Monday, April 25, 2016

Culture (Yeaflon)

Yeaflon have built their culture on fostering the young as well as taking care of Yeaflon at any age. Knowledge is the key to understanding the universe and the species does not want to lose their edge. The young learn that knowledge is both important and interesting so that they will seek further education as they live their long lives.

Taking care of Yeaflon at any age both shows caring for the universe is started at home and keeps ancient secrets alive. There is a knowledge to age that youth can never have.

The Yeaflon believe they are the tenders to the garden that is the universe and so life is a big part of their culture. They balance their love of life for the universe with an understanding that death happens at planetwide levels.

Their focus on life also helps their living vessels in their many forms. This includes spaceships.

While their culture has them accepting of each other, they are very distant with other species. Only revealing information when it is needed for either survival or diplomacy. And even then they are more than cautious to an almost paranoid level.

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