Friday, April 8, 2016

April 1'st 2016 Release (Jash's DragonArmy)

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On Dragon Cave on April first there was a new release. For a little bit it seemed as if the release was an April Fool's joke. Yeah, people, don't trust anything that happens on April 1'st without doing a lot of investigation first.

Everyone is trustworthy during the other times of the year. turned out that the joke was actually a new breed and was seen in the cave the following day.
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Celestial Dragons

It seems to be water like and cute.

Unique Hatching Sequence
This is one of the more unique hatching sequences on the site and leaves me extremely impressed. Kudos!

Hatchling Stage 1
It looks so interested and trusting of its parents!

Hatchling Stage 2
Looks a little egotistical to be honest.

I like that this dragon fits its name. A celestial being isn't corporal and the artwork does an excellent job at showing this. The breed also has dimorphism between the male and female sexes.

So this breed is peaceful? If not much is known about the breed it's a good opportunity for some bios about very rebellious members of this breed. I do like that their usual state makes them invincible which is very awesome. The description also notes the fact about a unique game mechanic to breed these dragons.


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