Friday, June 3, 2016

New CafePress Design: Wanted My Life Back

For this week I decided to start off a new section called Fandom Mania. A section where fandom related things will be located.

This week's design features my bazooka loving kiddie:
Wanted My Life Back

I was thinking about making a F**K the Ellimist design this week but decided on this instead. It gets the same point across and I was able to use one of my kiddies to make it. The reference is to Animorphs #13 The Change where Tobias wants to be human again and the Ellimist tricks him into agreeing to his morphing powers being returned.

Ellimist is basically the big blue dick of the series.

You can get this design and others HERE.

If you have suggestions for future designs, please tell me in the comments below. 

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