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Subeta HAs: Rin at King's Landing

For awhile I have been wondering what posts I could do about Subeta. I have series I do for Flight Rising and Dragon Cave, so I had to do something for the site I've been on the longest. I just had to. It finally dawned on me that I could do something dealing with Human Avatars (HAs) as that's the part of Subeta that I just adore. My current username on the site is RinKaari.

In this series I will make HAs based on my original characters, characters from movies, items, ect. If you want to suggest a future HA challenge just comment and I'll see what I can do.

Today is one variation of my Original Character (OC) Rin from my Game of Thrones/Resident Evil fanfiction the Rin Duology. Throughout the fic she goes between the Game of Thrones tv universe and the Resident Evil movie universe. I've been trying for a long time to get her done right as a HA. Besides the HA I'm about to show you, I've tried two other times to find something I'm happy with. This one isn't perfect even for the scenario, but I'm pleased with it.

The version of Rin I'm covering today is during her time in King's Landing. For those not familiar with Game of Thrones, it's basically where the center of the Seven Kingdom's government is. Anyways...Rin was captured by Jaime Lannister and the kingsguard when she gave birth to her son Jeor Kaari, named after her husband's father. Upon arriving in the city she was tortured by then Queen Cersei Lannister and only stayed because Jaime held something over her. The something was Jeor's identity being kept secret and her ancestral sword being kept safe. Later she was able to get her freedom by defeating the Undead Mountain and effectively overthrowing Cersei. As she overthrew the old queen she was readily accepted by the people of King's Landing as the new Queen.

Rin was heavily scarred because of her torture and so she wears revealing clothing to reassure herself that she's still desirable.

There is a lot more that happened but I didn't want to waste too much of your time. So I only gave as much information as was needed to give the HA some context.
Rin had been raised as a direwolf and it wasn't until she had been around twenty years of age that she had learned she was human. The environment she was most comfortable in was miles from any humans. Cities, towns, and villages always left her uneasy. They were much too confining for her. Now, because of some cruel fate, she found herself in King's Landing in one of the most desirable positions: she was Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

Not forever as she would happily relinquish her title to Daenerys Targaryen, the queen she had started serving in Essos. For now, though, she was in a position people had gone to war for. It wasn't a position she liked as the worlds of humans was not something she fully understood. Rin could learn history and understand politics on some level, but she would rather be away from that.

Rin touched the Iron Throne and recalled all the sacrifices she had performed to be here. She had always been more than willing to help those in need. She relied on some other sense to tell who was worthy of her help. That sense had lead her to help Daenerys who had unknowingly helped her find Jorah Mormont. A man Rin had quickly fallen in love with and eventually married.

One of Rin's eyes was now gone, the hole covered, because of her actions retaking Meereen for her queen. She didn't mind having one eye gone, she wouldn't have minded if she was blind even, as sight was just one sense. It seemed more than foolish to her to rely heavily on any one sense.
The scars that littered her body and made it hard for people to recognize her were only the visible reminders of her torture. She had earned them while keeping the information on her queen secret. Even when...she didn't want to think of the greatest sacrifice she had made and instead focused again on her scars. They were shown to the world now as a form of pride of what she had done. She wore them also to show that even if they marred her body, they didn't make men less willing. Not that she would sleep with just any man as most did nothing for her. She preferred all that nature could provide her over what a man could do. Rin also felt loyal to Jorah and would not ruin his trust on a mere whim.

Rin's remaining eye was the green of wildfire. It scared people even if they didn't know why. When she had saved King's Landing from Cersei's wildfire, leftovers from the Mad King's reign, some of the substance had remained in her. Her eye would always look a strange green until the day she died and probably years after.

She put a hand on her ancestral sword, the name she had given it was Alexander, and tried to remain calm. She worried about her queen and that the rumors were true. While Jeor was safe, Jaime Lannister had kept his promise, Jorah wasn't with her. A part of her, a part she would call weak, needed him to be with her at King's Landing. She needed to see that he was safe.

How I Designed This Human Avatar

Since I was able to not be limited by what I could actually buy for this, I had greater options than before. This was both a blessing and a curse. While I didn't have to buy everything, there was still the problem of finding which items would work.

I wanted to get a decent taste of Rin's clothing style at this point in time. Showing skin and yet not showing everything. I also wanted an air of being threatening. While everyone doesn't agree with how their queen dresses, she is still able to make them respect her.

I tried to find all the items that could give her scars but I might have missed some. She doesn't look as scarred yet beautiful that I have in my mind.

The sword is not like Alexander, the Kaari ancestral blade that changes name every time it's held by a different person, and I would most likely need to get someone to make me a Custom Wearable (CW) to have my HA hold the weapon.

The crown is a sore spot for me. For some reason I can never find something I like. I don't know what I really want for it but I have never found something that seems like Rin's crown.

Items Used

I will be putting the items I used in two lists: Non-Custom Wearables and Custom Wearables.

Non-Custom Wearables are items made by Subeta. They can vary greatly in price as well as rarity. Some can be cheap while others you have to really work for.

Custom Wearables are items made by players. I am not too familiar about the rules for these items. There are site rules and then, like anything, there are also rules that players make. Don't expect to be able to buy every Custom Wearable I list.

Non-Custom Wearables: Azathoth Pauldrons, Black Eyepatch, Brown Sassy Lip Lacquer, BrightEyes Green Contact (Right), Wildman Leopard Claw, Handmade Fire Stoker, Sunset Sponge Paintbrush

Custom Wearables: Accursed Sword of the Excommunicate, Onyx Sliced Skirt, Ebil Crown of Despair, Onyx Pearled Mermaid Corset, Wisps of the Scarlet Dryad, Overly Complicated Onyx Timepiece, Carving Shear Scars, Stolen Castle Candle

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