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Doctor Tardis (Jash's Dragon Army)

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Name: Doctor Tardis

Breed: Guardian Avatar (Creation)

Clan: Hounds of the Wastelands

Position: Healer Hound

Sex: Male


Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Romantic Orientation:Biromantic

Mate(s): N/A

Fics: N/A

Forms: N/A

Theme Song: While My Guitar Gently Weeps cover by Regina Spektor


A feud between two rival dragon clans grew to its peak. Battles raged nearly constantly as an agreement couldn't seem to be made on territories. Each side would claim how the debated area was more important to them. There was no love to be found for either side. The strange human Jashypoo decided to record the intense war. She sensed that the deaths and sacrifices would be important in the years to come.

As she set up her tent one night, finding a safe spot was hard in these times, she saw an egg. She grew excited as it was an Avatar of Creation egg. Looking around for its parents she didn't find them and assumed they had died. That or they had had to flee which meant the egg was forgotten. Jashypoo decided to stay by it for a few days to make sure its parents weren't truly gone.

Each day passed without any sign that its parents were coming back. Each day the human had to move it so that nothing would harm it. Its cool blue surface was calm compared to the chaos around them. Each day saw new dragons dead and Jashypoo worrying about its parents. She started looking to make sure they hadn't died.

It was with a heavy heart that the human realized the dragon's parents were never coming back. As she hadn't found evidence of their corpses, she assumed that they had flown away to safety leaving the egg behind. She grew conflicted as staying in a war zone was dangerous for a dragon egg but she still wanted to record the battles.

After weeks of searching she found a small cave just outside the disputed territory. It was there that she kept the egg and rested after the day's recording. Being next to the egg was more than comforting to her. It was as if the peace of the future dragon radiated from it. Sometimes, after a hard day, she would talk to it as if it could hear her. During one of these nightly talks, the egg hatched.

Jashypoo was too engrossed in it hatching that she forgot the war around her. Her mind was focused on every little move the hatchling made. After minutes of fighting, the dragon stuck its head out and let out a load hiccup. Once fully out of its egg, it started to cry for food. All the human had to feed it was fish and custard which she knew wasn't a healthy diet for a hatchling. Worrying that it wouldn't accept the food, she was more than surprised when it ate all of it quickly. Then, of course, it was crying for more food.

Over the years she raised it and ended up moving. The war was still raging and she could visit it another day. Another time when she didn't have a hatchling to care for. As it grew it became obsessed with traveling everywhere so as to learn all about life. Jashypoo had to be the navigator when she traveled with him as he was horrible with directions. She didn't want to let it out on its own because she was afraid it would die due to being lost. However, once his wings grew there was no choice.

During a cold winter night, he decided on the name Doctor Tardis as he wanted to heal people. When the human asked how Tardis related to health, he admitted he just liked the name. They laughed at that and a few days later he was off on his own. The first few days he was scared and confused as he realized he was lost. He refused to go back to the human due to him wanting to prove that he was mature.
Through him being lost he managed to help a good amount of both humans and dragons. Doctor soon found that helping people was much preferable to arriving where he was meant to. It was almost like some deities were making sure he always was where he was meant to be. As he helped more and more creatures he gained a reputation and so was never at a loss for anything. Whatever he needed, the good creatures provided.

His travels eventually brought him to the land where he was laid and hatched. He didn't consider it his home and yet his blood couldn't help but yell that he belonged here. All his journeying, Doctor thought, would always have lead him here. Even if he had tried to avoid it for all of time, he would've always found himself standing at the place he was born.

Doctor looked at the land around him and the endless fighting that was still going on. Calming himself and praying to any deities that would listen, he started to try to bring peace to the land. Refusing to add to anymore of the bloodshed made peace negotiations much harder. Finally, after many hard months of negotiations, he was able to bring peace.

Doctor Tardis' actions made the Hounds of the Wastelands extremely interested in him. The fact that he could heal such a troubled land and he didn't mind wandering indicated to them that he would fit in nicely. Not For Your Shield found him as he was planting a garden. When she gave the offer of joining the clan, Doctor was unsure until Jashypoo's name was brought up.

He hadn't seen the human since he had matured. He had tried a few times to find her but he always ended up getting lost. He had thought that it had been a sign that he was to move on from her now and start a life on his own. But hearing that he could still help her brought a smile to his face. Maybe Jashypoo would visit the clan and he would see her again.

It was Doctor's hope that he would see the human again that made him join the Hounds of the Wastelands. Rachel Crayak welcomed him to the clan and after that he rarely saw her. He didn't mind as there were many things to look after. He had visions of a dark presence coming and knew his place in the clan was important. If the nightmares he was having came true it would take all dragons working together to survive.

Nowadays Doctor Tardis seeks out the truth of his visions when he isn't on clan business. He was more than surprised when Jashypoo had the same visions and encouraged him to follow them.

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