Monday, April 25, 2016

Travels of Artictress: Jash of the Unova Region Entry #2 (White Version 2)

Entry #2: All Hail

Mistralton City is great, I guess, if you don't mind a constant stream of hail. Sometimes it's not hailing and I think the danger is all passed and just starts hailing again. Besides being annoying when I'm walking around, it also interferes in battles.

I'm having a good time and then...hail. Sometimes when that happens the only thing stopping the hail is my opponent Pokemon using a move to make it rain. It's a change of weather so I guess I shouldn't be too ungrateful.

'Too' being the key word here.

Since my last entry I haven't just been at Mistralton City and Route 7, but have also been making some more Pokestar Studio movies. When I decided to put Cassie into my battle team and drop Rach, a Pokemon I've had since near the start of my journey, I decided to film some movies.

It's just a way I deal with things. All the praise of fans, and I'm getting more popular so signing my photos for fans is uplifting for me, helped me deal with the guilt. Helped me deal with my problems. Cassie really seems big on being in movies so I'm glad I can share my love of acting with her.

Before settling into my routine of battling around Mistralton City and filming more movies, I made sure that I had explored every inch of Mistralton Cave and Chargestone Cave. I don't like to leave areas unexplored, just a habit to make sure I don't miss any goodies.

Oh, I also battled in the Pokemon World Tournament a few times. I really enjoy the Mix type of battles as that really tests my skills. I'm usually handed a Pokemon I have no idea of how to use and have to battle my own.

It is really amazing.

I have also decided to get a battle team of different evolutions of Eevee. Glenn and Jack-A-Poo are really great now that I know how to use them in battle. The latter has one attack that takes out opponents in one hit.

So that meant I had to spend a few days in Castelia City trying to find another one. I'd like to catch all the Eevees I'd need in one try but...I have other things to do and that can't be my main focus.

Back to Route 7 and Mistralton City...the hail isn't the worst part. Remember when I said I'm getting popular as an actor? Well...that sometimes means a small crowd is watching me and yelling suggestions at me. Some even saying how 'hot' I am which is...well...yeah...

Usually it's not too distracting, but if I'm having a difficult day it can ruin battles. Then I have to stop for the day as I start stressing out myself and my Pokemon. Only pluses of those kinds of days is the free food I get.

I sign a few things and make idle conversations for free food. Which is a big blessing when I'm running low on cash.

David keeps on calling to tell me to beat the next gym leader already. It's not my fault I like to put time and effort into my training.

My current team is Glenn (Vaporeon), Zorua, Jack-A-Poo (Espeon), Mary (Sunflora), Cassie (Volcarona), and Elfangor (Serperior).
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