Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dragon Cave Projects (Jash's Dragon Army)

On the site Dragon Cave I have different projects I'm pursing. Because I need to make sure I remember all of them and I wouldn't mind some help, I'm making this post. You can contact me on Facebook, Twitter, and tumblr to make a trade or give me the dragons for free.

Unless otherwise stated: any dragons for these projects only needs to be low gen with a clean lineage.
These are dragon breeds I want. I want them because of their Breed Specific Action (BSA) or I just think they look pretty.

Black and Alternate Black
I would like to make my own Alternate Blacks and yet the Blacks I have right now don't tend to have lineages I like.

Dark Green and Alternate Dark Green
I would like to make my own Alternate Dark Greens and yet the Dark Greens I have right now don't tend to have the lineages I like.

I do giveaways and I trade so...need more Magi so I don't run out.

I would prefer to make my own as I like the challenge. The very hard challenge.

I like that you can breed and get different color variations from them. They should be fun to play around with.

I want Whites because they look pretty, not because of their new BSA.

I want to summon more Sinomorphs.
The Rin Duology is my Game of Thrones/Resident Evil fanfic. It has mature content so read it ONLY IF YOU'RE OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE. The descriptions I write for the fandragons don't contain mature material.
Bronn (done)
Ally and friend of Rin. Why they briefly become lovers, leaving Rin with feelings for him, and what happened to their child would most likely break my 'no mature material' rule for the descriptions. Suffice it to say it was one of the hardest plots for me to write in the fic. This one will need to be caveborn.
Adopt one today!
Chris Redfield (done)
One time lover of Rin who she had a child with. Now he is head of the Rasiki, special forces of the Mormonts, and still a friend of Rin. As Rin and him had a child...dragon must be caveborn.
Adopt one today!
Doctor Samuel 'Sam' Isaacs (clone of Alexander Isaacs) and Alternate Universe Doctor Alexander Isaacs
Both are lovers of Rin (main character of the fic) and so the fandragons will need to be caveborns. Anytime I have a character having a child with Rin I like to be in full control of the lineage.
ONLY ACCEPTED BREED: Royal Crimson Dragon
Jon Snow (done)
He'll be a future lover of Rin to unite North and South as well as help strengthen Rin's own bloodline. So he is another one that must be caveborn.
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Alternate Universe Jorah Mormont (done)
When Rin travels to an Alternate Game of Thrones Universe she forms a relationship with Jorah Mormont that produces twins. So this will be another caveborn.
Adopt one today!
These are projects that, for one reason or another, I don't want help on.
Rin's Children
Rin, from the Rin Duology, has had children with the majority not surviving. I aim to breed her with her lovers/husbands to get her children.

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