Friday, April 29, 2016

A Fateful Journey 7

Surrounding myself and Crayak were the leaders of the clan. Seitou, in his new Wildlcaw body, seemed to still possess the aura of his old one. He looked at us and then to the dragons surrounding him and giving him council in this meeting.

Kaliforna, a Tundra, was his second in command. While being a peaceful breed, I had heard she was the healer. Healers always had a hidden dark side since they had to decide which injuries were more important. Which fighters could win a battle and who could be sacrificed for the greater good.

Jash was there too, her Light eyes showing no signs of the Lightweaver's presence. Instead, a cold and calculating gaze that was on my side for the moment.

"Seitou, I would implore you to have Ellimist join." Jash said, giving me a momentary glance and then giving full attention back to her leader. "Our Medical Department is not as large as it should be. My own assassins have come back from missions only to have to nearly die waiting for a doctor."

"You are right, Jash," Seitou said slowly. "Our Medical Department is small but everyone has managed to get by. It stands to reason that having more doctors is important but not important enough to let a future traitor into our mists."

"Ellimist is more than trustworthy, I assure you," Jash stated, her tail twitching. "While he may have the Lightweaver's eyes, he will be loyal to the clan he serves. Above all he is loyal."

"Fine," Seitou said with a nod. "After this meeting he will be sent to Metis for a psychological evaluation to make sure that he will fit in this clan."

"Thank you," I said with a bow.

Seitou had made sure of my gender identity and what my gender was today. A very good leader that would make sure of those things for a stranger.

"Now, what about the Coatl?" Seitou asked.

I turned to look at Crayak and saw it puff up. I couldn't tell if it was actually angry or if it was merely trying to be braver than it felt.

"I used to be from the Arcane Flight," Crayak began and I saw a disinterested look on the clan leader's face. "I know many secrets from that Flight and can use that knowledge for you."

"Secrets from another Flight is hardly a good reason to allow you in," Seitou said. "We have assassins that are more than adequate to find out Flight secrets that would be useful to us."

"I can build weapons for you," Crayak continued and Seitou seemed a little more interested. "I was going to serve the Plaguebringer so you can imagine the types of weapons I could create."

"Ellimist, you have traveled with this dragon." Seitou said, turning to me. "What is your opinion on the matter?"

"I think," I said and tried not to imagine what my lover would build for this clan. "He can build the weapons to the highest standards of the Shadowbinder."

I didn't say that I would disagree with all the weapons Crayak would build since I wanted us to stay in the clan. Telling Seitou my full feelings would be damaging to both of us staying here.

"After this meeting has ended Crayak will also join Ellimist in being evaluated by my daughter." Seitou finally said. "But what departments to put you in..."

All of us sat in silence. Once or twice Kaliforna whispered something in her mate's ear and he nodded. Crayak looked at me and I resisted putting my head on his. I didn't want to show any weakness now.

"Ellimist will be in the Medical Department as I agree with Jash's assessment of his skills." Seitou said and then turned to Crayak. "Crayak will be in the Intelligence Department and will be in charge of all bioweapons. Make us a force to be reckoned with, Cotal."

With that, Crayak and I bowed to Seitou before leaving.

"We did it." I whispered under my breath and it smiled.
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