Thursday, March 23, 2017

Weekly Update 3/23/2017

For those of you who are stopping by my blog for the first time and/or don't have a lot of time to keep up with my blog, this is for you.

I will be posting some of what I consider important stuff I have blogged about and an update on an important project.

I will post these every now and again. I'm keeping the name 'Weekly Update' as I've grown fond of it.

Explaining the Azor Ahai Prophecy
Prophecies in the Game of Thrones universe are beyond impossible to figure out. I try to explain the infamous Azor Ahai Prophecy the best I can, though. You can read my attempt HERE.
Another Pokemon Journal
The epic story of Jash from the Unova Region continues. She has encountered Team Plasma again and this time is much worse than before. You can read her journal entry HERE.
Some Possibly Exciting Animorphs News
Recently there has been talk of a graphic novel of the Animorphs series. I talk about my initial feelings upon hearing the news. You can read it HERE.

More of my Animorphs Re-Read
Every now and again my blogging schedule changes. Sometimes projects take awhile to adjust to each change. Such is the case with my Animorphs Re-Read. The new way I will be doing things, each future entry should come out relatively sooner. You can read what I have so far HERE.

If you have been a fan of this blog for a little bit and want to donate, there are ways. I do writing commissions on Fiverr. So if you have a fanfic you are thinking about but just can't write, I'm here for you. I also have a Patreon and the rewards so far are an exclusive 30 minute vlog and an hour long vlog. Also, every Patron gets access to exclusive reviews, bonus content for Chronicles of Gaia, and exclusive forums.

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