Friday, August 19, 2016

Alliance of the Eleven (Vergere's Journal)

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I was the head of the Yun-Harla Department and I felt some pride in what I did. I also felt protective of the knowledge that I held. So I was highly selective of who I allowed to join. I had to be sure that the next dragon I allowed in wouldn't destroy all I had worked so hard to build.

So far only Gabar and TobiasFangor had been allowed in. Both were good at what they did, though Tobias had taken a little time to grow into the Yun-Harla he was today. A strong magic user and someone to rely on in the darkness of despair.

For now I was training my students in the ways of Arcane magic. For awhile now Tobias had been struggling while Gabar seemed able to use the magic of the Arcanist as well as she used her Shadow magic.

One of my biggest goals so far has been to collect one egg from each Flight to gain more power. Each Flight is blessed by one of the Eleven. A dragon with the right mindset can use the magic of any Flight to some degree. It takes a dedicated dragon to let go of the conflict that seems to be innate to dragon nature.

Gaining power by eggs isn't something I am doing because my pride or lust for power tells me to. I believe that gathering one egg from each Flight means that dragons can harness the powers of each Element easier. While I have been doing good with the Yun-Harla Department, there is so much more to be explored.

Having more understanding of the powers of each Element gives a dragon the ability to understand Sornieth so much more. I will help lead my clan into a new age of understanding.

Tobias used a Mana Bolt which broke me out of my thoughts. It wasn't strong and merely flickered in the air for a few seconds. However, the fact that he was able to achieve such mastery was admirable.

I complimented him for his achievement and for the next hour I had him try to improve the attack. Many had wondered why I had chosen a scared Wildlclaw for my department and I was glad to have been proven right.

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