Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Very Best One Giveaway (Jash's Dragon Army)

Update: This giveaway is over. I want to thank everyone who participated here. If you can't wait until next giveaway you can go to the Dragon Cave Forums where people will trade and give away eggs.

If you would like to learn more about my dragon army you can go HERE. It is constantly evolving and I would love your input on how it is progressing so far.

While the giveaway is over, feel free to discuss The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead. Oh, if you want to buy The Walking Dead Season 6 and help support this blog, merely buy the season via the ad on the bottom of this post.

Season 6 left us viewers at the edge of our seats wondering who Negan killed. I consider the final scene to be beyond awesome and the first person POV just breathtaking. As October 23rd draws closer, we will finally find out who Negan killed.

But do we really want that answered?

While now the anticipation is killing us, there is no real answer to the question. We are free to assume our favorite characters get out alive with no one able to tell us differently (depending on how many spoilers a person is aware of). When the answer is revealed we won't be able to reverse time to erase the memory from our minds. We will be stuck with the clear knowledge of who died.

I can't wait to see who Negan kills and I'll have a handy bottle of sake by me when I watch the Season 7 Premiere.

Figuring my blog readers should get something that I can actually give away.

If you don't already have a Dragon Cave account, you can sign up for one if raising dragons interests you. If you already have an account, pick an egg at will. If you don't have an account and don't want one, please share this with a friend that does.

Here are the eggs this time around:
Antarean  (Info and Lineage)(Congrats)

Bolt (Info and Lineage) (Congrats!)

Celestial (Info and Lineage)

Guardian Avatar (Destruction) (Info and Lineage)(Congrats!)

Aria (Info and Lineage)(Congrats)

Xenowyrm (Mageia) (Info and Lineage) (Congrats!)

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