Friday, January 20, 2017

Into the Darkness 6

It was as if I were flying for lifetimes where there was nothing but the sky around and the waters below. Water that hid dark secrets that I didn't want to imagine while the skies held terrors I had seen too much of. If only I could feel the Shadowbinder or the Lightweaver, then I could find a moment of hope.

Finally I saw ground below and I flew to see how far it extended. When my wings felt too worn I landed. With shaky legs I touched the ground. My claws opened and closed as I made sure the area around me was safe. Of course safe was the wrong term to use as dangers lurked everywhere.

Again I reached out for all the deities. I focused on all of them. I focused on the heat of fire and the nobility of light without feeling either. I was passed where the deities could hear my cries. I was out of reach of my clan and the deities I knew.

Pushing despair to the back of my mind, I looked for food. It was hard to tell what was edible and what wasn't. I sniffed what appeared to be a flower and then worried that it would infect me. Could it be that eating the food of this realm meant I would become like one of the monstrosities I had seen? If I ate the flower then I could forget who I was and Rachel would not care what happened to me.

Why was I thinking about Rachel now?

She probably wouldn't care about me. She probably would think that it was good that a coward wouldn't return.

After hours of searching, wondering, and worrying I saw something I thought was edible. It was a plant that was very familiar to me. It was changed and perverted, but it appeared to be like something from the continent.

With my stomach making noises, I knew I had no option but to eat the plant. I ate it and hated myself for doing so. The plant seemed to radiate...I can't describe what it made me feel. It was a combination of self-hate, despair, and loneliness that I can't put into words.

After I finished eating the plant I prepared to start hunting. I needed to eat meat although I didn't want to eat anything else from this cursed place.
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Wirting Shop

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