Saturday, June 11, 2016

Travels of Artictress: Tobias of the Johto Region Entry #3 (HeartGold)

Entry #3 My Addiction Has a Purpose

I have made a recent discovery that changes all I thought I knew. That changes the very fabric of reality itself. Yeah, it's big and just wow!

I know it might not be that important in the long run, but it's a big deal to me and will hopefully stop my mom from being panicked about my apricorn addiction. She is a great mother but she takes my love of the apricorns to be something scary which it isn't. It was never scary.

Now I can calmly tell mom that I need to collect a lot of apricorns so I can make lots of different Poke Balls of different types. I have an excuse to do lots of traveling back and forth to collect these awesome things.

It is honestly a little tiring going back and forth at so great a pace. But now I go closer to mom more often so that should make her happy. Though whenever I talk to her she asks me if I'm coming just to get more money. I have enough money on hand and haven't needed to ask her for any yet. So it's a little insulting to be asked that every time, makes me feel guilty.

I also have another piece of really awesome news. I beat Falkner who is the Violet City Pokemon Gym Leader!

What is even better than that is the fact that he specializes in bird Pokemon. Well he's called 'the Elegant Master of Flying Pokemon'. As someone who dreams of having an all bird Pokemon team, this is the best gym to start at.

I mean...dreaming of only birds being on my team and kicking serious was amazing. Of course mom teared up a little bit when I showed her my first gym badge. It was honestly a little embarrassing because of how excited she was. But, hey, she never brought up money once so that was awesome.

Now my need to get an all bird Pokemon team has increased as I keep flashing back to the Violet City Pokemon Gym. It would be sort of neat if I could be a gym leader. Wouldn't it?

I could teach others how to treat their bird Pokemon so that the Pokemon would be able to take anything on. Of course that also means looking up a lot of materials to make sure about what bird Pokemon do what.

That's a task I don't mind doing at all. No matter the days of stress I have to endure to become the best.

So there was an egg I was supposed to hang onto for Professor Elm. Well it hatched into a Togepi and I named him Simon. So now he isn't just taking up space in my Pokemon team but can actually battle. I still don't know why I was tasked to look after something that a more experienced trainer than me should be in charge of.

Simon is a little adorable so it isn't really that bad. But it's unnerving when I keep thinking that I'm doing something wrong. Those nights are the ones where I can hardly sleep and keep tossing and turning. I really shouldn't be given a responsibility like this at all.

My current team is Hawkboy13 (Furret), Hope (Spinarak), Simon (Togepi), Nothlit (Pidgeotto), Targ (Spearow), and Rachel (Quilava).
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