Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Chronicles of Gaia: The Hunt

I breathed in the afternoon air. The air in Flowerland had a sweetness to it, just as it had an uncanny amount of humidity. To me it was one of the most unbearable places to be on Gaia. But duty, always, came before my personal needs.

"Anine," One of my two men that were with me, the other wasn't in sight at the moment, said. "It's been awhile, can't we hunt?"

Anine Etero, a name that was hated by the Council of Ant and their pawns the Snow Leopards. I had to stop myself from Avealing as the anger coursed through my blood. The lies they had told us had to be punished. The truth had to come out.

I looked at my man who had a hopeful look on his face. Sometimes I would be kind and allow a hunt when we should be waiting. I had grown good at judging how much time we could spare to get food. Usually.

I looked around and heard the sounds of cows in the background. A few miles away was a family who raised cows and pigs. They didn't live in a village, which wasn't normal for most Drethiveal, but were protected by the Council for the food that they provided.

They were the kinds of people we could count on to not be as against us as most. Though there were some notable exceptions. It wasn't worth risking anything unless there was a great need. What my group did made it paramount to make as few mistakes as possible.

That was the way of the Descendents.

I was sitting on a boulder in the deep parts of a forest. Hidden away from the view of the majority of Dreth. It wasn't in the way of any of the traveling paths so that made it a decent hiding place. Though things could always go wrong.

"So can we hunt?" The same man asked.

"Not today, we ate recently and this mission is too important." I told him and he nodded.

This mission was making me very nervous as the story behind it was odd. That wasn't an easy thing to do on Gaia. It had been a few months ago that I had met my first Dreth who would Aveal into a mythological creature, in her case it was a unicorn, and I had been shocked.

The majority of time Dreth only Avealed into real animals, not animals that had been created by the Rethi. Though it wasn't taboo to Aveal into a unicorn, it was just not done that often. Those who Avealed mythical animals claimed that their existence was only recorded by the Rethi, not created by them.

But what was happening with the Snow Leopards couldn't compete with a Dreth Avealing into a unicorn.

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