Friday, April 29, 2016

Too Great a Sacrifice (Max's Journal)

The afternoon was sunny and brought in some good Spring air. Off in the distance I could hear Cameron and SarahConnor have a mock battle. I guess that with Sarah being a machine she could last a long time.

The warriors, led by Elfangor, had recently come back from a battle with a clan from the Water Flight. A Beast clan had requested help and so Seitou had to oblige with his allies. I was impressed that a dragon would be so helpful and honest with who are supposed to be our enemies.

Chloe was cuddled up next to me as she wanted to relax from the battle. Even though she was now a machine herself, she seemed to like to imitate how she had been in life. According to Nazilla there would always be a constant struggle which would be worse in the beginning.

It was all my fault that my lover was now a machine, just like it was all my fault what had happened to my clan.

I had left with my family to a different clan and only years later did I return to my birth clan. I had decided to go back so that I could improve my 'moving paintings' skill. It was a new form of painting where you used magic to take an image from your mind, for now you can only do this with something you're currently looking at, and put it on a canvas.

One of the leading dragons in the field was at my birth clan so I decided I had to move back. Moving paintings would become my life, I was sure of that, so I moved back with my parents' blessings who decided my move was a sign of my growth and they wouldn't be part of my life unless I called upon them.

It was a change every dragon goes through, the leaving of the nest and having to grow up.

I fell asleep in class one day and had a vision of a vortex, of a great storm, coming to destroy my clan. I didn't know what it meant. Going to the bathroom after class I saw Chloe and another dragon, the latter being a member of my class, and was able to go back in time to save her life.

I quickly felt my feelings for her rise and become more than noticeably romantic. So when we were solving her former lover's murder, a murder connected to my teacher, I put the truth of the vortex out of my mind.

The truth was that Chloe had to die in order for my clan to be saved. To have innocent lives rescued my true love had to die. I didn't have the strength to go back in time to let her die, even when she told me to as the vortex was coming towards my clan, and my clan was massacred because of it.

I wasn't strong enough. I was weak and I had eventually left her side for some time because the guilt had become so great. My guilt was not as great, but it was still there.

It would always be there.

Just as I was getting to a low point in my ruminations, Chloe nipped at my neck. I laughed as we started to play fight. Our game reminding me that I loved her dearly and that I would sacrifice Sornieth merely so that she could continue breathing.

No matter the guilt that would haunt me eons afterwards.

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