Monday, June 20, 2016

AlexanderIsaacs (Table of Contents)

I am AlexanderIsaacs, also called Alexander Isaacs or Doctor Isaacs or Alex, and I am in charge of biotechnology in Seitou's clan. I am of the Shadow Flight and serve the Shadowbinder.

After an accident in my former clan, I attempted to clean up the mistake. The release of the experimental bioweapon made it so that there was no other choice for me but to try and heal my clan to the best of my abilities. I could do nothing else when I saw my clanmates lose what made them individuals and, instead, saw them reduced to nothing but the base instinct to attack. Some say I crossed lines and should've been more moral. Advances in science are like solving such a calamity in that the outcome justifies everything. I also heard talks in my former clan about how I should've protected lives more at the expense of my own. There is no one else I trust more than myself and so I must protect myself if only to save my kind. That was my thought process until I met Scourge. She was first brought to me as she had grown up off of the continent and could possibly inform my former clan more about the disease that had taken hold. Knowing no other way, I continued my experiments on her even as I felt feelings for her that seemed beyond strange. Eventually we formed a relationship and it was more than heartbreaking when I had heard that she had died. Scourge had given me bravery and I, in turn, had given her hope. With her gone I continued my experiments to try and fill the hole that she had left. Years later Scourge, who had only faked her death, rescued me from a failed experiment. I joined Seitou's clan at her request and have continued my experiments ever since. While I sometimes join my mate on her adventures, I tend to stay in clan territory.

Below are my journal entries:

My Mate Bought Cats

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