Friday, March 10, 2017

February 2017 Release (Jash's Dragon Army)

Dragon Cave recently released a new female only dragon breed for Valentine's Day. For those lucky enough not to know the drama: there was a last minute change to the new breed. HERE is what happened.

I'm reviewing the final version of this dragon breed and not the previous one.
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Soulstone Dragon

The cute ickle egg looks like it has a face.

Unique Hatching Sequence
Nothing unique. Same old. Same old.

Hatchling Stage 1
Sort of looks like there's fire coming from her.

Hatchling Stage 2
Looks like she thinks she's tough.
I adore the purple. It's just pretty and that's the feeling a Valentine's Dragon needs to have. I like how the gold and purple flow into each other. They add to each other instead of clashing. She's holding the pearl almost like an afterthought which I find funny for some reason.

The pearl has a large significance to the breed. It isn't just an object but a way to show how deeply people are connected to each other. I know when I'm in an argument with a family member or friend I can get vicious, a non-threatening vicious but still, but I never stop caring. It's rare for me to form a bond and for it to be easily thrown away. The pearl this breed has shows that even when you're angry at people that doesn't mean you stop caring. A good life lesson everyone should learn.

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