Thursday, July 6, 2017

Into the Darkness 8

I didn't know if hours passed or days or years. In this place time didn't seem to move like on the continent. The planet I called my home was far bigger and deadlier than anything I could've imagined. I didn't even think Rachel could hope to survive out here.

I was thinking Rachel wasn't fearless...I needed to get back to my clan. I had to find the continent so everything could go back to normal. So I could forget this place. But first I had to patch my wounds. Something that would've been more than easy with magic or easy access to herbs.

Standing up I spread my wings and looked at the landscape. Now I found myself in a valley surrounded by five large mountains that seemed to scream. I needed to move as these mountains might be alive and deadly as everything here was. Everything was deadly and had a need to kill.

For hours or days or years I wandered. Thanks to the perverse deity that lived here, I was able to find some healing herbs. They looked corrupted, but I couldn't focus on that now. All I could focus on was that they existed.

Remembering what I had learned from Vergere and Herbie, I started to patch myself up. It was a slow process and even after there was so much more to do. I needed to do so much more to make myself able to leave my current location.

Whenever I had felt distressed like I did now, I would pray to the deities. All of them. Being a Yun-Harla meant embracing all of the deities and not just the Shadowbinder. All the gods could teach us something and if you prayed right, they would all lend you some of their power.

"Shadowbinder," I said, looking at the sky. "Your presence is needed here. You know how to work in darkness and this place is darker than anything on the continent. Plaguebringer, this place would amuse you as all your perceived evils are to make sure those who survive are strong. Death comes much easier than life here. Earthshaker, Tidelord, and Gladekeeper, your presence is needed to guide me. Lightweaver, I need your light to lead me out of the darkness. Stormcatcher, I will work hard to bring myself out of this hell. But I need your help to do it. Arcanist, you are the wisest among all the deities. Does your knowledge extend to this strange place?"

As I called to each deity I reached out to them. I tried to feel their presence and failed each time. There was no strength in me to call out to the rest. Only after I stopped praying did I realize I was laying on the ground shaking.

The silence drew on and suddenly I heard laughter. It was of a kind that no words can properly describe. No language on the continent could hope to convey the horror I felt. The way my blood seemed to freeze. How the sound was like a piece of the Shade itself.
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