Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Thief and the Ghost Prologue

"I ride my third wyvern, a Jornish, so I know how hard promises are to keep." I replied sadly. "Especially the kind of promise you intend to keep."

"I ride my second wyvern, my love, so I am well aware of what promise I made. And I will keep it."

I had trained Tersa. She had appeared one day and I was drawn to her. She was so much younger but that wasn't a concern for a rider. Our lives were so long, because by connecting to wyverns we got their lifespan, that if we looked for lovers our own age we would never know love. At least when I had fallen in love my loves hadn't started as riders.

"Wasn't there a difference you experienced with your first wyvern?" I asked her.

"My Bortok?" Tersa said. "Yes, there was a difference. It was like I was able to experience the world for the first time. As if everything before was just a dream. It was wonderful and terrifying all at once."

"And you became a different person afterwards."


I ran my hand through her hair. If I had not been blind I could see that it was blue. Without eyes I could only feel its odd texture. It felt like normal human hair but also like hair from a Nieth. If a Nieth had hair. Tersa's hair was the clearest sign of her Nieth heritage. I had no Nieth in my blood, only human. My hand then went from her hair to rest on her hips.

"I'm not going to change my mind if you lose your wyvern." Tersa said. "No matter how different of a person I become."

-This is a Mature Story
-It's an Original Fantasy Series

You can read it HERE

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