Sunday, April 17, 2016

Travels of Artictress: Tobias of the Johto Region Entry #1 (HeartGold)

Entry #1 I Guess I'm Trusted

Hello, my name is Tobias and I live in the Johto Region of Pokemon World. I'm a boy who has never left his town of New Bark Town. So when I first went out of town it, just wow.

I know there is a whole world around me but because I can't leave town without a Pokemon, and I've been too embarrassed to ask anyone with a Pokemon to let me out, I haven't traveled far at all. Just stood on the farthest point I could and looked out.

So how did my first day out go?

I went to Professor Elm to get a Pokemon. I could choose from three and, let's face it, I adore fire. So I had to choose the Quilava which I named Rachel. Only after naming my new Pokemon I realized she was a he.

I thought that my day with Elm would be me walking around with Rachel and that would be it. Nope, that wasn't. He decided to trust me, someone he didn't know, to go to this guy Mr. Pokemon. Something to do with an egg.

While traveling to Mr. Pokemon I found this guy that I just call Apricorn Man. His house is near Mr. Pokemon's and lots of people come to him thinking his house is Mr. Pokemon's. It was really quite sad how much he needed company.

I tend to visit him now and again just to make sure he doesn't feel too alone.

So while I'm returning, just minding my business, I run into this guy called Dad. I manage to defeat him and am able to return to Professor Elm with the egg. Turns out Dad had stolen one of Elm's Pokemon.

I've run into Dad one other time and there are bits of his worldview that I agree with. Strong Pokemon should be battled with so that battles can be won. But I think he doesn't want to treat the weaker ones kindly at all.

Currently my goal is to level up my Pokemon to defeat the Gym Leader of Violet City.

Leveling up is hard at times. Sometimes I go an entire day of doing nothing but battling. I hope to one day not fall asleep during a battle and find a schedule that works for me. Rachel is helping me get into a rhythm.

Usually I can remember to do breakfast but dinner...yeah...not always as good at remembering.

At first I hated going against Metapod but now I found the Pokemon useful for some quick experience. So if I encounter a bunch of Metapods, my Pokemon team knows that they'll usually have a good night's rest.

I have to 'thank' the Apricorn Man for my Apricorn addiction. Now if I see one I have to get it. I might be racing to get my Pokemon healed, but I have to stop if I see an Apricorn I can get. I guess it's not the worst addiction a boy could have.

Oh, I realized I forgot to mention Lyra, my childhood friend. She is easily excitable and couldn't wait for me to get started on my journey as a Pokemon Trainer. I tend to stay away from where we grew up, so I don't have much chance to meet up with her again.

Although she seems to have an uncanny ability to find me when she wants to.

My current team is Hawkboy13 (Sentret), Hope (Spinarak), Ratmance (Rattata), Hootini (Hoothoot), Nothlit (Pidgey), and Rachel (Quilava).

Hopefully this team can help me take on my first Gym Leader. I plan to have an all bird Pokemon team.

Here's hoping.
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