Friday, January 13, 2017

The Ultimate Animorphs Quiz (Part 2) (Quiz)

There is a saying about knowing your enemy hence this part will be about the Yeerks. In the Animorphs series they are the main villains and so every fan should know about them. It is the Yeerk invasion of Earth that causes the main conflict of the series. Without the threat of the Yeerks our lovely Animorphs would have no reason to become child soldiers. So prove to me that you know the Yeerks from their biology to infamous members of the species.

On Uquiz you can both setup passwords to quizzes and have them last only a certain amount of time. I'm doing this so that during the times between the password running out and resetting it I can make any necessary changes without interfering with people taking the quiz.

Password: UntilThenWeFight

You can take the quiz HERE.

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