Friday, August 19, 2016

Into the Darkness 3

At first I tried flying away from the Arcane dragons. I was a master of flight and one of the best fliers in my clan. I might not be a renowned fighter, but my mastery of the skies was one of my greatest strengths.While I could fly well, these dragons knew the area much better than me. They knew all the secrets of this land and so I eventually had to fight.

Diving down I attempted to go under them and attack them that way. They figured out my plan quickly and started to send Mana Bolts towards me. I put up a shield around me as I flew up towards them and prepared to unleash my own attacks.

Each hit on my shield made me wobble and my front claws missed their mark. Instead of digging into the Fae's wings, they merely skimmed the air where she used to be. I turned to try and attack her again. This plan was foiled by a large Nocturne, with Arcane eyes indicating his allegiance, seeming to just suddenly appear in front of me.

Thanks to me pleasing the Shadowbinder, one of my Dark Bolts hit the Nocturne in his eyes. He let out a loud roar of pain and I was able to land more attacks. It was only because of two Faes that I wasn't able to kill him.

Every move I made was countered expertly. Even though the Arcane dragons were my enemies, at least for this fight, there was a lot to be admired in how valiantly they fought. A roar was let out as they could tell they were winning.

There was only one way for me to win now and that was to escape. I couldn't win a fight against such expert foes and so I continued to look for openings. Focusing on the lessons Vergere had taught me, I used minor Arcane spells against them. They weren't as powerful as those used by real Arcane dragons, but they at least bought me time due to their shock.

Seeing my opening, I took it and suddenly everything went black. Laughter was in my skull and it was much different than any dragon or Beast clan had ever made. It was pure evil and my blood seemed to freeze and burn with a raging fire at the same time.

Was this some foul spell from the Arcane dragons?

That was the only explanation and I took some comfort in the fact that this was only an illusion.

As my senses finally returned to me, I felt myself surrounded by water. I swam up to the surface and took in all the air I could. Once I felt recovered enough, I started looking around. Jumping and flapping my wings I was able to gain some altitude.

Looking around in a panic I realized there was no land around me. In my fight against the Arcane dragons I must have been pushed off the continent. The laughter...the laughter had been from the Shade. I tried praying to the Shadowbinder but I could hardly feel her presence.
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