Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Bear Meets No One

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This is a crossover fanfic of Animorphs and Game of Thrones. The copyrights for those series belongs to the copyright holders and not me.

My life was all war now. A war I was thinking I liked a little too much. A war that I was beginning to wonder if I could live without. And what would happen after the war? Would Tobias and I really have a normal life afterwards? Would he trap himself in human morph for me?

I was supposed to be fearless but I was anything but. To calm my mind before the upcoming battle I was in the mall. Here I could pretend to be a normal girl living a normal life. I was pretending to be the Rachel before I found out my world was being invaded by evil alien slugs. Well, mostly they were evil.

My mind went between whether to buy an outfit I had seen and the chaos my life had become. Both sides of me conflicted which caused me to bump into a girl.

"Um, sorry." I said and was rewarded with an angry glare.

The angry girl in question was dressed like she was going to the medieval fair. Her eyes were judgemental and I wanted to slap the look off her face. I looked like a model but I could kick serious ass.

"Well, have a good night." I said with an eye roll as I walked away from her.
* * *
It was later that night and the battle had started. I was, as usual, in grizzly bear morph. I felt more than a little powerful as I killed Taxxon and Hork-Bajir Controllers.

[HA! HA!] I yelled out. [Hey, I had that one!]

[No you didn't, Rachel.] Cassie reprimanded me as she jumped at my current target.

Unlike me, her battle morph was a wolf. With my help we finished off the Hork-Bajir. For a species that looked so deadly, they were extremely peaceful. But thinking about the whole morality of killing the Controllers could wait until later when the nightmares came.

[What the-] Tobias started.
Before he regained his ability to morph, my boyfriend had been restricted to his red-tailed hawk morph. Now he was in Hork-Bajir morph which he sometimes used as his battle morph.

[What?] I asked, for a moment the grizzly bear's poor eyesight bothered me.

[Is she a controller?] Jake asked.

[It seems like an odd choice for the Yeerks.] Ax replied. [This is a secret invasion.]

[And this girl looks like she came from the medieval fair.] Marco joked. [Oh shit!]

This time I didn't need to ask as I was close enough. Through the fighting I could tell that she was the same girl from the mall. She was also kicking Hork-Bajir ass. At least as well as a human with a sword could.

For the next few minutes we informed her of what was going on in the simplest of terms. Jake decided to not risk the girl's life any more and we retreated.
* * *
"Thank you." Arya said as she looked at herself in the mirror in my room.

The strange girl's name had turned out to be Arya Stark. She had suddenly been transported from her world to the abandoned construction site. Through Marco's jokes we were able to hear her story. Jokes he would probably continue to make now that she was on the team.

"I am not going to let you dress as...whatever the heck that outfit was." I told her. "And I wasn't about to let any of the others try and dress you. Can you imagine Cassie trying to make you look decent?"

"She dresses fine." Arya argued.

"We'll just agree to disagree on that point.."

"When I saw you in the mall I thought you were harmless. You seemed stupid and coddled."

I did look like I couldn't put up a fight to most people. I had a pretty face which most people took to meaning I was innocent. The days I was even close to innocent were now long gone. I had made decisions and my friendship with Cassie was breaking because of them. After this was all over I hoped there would still be something for us.

"I don't exactly want the Yeerks to know what I can do." I replied with a shrug. "Why are you deciding to help fight them? When you answered in the meeting you seemed a little vague about that."

"Because I don't know if I'll ever get home." Arya said with the false strength I usually had. "I need to do something in the meantime."

In her voice was the bravado that I had. Maybe one day I would find out why she really decided to join the fight. Her words seemed...fake somehow. Like there was truth in them but not the full truth. Arya had just given me another vague answer to my question.

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