Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Basic Roleplaying Guide: Chapter 1: Different Kinds of Roleplays: Original or Fandom (Patreon Exclusive)

My Basic Roleplaying Guide is a Patreon exclusive.

In this part of the guide you can find out about:
*Definition of Fandom Roleplay
*Definition of Original Roleplay
*Benefits of Doing a Fandom Roleplay
*Benefits of Doing an Original Roleplay

If you become a Patron to my Patreon that means you help support:
*Keeping my computer functioning
*Ability to get some materials for the blog
*Help pay artists
*Help pay co-hosts
*Ability to get cover artists and people to format e-books

The Basic Roleplaying Guide can be viewed HERE.

Remember to check HERE for the current passwords.

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