morph.
Just as he thinks he is going to crash and die, he spreads his wing and escapes death. Both Marco and Ax laugh with excitement. They also agree to never do that again as that was really scary.

Chapter 38
This chapter is narrated by Jake.

Jake, surprise surprise, didn't have a good night. He says that Rachel is staying with Cassie both as it would be good for her and the fact that they have to keep up her original lie. In the beginning of the book she lied so that people would think she was both going and not going to the gymnastics camp.

When the leader returns home he knows that he is grounded. It is funny to have this war with the Yeerks paired with normal teenager problems. I think it's the fact that a child soldier like Jake can compare the two shows how used he is to fighting.

As Jake falls asleep he thinks that they are beaten. He knows they will never again be able to morph safely and that this night's victory will be short lived. Without the ability to morph there is no way he or the others will be able to fend off a Yeerk invasion. Heck, they can barely fend off a Yeerk invasion with morphing powers.

He remarks:

And you know what? That thought just made me feel relieved. I was too tired to fight...too tired.
My poor, Jake! You and the rest of the Animrophs need a big hug! A really big hug! A super big hug and your life being all perfect!
Luckily next thing you know Marco is waking up Jake. Bringing much needed levity to the chapter.

"How did you get here?" I demanded. Then, "You're alive?"

"No, I am the ghost of Marco. Fear me!"

I love you, Marco. You are the best!
Jake questions how Marco is alive if the Veleek took him away. Marco, being Marco, makes a joke about dating the Veleek because of course he does. He starts pushing his best friend to lead a strike against the alien creature. The fearless leader brings up the fact he's grounded and can't go anywhere. It is then that Marco reveals that if they clean the garage Jake can leave for a little bit.

Jake isn't surprised that his father would be this excited for the garage to be cleaned. This is because his mother had been begging his dad for awhile to clean the garage.

While Jake cleans the garage, Marco is to get everyone together for a meeting. The leader repeats that no one is to morph as if any of them would dare after finding out about the Veleek. Dude, they're not all as dense as you.

Chapter 39
This chapter is narrated by Cassie.

The chapter begins with Tobias complaining that he missed out on all the fun of the previous night. His complaining might be a combination of him usually feeling like he doesn't contribute to the group that much and just the general shock of what happened. I would you like to fall asleep one night and then wake up to your friends saying how they defeated Satan?

I mean I would be happy I wasn't involved but still...big shock there.

Jake points out that the Veleek isn't interested in Tobias because he can't morph.

Marco goes on to add: "It - or they, I should say - eat energy. It's not interested in your deep-fried hawk legs."

Tobias pretends to be annoyed and tells Marco to stand under his branch. Really hope that the joker remembered to bring a good hat for such an instance.
Cassie doesn't join in as she's terrified that the nightmare that she had before turned into a reality last night. All the conflict inside herself is tearing her apart. She thinks that abandoning Marco made her a coward and that she is weak.

Jake repeats what we already know about the Veleek. Rachel calls the Veleek Visser Three's hunting dog and he agrees. He also says that the creature is unbeatable. Cassie, though, says that's not the case. Even in her depressed state of thinking she's a coward, she will still not give up the fight. If that's not courage, I don't know what is.
Cassie points out that the Veleek has two weaknesses: how much weight it can hold and water.

Jake, of course, asks what to do with that information. She then says she has a plan but she has to be the one to do it. While I know what's coming up, this is far from my first time reading this book, I can say that no one else can do what is needed for the mission. On the other hand...throughout this book Cassie has stated that she feels too safe and that she should do more, a similar problem that Tobias has, which sort of indicates an ulterior motive for saying she has to do this. She wants to prove to herself and the others she is brave.

And my point was just proven!

After Jake says it's crazy and why she should do it she says:

"Because." I looked at Marco and met his gaze. "I let the Veleek take Marco. I could have morphed. I could have drawn it to me. I let it take Marco."

Marco, being Marco, replies that he's alive and cute as ever. He has to show his vulnerable side but not too much.

When Cassie calls herself a coward Rachel replies:

"Good grief! Cassie, you have been in every fight we've been in. You are the farthest thing in the world from being a coward!"
Cassie then tells her best friend that it's easy for her to say that. Then it turns out Rachel can't remember Marco calling her Xena Warrior Princess. The tone shifts to something more lighthearted as Rachel asks if she likes the nickname or not.

Cassie blames Rachel of distracting her and then tells Jake that he knows she is the only one that can do this. That besides her emotional reasons, she's the best morpher of the group.

And now I'm tearing up because why couldn't Jake and Cassie have a happily ever after! I need my Cake!

Chapter 40
This chapter is narrated by Tobias.

For anyone doing a drinking game for Animorphs using the word 'thermal', take a shot. Or how many shots that word is worth in whatever game you're playing.

Tobias muses that Cassie thinks she is the weak person of the group. He thinks he is as his role is highly limited. Sure he can help out with the war but....he can't do as much as he wants to do. One big example is he has been sleeping through some of the bits where the others could die. The thing he is happy about now is that he has a role to play in Cassie's plan.
Currently he is searching for something and makes comments about red-tailed hawks not flying over water. This is a nice little section of bird facts. He doesn't just comment on his own bird morph but other birds also.

I was getting tired by the time I spotted the spout. It was actually back, closer to shore than I was flying. That was lucky.

Very lucky. Guess the plot lords decided not to let you down.
Photo Taken by Me
So the thing Tobias is looking for is a whale. Guess the whole weight and water thing will be used to great effect in the thrilling conclusion to this part of the story!

Next he starts looking for his friends on the beach. Tobias pulls a Jake and has trouble finding them. Birdboy remarks that the beach isn't crowded and...yeah...pulled a Jake there.

The chapter ends with Tobias telling Cassie he has found a whale.

[I have one for you, Cassie,] I said. [I found a whale.]

How Tobias announces it to Cassie is a little romantic. Just imagine a couple on Valentine's Day and replace 'whale' with 'chocolate'.

I have one for you, Cassie. I found your favorite chocolate.

Maybe that's just me...
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