Thursday, June 23, 2016

Inbetween: Akin to the Platypus 11

Fic Or Original: Fic

Fandom(s): Animorphs and The Avengers

Rating: T (as according to ffnet)

Characters In Chapter: Tobias, Bruce Banner, and Tony Stark

Relationships:Tobias/Bruce Banner

Another day and another set of trials. Each time I couldn't understand what was going on, as both Tony and Bruce used science jargon that I couldn't understand, and each time the tests weren't successful. I constantly had to calm the hawk part of myself so that I didn't try to fly away.

It was becoming harder and harder not to lose control as I was bored and the hawk didn't understand what was going on. I didn't think a human could fully understand what was going on so a hawk had even less of a chance to understand the situation.

Finally there was a break for a few hours and I rushed to take to the skies. I felt guilty for leaving my boyfriend alone so easily, but the inside of a lab was not the place for a hawk. The hawk needed the sky as much as a human needed air.

Soon enough I had caught a thermal and rested, trying not to think but not being able to help myself.

I thought of Rachel and worried that she wouldn't fully grasp my situation. I would always love her and yet I would always love Bruce more. It was a strange feeling, now that Bruce and myself were official, to think of me without Rachel. At least not like we were before.

Even if I did get back to her I don't know if we could be together.

A landscape without a bustling city was now below me and I decided to hunt. I hadn't planned on it but I felt hunger and felt it wouldn't be good to waste this oppurtunity.

I would be back late to Avengers Tower, but I would still be back. I would still be there for even more tests.

Below me I noticed a raccoon and was glad I wasn't hungry enough to go after one as I didn't want the fight. I wanted an easy kill where I could escape fully into my hawk mind. I finally caught sight of prey that I knew would be good to eat and wouldn't be that difficult to catch.

Below me was a nice, plump shrew and my hawk mind zeroed in on it. My mind was narrowed down to just a hawk chasing prey. There were no philosophical questions in my mind as I started to dive down. There were no human doubts in my mind as my talons caught the shrew and we both headed towards the sky, the shrew struggling to get free as it died.

I flew around for a few minutes looking for a tree to perch in so that I could safely eat my meal. There was always the chance that another predator could come after me either because I was in its territory or it liked my meal.

Eating the shrew, my beak ripping its juicy body apart, I thought about how many more tests I could really endure. How many times my hopes could be dashed against the ground. I would, of course, want the tests to continue so that I could get back to fighting off the Yeerk invasion. But I was swiftly losing hope.
"I think we've tried everything." Bruce said as he, Tony, and myself at dinner. "There can't possibly be another way we haven't tried."

"Listen, that's your problem." Tony said after he finished chewing his food. "You give up too easily. This isn't a problem that's going to go away in a day or two. We really have to work on it."

"And we have been working on it. A lot."

"There's always the chance that we missed something."

Bruce ate for a few minutes in silence and looked at me. I was eating some uncooked chicken, Tony had thought it funny and called me a cannibal when I started eating, and used eating as a distraction. I knew both men and been working hard to get me back home. I also knew there was a chance that all their hard work and effort wouldn't mean anything by the end of the day.

"I'm sure birdbrain here has some hope." Tony said which forced me into the conversation.

I think you two are brilliant enough to find a way to get me back. I agreed even as I doubted. But I agree with Bruce that if you haven't found a way to get me back yet that I might be stuck here.

And being stuck here wouldn't be bad. While I wouldn't have my friends, I would have Bruce. The times when there wasn't testing we had been enjoying each other's company. Either through cuddling or in a more sexual nature. In truth, I thought Bruce's comments about trying everything was his attempt at keeping me here.

For a moment Bruce and I locked eyes and it was like we were talking to each other in a language only we knew. The same longing I had for him was in his eyes. It was a longing that could only end in sadness as I would go back home, even if Bruce gave up on the venture Tony would not.

Both of us would be stuck with the fear of me actually returning home. Both of us would also be stuck with the fear that it would be the best thing for me.

"Okay," Bruce said, trying to be as calm as he could. "We'll go over a few more things and hope for the best."

While Tony never seemed to pick up on cues, or at least didn't care to act polite, he merely nodded at his friend. It was almost like Tony could hear our private conversation. A conversation told by a simple glance.

I hope you two ignorant pigeons figure out something. I joked, though my heart wasn't really in it. I'm starting to think Tony only wants to make some red-tailed hawk bbq.

Tony chuckled at that while Bruce just shook his head while sighing.

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