Friday, March 17, 2017

Into the Darkness 7

Below me was a herd of creatures that were deer-like. Their skin was a deep blue and they had no tail. They ran across the land with talons on their hind legs and hooves on their front. From my vantage point in the sky I could see two small hands sticking out of their chests.

My wings beat weakly as I had gone too long without nourishment. Too long without real food and I could only hope that the deer-like meat was filling. For all I knew it would be rotten and I would end up with nothing to eat.

With each wing flap I grew weaker and yet closer to my prey. My mouth started to water as my mind imagined how good the meat would taste. I allowed that fantasy to flourish so I would have the strength to make a kill.

Once I reassured myself that I could make a kill, I dove down. Out of my jaw came a roar unlike any I had given before. It was full of strength, anger, and desperation. Those hearing my roar should tremble. Electricity coursed through my body giving it a greenish hue. The creatures looked at me but not in fear.

Together they stood as one and looked up at me. I dove down with my claws aiming at one's head. Without warning its neck grew longer and its teeth bigger. I attempted to fly away but was forced to land ungracefully on the ground. All of their necks were now long but at least I had a weapon of my own.

They were keeping their distance as they tried to judge if the strange light coursing over my body could do them harm. I wouldn't allow them to know that it was harmless as I would lose my edge in this fight. On the continent this power was deadly but away from all of the deities it was just for show.

One of them grew confident and tried to bite me. I grabbed two of its fangs with my hands. I tried to rip them out which caused the creature to not shut its mouth. All I had to do was keep it in pain before it figured out an easy solution.

As this was going on the others tried to attack me. This meant holding onto the fangs equaled fighting the others. I used my tail and claws to fight. I jumped from head to head and neck to neck. All the while feeling a new power coursing through my veins. For the first time in my life I actually felt like a Wildclaw.

Through blood and pain I was somehow able to survive. The creatures ran away and I was left with only a small hand to eat. I gulped it down like it was the most precious thing. It was the finest meal to me right now.

Once I had eaten I realized how bad my injuries were. They weren't scrapes and bruises. I felt a few leg bones broken and a large chunk of skin was missing from one of my hands. My lungs were also nearly bursting as I tried to get enough air into them.

I needed to heal myself before I could think to hunt again.
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