Monday, April 25, 2016

Shawn Ashmore: From Animorphs to Quantum Break Giveaway (Jash's Dragon Army)

Update: This giveaway is over. I want to thank everyone who participated here. If you can't wait until next giveaway you can go to the Dragon Cave Forums where people will trade and give away eggs.

If you would like to learn more about my dragon army you can go HERE. It is constantly evolving and I would love your input on how it is progressing so far.

While the giveaway is over, feel free to discuss Quantum Break and Shawn Ashmore's career. Oh, if you want to buy the game and help support this blog, merely buy the game via the ad on the bottom of this post.
I first saw Shawn Ashmore in the tv show adaptation of Animorphs. The show was an abomination to the Animorphs series and I like to pretend it doesn't exist most of the time (much like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull). But I will allow mention of its existence when Ashmore is brought up.

I could've never guessed when I first saw him as Jake Berenson that he would eventually go on to do bigger and better things (better not being hard to do after the Animorphs tv show).

But go on to be Iceman in the X-Men series he did. That seems to be his biggest role to date. He was also in the show The Following as FBI Agent Mike Weston. A show that ended on a cliffhanger that I need resolved yesterday.

Recently Shawn Ashmore both voice acted and played the character of Jack Joyce in Quantum Break. He does an awesome job. Brooke Nevin (Rachel Berenson in the Animorphs tv show) is also in the game as Liam Burke's Wife.

Figuring my blog readers should get something that I can actually give away.

If you don't already have a Dragon Cave account, you can sign up for one if raising dragon eggs interests you. If you already have an account, pick an egg at will. If you don't have an account and don't want one, please share this with a friend that does.

Here are the eggs this time around:
Seasonal  (Info and Lineage)

Spirit Ward (Info and Lineage)(Congrats)

Black (Info and Lineage)

Thunder (Info and Lineage)(Congrats!)

Sapphire (Info and Lineage)(Congrats!)

Vampire (Info and Lineage)

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