Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Fateful Journey 6

"I guess she is close enough to whom I originally meant to serve." Crayak said with a shrug as if it had no solid opinion on our current destination.

"Jash serves the Shadowbinder and we were friends." I told my lover. "At least she'll remember me, I hope, and let us into whatever clan she is in."

As it flapped its wing it let out a long sigh. I knew the plan wasn't perfect but it was a compromise that would keep Crayak happy, well happy as he seemed to be capable of being at any given time, and serving the Shadowbinder would also allow me not to give up too much of my morals.

At least not to the extent serving the Plaguebringer would make me become less than what I was supposed to.

"So do you even know what clan she is in or are we flying randomly?" Crayak asked.

"I think she joined Seitou's clan." I replied. "I think I remember where she was supposed to have gone to."

"She didn't tell you?"

"We weren't that good of friends."

I didn't tell Crayak it, but I doubted Jash could really be friends with anyone. She always seemed to have this veil surrounding her as if she was afraid of people finding out who she really was. It might be that secrecy that led her to joining the ranks of the Shadowbinder.

Upon landing, I looked around. Being in Shadowbinder territory was extremely unnerving. I guess I would have to find some way to deal with it as it would become my home.

"Who are you?" A voice asked and I turned to see a Mirror.

"How abou-" Crayak started and I held up a claw so as to silence it.

The Mirror was wearing bandages and a Bluefin Charger was by his side. How he held himself made it very clear that he was a fighter, maybe even a warrior, and he had been in more than one battle.

"I am Ellimist and this is my mate Crayak." I said and was glad when I saw a smile on Crayak's face when I called it my mate. "We wish to join Seitou's Clan. I have a friend from my former Flight. Her name is Jash."

"My name is Elfangor," The Mirror said after a few minutes. "If you wish to join I will inform Seitou of your arrival."

Crayak looked at me and I knew that it was unimpressed by Elfangor's ability to guard. I looked on the brighter side of things and thought he trusted us. There was something about us that said that we were friends and meant no harm to the clan.

With a signal from Elfagnor, the Bluefin Charger raced off, most likely to go inform the clan leader.

"Follow me." Elfangor said and we did so.

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