Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What Animorphs Alien are You? (Quiz)

The Animorphs series includes a wide range of aliens. Some more prominent in the series than others. Each alien has its own unique history and set of abilities. While the series started off with a clear black and white dynamic, by the end the only color is grey. Simply meaning there is no real good alien and bad alien species. Everything gets really complicated. Because of time I won't be able to do the full range of species for this quiz, but I will be able to get to the more prominent aliens. Find out if you have the world conquering abilities that the Yeerks possess. Maybe you are arrogant like the Andalites. Maybe you're just really hungry like the Taxxons. Or maybe you're another alien.

On Uquiz you can both setup passwords to quizzes and have them last only a certain amount of time. I'm doing this so that during the times between the password running out and resetting it I can make any necessary changes without interfering with people taking the quiz.

Password: MyEyesAreUpHere

You can take the quiz HERE.

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